The IRS scandal currently working its way through the departments of the federal government is surely going to be an issue heading into the 2014 midterm elections. However, does this story have legs that will walk until 2016?

I’ve been pondering which Republican candidate would benefit most from this type of discontent with the government’s collection agency. Nobody likes the IRS but does this type of scandal provide enough steam to make major changes to the law or give conservatives enough cover to call for abolishment of the agency? Aside from Benghazi, which is a much more diluted and complicated scandal, and the Associated Press phone-tapping mess, the IRS scandal is fairly simple to understand even for the low-information voter block.

Some Democratic strategists are getting… nervous..

Former Clinton White House counsel Lanny Davis said the growing IRS scandal has robbed Democrats of the so-called “trust edge” they held over Republicans and is now jeopardizing hopes that Hillary Clinton will replace President Obama in 2016, the Washington Examiner reports.

Said Davis: “This hurts the Democratic Party and will hurt anybody who runs for president in 2016. It will make it almost impossible to elect a [Democratic] president…I’m nervous.”

So, what’s the deal? Will Americans forget next week?


  1. Sorry to say, but the American voter track record is such that the collective memory is short and at best inaccurate. Consider the number of times our President has promised one way but acted in a totally different dirction. To that add his propensity for denying actions and remarks, though his comments are public record and undeniable, and yet he still enjoys much following and public approval.

    As I said, sadly, the self-imposed uninformed voter apparently has CHOSEN to not be bothered by facts or truth but would rather follow blindly.

    I belive we live in an age where too many people prefer to accept a “lig in a poke” rather than wstch, think, question, and remember.

  2. This IRS explosive issue is not partisan. Republicans and Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and whoever else, that use and abuse the 501(c)(4) status should share responsibility for the present mess. The scandal is the corrupt application of this law by all parties. 501(c)(4) organizations was generally civic leagues and any corporation operating exclusively for the promotion of “social welfare”, such as civics and civics issues, and with net earnings devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes. The real fix would be the cessation of corrupt policies coupled with the punishment of the corrupt who fraudulently use this code. Does anyone really think that Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, the NRA, AIPAC and Organizing for Action, operate primarily for civil betterment and social improvements. At one time Ron Paul had 11 organizations operating under 501(c) (3)(4). These groups are exempt from paying federal income taxes on any profits and do not have to disclose the names of their donors.

  3. It’s not that Benghazi is “complicated.” There’s just no “there” there. The only people who think it’s a big deal are those just looking for anything to hang on Mr. Big Ears. And the proof is that once the election was over, it suddenly became “Hillary’s (the heir apparent’s) fault.”

    Likewise, as far as anyone knows, the IRS thing may be just one person, and it’s just about political groups looking for a subsidy that’s supposed to go to non-political groups. To have anti-tax people complain because they can’t manipulate the tax system, is ironically ridiculous, and nobody was turned down, anyway. If they had been turned down, or AUDITED, maybe there would be a story there.

    The thing that’s going to hang on is the media bugging stories. Why? Because they ARE the media, and it’s their ox being gored. Duh. That story is not going to go away, because it’s about the people writing the story. Even that won’t have traction if they can’t get Congress to investigate, and Congress is too busy chasing wild geese.

    Another one that might stick is the Verizon snooping. But that one is all about attacking our privacy to do their “terrorism” games, so the Neocons are already lining up to support the snooping.

    • Ellen: Benghazi is just partisan fluff. Explain to me why you think there’s any “there” there. Be detailed, don’t just throw more fluff.

      As for why the IRS thing is not on the local news, have you considered the fact that it is not LOCAL news?

      And, yes, Republicans and Democrats are trying to divide the country in two. But there are more of us who think both parties are full of crap.

  4. Is there two nations in America now, called Them and US ;
    Republicans /Democrats???
    I don’t understand why the IRS scandal is ignored by the local news reporters in Chicago?
    I have to tune into cable channels to hear reports.

    • Ellen

      It’s We-the-People vs. the Ruling Class (Politicians). The current crop of Democrat and Republican Politicians are exactly the SAME on the important issues. They only differ on the minor stuff. The “garbage” which appears on Fox News and MSNBC proves my point.

  5. The IRS sandal belongs to Us, Them, and Others. The beginning scandal was in 1959, when the Dwight Eisenhower administration allowed Secretary of Treasury Robert Anderson to break the law by changing the wording, without consent of congress. 501(c) (3) (4) read “operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare” . ”Exclusively” was changed to primary and opened the gates for political interests to be tax exempt and not disclose their donors names. All 501users should have to reapply for tax free status and if they do not met the standards of the law “exclusively for the promotion of social welfare” be denied.

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