New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is managing to compile some mind-boggling fundraising numbers for the gubernatorial reelection this year. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be too newsworthy but given his potential to be a candidate for the GOP nomination in 2016, it is wort noting.

Report from Bloomberg:

Governor Chris Christie is raising record cash for his re-election bid. A November landslide may help heal rifts with fellow Republicans and boost his standing as a possible candidate for president in 2016.

In December, before Democrats had even rallied around a candidate, Christie had amassed almost as much as he raised in the entire 2009 primary. He has since begun an out-of-state fundraising swing, with an event last month at Facebook Inc (FB). co- founder Mark Zuckerberg’s California home and an appearance last week in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker.

Christie, 50, is enjoying record approval in New Jersey for his response to Hurricane Sandy. Almost half of Democratic voters say he deserves another term as he leads his challenger, state Senator Barbara Buono, by 36 percentage points.

Out of state, the governor has drawn criticism from some national Republicans for praising President Barack Obama’s help after the storm and scolding party members in Congress for aid delays.

“If he wants to run for president, he’s got to show that he’s got a capacity to raise big national money,” said Matthew Hale, who teaches politics at Seton Hall University in South Orange. “The more he can raise and the more donors he can tap into, those are people that down the road he can turn to for presidential fundraising.”

Money may be attractive to the Republican National Committee which measures success in dollar signs at this point in the presidential election cycle. However, whether Christie’s moderate brand of Republicanism will sell to the party base is the real question.


  1. With his home-state popularity, Christie doesn’t really have to campaign for re-election. As the above says, half of DEMOCRATS think he deserves re-election.

    Question: Could he just amass a huge warchest and use it to campaign for president, instead?

  2. Unless he can turn all those rats running down the rope around in his state he wouldn’t get my vote. Texas is gaining about the same as N J is losing.

    • NJ is fine? I think it is about #3 in debt per capita. But then Illinois and Delaware are right up there too in debt per capita and the voters put them two in charge of trimming the budget. What a joke. Like the did know anyone from a state with the least debt.

      • Billy – I meant NJ accepting his physical appearance. Nationwide, the MSM will start condemning him as soon as he is taken as a serious POTUS contender. And the Pubs already fragmented about his hugging BHO’s leg for Sandy attention and FEMA money. i don’t follow any of the states financial conditions except CA, and them only because their on media blips all the time.

        • With the national debt approaching the 17 trillion dollar mark, that is all I watch. Sorry but NJ is not doing well when it comes to getting the most bang for the buck. Wouldn’t even consider Chris if he can’t get his own house in order. Doesn’t mean anything to the average voter though as the two birds they elected from Delaware and Illinois are both near the top when it comes to debt per capita.

          • I agree, that and the $1T delta between spending and taking in – but i just looked at ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/FOX and only FOX talked about it and only one article. The general Public still think everything is OK because the Dems and MSM tell them it is. For me, ity’s insane enough to watch the Feds and my own state, CO

            • The feds are doing one up on what Cyprus planned on doing. By printing more like they are doing they are taking our savings for sure. Give the illusion that things are better by making them worse.

            • Billy, I agree, with every 85 GigaBuck they print each month, they are indirectly devaluing our $’s in real money, savings, and retirement plans. The recipients are goldmining it and removing it from the economy and stacking it overseas at that. and the people aren’t seeing it or even the Gov getting any back from taxes. It is a race to see if we crash and burn b 4 2014 election.

            • Yeah but those that have nothing have nothing to lose and there are a growing number of them for sure. Their homes and cars are underwater and every paycheck is far less than what they spend.

            • Again you are correct! when they reach the end they file bankruptcy and start the fight all over again for seven years. Never had to file, but my folks did and I have friends who have; and in my retirement i run out money quite a bit before i run out of month

  3. As a conservative… he won’t get my vote! Stay in NJ please, Christie. Don’t fool the uninformed masses and run as a conservative Presidential candidate!!

  4. There is at least one uninformed voter in every household in the United States. Because we believe our convictions are absolute does not mean we have reached the best conclusion and, therefore, we can become one of the masses.

    • Now that is an understatement. I would like to think there are a lot more than one with a 17 trillion dollar debt. I think I read where something like 47% of the working people couldn’t get their hands on grand in 24 hrs. Might be a little difficult ton the week ends though. Yeah I could do it, LOL

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