This is basically an open thread for reflections and thoughts since that fateful day 12 years ago.

Remember 9/11

Remember those we lost to the hands of radical Islam.


  1. I think using the words “Radical Islam” is not necessary and creates a huge negative for Islam. These people were crazy terrorist and should be refered to as such.

      • Actually, now that you bring it up, perhaps Jackie’s right. The 9/11 hijackers worked with al Qaeda, but their goal is not primarily religious, but rather, political. Their beef, starting with Osama bin Laden, was anger at the West for meddling in the Middle East, not anything to do with the religion, per se.

        What we know of the hijackers is that they became quite ensconced in the American underbelly, going to strip clubs and drinking a lot of booze, gambling, living loose and wild, for instance, which are all totally against the Islamic faith. They were clearly NOT living the faith, which also has a ban on murder.

        Why not just call them the “9/11 HIJACKERS,” which is the most objective and undisputed description (unless you are a conspiracist).

        OR in your sentence, why not just “political extremism,” which exhibits itself in a wide range of murders and building bombings?

        • I knew that sentence would get the politically correct crowd in a tizzy. Mission accomplished.

          Why not just remove all references to the cancer of radical Islam around the world anytime we discuss Islamic terrorism?

          Next time we report on the Muslim Brotherhood, we’ll call them the Non-Denominational Brotherhood Who Happen To Fight In The Name Of Islam Trying To Establish A Caliphate. That should clear up the confusion and stop giving Islam a bad rap.

          So some of the hijackers were bad at being orthodox radical Islamists. Ok, I’ll concede that point. Praising Allah while they murdered Americans by flying planes into buildings seems like no big deal, just working toward “political goals.”


          • No. It’s a matter of guilt by association, not “correctness.”

            It’s like saying “radical Catholicism” if one Catholic bombs an abortion clinic. Or “radical academics” because one Unabomber killed people. Or “radical Libertarians” because a few nutcase individuals bombed the Murrow Building.

            Your term, “radical Islam” makes it sound as if the goal of Islam is violence, and that is just not true. It would be defensible to say, “Islamic radicalism,” perhaps, because they are, in fact, nutcase radicals who claim to be following the Islamic faith (although they are not).

            Blaming a whole class of people, or a belief system, for the errant actions of fringe individuals is just plain wrong–and is counterproductive.

  2. well they are radical nd also violent to get many people kill and exchange to obtain attention,12 years ago i never will forget what they done to us and also you vote for one radical who participate in those events….you chosen as a president, i saw him with those people!american idiot!

  3. Goethe – you may have a point about Their beef, starting with Osama bin Laden, was anger at the West for meddling in the Middle East, not anything to do with the religion, per se. But it went far beyond geo-political and the core reason’s were principally the U.S. is not a Sunni controlled entity in compliance with Sunni version of Shariah. bin Laden created al Qaeda and all 19 known members of the 9/11 surprise attacks were al Qaeda brought here and supervised by bin Laden.

    9-11 specifically: Identified motivations of the September 11 attacks include the support of Israel by the United States, presence of the U. S. military in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the US enforcement of sanctions against Iraq. Actually there were reasons that totaled in the 10’s that bin Laden felt were grievances against the U.S. Even after we helped him repel the Russians in Afghan in the 80’s he still hated us.

    here’s another goodie that should make us boil and even I want grab my Mini-14 and 9mm and say “try me, MF!!”
    “ America appeared so mighty … but it was actually weak and cowardly. Look at Vietnam, look at Lebanon. Whenever soldiers start coming home in body bags, Americans panic and retreat. Such a country needs only to be confronted with two or three sharp blows, then it will flee in panic, as it always has. … It cannot stand against warriors of faith who do not fear death.”

    al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11/01 and 9/11/12 (Benghazi) and they are a cowardly but violent international Extremist Sunni sect of Islam whose goal is a worldwide Caliphate of Sunni control under Shariah. they are and have been declared TERRORISTS. BTW, The Muslim Brotherhood is in alliance with al Qaeda.

    We have a POTUS who is a Sunni Muslim and in alliance with “The Brotherhood”

    There should never be an end to removing al Qaeda from this plane of existence!

    P.S. – keep in mind: Taqiyya and Kitman

  4. Putin checkmated Obama (and his barking-only dog Kerry)! WOW!!! That was such a simple finesse that any decent Chess Player would have foreseen — but, obviously not the mental defects that are Obama and Kerry.

    How did these two clowns (Obama and Kerry) embarrass our nation, making us the laughing stock of the world? Here is the chronological order of their stupidities:

    Obama draws a “red line” if Chem weapons are used — and states USA will bomb Syria to stop this.

    Chem weapons are used — Obama declares (without positive proof that it was Assad, and not the terrorists themselves), along with British Prime Minister Cameron’s acceding, that the World’s Opinion must be respected and the USA will start bombing Syria along with the “International Community”….

    Cameron is ready to bomb along with Obama, but then British Parliament says NO!

    Now Obama is IN SHOCK, and on his own — he still pushes for bombing Syria — but is afraid to do it on his own volition (for the obvious political backlash)! So, NOW Obama (who had previously declared that he does not need Congressional approval to start a ‘limited’ War) NOW BACKPEDALS AND asks Congress to approve his war desires, and sends Kerry to Europe to muster some support for his Bombing Syria right away!

    Kerry arrives and makes a fool of himself in France — when asked: “What would stop the US from bombing Syria” he answers: “Assad must turn over all his Chem Weapons”.

    The Russians pounce on it immediately and state they will assure this!

    Then, poor idiot Kerry says it was a “rhetorical answer” and not one he, and Obama, were willing to accept.

    Too late — Obama’s rep, Kerry-the-idiot, opened his mouth and played right into Putin’s hands.

    Now, Putin (the swine) won and Kerry and Obama look like the village idiots that they are!

    Obama, and his toothless barking dog Kerry, have achieved what no other Administration since Jimmy Carter has done — make US look weak and STUPID!

    p.s. forgot to add —

    Impeach Obama, and put Kerry next to Lil’ Hussein’s prison cell…so the two can play the simple game of Chinese Checkers… with each other…..

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