The IRS scandal currently working its way through the departments of the federal government is surely going to be an issue heading into the 2014 midterm elections. However, does this story have legs that will walk until 2016?

I’ve been pondering which Republican candidate would benefit most from this type of discontent with the government’s collection agency. Nobody likes the IRS but does this type of scandal provide enough steam to make major changes to the law or give conservatives enough cover to call for abolishment of the agency? Aside from Benghazi, which is a much more diluted and complicated scandal, and the Associated Press phone-tapping mess, the IRS scandal is fairly simple to understand even for the low-information voter block.

Some Democratic strategists are getting… nervous..

Former Clinton White House counsel Lanny Davis said the growing IRS scandal has robbed Democrats of the so-called “trust edge” they held over Republicans and is now jeopardizing hopes that Hillary Clinton will replace President Obama in 2016, the Washington Examiner reports.

Said Davis: “This hurts the Democratic Party and will hurt anybody who runs for president in 2016. It will make it almost impossible to elect a [Democratic] president…I’m nervous.”

So, what’s the deal? Will Americans forget next week?