Scheduled for sometime between now and the 2016 election, NBC is preparing to film a four-hour miniseries on potential 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Report from Fox News:

A miniseries about Hillary Clinton, timed to precede the 2016 presidential election, is part of NBC’s effort to create “event” programming that will draw viewers to the shrinking world of broadcast network TV, the network’s programming chief said Saturday.

Though Clinton hasn’t announced her intention to seek the Democratic nomination for president, Greenblatt spoke as if her candidacy is expected.

“Hillary” could air before Clinton announces her decision, but the timing has yet to be determined, he said.
The four-hour miniseries “Hillary,” starring Diane Lane as the former first lady and secretary of state, is one such bid for distinctive programming, Greenblatt said.

If aired during an election year, could a series like this run the risk of violating the Equal Time rule? Could the potential Republican nominee also demand a miniseries chronicling their life and accomplishments? For that matter, what about any third-party candidates garnering more than, say, 5% of the national vote? I doubt it but it makes for a good discussion.


  1. It figures. Because she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Hillary will need all the help (propaganda) she can get.

  2. I for one admire & respect her. Having many of her problems on a much smaller public place, I think she is smart & tough. I voted for her over Obama and thought she beat him in debates. Definitely she would have done a better job. She has been in politics as long as anybody around and it’s her time. I am a woman with respect for the Hilary she is for sure.

  3. If Hillary is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, then there are no knives. Methinks DT has a warped puck, or bats in the belfry.

    • Me thinks that Tom May likes Hillary for ALL the wrong reasons. Like most Americans who really analyze Hillary Clinton, I’m not sure that she has ever had an original thought of her own. Bill Clinton always had his demands on her actions with Health Care and when she became the “Carpet-Bagger” Senator in New York, she was always co-joined by others and rarely did things on her own. Culpable Deniability anyone?

      Then, she “abandoned” the people of New York to pursue her own selfish political motivations. (But Tom May won’t ever see it that way, LOL) Under Obama, Hillary dutifully carried out his orders and even “duped” Congressional Republicans. But in most instances, she just “carried-the-water” for the Party line. And like her Party, she blamed everyone and everything else for the American who were slaughtered in Benghazi.

      Semi-conservative article opens some questions about Hillary:

      See how the MSM will portray her – and hence the general public will adore and elect her (People are so stupid):

      As for Benghazi. there are many, many vets and active military that hold her as co-responsible for the deaths at Benghazi and don’t forget the callous “Cruella De Vil” like statement, “What difference does it make”?

  4. Nate: The Fairness Doctrine is dead. Otherwise, MSNBC, Fox, Rush et al would have to be answered.

    All they have to do is call it a “documentary” and they’re fine.

    • “The Equal Time rule should not be confused with the Fairness Doctrine, which deals with presenting balanced points of view on matters of public importance.”

      There’s a difference…

      However, you’re saved with the “documentary” label:

      “However, there are four exceptions: if the air-time was in a documentary, bona fide news interview, scheduled newscast or an on-the-spot news event the equal-time rule is not valid.”

      • Yeah. I was using the term loosely–that is, the concept of fairness. All the above-mentioned media rooted for their candidate, and nobody even thought of complaining about it.

  5. When NBC Airs – End of line for Republicans. The MSM controls the general public and always determines their attitude and voting.

    Reality to the low information general public is what ABC / CBS / NBC say it is

    Unless Congress can set up a wholly independent investigation and actually charge BO and Hillary with negligence, gun running, and failed capture instead of kill of Stevens – then the truth will never get out of congress.

    In such a high information world it’s amazing that the ownership and management of those three control the United States and hence the world.

  6. Are there NO Real Americans left in Congress and Senate?!

    Or are they all cowards?!

    Are both these bodies polluted with anti-Constitutional and American-hating scumbags, that NOT a Single ONE of them will START IMPEACHMENT proceedings against the creature that has usurped for the first time the US Presidency — Barry Sotero, or Hussein Obama….whatever its real name is???!!!

    We all know the charges — but, no-one in Congress or Senate has the guts to be a Real American, and challenge this Usurper of The White House according to Verified Records!

    Contact your Congressmen and Senators, and TELL them this is the reason Barrack Hussein Obama MUST be IMPEACHED! And if you fail to support its impeachment, don’t expect to be reelected!

    The BO lied on all its promises — and once elected did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it said. THAT’S PERJURY! Also, the BO NEVER supplied its original Birth Certificate — but had a fake published!..

    WHO IS THIS Barry Sotero or Hussein Obama, remains a question to THIS DAY!

    Make this 2 minute video viral!

      • I have to admit that I get confused sometimes. Last week, Rand Paul said we would “stand by” Christians around the globe. Then he votes to cut military aid to Egypt to punish them for overthrowing their Muslim Brotherhood government. The people in power now are the same ones who outlawed the Brotherhood and assured safety for all faiths.

        Don’t get me wrong, Morsi was rightly elected and was the legal president. If anything, we should have encouraged dialogue and pressured Morsi to reinstate, or call for new elections for, their legislature.

        But you’d think Rand would be jumping up and down to see a Muslim government brought down. I don’t get it. I guess it’s his flavor-of-the-week.

        • I see it as money. Over a billion dollars I think. Well maybe Egypt can get a loan from Detroit to cover it. Brilliant move by Rand as he can now show Rubio voted to give Egypt a billion dollars in aid rather than give it to the USA. Spin ? sure, why not. Ball is in Rubio’s court as is it with those other 85 shysters sending taxpayer money to Egypt.

          • That’s what I’m figuring–pandering to the Tea Party.

            But the aid to Egypt is a bribe to keep them playing nice with Israel. And, of course, one of the charges was that Morsi was too close to Hammas–so if you like Israel, you should be happy for the coup, not penalizing them for it. Last week, Rand was the Christian Right’s buddy. . . .

            • Rand in no dunce when it come to politics. I know you don’t agree but Americans love war and Rand is a dove.
              A bribe is still money flowing from the US to some foreign country. Could be the voters just might be getting a little tired of this. !0 votes last year 13 votes this year in the senate to cut back. Long ways to go but ..who knows. Have to see what impact Detroit has. Just might get national attention.

  7. IMPEACH Barack Hussein Obama — it stumbles-and-bumbles AND STUTTERS (which is usual for this political creature to try and come up with an answer it is not prepared for) while trying to decide what it is: A DICTATOR or NOT….LOL!


    Time to IMPEACH — make this SUPERB 15 minute video viral.

    Also, nice exposure of Hitlery Clinton!

    If any of you here are true Americans, give this post a thumbs up.

    Thank you!

    p.s. Don’t worry about the NSA (Nazis Spying on Americans) profiling you, they’ve been spying on you illegally for years, and the only way to stop them now is to have Obama IMPEACHED!

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