Despite the looming threat of Hillary Clinton’s impending 2016 candidacy, a handful of Democrats are lining up to enter the fray. Add another possible name to this list coming from former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Report from RealClearPolitics:

In an interview with RealClearPolitics, former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer indicated that he may launch a White House bid, even if front-runner Hillary Clinton also enters the race.

“I still hold the people of Iowa and New Hampshire in high regard,” Schweitzer said of the nation’s first caucus and primary states. “The people of Iowa are a whole lot like the people of Montana. And, of course, New Hampshire’s a lot like Montana. We don’t have a sales tax. ‘Live Free or Die’ — we understand that notion in Montana.”

A popular two-term governor who once used a red-hot branding iron to veto several bills passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature, Schweitzer would offer a hefty dose of rural folksiness against the East Coast urbanites in the potential Democratic field, including Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Asked whether there would be room for a populist candidate to run a credible race against Clinton, Schweitzer left no doubt that he can envision himself in that very role.

After noting that a high percentage of Democratic primary voters are women and agreeing that it is “time for a woman president,” Schweitzer quickly qualified his assessment by adding what would likely be a central tenet of his pitch in a campaign against Clinton:

“There’s a whole lot of America that looks at each other and says, ‘Well, there’s 340 million people living in America. Isn’t there somebody other than a Bush or a Clinton who can be president in these modern times? Isn’t there hope for somebody who’s running a business or who has served overseas or comes from a different occupation to become president? Are we now in the era of royalty again?’ So I think there’s some level of frustration about that.”

It’s a little intriguing to see a total Washington outsider consider fighting Hillary to her right. Still an uphill battle, especially for a virtually unknown governor of a western state with a population less than Rhode Island.


  1. Schweitzer would be a perfect candidate for the Dems. They need to shake the “east cost”and “ivory tower” images, and he could do both.

    Of course, he would also be an excellent choice for VEEP, for the same reason, so maybe he should measure his words about Hillary.

    Still, it’s a long way to 2016. Americans get sick of people, and being the “frontrunner” is a bad place to be. It’s what beat her last time, and could again.

  2. I’d love to see 6 or 7 serious candidates run against Hillary and see if any of them have balls or ovaries enough to vet Hillary so the media are forced to take action.

  3. samreusser — won’t happen.

    MSM will tout Hitlery Clinton, and toot her horns, and the rest of the Democrook “challengers” will play patsy along.

  4. Here’s a dark horse for you: “Governor Moonbeam.” (Although I realize this post will only go out to a moderator, two posters, and a troll.)

    Back in the 70s, he was considered wild-eyed, but now that he’s back in the governor’s mansion, he has surprised a lot of people–by bringing California to an $850 surplus this year. Even Billy should like that–

    “Scared California Straight”

    “Ruthlessly practical”

    “Cut his staff 25%”

    • Who would thought Brown could bring any kind of surplus!! Last time around for him he damn near bankrupt his state. After failing three time trying to run for Pres and now 75, don’t see it happening.

      I do give him kudos for what he has done though – but guess what, when i lived there ’90 -> ’96 state tax was 6% now it 9.3%. Also in San Jose i think sales tax was 5% and i think now 8.75% and county real estate tax ~0.9% / year. San Jose itself is in deep doo-doo over city government retirement plans as is the CA state..

      Brown has also cut / curtailed spending dramatically over the years he has been back in office.

      72 GigaBuck (Billion) is CA’s coming due now number for what has been rolled over and pushed out thru the years just for teachers retirement.. So brown still has major, major hurdles

      So think about the U.S. situation – the democrats who won’t cut spending, only raise taxes will drive us into bankruptcy (like Greece) and even if Pubs get in office they have to raise taxes, lower taxes for corporations to bring ’em home plus decrease spending – a lot.

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