In a recent interview, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said his party should nominate a Governor for the 2016 nomination and avoid a candidate from inside the DC beltway.

Report from National Review:

Washington lawmakers Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio wouldn’t be Louisiana’s Jindal first choices for the Republican nomination in 2016. Instead, the governor wants to see one of his own get the nod.

“I do think the next president, I do believe, should come from the ranks of the governors,” Jindal said on CNN on Monday afternoon. “I do think governors, unlike the folks in D.C., are actually implementing solutions.”

He pointed to President Obama as an example of somebody who needed ”on-the-job training” and implied that somebody with gubernatorial or executive experience would not. As for his own 2016 plans? Jindal said he hadn’t decided, and is focusing on next year’s midterm elections.

Does it matter where your candidate comes from? Can it be argued that Governors, in general, have more executive experience that a Senator or Representative?


  1. I had always looked at governors as local-yokels, who focused on their own, parochial issues. But when I looked at history, I found that nine of our presidents moved from the governor’s mansions, and only six from the senate. (Of course, that doesn’t count vice presidents who moved up, and such). Even so, look at these recent governor/presidents: Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon.

    Personally, I think Jindahl would like to say only Indian-Americans deserve to be president, but short of that, he figures the “executive” issue might help disqualify most of the other candidates. He’ll need more than that. They don’t even like him in his own state, according to the Times-Picayune:

    “A little more than one-quarter of Louisianians approve of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s job performance, a new low, according to numbers released by Public Policy Polling on Wednesday. . .

    If taken as gospel, the numbers would mean the Baton Rouge native is the most unpopular Republican governor in the nation.”

  2. Just heard M. Daniels, former Gov. Indiana, now Pres. Purdue Univ., talk on CNBC this morning. He would be a great
    Rep. President of the USA. But probably cannot ever elect someone that talks straight about our economy and also
    has executive experience. Too many “takers,” on the govt. dole who do not want to hear about reducing entitlements’
    to help our country survive in this century. Don’t know how the US will ever again elect an honest and sensible person,
    who will represent the entire country, and act for the future of the entire US, and not just one party.

  3. I would prefer someone not of Congress, Governors. There are a couple of past cabinets members i might favor or CEO/Pres who would bring on a staff to cover his/her deficiencies.

  4. Here’s a question raised by sam.

    Why do we need someone who has held any political office at all? What about a CEO or other top executive from the private sector? We saw Herman Cain fizzle in 2012 but his private sector experience was his largest boon and was propelling him forward.

    • Nate: Good question, but it’s not like it hasn’t been tried. How soon we have forgotten (among others): Herman Cain, Donald Trump, Steve Forbes, Jesse Jackson, Gary Bauer, Pat Buchanan, Randall Terry, Alan Keyes, Rudy Guiliani, Wesley Clark, Al Sharpton, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, Lyndon LaRouche, David Duke, Andy Martin, Sargent Shriver, John Lindsay, Robert F. Wagner, Douglas MacArthur, NOMINEE Wendell Wilkie, and of course PRESIDENT of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. And that doesn’t count minor party candidates.

      I think the answer to your question is that we want to have someone who knows what he/she is doing. Experience matters when we want to put someone atop a pretty-much ungovernable government PLUS the face and voice of the United States abroad. We’ve seen many times that presidents with little experience are beat up on the world stage.

      BUT, as someone (Mark Twain or H.L. Menken?) once said, “there is a special Providence that watches over drunks, small children, and the United States of America.” (Surprisingly, I found it re-quoted by Otto Von Bismarck, of Germany.)

  5. I am for electing the strongest patriot for the presidency that we have available for the job. If it is deemed most expedient to elect a strong Senator to that position, I would seek to see Ted Cruz nominated for his unwavering patriotism in standing valiantly on behalf of the electorate against the threats posed by socialized medicine. If we must choose a Governor, then my choice would be former Indiana Governor Mike Pence for the position. May the Lord give us a truly strong conservative leader from the Republican side. We need another Ronald Reagan and that’s about the closest we are likely to get to that noble objective.

  6. Nate — weak topic, sorry….

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