Much fanfare has been made in Republican circles regarding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s 30 point re-election win this past Tuesday. Many GOP insiders see him as the path to victory in 2016 given his apparent ability to pull in more of the female, Hispanic, and black vote than most of his Republican counterparts. However, even for Christie with the wind presently at his back, it would be an uphill climb against Hillary Clinton.

Report from National Journal:

If the Republican presidential primary were held today roughly one in three voters would cast their lot with Gov. Chris Christie, according to a new poll.

But even if he emerged from the primary victorious, Christie would lose his bid for president to Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the poll from NBC News found.

The poll pitted Christie only against an unnamed challenger in the primary.

“A third of the vote is not a bad showing in a party primary with [potentially] 10 candidates, but the first primary is more than two years away,” G. Evans Witt, CEO of polling firm Princeton Survey Research told NBC News.

According to the poll, Christie wins big in the Northeast, 57 percent to 22 percent, however voters in other portions of the country favor other potential Republican candidates over the New Jersey governor.

If Christie were to face Clinton in a general election held today, the Democrat would beat the New Jersey governor by 10 points, 44 percent to 34 percent. The remaining 22 percent of respondents either said they are unsure, would not vote or would vote for another candidate.

Given the numbers in that poll, Christie’s bid for 2016 is anything but a walk in the park. First, he’d have to win the Republican primary which will likely be dominated by a base trending more towards Rand Paul and Ted Cruz than Christie’s brand of Republicanism.

Next, should he win the nomination, he’d have to fight the Clinton machine while trying to convince conservative Republicans to come back and vote for him in the general. A tough task which John McCain and Mitt Romney were unable to accomplish.


  1. Polls this far out mean very little. The fact that Christie is doing well in the northeast–WHERE THEY KNOW HIM–is important. Why would anyone anywhere else care?

    By contrast, Hillary has been on the national stage–in the White House, as a Senator, as a presidential candidate, and as Secretary of State for more than two decades. Love her or hate her, at least you feel that you know her.

    Since the GOP Establishment is making such an effort to quash the Tea Party, along with the rule changes they have already made, my guess is that Christie is the clear frontrunner. But then, again, so was Hiillary in 2007. . .

  2. I still say bring Rice out of mothballs and a strong VP behind her and i think she can take Clinton – especially if ACA doesn’t get repealed.

      • Billy – Enlighten me? If she wanted Araq flat, black, and glow in the dark – I’m still for making Araq / Afghanistan flat, black, and glow in the dark. My guess is al Queda would think twice about more attacks and no other nation would question us on anything ever again. And we would still have “seven seas” full of nukes!

        • To take out an entire nation because of a few people who don’t say “how high” when the USA says jump ?
          I don’t think Russia and China are going to go along with that at all.

  3. Same Domain – different thread (Pres Primary Schd) D. Stone mentioned Carson – Actually i Think Carson / Rice would kick butt and the only people who wouldn’t vote for them would be die-hard demo’s and maybe very few RINO’s. MSM wouldn’t dare cut ’em down or face racism. And they could actually turn the country around.

    • Cheney, the guy who said the Iraq war could last as long as 2 years and cost as much as 100 billion a year. Just a little off as I just read the cost will go on into 2050 and 6 trillion would be a little closer that what Dick projected.

  4. Based on America’s declining world leadership and economic woes, I think Rick Perry will be the best for our country.

    • Beverley: Yeah, I suppose he could run for. . .um. . .you know, that political office. . .no, not that one. . .it’s on the tip of m tongue. . .oops.

      • Texas is Ranked #1 in the nation, would the voters ever accept a proven winner ? ? ? Most of our presidents are proven losers long before they make that run for the White House. Okay so Bush was an exception but then he couldn’t start a war as governor. So how bad was he if it were not for the war? Pretty bad, yeah, The Pet Goat kind of did him in.

        • Billy:

          Depends on what you’re ranking. When it comes to satisfaction/well-being, Here are the top 10:

          1. Montana
          New Hampshire
          North Dakota

          Here’s the worst (starting with the worst):

          50. West Virginia
          and tied for tenth on the worst list:
          Tennessee, and

        • Billy…please tell me what poll you read that listed Texas as #1. Now, I know we are #1 in industrial carbon dioxide emissions #1 in industrial deaths, so please tell me your #1 Texas listing.

            • It’s amazing that Democrats always bring up the negatives and never the positives. i guess that’s why Tea Party always praises our nation, the Constitution, freedom, & and how great we are and Dem’s like to gripe about about how great we aren’t.

              Law of Attraction.

              Billy’s spreadsheet shows why so many CA companies have moved to TX

              btw – Perry will have to get off his religious soapbox adhere to the 1st Amendment and focus on economics.

            • Perry is not very good at delivering any message. Just shut up and maybe just maybe say you want lip service or results. No debates. Show up for the entertainment but don’t go down into the mud with them.

    • Perry should be a shoo in if he says nothing and just runs on his record. Texas is #1 for what America needs, BUSINESS. NO I don’t like the guy myself but I never knock success.

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