Here’s a question I heard some talking head pose at some point during the weekend on some news show. In 2008, Clinton was a very, very strong candidate. She had the organization and she had nearly all the wind at her back pushing her to the nomination. She also had a much cleaner record having not been Secretary of State and/or been associated with the current administration. However, she was still beaten in the primary by an up-and-coming state Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.

Looking forward to 2016, is Clinton in danger of losing the primary under similar circumstances where a fresh, new face of the Democratic Party enters the fray and she’s unable to compensate for it?

That being said, Joe Biden is seriously considering a 2016 run according to The Atlantic Wire:

Although it might feel like it, Hillary Clinton isn’t the only person dropping hints about a run for the presidency in 2016: Joe Biden will attend the annual Senator Tom Harkin steak fry fundraiser next month in Iowa. The steak fry, you see, is in an early primary state, and it’s a traditional stop for Democratic presidential contenders.

But this isn’t Biden’s first small geographic step into the 2016 rumor mill. It’s his second hinty Iowa trip this year, since President Obama secured re-election. Biden’s visited South Carolina in 2013, and has designs on New Hampshire, too. The Vice President also filled his inauguration celebrations with pretty obvious hints in the form of a posse of invitees from early states.

The conventional wisdom has anointed Clinton as the nominee just as they did in 2008. Things change quickly in presidential politics. Who else on the horizon could possibly energize Democrats enough to win the nomination from the former First Lady?


  1. Who cares about Hitlery…???!!

    Here’s something REALLY IMPORTANT to think about:

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  2. Life just ain’t that simple.

    I think Hillary DID have some positives that she doesn’t have now. She was the “flavor of the month,” an oddity and curiosity in 2008, and now, a lot of people are tired of her. Likewise, she was a novelty because people thought it would be cool to have a woman run things. But I think that attraction has been blunted by Palin. And, of course, she was running against Dick Cheney, which she won’t have now. She also has an age problem now, and the fact that she might be seen as a “loser,” since a new guy from Chicago beat her last time.

    But on the upside, she has a solid record of energy and involvement and toughness that she didn’t have before. In 2008, she had to change her hairstyle so she wouldn’t look too butch. Now, that’s a good thing. And, all she had was “having lived in the White House” as background. Now, she’s taken seriously, and even Fox is wary of her. She also has credentials as a negotiator and a consensus builder. Her success and strengths are why the GOP is trying to whack her, and her moderation is what has riled Nader.

    I can’t imagine Biden taken seriously. He’s seen as a sort of Quayle-Bachmann-Palin of the left–a loose cannon who cant keep his foot out of his mouth. BUT–he is much better than his image, and that could be a secret weapon, the same as when Bush was dismissed as being stupid, but then won.

    • Are there no two honest men left in the US Congress and Senate — to start the NEEDED Impeachment Process of Obama, the creature that is hell bent on destroying our Constitution, our freedoms, our privacy, our prosperity, our way-of-life and our nation as a whole ?!

      Are all Congressmen and Senators so concerned for what’s best for them — to get reelected or run for some office — that NONE care to risk their positions to do what’s right to save our Nation from this Obamination?!

      Start calling them all — and ask them why they are complacent to this criminal act perpetrated against the American people!

      A sad day in today’s America — if no two honest people can be found in office!


  3. Hillary has to be better than what we have now. BUT , that isn’t saying much. Just think we would have Hillary and Bill both in the White House. I lost a lot of respect for her over the past couple years. She is part of Obama’s cover up, all because she wants to be a team player. Wish we could get rid of all of them.

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