Coming off some seriously high approval numbers in the past few years, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appears to have cratered in terms of job approval and it could spell trouble for his 2016 ambitions.

Report from RealClearPolitics:

Louisiana law bars Bobby Jindal from seeking a third consecutive term as governor in 2015. But for the ambitious Republican, who has long had his sights set on national office, being term-limited could be a blessing in disguise.

According to a survey released Wednesday by the Democratically affiliated Public Policy Polling, Jindal’s approval rating among state voters has sunk to 28 percent — with 59 percent of respondents disapproving of the job he is doing.

Those numbers are bad enough, but they are astonishing in light of a poll PPP conducted three years ago, shortly after the BP oil spill devastated the state’s Gulf Coast shoreline, that showed Jindal to be one of the most popular governors in the country.

The latest survey bestows upon him the dubious distinctions of being the most unpopular Republican governor of any state and the second most unpopular governor overall.

Perhaps the worst part of the PPP poll for Jindal is the result showing a hypothetical loss in his own state to Hillary Clinton if he were the Republican nominee.

… Jindal trails Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical 2016 general election matchup by a margin of 47 percent to 40 percent in his home state.

Typically Governors like to come off successful re-elections and/or, at least, very high approval numbers in their home state prior to launching a presidential bid. In Jindal’s case, he can’t run for re-election due to term limits and unless he can turn his numbers around, he’ll leave office without much statewide support for a presidential run.


  1. Interesting survey. Remember that 82% of the respondents in the poll self-described as “conservative.” So Bobby just ain’t makin’ it with the base.

    This is good:
    When asked who was responsible for the slow reaction to Katrina, people polled in this survey blamed Obama 29% to 28% for Bush–at a time when Brownie was “doing a heck of a job” in 2005, just a few months after Obama first entered the Senate in 2005.

  2. Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is an appropriate 2016 GOP presidential candidate with the right temperament. Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) took shots at Governor Jindal and Senator Rand H. Paul (R-KY) over the stupid party remarks and national security. The next GOP presidential nominee in 2016 will have to promote an agenda that appeals broadly to the national electorate. Speculated candidates like Mr. Jindal, Mr. Christie, Mr. Paul, Mr. Perry, Mr. Pence, Mr. Walker at this time would be required to make in roads with the youth, female, and ethnic minority voters to mitigate their voter demographic deficiency. The GOP is the 90 percent Anglo party while the Democratic Party is the 60 percent Anglo party. In 2016, the estimated racial voter composite is 69 percent Anglo to 31 percent non-Anglo. In 2012, the actual racial voter composite was 72 percent Anglo and 28 percent non-Anglo. If the 2000 presidential election racial voter composite were present in the 2012 presidential election, then Mr. Romney would have defeated Mr. Obama because the racial voter composite would be 81 percent Anglo to 19 percent non-Anglo and Romney obtained 59 percent of the Anglo vote and 19 percent of the non-Anglo vote. Mr. Obama obtained 39 percent of the Anglo vote and 80 percent of the non-Anglo vote. This would translate to 51.4 percent of the popular vote for Mr. Romney and 46.8 percent of the popular vote for Mr. Obama. In the Electoral College, Romney would have prevailed by a 310-228 margin if the racial voter composite of the 2000 election were present in the 2012 election.

  3. Since the 2000 election, we conservatives have made sure that the future voter composite in upcoming elections will never be the same as the 2000 election. We as Republicans have to stop changing laws that are unfair to minorities, women and the other groups that we think we don’t like. We have to stop voter suppression, those efforts are un-patriotic. We say we are for fewer regulations and less government, so we males have to stop making regulations for women. Her health care is her business, she should get any guidance or advice from Doctors whom are educated to give that advice.

    I am ashamed of what we, the GOP has been doing and how we talk to others the last decade. We need to go to reliable news sources and get the truth on how things in our country really are. We need to stay away from propaganda organizations that claim to be in the news business, but instead manufacture and spread out right lies the uninformed and gullible believe to be fact.

    The Tea Party are not Republicans, they do not belive in Government. They have to go a differnt direction or we will go down with them.


  4. Consider the source! Its far to early to toss in the towel on Jindal. He is a good man. If he is being trashed it most likely is because he is perceived as a real threat!
    And that is a good thing!

  5. NBC News August 22, 2013 “Booing Barrack’s speech in NY” (off topic, but NICE to share, since few are aware of it!).


    Has the USA ever had a president that speaks and acts like a street punk when things don’t go its way — watch this 1+ minute DISGRACE by the narcissist that occupies our White House!

    What kind of language is that coming out of the mouth of a supposed US President when BOOED (count the incredible stupidities Barrack utters, and watch its expression in disbelief that he is not the omnipotent King of USA he thinks he is, but gets put down by the people he thinks he rules — shocking treatment for this narcissistic buffoon!) — below are its street punk’s utterances by its own mouth:

    “I hear you, I got you…no, no it’s fine… wait, wait, wait, wait!…. We’re OK, we are OK….It’s OK, it’s OK…hold on a second, hold on, hold on!…. Hello everybody, Hello…. Hey, hey, hey!….Hold on, Hold on a Minute!….Now…you know….hold on a second….”

    Time to save the USA — Impeach Barrack Hussein NOW!

  6. Surfisher: They didn’t boo the speech. One person heckled and they booed her. And they applauded when she was removed.

    The quote you give is actually Obama trying to give her credit. In that same quote he later said it’s good to have dissent, and she was a model of civic involvement.

    Obama does a lot wrong, but one thing he does right is he lets people speak their mind.

    • “Obama does a lot wrong, but one thing he does right is he lets people speak their mind.”

      Bahahaha…. that makes my day… hilarious.

      • Nate: Example, please.

        Look at all the way back to 2008. He’s walking along and Joe the so-called Plumber asks him a question. He spent about ten minutes talking to the guy. I’ve never seen any other candidate do that. And when he has a heckler, he has often had a dialogue with them.

        I have plenty of complaints about Obama, but not this.

        Come up with one example in which he didn’t listen to an opposing view. Just one will do.

        • I’ll note that you said, “when he has a heckler, he has often had dialogue with them.” I wouldn’t consider this a dialogue but I’m sure somehow you will disqualify it until I meet the threshold of “often.” You also asked for only 1 example “in which he didn’t listen to an opposing view.” I don’t think he listened to this man’s point of view while the man was taken out by police.

          There are countless others but I’m unable to listen to them at the moment so I can’t determine if they meet your guidelines.

          My laughter stems from your statement which made it sound like President Obama had been far more accommodating to hecklers than past presidents which is demonstrably not the case. Perhaps that’s not how you intended it to read.

        • Goethe Behr — kid, he used the same street punk lingo in this 2010 video (provided by Nate) —

          How can you excuse Obama for the garbage that comes out of its mouth (are you trying to score points with Tess, the paid Obama shill that posts sciolisms here…? — there is hardly another explanation for your switching sides! What if Tess turns out to be a man…ever think of that, kid…LOL)!

          Here is what came out of Obama’s mouth on this occasion WHEN BOOED in 2010 (notice it is not much different than the street punk lingo he used in his 2013 NY speech shown by NBC, WHEN HE WAS BOOED):

          “That’s ALRIGHT, THAT’S ALRIGHT….We’re OK, we’re OK…I…I…I…I couldn’t….I, I, I… We’re doing fine…”.

          What’s Obama’s never-changing MO — get the people that dare speak against him ARRESTED AND REMOVED from the audience…while he makes street punk incoherent noises (since he’s unprepared for dissent), until he gets back to reading his already written Cue Cards…and tries to deliver the rest of his Spiel as if all loved him!

          This is a true Narcissist that IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY BIT-BY-BIT, TIME-AND-TIME AGAIN, SO needs to be Impeached IMMEDIATELY — if The USA is to have a chance to survive the damage he’s already done!

          IMPEACH Obama NOW — before it’s too late to save our Nation!

    • Goethe Behr — you are surmising (which is meaningless for a logical conclusion, or a court of law).

      Obama “said” it was “one person” booing him (he is clever, I’ll give him that — and said that to deflect the reality that most were booing him). Obama’s statement that is was one female (she) that was the only heckler is your ONLY basis for your surmise. That is known as “hearsay” and has ZERO merit in constructing a logical conclusion.

      If you listen to the whole tape, you can clearly hear it was the majority of the attendees that booed him for over a minute!

      Why are you defending him (trying to score points with Tess…the Obama paid shill…) — or do you think that he is good for the USA?!

      Again — answer the below without hedging!

      Goethe Behr — straight forward question.

      Do you think the USA will be better of if Barrack Hussein Obama is IMPEACHED — Yes, or No?

      Not asking for elaboration — just a Yes or No answer.

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