Amid the senseless violence in our nation’s capital on Monday which claimed 12 innocent lives, many stories have continued developing under the radar.

According to reports, United Nations weapons inspectors will be returning to Syria as part of the agreement between Syria and Russia to hand over all Syrian chemical weapons. Report from CNN:

U.N. investigators are planning to return to Syria to follow up on more allegations of chemical weapons use.

Ake Sellstrom, the head of the inspection team that visited after an August 21 attack, told CNN that the next visit could take place as early as next week.

The news might please Russia, which slammed a recent U.N. chemical weapons report as one-sided and called for inspectors to return to Syria.

Soon after Western countries said the U.N. findings implicated the Syrian regime in using sarin gas, Russia fired back, calling the report “distorted.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov also told Russia Today that the report was built on insufficient information. He said Russia has its own evidence from the site of the August 21 attack that, according to U.S. estimates, killed more than 1,400 people.

“This analysis is not finished, so the point here is not about accusing parties,” Ryabkov told Russia Today. “But the point is … that those inspectors of the U.N. should come back to Syria to complete their investigation.”

In the same interview, he said Syria has given Russia evidence that implicates rebels in the August 21 attack, which occurred outside Damascus.

It appears that the crisis of an imminent strike from the United States has been averted while the diplomatic route continues. Exit question: Does anyone trust Syria or Russia on this matter?


  1. senseless violence in our nation’s capital on Monday

    I don’t think it was senseless at all. There is always a reason., Somebody stepped on this guy’s toes and he pushed back.

    • Billy: Need to look at the meaning of “senseless.” Seems to me, one judges whether something is “senseless” based on three criteria: cause, logic, and result.

      Obviously, there is “no sense” in going up against the world’s only superpower with a shotgun, so logic doesn’t apply; and the result of almost immediate death of the perp and a dozen innocents made “no sense,” either.

      You seem to be depending on cause–that is, what was the catalyst. But I have not been able to find ANY motive, even with all the media attention. So his toes couldn’t have been “stepped on” very hard.

      And the fact that YOU don’t consider it senseless “AT ALL.” Is pretty scary.

      As far as I can tell, the only people for whom the result may forward their cause would be those who say all guns should be eliminated. I didn’t realize that was your position.

    • Billy – This guy was whacked out, probably bi-polar, laughed a lot, played violent vid games, USNR from ’07 to ’11 but never deployed out of CONUS, Had Capt. Masts (Art-15) went to the VA twice in the last couple of months, claimed he had PTSD and people tracking him using ELF (Extremely Low Freq). If he was non-linear towards someone, who knows the validity or imagination. should have had Secret clearance pulled but someone fk’d up, Still had an ID card tho

      Noticed when they started letting people back on – just checking ID’s no search — meaning i can go on Buckley AFB anytime with my Mini-14 Ruger 9mm in trunk and not be searched.

    • Josh – I agree with everything you say in both fact and theory. Billionaires: 2 from Hong Kong and 16 from the U.S. are listed in top 25. But the U.S. is into China for over $2T and Japan for over $1T, so yes we are supporting them plus ourselves – and don’t forget GM’s (Gov owned) production over there. And all that other crap they export over hill. While Canada not us exports oil over there.

      They have had some part of Communism since probably the turn of 20th century and 100% Communist since giving Chiang Kai-shek the boot ’46. So i imagine they will be the CCP regardless of financial condition.

      China likes War Gaming with the U.S. but they are very intelligent and see no win in going after global dominance as long as the U.S. has money and hundreds ok gazilla-ton nukes.

      I just remember that during the time i spent in the semiconductor industry no Asian Pacific Rim country was my friend.

  2. I think we can “trust” Russia in the way we should “trust” anyone–and that is to “trust” them to do what is in their own self-interest, and we’re insane if we expect anything else from anyone.

    In this case, I believe that Russia WANTS to get rid of the chemical weapons, because they want Syria to be more dependent on them, want to sell more arms to them (as gas is neutralized), and because Russia is more reason to be frightened than we do–being closer, and having Chechnya, which would like to break away from the Russian Federation.

    But I think Putin made a strategic error in criticizing the UN report. Who reads such reports?? And the UN made a conscious effort not to blame anyone. Russia should have said the report was fine, but that war-loving westerners were misinterpreting it.

    What I have found most interesting about this “crisis” is that the Chinese have stayed completely silent. They choose their battles wisely. We should do the same.

  3. Goethe – indeed, who has ever read and relied on UN reports about WMD 🙂 🙂

    The original UN vote on, “Should the US bomb Syria?” China sided with Russia. Plus, China really feels, “Let the ignorant ‘Gweilo’s’ kill and financially break themselves, we’ll continue to build our military and financially rule the world very soon.”

    • Sam: Yep. China just doesn’t like the concept of “regime change,” “nation building,” or other imperialism. Other than that, China cares what’s important to China. We should develop a similar attitude.

  4. Goethe – Agreed and we don’t even have to become isolationists. Just simply keep ourselves out of other peoples troubles, do what it takes to Constitutionally right ourselves, bring manufacturing home, and keep an eye on National Interests. The only problem is we’re headed towards Socialism on a runaway train and that divide grows daily.

  5. Sam – you forget that communism fails everywhere its tried. China is a communist nation, so the people of the nation are dependent upon the wealth of the government…which comes from….??? No where, because just like matter can neither be created or destroyed, money doesn’t grow on trees.

    They will eventually run out of money…actually i think they already have…just no one is calling them on it yet.

    USA is different, our government may be bankrupt, but the citizens have much more wealth (way more) than the government. Having a government dependent upon its citizens is a better scenario than other way around.

    China, like the USSR, is a crash just waiting to happen.

    One thing that’s different, though, about Chinese communism, is that it seems they have no interest in global dominance via conquest. Other communist nations have been different, and that’s why they failed so quickly.

    The only thing propping up the Chinese government is the fact that American citizens are buying their cheaply government made products…so i guess you could say the American people are propping up not only 1, but 2 bankrupt governments…gotta love that ‘most favored nation’ Clinton put in place.

    • Josh — good post.

      Unfortunately, until we put a ban on all China made goods over $5, we, the US citizens (through our daily purchases of almost ALL gadgets, appliances, clothing, etc., that NOW are Made in China) we’ll be financing Red China, with our own US dollars, to buy up even more of the LIMITED World Gold Supply.

      That’s is China’s plan — no need to create an Empire by costly wars, (leave that to the USA to bankrupt itself) when it is much easier and cost effective to get one by controlling the ONLY Real Money, Gold and Silver.

      Once the paper currencies (that are backed by NOTHING but the promises of politicians — thus lacking any intrinsic value other that the cost of the paper and the ink on it) collapse in The West, China will be able to dictate terms to us with their real money (GOLD). Creating an Empire without firing a shot.

      A sad future indeed — it could only be changed if there is a US president willing to put a stop to this. So far, we have none!

  6. by Ron Paul:

    “Will the history books record these past couple of weeks as the point when the tide finally turned against our interventionist foreign policy?

    We began September with the Obama Administration on the verge of launching Tomahawk missiles at Syria. The missiles were needed, the administration claimed, to punish the Syrian government for using poison gas on its own people. There were reports that in addition to missiles, the administration was planning airstrikes and possibly even more military action against Syria. The talks of a punishing “shot across the bow” to send a message to the Syrian government also escalated, as some discussed the need to degrade the Syrian military to help change the regime. They refused to rule out a US ground invasion of Syria.

    Secretary of State John Kerry even invoked an old bogeymen that had worked so many times before. Assad was another Hitler, we were told, and failure to attack would equate to another Neville Chamberlain-like appeasement.

    The administration released its evidence to back up the claim that the Syrian government was behind the gassing, and the president asked Congress to authorize him to use force against Syria. Polls showed that the American people had very little interest in getting involved in another war in the Middle East, and as the administration presented no solid evidence for its claim, public support eroded further. The media, as usual, was pushing war propaganda.

    Then something incredible happened. It started in the British parliament, with a vote against participating in a US-led attack on Syria. The UK had always reliably backed the US when it came to war overseas, and the vote was a shock. Though the House and Senate leadership lined up behind the president’s decision to attack Syria, the people did not. Support among the rank and file members of the Senate and House began to evaporate, as thousands of Americans contacted their representatives to express outrage over the president’s plan. The vote looked to be lost in the House and uncertain in the Senate. Then even Senators began to feel the anger of the American people, and it looked like a devastating and historic loss for the president was coming.

    The administration and its pro-war allies could not bear to lose a vote in Congress that would have likely shut the door completely on a US attack, so they called off the vote. At least for now. It would have been far better to have had the president’s request for war authorization debated and voted down in the House and Senate, but even without a no vote it is clear that a major shift has taken place. A Russian proposal to secure and dismantle the Syrian government’s chemical weapons was inspired, it seems, by John Kerry’s accidental suggestion that such a move could avert a US strike. Though the details have yet to be fully worked out, it seems the Russia plan, agreed to by the Syrian government, gives us hope that a US attack will be avoided.

    The American people have spoken out against war. Many more are now asking what I have been asking for quite some time: why is it always our business when there is civil strife somewhere overseas? Why do we always have to be the ones to solve the world’s problems? It is a sea change and I am very encouraged. We have had a great victory for the cause of peace and liberty and let’s hope we can further build on it.”

    • Surfisher: I mostly agree with Ron Paul on this, except that I think Obama was bluffing.

      Never-the-less, this is totally irrelevant to this thread. Do you even read the headings?

      • Goethe Behr — Do you?

        “It appears that the crisis of an imminent strike from the United States has been averted while the diplomatic route continues” is part of this post.

        The Ron Paul statement covers that in detail — so stop acting like a silly kid, and post something of merit for a change.

        • My apologies. I was reading on an iPhone, and I thought this was the thread about the Navy shooter. My mistake.

        • However, in this case, you are just being your typical, insufferable boor.

          We have had an ongoing discussion as to whether the current “crisis” was a bluff,with the goal of neutralizing chemical weapons. Yes, I “think” that’s the case.

          By contrast, Mr. Brilliant (according to you), and I quote, August 26 at 5:18pm:

          “Obama will attack Syria in a few days or weeks (mark my words)”

          All indications are that Obama did NOT want to attack, and you were clearly WRONG in pompously predicting an attack, kid.

          Good luck in the sixth grade.

          • Goethe Behr — I’ll be wrong if Obama does not attack in a few weeks (as I stated).

            Then, I’ll admit my mistake in estimating what was most plausible at that time of comment.

            However, you jumped the gun, kid — there is still time for Obama to prove himself the idiot that he is come October….

            So hold your tongue till then, kid. You are the boor so far with your never ending nonsensical comments here (that you claim to be reading on IPhone when things don’t go your way, as an excuse for your faux pas…).

            • Surfisher: No. If you knew how to read a calendar, you’d realize you’re ALREADY wrong. Your “as I stated” was, direct quote:

              “Obama will attack Syria in a few days or weeks (mark my words)”

              That was on August 26. We are already ridiculously past “days,” and most people would say we’re beyond “(a few) weeks.” When coupled with “days,” the “weeks” must be two or three, at most.

              Tomorrow will be four weeks, and it’s clear that he can’t act (if he wanted to) for at least several weeks hence, so you’re just plain WRONG–and you would be a lot less obnoxious if you’d admit when you’re wrong. (Note that I have not only admitted error, but also apologized several times in the past week or two.)

              Your problem is that you claim to be infallible, and if you ever make an objective statement, you are proven to be wrong, and yet, you continue your pompous, pretentious, pedantic, petty, pointless, and puerile pontifications.

              Try to see yourself as others see you, child.

      • Goethe Behr — time to school you again, kid.

        You “think” — is not the same as a verifiable fact.

        a) Goethe Behr states:”…I think Obama was bluffing…”

        b) John Smith states: “I think Obama is a narcissist that is unhappy that all the Big Boys before him got to bomb foreign nations, and hasn’t so far done it in a Spectacular PRIME TIME Way. So, I think he wants to do it so he can jump up-and-down in the Oval Office with glee, while watching on TV the Bombs explode, and clap his hands and say: “I am the master of the Universe, I am Barack Hussein that can rain Death on ANYONE because now I’m a Big Boy and King of the World!””

        Logic — which is the correct answer:

        a) — Geothe thinks.

        b) — John thinks.

        c) — None of the above.

        Go ahead, answer.

  7. Goethe Behr — stop being such a pedantic boorish sciolist, by posting what you cannot logically conclude, kid.

    Let us logically dissect your silliness, again:

    1) How can you possibly arrive from Billymalone’s cryptic post at the “conclusion” that he is for Gun Elimination..?! (“As far as I can tell, the only people for whom the result may forward their cause would be those who say all guns should be eliminated. I didn’t realize that was your position.”)

    That is an idiotic statement supported by nothing — just pure speculation on your part, kid. As such, it lacks merit.

    2) “Seems to me, one judges whether something is “senseless” based on three criteria: cause, logic, and result.”

    a) “Seems to” denotes uncertainty. As such it places into doubt whatever opinions may follow as possible logical conclusions.

    3) “one judges whether something is “senseless” based on three criteria: cause, logic, and result.” — This is just plain nonsense.

    a) You have no idea what the “cause” was (“You seem to be depending on cause–that is, what was the catalyst.”). A catalyst is not cause, it is the primer that enacts only.

    b) logic — on that, you are totally clueless (stop forming sentences that display your lack of it).

    Goethe Behr — are you trying to become Tess 2.0…LOL…?

    • Surfisher. You’re the idiot.

      (1) I disagreed with Billy when he said, “I don’t think it was senseless at all.” As part of my point, I said that “sense” is partly derived from outcome, and the only ones who could benefit from the shootings are people who hate guns, and I doubted that Billy was anti-gun.

      (2) I used “seems” because I acknowledged that I was stating an opinion, rather than your pompous ass attitude that every hate-filled thing that falls from your lips is somehow Gospel.

      (3) Despite your claims of infallibility, you don’t know the language. According to Merriam-Webster, a CATALYST is “a person or event that quickly CAUSES change or action.” AND, you moron, the fact that no one knows the cause/motive was the specific point I was making.

      And, yes, I do agree with Tess that you are a truly and consistently despicable person with delusions of grandeur plus fantasies not unlike those the recent shooter described. And while I wish you were capable of civil discussion, since you are not, I intend to reply in kind to show that you no longer get a fee pass for personal attack.

      • Goethe Behr — “And, yes, I do agree with Tess that you are a truly and consistently despicable person with delusions of grandeur plus fantasies not unlike those the recent shooter described.”

        Wow — “not unlike those the recent shooter described”… Goethe Behr, you are one sick puppy, desperately clutching at straws by making such an unsupported comparison.

        Thanks for exposing yourself for what you are, kid.

  8. Goethe & Surfisher – As soon as China / Russia told Obama there would be consequences if bomb Syria, he started backing down. If he really wanted to bomb something, he’s had several years, he could have rained all over Afghan instead of losing that war and formally giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban.

    Remember, no matter how many times he lies about being a Christian, he is a Sunni Muslim in league with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He is also a candy-ass gay cow, At least you would think he would be a bull.

    I have never been ashamed of My POTUS/CinC until this impostor trying to take down my Country. I am so glad i became an Officer so my allegiance is not to POTUS/CinC but to the Constitution.

    • Sam: And the bottom line is that you’re agreeing with me that Surfisher is WRONG to suggest that Obama is some kind of macho man anxious to attack Syria, much less that such an attack might be imminent.

      The rational criticism of Obama from the right–is that the Prez is not decisive and aggressive and mean enough. NOT that he’s a warmonger, which is the snake oil Surfisher is trying to sell.

  9. Yes Goethe – in PC terms, this POTUS is very confused and unable to make aggressive, succinct decisions about our foreign policy and be a leader of the free world. He is further confused about who America really is and his earlier teachings about Colonialism and Sunni Islam. Further, his inability to understand We the People’s division between political objectives / ideologies of Liberals and Conservatives combined. Even further, his narcissism won’t allow him to have more experienced and intelligent advisers around him.

    I think my one line non-PC description above is simpler and more direct.

    • Sam: Yeah. My point was that Surfisher is way out in left field, trying to build up Obama as some sort of mighty Hitler/Stalin character.

      Nobody else across the spectrum believes that.

    • samreusser — “in PC terms”…LOL, good one!

      In plain language — Obama’s single goal is the Destruction of the US Constitution, and if further bankrupting our nation through bombing more nations helps this goal, he is all for it. The Russians outplayed him on Syria, so he backed down there. Which other nation/s will he target next…to further his goal?

      And how great will be “Obama-Care” to INTERNALLY bankrupt us if it starts in its full UGLINESS in October as scheduled — BUY-IN or PAY $$$ Penalties for refusing it?!

      I saw a clever post on another site about Syria: “Obama wants to Obama Syria”….

      Now he can’t — but he surely is on his way to “Obama the USA”!

    • samreusser — Barrack Hussein’s background.

      This is chilling (and sad) and explains a lot why Obama has turned into the narcissistic megalomaniac that he is today.

      I feel sorry for this unfortunate creature — but at the same time there is no excuse for Obama not to be Impeached!

      the second part:

      and part 3:

      Most powerful indictment in the last 5 minutes of the above!

      MUST see videos — if a True American!

  10. Why Obama will NOT be Impeached — because, all he’s done so far must be nullified (and that would take an enormous amount of redacting Red Tape that will have to start from Day One…when the Constitutionally ineligible Obama usurped the Office of OUR Presidency) and there are NO TWO Honest Politicians left in America to risk their political ambitions to START Impeachment proceedings!

    We used to be the Land of the Free and the Brave — now we’ve been reduced to the Land of the Meek and the Weak…shame on US for allowing this infamy!

    If you are a Real American — pass this video on!

    We ALL, US citizens, must obey the Law, or be imprisoned for defying it — but, Obama thinks he is ABOVE the Law…what makes him “better” than us to be able to do so?!

  11. A wife knows about her husband — and Michelle Obama STATES in public that Barack Hussein was born in Kenya!

    What further proof do the American people need that Barrack Hussein Obama is not a NATURALLY BORN US CITIZEN — therefore, not eligible by Law to be the US President?!

    Why are we so silent, instead of asking for his IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT?!

    Have we nowdays become the Meek and the Weak — instead of the Free and the Brave…???

    Watch this viral (3.7 million hits) video, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT — contact your Reps and ask them to start an investigation!

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