Congressman Paul Ryan and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee have both dropped statements recently indicating they’re mulling over the possibility of running for the Republican nomination in 2016.

First, Congressman Paul Ryan via the Washington Examiner:

Former vice presidential candidate and current House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., gave a little more oxygen to the idea that he’ll run for president in 2016.

“I’m going to make my mind up later,” Ryan said on CNN today, as NBC’s Kasie Hunt noted. “I will give it serious consideration.” That remark goes beyond his comments earlier this month on Fox News.

Ryan would likely have an uphill battle given the number of other rising stars in the party also seeking the nomination.

Next, report on Mike Huckabee from WWNT:

Don’t leave former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) out of the 2016 conversation just yet.

Speaking with Newsmax TV in a recent interview, the 2008 presidential candidate said he wouldn’t shut any doors on a future White House run.

“Yeah, I’m not ruling it out at this point,” he said. “I’m not sitting around having meetings with the strategic team, but it’s something I will certainly look at, and I’m talking to some people just to determine whether it’s a kamikaze raid or whether it has potential and possibility.”

Huckabee was considered a top contender for a period in the 2008 Republican primary after performing strongly in a number of early contests, including a first-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. He would later drop out of the race after it became clear that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) would take the GOP nomination with a win in Texas.

The list will continue to grow, especially at these early stages.


  1. Ryan’s home state has a debt per capita of $8,100. No vote from me as he has failed to bring home the bacon to his home state.

  2. It’s all way too early. Doesn’t the RNC have to wait till the Democrats and the White House “choose” who the Republican candidate will be? That’s the way it’s been…

    It really doesn’t matter who the candidate is. At this point, Ryan, Huckabee or any of these Liberty-Hating, Constitution usurping, warmongering Neocons will suffice as the Republican candidate.

    No matter who the Republican candidate is; if he/she is a Neocon – the Democrats will just love it!

    People have to wake up and stop voting for these “psychopaths” who run for Office on the Democrat and Republican Tickets. They both govern the same way for their Special Interest “Buddies” who will donate the Ca$h!

    It is, what it is!

  3. Here’s the answer to the question in the other post about Huckabee. His empty threat of “leaving” the party was supposed to scare the establishment into taking him seriously as a candidate next time.

    These birds are sounding more and more like Kim Jong-un. Empty promises and wild assertions.

    • Except Kim Jong-un is a teenage Psycho who could let his alligator mouth overload his canary butt and think the US won’t have nads to counter and we will make Korea one country again much to China’s chagrin. More money to give away to foreigners.

      The Republican party needs to dissolve and start a new party, become secular and re-mobilize.

      • It’s already secular.

        With the Nazi/Neocon Agenda running the Party, it sure isn’t Christian. That’s for sure!

        The GOP is definitely fragmented, but it’s the “Establishment” who makes these POOR DECISIONS who are to Blame. They’ve allowed Republican Party to be “hijacked” by the Neocons, and thus nullified the PRINCIPALS which makes the Republicans – Republicans.

        The “Leadership” of the GOP continues to select Pro-War Neocons to run for the White House and thus, they LOSE – and they will continue to LOSE. Meanwhile, the Left/MSM have done a magnificent job of kicking the GOP while they’re down and blaming the Right-Wing Christians for the GOP’s woes.

        Christians are always used as the “scapegoat” by the LEFT in order to “destroy” the GOP. It’s a shame that the Low Information Voters fall for such nonsense. And it’s these very same Voters who believe that there is a dimes-worth-of-difference between the current crop of Congressional Republicans and Democrats on the important issues effecting our Nation.

          • Well if he was anything like his Old Man it would sure be ugly. I mean look what he did when he caught some girl stealing an apple.

          • Goethe

            My point exactly…

            The Neocons, especially the “flaming and flamboyant” ones like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and the whole host of “clowns” on FOX News – have worked VERY VERY HARD to “hijack” the teachings of Jesus and of Christianity to turn these Loving People-of-Faith into Muslim-Hating Racists who live in FEAR that a Terrorist is lurking around every corner. These Neocons have convinced these folks that its OK to violate the Constitution in order to “rain bombs” down on innocent people – just so long they DRONE ATTACK the people in Muslim Nations.

            And at the heart of the matter is the misguided belief that Israel can do absolutely NO WRONG – while all the other countries of the world are ALL WRONG!

            Sanctions are OK – they aren’t an “Act-of-War”. Right?

            No wonder the world hates us!

            • DT:


              Super-fundamentalists want to pack Israel with arms because–to them–the Second Coming of Jesus cannot occur until a war DESTROYS Israel.

              So they want Israel to get WAY overconfident in their military capabilities. And that’s why no American official dares to question even the most abusive things the Israeli State does to anyone (including to us).

        • So food stamps and free cell phones are indeed a great way to unite people into one way of thinking. What’s in it for me?

          • Billy: Actually, that is the essence of politics. We join together to get something. Why else join together?

            Companies incorporate in order to combine resources and avoid personal responsibility. Workers combine to get more of the fruits of their labor. And people join together to form villages, cities, states, and countries in order to protect themselves and to try to get services they couldn’t afford individually.

            It would be stupid to join together if there were no benefit to be had.

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