I think the list of winners and losers is longer than one person or one party. After 16 days, the government officially re-opened today and all federal employees will be returning to work and receiving back pay.

Report from Wall Street Journal:

A potentially crippling U.S. debt default was averted late Wednesday, as Congress passed legislation to end a political showdown that had rattled financial markets, splintered the Republican Party and showcased Washington dysfunction.

The House voted 285-144 to reopen the government through Jan. 15, suspend the debt ceiling through Feb. 7 and lay the groundwork for talks over broader budget issues. The Senate earlier approved the bill 81-18. President Barack Obama signed the bill early Thursday morning.

The agreement, crafted by two Senate leaders, offers only a temporary reprieve from the brinkmanship that has become a hallmark of divided government. Still, news earlier Wednesday that the bill was moving toward final passage had been enough to send the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 205.82 points, or 1.4%, to 15373.83—putting it 1.6% above its level on Sept. 30, the last day the government was fully open.

In the House, 198 Democrats and 87 Republicans voted for the bill. Opposing it were 144 Republicans. No Democrats voted against the bill. Mr. Boehner voted for the bill, as did Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.). However, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) voted against it.

“Today’s legislation won’t help us reduce our fast-growing debt,” Mr. Ryan said after the vote. “In my judgment, this isn’t a breakthrough. We’re just kicking the can down the road.”

In the Senate, 54 members of the Democratic caucus were joined by 27 Republicans in voting for the bill. They included Sen. Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), the Senate GOP leader, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.). Eighteen Republicans voted no.

Complete roll call for House and Senate available here.

So, what of it? The debt ceiling will be raised to take on more federal debt and the government will be funded into the beginning of next year.

Has Ted Cruz helped or hurt himself in the primary and/or the general? What about peripheral figures like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul who remained fairly quiet during the ordeal. What about the respective parties? Is the biggest winner a prospective third-party candidate to capitalize on disgust for DC?


  1. Even without adding anything costs continue to go on and of course they always are on the rise. Expenses continue to go up and how can a government or any business work locked into a budget that is old and will not consider the new expenses necessitated by rising costs?
    Ronald Reagan asked for and got 17 increases of debt ceiling for this reason!
    My question to you would be how can you or the House deny us the ability to pay bills we already owe and have promised to pay?
    We all know that when you have a monetary crisis you do not quit your job same as when you attack a country in an unjustified war you should never cut your income so paying for that attack makes more people suffer!

    • In theory the debt ceiling should be a mechanism to evaluate our debt and spending and make sure our debt isn’t going to unsustainable levels (you would agree that our debt could get too high as to be unsustainable, right?)

      However, in toxic political times forcing mechanisms like the budget and debt ceiling become the ugly mess we just saw.

      In the end, all sides have to come to some sort of agreement, some kind of compromise. You need the three branches to pass a bill. The problem here is that our leaders didn’t get together beforehand to reach an agreement. And they still haven’t.

      • Yes, there should be this system for checks and balances but there has to a guard to be certain this can’t be misused for silly, stupid and sometimes personal reasons such as was done in this case.

  2. Nate: With today’s gerrymandering, there are very few seats that are up for grabs. And, of course, that means the more extreme the candidate is, the more likely he’ll win. So Ted (“Look at me!!!”) Cruz will no doubt gain. I think Rand Paul came off as a sympathizer who was an adult.

    I had high hopes for last year’s Americans Elect, the national Internet “party.” I thought the power of viral online communication might produce a serious third-party candidate, but the whole thing seemed to collapse. Maybe they should have just given Buddy Roemer a chance, hoping that they’d field a better candidate the next time.


    • I remember that Americans Elect concept. It’s an intriguing idea. Almost like a national primary of every candidate. Too many options and opinions out there.. I think people wait for a leader to come along and tell them where to go nowadays.

  3. BTW, my beef with Ted Cruz is that this whole thing was just a publicity stunt to promote Ted Cruz. He didn’t have a plan, he didn’t make the effort to build a coalition, he didn’t have ANY endgame at all. And the goal was unrealistic–because he didn’t really want to accomplish anything, he just wanted “face time” and he noticed that Rand Paul got publicity for his real filibuster with his real goal, real purpose, and real end game. Cruz is just a cartoon character.

    • Goethe Behr — another idiotic statement by you— comparing the True American Patriot Ted Cruz to a “cartoon character”…?!

      Goethe Behr — don’t you ever think before posting here?

      Try it, kid, than perhaps you won’t look like the fool you have shown yourself to be — all posters here see you as a buffoon (excepting the Tess Liehard Obama Shill…LOL).

      • Surdumbass…stop ranting and listen to the world around you ( assuming you are of this world). From Forbes.com entitled, “Ted Cruz’s Shameful Betrayal Of Texas.” In that piece, it was noted that Senator Cruz’s desperate and misguided campaign for attention—a campaign successful in propelling his own name recognition to new heights—has done absolutely nothing to benefit the state that gave him his job”. Can you name one thing Cruz did that benefited the state he represents?

        The conservative Houston Chronicle—the newspaper that handed Cruz a critical and key endorsement in his campaign to become the next senator from the Lone Star State— published something you just don’t see every day—an un-endorsement of Senator Cruz? It read “When we endorsed Ted Cruz in last November’s general election, we did so with many reservations and at least one specific recommendation – that he follow Hutchison’s example in his conduct as a senator. Obviously, he has not done so. Cruz has been part of the problem in specific situations where Hutchison would have been part of the solution.”

        If you don’t believe Ted Cruz is a cartoon character take a look at Bloomberg Businessweek cover (Oct 21-23, 2013).

        You are so bent-in with your relentless castigation of others that you neglect to use your own intellect for fact findings.

          • Surdumbass…Facts are facts.Facts are in my posts. If you have “merit” post it. Don’t hide behind meaningless phrases that you make up.

  4. Let’s not forget who actually convinced John Boehner to concede the fight. #1 Koch Industries (this company has received over 100 million dollars in government contracts since 2000) wrote in a letter to the US Senate Oct 9th “Koch has not taken a position on the legislative tactics of trying to defund Obamacare nor have we lobbied on legislative provisions of defunding Obamacare”. Privately, Koch officials told the Congress a U.S. default would be a disaster.

    #2. John Boehner announced a new strategy, one day after Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham said his group will “give the speaker the flexibility they need to refocus the debate on Obamacare”. Heritage Action’s largest benefactor is Koch Industries.

  5. Actually we are all losers. This little fiasco by extremist has cost us over $24 Billion and brought so much suffering to so many people needlessly.

  6. Goethe…it may be a surprise to you, I do believe Rand Paul will one day be president…not 2016 but in the future. More like 2020. That will give him time to somewhat out distance himself from the Austrian(German) style economic polices of his father. Ron Paul retired from Congress in December, came home to Texas, and is busy creating a new online news channel, published a new book, and formed a new institute. He still has his tax exempt newsletters that made him a millionaire many times over. I am the first to admit that Ron Paul theories are not mine. However, he is creating an unbelievable political machine that will propel his son to the presidency or very near.

        • Tess Heartless — how much do you hate our Free Republic, and the true American patriots that are trying to save it?!

          Have you no shame, no principles, no goodness left in your heartless heart to keep on shilling for Obama by posting your pernicious disinformation here…?!

  7. Let’s get Obama, the anti-American Usurper of our White House, impeached, and hopefully send him to jail for a long, long time.

    This will be a good start:

    Contact Texas congressman Steve Stockman and urge him to start an immediate investigation of Barrack Hussein’s failure to provide naught but a forged Birth Certificate online!

    Texas congressman Steve Stockman:

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    Phone: 202-225-1555
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    Make this short video VIRAL!


      • Nate — noted.

        If I transgress your policy again, please, remove my posts (since I tend to speak my mind and do mind the consequences — “Hello NSA”…LOL).

        p.s. does the same apply to the ones that also insult me here, or is it a one-way street…?

  8. MUST SEE — superb 17 minute video by Ron Paul.


    Concisely describes our current state as a nation, and what will inescapably follow.

    Make it viral — America needs to wake up, to comprehend the EVIL that is the Obama Administration. And Obama’s probable endgame to declare Martial Law, and thus suspend elections and finally achieve his goal since childhood to become King (look up video 3 at minute 5:45 — he writes on his school steps “King Obama” as a child)!

    The below is a MUST SEE — “Who exactly is Barrack Hussein Obama?”

    part one:


    part two:


    part three:


      • Nate — noted.

        If I transgress your policy again, please, remove my posts (since I tend to speak my mind and do mind the consequences — “Hello NSA”…LOL).

        p.s. — does the same apply to the ones that also insult me here, or is it a one-way street…?

  9. To those who believe in first round knock outs and fast food speed results, the conservative/libertarians were the losers while the liberals and the progressives were the winners. To those who believe, if at first you don’t succeed, never try again, the conservatives/libertarians were the losers.

    However, there are more in America which are against this bill and the greater part of the democratic agenda.

    The problem is the American’s have become cynical about their government, believing that regardless of what we elect them to do, they will do what they want. They’re all liars people say.

    However, if the Tea Party conservatives and libertarians stick with it, they will gradually win over Americans. A few years ago, the Tea Party was a bunch of protesters with a larger movement than the hippies of the 60’s. Now they have enough people in congress to make steering the helm difficult. So republican establishment and democrats are ganging up. Why do you think they extended the debt limit to only a few weeks after the most recent CR? As an insurance policy.

    The people who stood for the shut down will have to stand again in January…and through the debt ceiling in February if they want to win. And they also must telegraph what they are going to do way in advance so Americans will know.

    Do the same thing again, and say – we will not stand for Obamacare being imposed on America. Resurrect the repeal bill and stand for it until its gone. They have the ability to do it, and Obama will cave, as will Reid, and the establishment republicans.

    They believe that tea partiers are the scourge of American politics. But Americans love a fighter that fights for a good cause and never gives up.

    If they keep fighting, the conservative/libertarians will be the winners. If they quit, they’ll be the losers.

    To answer the question in short…there isn’t enough time to tell who is a winner and who is a loser.

  10. on a side note, maybe the real winners here are the tea party and other conservative/libertarian groups. the irs will likely be so busy chasing down health care compliance they won’t have the bandwidth to discriminate against them.

    • The easiest solution TO STOP OBAMACARE FROM DESTROYING US, is to impeach Obama on his failure to provide a valid birth certificate, which he STILL refuses to do!

      Call your Reps AND ALSO FAX them the below (since phone calls never get you to your actual Representative) — FAX this:

      “We demand that an investigation be started in Congress BY YOU, dear Congressman, as to Obama’s failure to SHOW HIS ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS OF YET — no copies, please, since no US Citizen could get anywhere with a Copy, but MUST show the ORIGINAL (what makes Barrack Hussein Obama ABOVE the Law NOT TO DO what WE ALL American Citizens must do)!
      Why won’t Obama show his ORIGINAL Birth Certificate — “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about!” (that is his mantra on the NSA spying on US)! So, what is Barrack Hussein Obama hiding from Congress and We the People — as per this video:


      Dear Congressman, if you are unwilling to start such an investigation, be assured we won’t be willing to cast our votes for you come election time!”

      Fax this Patriot in my home state (and also your Reps):

      Texas congressman Steve Stockman:

      Fax: 202-226-0396

  11. As I was thinking about the Virginia election, I thought about election strategy, and perception. And that led me to the GOP debates for 2016.

    We had a post about the GOP trying to get a talk radio host as a moderator. It just occurred to me that they should go farther. They should refuse to have any video coverage of the debates, except by Fox. And have them broadcast on talk radio.

    The primary is all about appealing to the base. Why do that in public? The base mostly only watches Fox for news and only listens to talk radio. More importantly, non-conservatives do NOT watch Fox or listen to talk radio. So the candidates could beat each other up and not have to worry about alienating the general public. And they could justify it on those exact grounds–that this is an internal fight.

    Obviously, the rest of the media will show snippets, but snippets are not as damaging as watching a fight in real time–and a few seconds of sound bites are not as powerful as an hour of fisticuffs.

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