Adding a little more depth to the impending foreign policy debate within the Republican Party, Ted Cruz was recently asked by Time to categorize his views on foreign policy. Cruz says he fits somewhere between Rand Paul and John McCain which, according to Cruz, is most similar to Ronald Reagan.

Report from Time:

Time: How would you characterize your foreign policy views?

Cruz: “Right now there is a divide, say, between the views of John McCain on the one hand and the views of Rand Paul on the other. I like and respect both men, and I would say that my views are somewhere in the middle. The person whose views on foreign policy mine are closest to is Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s views on foreign policy, and how I would characterize my views, are that I think the United States should be a clarion voice for liberty, that we should speak against oppression, against tyranny and for freedom.

I think the U.S. needs to be exceedingly reluctant to put our men and women in harm’s way. I think if and when military action is justified, it should be justified only to protect the vital national-security interest of the U.S. But I also recognize the U.S. is today the world’s lone superpower. We have nations that have considerable hostile intents toward the U.S. And we have radical Islamic terrorists who would readily murder our citizens. I support peace through strength. I think developing our military strength so that we can defend our national-security interests makes it far less likely we’ll be drawn into war.”

You can read Time’s full interview with Cruz here.


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  1. On Syria, Cruz is totally hawkish. John McCain is on record (as of now) that he does not to want to send ground forces into Syria. Exact senate words of Ted Cruz: “We need to be developing a clear, practical plan to go in, locate the weapons, secure or destroy them, and then get out. The United States should be firmly in the lead to make sure the job is done right”. The Pentagon estimates that up to 75,000 soldiers would be needed to achieve this invasion that Cruz is calling for. Has Cruz forgotten that the presidency of Ronald Reagan was marked by scandals, investigations, indictments, and convictions of over 138 administration officials. November 1986, President Ronald Reagan conceded that the United States had covertly sold weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran, The money was then covertly and illegally funneled to the right-wing Contras counter-revolutionary groups seeking to overthrow the socialist Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

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