Texas Senator Ted Cruz has created a lot of 2016 buzz recently and his travel plans are likely a reflection of that. Cruz has taken to twitter and other forms of media in recent months becoming a vocal critic of President Obama and an advocate of small government.

Report from the Houston Chronicle:

Though Cruz is a freshman senator, his name has been tossed around quite a bit over the last few weeks in 2016 presidential speculation.

Cruz has made himself into a prominent voice in recent weeks on various hot topics, such as immigration reform and the recent IRS scandal, speaking out both on Twitter and Capitol Hill.

Though Cruz hasn’t hinted of any plans to run in 2016, he hasn’t ruled out the notion either.

Cruz has agreed to attend numerous events that are often seen as early steps in a presidential campaign for prominent Republicans considering running for office.

The Iowa Republican Party will host Cruz at an annual picnic on July 19, at which attendees can donate $100 and join the senator for lunch. For $500, a photo-op is included. That same weekend, Cruz is expected to attend another Iowa gathering, David Lane’s “Pastors and Pews” event, at which Cruz is to deliver the keynote address.

As Iowa is home to the first caucus of election season, both stops could provide crucial early campaign coverage and connections for Cruz as 2016 continues to approach.

I think the current President set the bar for other “freshman” senators looking to seek higher office despite a short track record. Other names like Rand Paul also come to mind as well as Marco Rubio if you’re making a list of freshman who could be launching presidential campaigns.