If you’ll recall, last week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated quite directly that he sees the libertarian brand of foreign policy as “dangerous” for the Republican Party and the country as a whole. When asked for names, Christie singled out Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, among others, as examples of this “dangerous” mindset.

As a result, some Republicans are picking sides in this battle and Texas Senator Ted Cruz has come out on the side of Rand Paul’s position.

Report from BuzzFeed:

Texas Senator and potential 2016 Republican primary contender Ted Cruz said he stood with Rand Paul when asked about an ongoing feud between the Kentucky senator and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Cruz was appearing on Fox News’ online show Power Play, hosted by Fox’s digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt.

“I am proud to stand side by side with Rand Paul. He and I have been fighting over and over and over again in the Senate to defend our constitutional liberties,” said Cruz. “I’ll say this — some of this tiff, Governor Christie is entitled to his views, he’s entitled to express his views, I think most Americans don’t care about politicians bickering in Washington. They don’t care about egos and the battles that will happen in the beltway. What they’re interested in is solving the problems that we’ve got here.”

At a forum in Colorado last week, Christie cautioned against the increasing influence of libertarianism in the Republican party.

Newsworthy mainly because you have three potential GOP candidates in 2016 launching criticism and building alliances all in the same story. Clearly Cruz knows he’ll need to the libertarian-leaning voters when it comes time for primary season.