In a recent interview, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said his party should nominate a Governor for the 2016 nomination and avoid a candidate from inside the DC beltway.


Report from National Review:

Washington lawmakers Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio wouldn’t be Louisiana’s Jindal first choices for the Republican nomination in 2016. Instead, the governor wants to see one of his own get the nod.

“I do think the next president, I do believe, should come from the ranks of the governors,” Jindal said on CNN on Monday afternoon. “I do think governors, unlike the folks in D.C., are actually implementing solutions.”

He pointed to President Obama as an example of somebody who needed ”on-the-job training” and implied that somebody with gubernatorial or executive experience would not. As for his own 2016 plans? Jindal said he hadn’t decided, and is focusing on next year’s midterm elections.

Does it matter where your candidate comes from? Can it be argued that Governors, in general, have more executive experience that a Senator or Representative?

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