Seems that one thing Mitt Romney was able to do well in 2012 was raise money. His fundraising ability was top-notch and now 2016 Republican contenders are attempting to court the same machine for their respective candidacies.

Report from CBS News, emphasis mine:

Three years before the next presidential election, several prospective Republican White House contenders are quietly courting senior members of Mitt Romney’s money machine.

For the candidates, Romney’s team represents a well-connected group of influential donors who can quickly generate – or divert elsewhere – the financial resources that have become the lifeblood of modern presidential politics. The former Republican presidential nominee had questionable political skills, but his fundraising operation was considered an overwhelming success.

Half a dozen Republican leaders weighing presidential bids are expected to attend a Sept. 23 fundraiser at the home of senior Romney donor Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets. The attendees, who include Christie, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, will also attend a Washington fundraiser for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad the next day. The Washington event was organized, in part, by Lisa Spies, the wife of the pro-Romney super PAC founder, who helped raise more than $23 million last year as head of the Romney campaign’s women’s outreach program.

It’s unclear how much influence Romney maintains over his former fundraising network, but he addressed the 2016 election last month at a New Hampshire Republican Party fundraiser, calling on his party to “stay smart,” in part, by backing candidates who can win.

“My guess is that every one of the contenders would be better than whoever the Democrats put up,” Romney said. “But there will only be one or perhaps two who actually could win the election in November.”

While Romney didn’t name names, donors privately suggest that they’d likely avoid conservative firebrands like Paul or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, or those like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who have been critical of Romney’s campaign. Romney’s network has shown an early interest in Rubio in particular.

With Rubio the early favorite among Romney’s big donors, candidates like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz will likely be more reliant on grassroots fundraising during the primaries versus the high-dollar donations from party bigwigs.


  1. If they avoid Ted Cruz then they aare wasting their money. those others are as much losers as Mitt Romney

    Well this time we are not going to vote for the lesser of evils as we did in ’96, ’08, ’12. For that matter we just squuked by in 2000. though he was 100% better then Al gore. Just was not 100 % of what we needed.

    Ted Cruz, Alen West or Ben Carson are better choices for America.

    Come ’16 I don’t want to ahve vote for the lesser of evils even in the Primary. Put those three in the Primary and we might, with any one of them win for a change.

  2. Since it seems that the one with the largest kitty gets elected — let us hope Rand Paul gets it all. Only Rand Paul can save our nation from the Criminals that currently occupy our government!

    STOP All Wars — No Nation is going to attack US — restore liberty and prosperity, instead!!!


    It is obvious to all, that have a functioning brain, that NO Islamic nation is a direct military threat to our homeland (being five thousand miles way from US). However, they are a definite and DIRECT threat to Israel, so such Islamic countries need to be dis-stabilized in order to protect Israel (and only Israel) — none are a military threat to even European nations (which are much closer).

    Are terrorists a threat — sure, but why would a few dozen muslim extremists that may come over here and cause negligible harm (compared to an all out war) on our homeland, BECOME the guiding force of our ENTIRE Foreign Policy? That is simply CRIMINAL Behavior by the Ones that have been Selected to Office — to change our American Way of Life because of a few nuts.

    The logical conclusion is that when Israel whistles, the US starts bombing.

    I’m afraid that Israel’s call to arms has not been heeded by the US presidency right away — but soon they’ll whistle louder, and more American lives will be lost to protect that foreign nation!

  3. Money alone does not win elections. It is 51/49. 51 message 49 money. For the republican party, and for the country, the message required is an unapologetic libertarian/conservative message. It honestly may take losing time and again for a few more rounds before the establishment realizes we the country doesn’t want a liberal-lite, the country doesn’t want a moderate, the country doesn’t want a pragmatist.

    They really want a Simon Cowell who isn’t afraid to tell them things they don’t want to hear.

    • Josh — I agree with what the message must be.

      However, for the message to be heard it takes money — the more money, the louder the message (that was my point).

  4. Surfisher – as long as we have unsecured borders, poor control of who comes through Port of Entry, we are always subject to surprise, cowardly attacks on our Homeland.

    Josh – what we need is for Koch Industries to buy a major Main Media network and finance Paul for a presidency

    • samreusser — correct on all points.

      A simple solution is to return all illegals back, and disallow any muslims from entering our nation (simply, no US Visas for them)— but that would not be politically “correct”….

  5. Surfisher – I’m not against certain sects of any religion migrating here, including believers of Islam. However, I’m not fond of any fanatic sect of any religion or Atheism (a religion unto itself). There are some fanatic fundamentalist Christians that believe their path is the only way HOME.Centuries ago they were violent as well. As have all the warped sects of every religion. I think religions were originally founded (Mother Earth Goddess) because the brain couldn’t trust their own Soul. But later it was all about power and control. As we evolve, eventually we will know there is only Natures Source and Unconditional Love.

    Read my blurb on the thread “9/11: Twelve years later” September 12, 2013 at 7:08 pm about the particular fanatical fundamentalist Sunni sect of Islam that i wish we could screen for to keep out our Country. Unfortunately our POTUS is part of that sect and is now fumbling for control but still determined to bring the U.S. down financially and image-wise in Foreign Relations. But piss “We the People” off enough and though weary of war, don’t wake the 2000 KG gorilla.

    BTW – until our TRUE un-employment for all races is down from 15% to 2% – boot all the illegals. they need to apply like everyone else.

  6. Off topic — but, this is just too ludicrous to pass….

    How nutty has DHS (Department of Homeland Security) gone, to try and “secure” our own Citizens…?!

    Watch this viral video — nearly 1.7 million views since 2-2013 — and share it!

    Déjà vu — Nazi Germany all over again….

    p.s. Save America — Impeach Obama NOW!

  7. Nate, sorry, but this topic is weak — hope you don’t mind me reviving the Obama-Kerry ‘BOMB Syria NOW’.

    Putin checkmated Obama (and his barking-only dog Kerry)! WOW!!! That was such a simple finesse that any decent Chess Player would have foreseen — but, obviously not the mental defects that are Obama and Kerry.

    How did these two clowns (Obama and Kerry) embarrass our nation, making us the laughing stock of the world? Here is the chronological order of their stupidities:

    Obama draws a “red line” if Chem weapons are used — and states USA will bomb Syria to stop this.

    Chem weapons are used — Obama declares (without positive proof that it was Assad, and not the terrorists themselves), along with British Prime Minister Cameron’s acceding, that the World’s Opinion must be respected and the USA will start bombing Syria along with the “International Community”….

    Cameron is ready to bomb along with Obama, but then British Parliament says NO!

    Now Obama is IN SHOCK, and on his own — he still pushes for bombing Syria — but is afraid to do it on his own volition (for the obvious political backlash)! So, NOW Obama (who had previously declared that he does not need Congressional approval to start a ‘limited’ War) NOW BACKPEDALS AND asks Congress to approve his war desires, and sends Kerry to Europe to muster some support for his Bombing Syria right away!

    Kerry arrives and makes a fool of himself in France — when asked: “What would stop the US from bombing Syria” he answers: “Assad must turn over all his Chem Weapons”.

    The Russians pounce on it immediately and state they will assure this!

    Then, poor idiot Kerry says it was a “rhetorical answer” and not one he, and Obama, were willing to accept.

    Too late — Obama’s rep, Kerry-the-idiot, opened his mouth and played right into Putin’s hands.

    Now, Putin (the swine) won and Kerry and Obama look like the village idiots that they are!

    Obama, and his toothless barking dog Kerry, have achieved what no other Administration since Jimmy Carter has done — make US look weak and STUPID!

    • p.s. forgot to add —

      Impeach Obama, and put Kerry next to Lil’ Hussein’s prison cell…so the two can play the simple game of Chinese Checkers… with each other…..

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