Here’s a little blast from the past for you. Well, maybe not the distant past but think back to October, 2012 during the height of the Presidential Debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney. During the second debate it appeared that moderator Candy Crowley, of CNN, tossed a “flag” on the statement from Romney that the President never actually called the Benghazi attacks “terrorism.” Crowley later admitted she was incorrect and should not have attempted to point this out during the debate.

Now a co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) says choosing Candy Crowley was a mistake, report from Fox News:

As reported by longtime Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston, Fahrenkopf voiced regret about one decision he helped make as co-chairman of the debate commission.

“We made one mistake this time: Her name is Candy,” he said.

The comment was a reference to Crowley’s controversial performance in October. In the final half-hour of the debate, Crowley interjected after Romney questioned whether Obama had called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror” rather than “spontaneous” violence that grew out of a protest against an anti-Islam video.

“He did in fact, sir … call it an act of terror,” Crowley told Romney.

Obama, evidently pleased with the moderator’s comment, asked: “Can you say that a little louder, Candy?”
Amid criticism from conservatives, Crowley later conceded on CNN that Romney was “right in the main” but “picked the wrong word.”

This is a fairly major statement since the CPD usually stands by moderators and defers to their professional judgment on how to referee the debate.

Will this impact moderator selection in 2016 given the controversy? Another possibility is perhaps the CPD will simply give less deference to the moderator. Does this speak to the partisan misgivings about picking members of the media to moderate debates?


  1. This debate, because of Crowley’s intervention, became s pivotal point stemming Romney’s building momentum and providing impetus for Obama’s up to that point lackluster performance. It caused obvious and documented damage to Romney’s campaign and boosted Obama’s.

    Two questions:
    1. Does Crawley get off Scott free after doing irreparable damage to a presidential campaign?

    2. How is future moderator bias prevented so that this cannot happen again?

    • William

      Romney was the WORST Candidate the Republicans could have put up against BHO. The ONLY Candidate who would have given BHO a run-for-his-money was Ron Paul.

      • DT, I’m not a Romney follower any more than I am a BHO backer but fact is fact. Crowley stepped all over Romney and let BHO get away with his act. At that point only 2 candidates had any chance at gaining the office and Romney was the lesser of the two “evils”.

        At first glance Ron Paul sounded good but after listening to him a few times it was obvious that he is an isolationist. A separatist at best. We are past the time that the US can function as a stand alone. To withdraw military from all overseas areas would cause a global financial retaliation against us. We depend too heavily on world economy. With no military presence China, Russia, or whoever had enough brass would have little trouble establishing footholds which in time would radically shift global balance of power. It’s bad enough that BHO is downsizing our military. Ron Paul’s ideaology would have been suicide. Economically as well as militarilary.

        To me, Ron Paul means well but is uninformed in too many areas. Romney has a history of busuness successes abd a business man is what we need today.

        Although I wouldn’t necessarily vote for him, Gingrich would have been an interesting opponent to debate against Obama.

          • DT, don’t be so quick to judge. You betray yourself and lower yourself to the level of those you accuse of nedia bias.

            I don’t watch nor listen to any “news” network. I’m not interested in what they want me to hear.

            I base my opinion on my own observations,research,knowledge, experience,and intelligence.

            You are too quick to attack anyone who disagrees with you. That goes to reduce your credibility. Try an open minded approach. You would do better to look for reason behind other’s comments rather than taking your current tact.

            If you took the time to do that you would see that I said I disagree. I didn’t say you were wrong, just that I have a different opinion. I gave you that respect. You pigeon holed me. You prove to be unworthy of debate. Consequently I no longer care what you think. There is no common ground to discuss with you so don’t try.

            Sad, you don’t take time to think. You react.

            • Yeah. Ok – William. For you to come off on here and say that RP is an Isolationist (blah, blah, blah) and then to infactically deny that you’re “parroting” the Nonsense “spewed” by the Fox News and the MSM just proves that you’re a “follower” of the Neocon Propaganda.

              Perhaps you should try reading the Constitution. You’ll find that both Political Parties are exactly the same. Both Parties HATE America and are deliberately destroying it through unsustainable DEBT! And Fox News and the rest of the MSM are ccompletely complicit with the acts of these treasonous criminals.


            • DT, if you took the time to actually read through this thread you would see that I said BOTH parties are dysfunctional.

              Perhaps you are easy to lead by the nose. That would explain why you are so quick to accuse anyone who disagrees with you of parroting the “enemy”. You sound “programmed”.

              It appears that you share the viewpoint with BHO in that those who disagree with you are the enemy.

              Did you ever consider that someone could actually think for themselves and that on occasion they would agree with one viewpoint or the other, or do you really think that any one viewpoint (yours) has all the answers?

              You really are discourteous.

            • William. It’s because of luke-warm people like you that our country is going to hell in a hand-basket. You sit there (in all your “morality”) and “pick apart” Libertarians like Ron Paul – calling him an Isolationist and “bad” for the country – yet you love to squabble online over the most meaningless “crap”. You, sir, are doing exactly what the 2 headed – 1 party monster wants you to do.

              Keep listening to Fox News. I’m sure they’ll come up with something new for you to grab onto.

            • What I wrote came directly from Ron Paul’s mouth during two of the early presidential candidate debates.

              You are so far off base it’s borderline pathetic. If you are going to continue trying to sway others I suggest you at least spend some time learning more about your preferred candidate abd what he said. Unless your behavior is nothing more than entertainment for you, in which case press on and amuse yourself.

              Paul himself made many statements during those early debates that clearly identified how he thought and I disagree with SOME of those statements. I realty don’t care what CNN, FOX MSNBC, or any other reporting agency thought about those comments. I DISAGREE WITH SOME OF THEM.

              Another thing you need to learn is to modify your mouth. Every time you accuse, attack, and become disrespectful, as you consistently do, you lose. Every time! You cannot influence others through insult.

              This will be my last attempt to “debate” with you. You prove incapable of maintaining your cool.

              You may have the last word. Just know that your mouth, and having the last word in this case does not make you correct. It makes you desperate.

              You have blown any chance to have other readers of this thread pay any attention to you. You are clearly narrow minded, rude, and altogether a waste of time. It is your turn now. Rant on.

            • William

              My MOUTH? LOL!

              You see, William my boy, that’s the problem with you Neocons. You all think you have this “superior mentality” over the general populous, but in reality, all you have is unabashed hubris. And anyone who pays attention to your condescending remarks knows that your hubris lacks what we out here in the blog-o-sphere call “common sense”.

              In essence, what I’m saying is that you’re just another neocon butthole. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that in a “bad way”. It’s just that I think for the benefit of all those who read this blog (and yours), I just need to point that out.

              Perhaps someday, when you come to your senses and realize that the Republican and Democrat Political Parties are essentially the SAME on the “important” issues involving people’s LIVES – and that these narcissistic people who “control” these Parties are nothing but “psychopaths and liars” who, by their “actions”, HATE this country by (to name but a few):

              * increasing the people’s DEBT without the people’s permission
              * saying to the people that the “Debt Ceiling” actually has a “CEILING” and agreeing to vote to raise it “each and every time”
              * sending our young people to war to DIE, without the people “Declaring War” according to our Constitution and our Representative Democracy
              * TAXING “every aspect” of our lives – and I mean EVERY!
              * thinking that Israel can do absolutely NO WRONG and that every other country (or peoples) in the Middle East are WRONG (except for Israel) – and that “invading and killing” the citizenry of these Middle Eastern countries is “acceptable behavior” for a country (USA) who cherishes in Liberty and Freedom and who over 80% of it’s (USA) citizenry claims to be “Christian”.

              Meanwhile, the Media (including Fox News) faces ZERO “scrutiny” because they are nothing but “complicit puppets” who say essentially NOTHING of any significance to these “psychopaths and liars” who run this Government. Why? Because they support the “Neocon/Zionist Way” and NOT the US Constitution, a Representative Democracy or “We-the-People”.

              As Ron Paul said, the Republican Party “used” to support the Conservative values of “small government” and representing the people, but ever since they allowed the money from the “Neocon Agenda”, the Republicans have and will be the “Party” of Pro-War, Corporate Coveting Austerity and Military Special Interests. They are NO DIFFERENT that the Democrats with their Bribes and Payoffs.

              So wake up, William! The Republicans or the Democrats DON’T care about YOU or what you think! They really don’t! A wise person once said “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend” – and both the Republicans, the Democrats and even the Media is your enemy! And in an ironic sort of way, because I can’t stand any of them – I’m actually your friend. Ha!

            • DT: The thing about Ron Paul was that he had an entire program. I looked through it all. I didn’t agree with a lot of what he had to say, but when you put the package together, it works. I mean, not only was he bringing together ideas from a lot of different quarters, but when you DO put two ideas together in a fresh way, you can make something work that would ordinarily be against your viewpoint. I’m afraid we won’t see his like again. His son is just a politician.

            • DT – Ron Paul is a military isolationist and that is a good thing, If a country begs us to stay, so be it. Every country would still do business with us as that would be beneficial for all. the only concerns are Taiwan and S.Korea. I’m sure we could work something with China and remind N.Korea what Hiroshima looked like in 1943 and then in 1945 and we are far more powerful now.

              Ron Paul was an excellent candidate except for his age. Being president would kill him in one no more than two years.

              DT – i don’t know if you’re simply innocent or uninformed. FOX is not considered MSM, they are the admitted conservative wildcaters, nor are they neocon except in liberal’s eyes.

              As far as i know the Constitution doesn’t mention anything about any parties ideologies and the parties today have mutated considerably from the parties of 1800. Go to the URL’s: The ideologies of all the parties today are radically different from each other. Lobbyists , Campaign donors, and media buys congress and the president.

              DT – the URL you put up was specifically speaking about ABC / CBS / NBC / CNN – not FOX

    • William: That is overstated. The fact that Crowley questions her performance is a sign of her attempt at objectivity.

      The only “error” she made was in using the word “terrorist” instead of “terror.” The rest is smoke and mirrors.

  2. Shrug – What would be “fair” is to have a FAT Conservative woman moderate the next debate. That should even the score!

  3. Let’s clarify this post. This was not a non-partisan repudiation. It was Frank Fahrenkopf, former Republican Party chairman–speaking on Fox. And the “error” that Crowley admitted to was that she was wrong in saying Obama used the word, “terrorism” when he actually used the word, “terror.”

    This report is not noteworthy because of a partisan criticism. It’s noteworthy because the Debate Commission has always CLAIMED to be non-partisan, and this shows that it’s really just a Republican and Democratic cabal to keep out any third-party prospects.

    This attack is just to keep us thinking in terms of Republican versus Democrat–only. And to distract us from the question of the rising minimum requirements for anyone else to get in.

    If we’re going to keep it as a two-party ad campaign, I’d rather see two moderators whose objectivity couldn’t be in question–Have Bill O’Reilly question the Democrat, and have Rachel Maddow question the Republican. THAT would be worth tuning in for.

  4. Let’s get real. Crowley and others in her profession deal in words and their intent. She knew very well what she did and no one can convince me it wasn’t done intentionally.

    As far as promoting the 2 party system goes, personally I’d prefer eliminating all.”party” organizations and affiliations. I’d much rather see the big money out of politics and see candidates considered on their individual merits. As long as any party is allowed participation in any election it is the money that talks, not the candidate. I’d rather see candidates actually speak for themselves and not be “programmed” by talking heads. To see upwards of $2 billion spent on this election in the face of a failing economy and widespread poverty is an insult and disgrace. No one party has all the answers. That is an impossibility. Party backed elections have little to do with candidates and much to do with party power.

  5. I would offer that Frank Fahrenkopf is a selection mistake made by the Commission of Presidental Debates. The League of Women Voters moderated the 1976, 1980, 1984 debates. It withdrew, when George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis campaigns secretly agreed to a “memorandum of understanding”, stating “the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter.” The Commission was then taken over by the Democratic and Republican parties. 2008, the Center for Public Integrity labeled the Commission a “secretive tax-exempt organization.” They analyzed the 2004 financials of the Commission and found 93% of the contributions came from just six donors, the names of all of which were blacked out on the donor list. September, 2012, three sponsors withdrew their sponsorship of the 2012 debates for not including third parties: BBH New York, YWCA USA and Philips Electronics. I think more moderators should do fact checks on what any debater puts forth. Honesty should be the rule of the day.

      • Goethe – wrong! the first one was neutral and BHO has no advance notice and was like a deer in the headlights. The Libs were beside themselves. The next two were Liberal biased, fed BHO the questions, and bias moderated in BHO’s behalf.

        • Sam: Yeh. Believe what you want. But that hatred is going to fester and do you no good. Seriously, dude. You really should get that checked.

          • Goethe – Hatred is not a word in my vocabulary – as a matter of fact you and i had that discussion and i even sent you a very long comment on a different line that described who i am and my beliefs. I do become disgusted with people who read one and only one version and especially ideologies which have a ton of bias. I am emotional and have no problem studying the history. And i have said more than once – to you – i was wrong. A person whose ego will never admit they made a mistake is one of the signs of a egotistical liberal or a hard fundamentalist in their religion. And anyone who uses the word hate is simply mirroring themselves.

            • Sam, but you have such a straight-party-line mentality. It’s not just “my country right-or-wrong,” it’s “The Republican Party right-or-wrong” with you. You can’t find anything good to say about anybody who doesn’t belong to your “tribe,” and the slanders you hurl at people outside of your tribe are borderline sick.

            • Goethe – I am not a Republican, i am an independent. My “Tribe” in my circle is big enough for me. We are strong Constitutionalists. It so happens that most of the folks on these comment threads are liberals, they can say what they want, but they write in favor of Liberal ideologies and defend all Democrat presidents and tear down all Republican presidents.

              So i don’t belong on these threads.

              Another issue why i don’t belong is Obama. Like ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN you fawn all over BHO, and he represents Socialism, Liberalism, and the Democrat party all three. Obama and his administration is not transparent, it is as opaque as a 5ft thick brick wall. He will outright lie to protect his decisions and actions.
              BHO says he is a Christian but his actions favor alignment with Islam – he and his administration should be completely secular and building relationships and business with countries that are for USA way of life and not threaten us or try to “use” us.
              We should not be in anyone’s ideology anymore and should be completely removed from the middle-east with the warning of NOT leaving us alone will be a hazard to their health.
              BHO talks of racial betterment and equality but his actions are the most divisive since any president back to before Lincoln. Even Black commentators are disgusted with BHO racial tones and how he ishelping to destroy inner city black morale and initiative.
              BHO wants (if not spoken directly then actions speak):
              Huge, not Big, Huge Government – i don’t
              Taxes till it destroys the rich – i don’t
              Taxes till it chases all business out of the US – i don’t
              Distribution of wealth – i don’t
              To blame Republicans for obstruction because they won’t immediately roll over and give him unlimited spending, increased debt limit, and increased budget – i don’t
              Government owned and run businesses – i don’t
              His own private civilian army (His own words) and has his DHS – i don’t (a hazard to “we the people’s” health
              A government healthcare that takes away several of our rights, taxes us, is very inefficient – i don’t
              A second rate military (his own words) – i don’t
              The US to become a second rate nation and under the UN (again his own very words) – i don’t

              So you see that is why i disagree with you and Billy so much – There is nothing in the Democrat party i can agree with – I even disagree with liberal trying to take away my personal choices and rights.

            • Sam: I don’t “fawn all over BHO.” Where Billy and I most seriously agree is that he and I don’t like that we have our military tentacles in everyone else’s business around the world. And, in fact, far from “fawning,” I have been very uncomfortable with a lot of Obama’s military actions.

          • Stella – thank you for the personal complement, the previous style was pretty unmanageable, so back to “Old Man” shorter crop and beard for the Lazy.

            I’m sorry you feel i was attacking – actually i have attacked Goethe / Billy / DT a number of times, but this time i was referring to the impossibility of a Debate moderator of being completely neutral. Nor is there a single media that is neutral. The big Main Medias are liberal biased and support Obama to the best of their ability and they garnish about 75% of the general public. FOX admits it is conservative and purposely supports the Republican party for an offset to the MSM. independents and liberals will constantly call down FOX because they can’t handle an opposing viewpoint or the fact that they are being misled by their MSM.

            So the fact is we will never have a truly neutral moderated debate.

            • LOL Sam – You’re too much!

              FOX is part of the MSM! Whether you, for some odd reason, are duped into believing that “your” MSM is better than other MSM’s – FOX is still part of “the” MSM. They, like all MSM’s are in the BUSINESS to “misinform” people – like all MSM’s do.

              FOX “pretends” to be the MSM that presents an opposing view to other MSM’s, but because FOX “LIES”, they just keep Americans fighting and arguing amongst themselves. But really, they’re JUST as bad, JUST as wicked and JUST as biased as all the other MSM’s. There is NO “real” difference between them.

              Like all the other MSM’s, FOX supports “psychopathic” candidates who will continue to usurp the Constitution and spend us into the Oblivion of DEBT. Plus they instill FEAR into Americans through hatred of Islam so that the “psychopaths” will send our young men and women into foreign lands to die or to be maimed for the “Corporatist Wackos” and the Greedy Elitists who RUN THIS GOVERNMENT!

              For Crying Out Loud, Sam – WAKE UP! Democrats and Republicans in this Government are the SAME! They work for the SAME Elitists – the SAME Corporate Special Interests – the SAME Puppet Masters. And they DON’T work for We-the-People who “supposedly” elect them!

              FOX will keep you “bitter” and in-the-dark – and that’s their business!

            • DT – FOX is not considered part of the MSM because they admit they favor conservatism and Republicans – the rest of the “MSM”, mainly ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, & MSNBC don’t have enough balls to declare their bias and that they are lapdogs of Obama’s and aligned with Liberals and Education Weenies.

              All you have to do is spend some time doing research and also capturing history, complete quotes, and then look at the distorted “quotes” of all the media to discover which media is fk’g you the most and distorting the most to sensationalize & influence you to gain market share and following.

              That which controls the media will lead the Sheeples of the USA.

              And DT, the USA will look just like 1940 Germany by 2015. Seventy-five percent of the Sheeple USA citizens have no ingrained values or balls to look past their immediate personal ecologies to realize their fates.

              I have no idea of your age, but my medical status says i’m history in less than five years so i will look down on this movie and say AMF! Got better things to do!

            • DT -> AMF = Adios My Friends – I have a couple of diseases that probably one of ’em will cause me to “buy the farm” in 3 -> 5 yrs.

              Neocon = Neoconservatism is a branch of American conservatism that includes endorsement of political individualism, free markets and the assertive promotion of democracy, and American national interest in international affairs including by military means.

              The last half is to remain the only Great White Shark in the lake. Stay on your side of the pond and all is well.

  6. The art of debate used to have a viable objective before it became a very dramatic form of stagecraft. Rather than have all the pomp, circumstance and detailed rules of what can or cannot be asked of the candidates, let’s have some unbiased professionals ask and monitor the answers. Maybe something novel like ask the question “what specifically will you dedicate your time and effort, in the people’s behalf, to benefit the nation?” “How will you accomplish these goals?” “What efforts will you make to work with any and all other members of government in order to accomplish these goals?” “Based upon a review of your past efforts can you highlight your successes and how you achieved them in the past?” (Government or a Position of Authority in Commerce). How about having only 6 question and answer sessions during the 6 months before the election.? Negative or untruthful adds should eliminate the candidate from running for office. PACS doing the same should be dismantled.

    Consistent questioning of the candidates by skilled professionals will expose those not qualified to run or to outperform their opponents / competitors. It is my opinion that reiterating talking points when asked a question blaming others for our current predicament should be prohibited since it takes both sides of the house to pass major bills and to increase to government spending.

    Maybe this would be a good start.

  7. Candy Crowley was completely out of line inserting herself into the debate content as she did. She did not feel impelled to to correct numerous misstatements, fudges, and just plain lies stated by Obama in that debate. How is that not partisan? I wanted to scratch her eyes out by the time it was all over.

    I am a registered Independent and see both major parties as completely lost. In that respect my comment is not partisan. However, in the spirit of disclosure I have come to despise Obama’s inability to speak a straight sentence; he knows only manipulation and spin. And so, like many, I am particularly sensitive to and disgusted by the pass and support he has gotten from our withered Fourth Estate over the past six years. It has been very hard to stomach the lack of objectivity.

    I appreciate the history about the League of Women Voters withdrawing from debate moderation — a critical moment. Who knows whether that organization has been able to retain some measure of objectivity/neutrality in these toxic political times?

  8. A partisan is a person who strongly supports a particular person, party or cause, especially in politics. In that respect, you are partisan. Both Obama and Romney are intellectual and educated men. Both are articulate. If you are tired of the withered fourth estate, turn to Fox News. Please try another review of the League of Women Voters. There are no toxic politics in their camp. Their sole aim is to preserve the basic rights granted through democracy.

    • Tess, Tess, Tess. . .

      Fox “News”? Seriously? They are the essence of “partisanship.” While you could argue that some media may have a “liberal” or “conservative” bias, Fox is the only one that is unabashedly a mouthpiece for a specific political party–the Establishment GOP. And the reason you know that’s true is that you never hear a partisan establishment Republican complain about them.

      • Goethe – FOX admits it is conservative and reports both news and opinion – The rest and educators are too cowardly to admit they report only liberal biased news and liberal biased opinion. And they are still losing readership to the general population who is starting to wake up.

        • Sam, that’s just not true. First of all, their “news” is hardly objective. And their messaage is not “conservative.” It’s partisan Republican establishment. Look at Karl Rove election night. Those guys in the booth were shaking in their boots because Lord Rove was pissed, and they knew they were in trouble. The looks on their faces told the story.

          I am uncomfortable about both Fox and MSNBC–and won’t watch either, if I can avoid ’em. If you have solid blocks of hours and hours of propaganda, it really is not reasonable to expect the “news” to be untainted.

          • Goethe, you say your a Libertarian – I don’t believe it for a N.Y. second. ABC /NBC /CBS / CNN will either totally ignore news that talks of conservatism and they will embellish news to favor liberalism and especially Obama, and sometime lied as well as leave information out to favor a liberal or Obama view, Reuters and English Al Jazeera.

        • Sam

          Fox News promotes the NEO-Conservative agenda. That’s a HUGE difference from being Conservative.

          Neo-Conservatives support BIG Government through military growth which inevitably clears the way for the GREEDY Corporations. These Corporations “covet” a Foreign Nation’s natural resources which, through mediums like Fox News, LIE to the people of the USA filling them with Fear and Anti-Islamic Propaganda.

          It’s all about World Domination with Neocons. It’s kind of like what Hitler and Hirohito did in WW2. They KILL because they COVET. Neocons “say” that they love God, the Bible and the Constitution, but their “actions” seem to always go against what they believe. For Instance “Thou Shalt Not Kill” doesn’t apply to Predator Drones that kill innocent men, women and children because Neocons believe that the people in the Middle East aren’t “human beings”. They’re just Collateral Damage.

          Neocons have “hijacked” Western Christianity just like Zionism has “hijacked” Judaism in Israel. And both of these “secular” PRO-WAR movements have their “media mouthpieces” working overtime promoting their racist agendas. Fox News and their anti-Christian programing just “loves” being the Neocon’s media darlings.

          The sooner we turn Fox News off, the better. And while we’re at it, turn off MSNBC and all the rest of the MSM. And maybe if the Christan Pastors started teaching that Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” again – and NOT the Prince of War – maybe, just maybe, our Churches may start filling up again, instead of closing.

          It’s time for Pastors to “stand-up” against the Neocons who have “hijacked” the Churches Doctrines with FEAR – and to “put away” the Neocon’s racist, hate-filled, pro-war, “Hitler Style” of killing/maiming and murdering of people – and their corporate world domination agenda.

          • DT – Strange!! Liberals have coined FOX as Neocon and Libertarians have followed suit like little puppies. I have never seen a specific religious program on FOX (but I don’t watch any religious programs, only inspirational discussing a Creator) and FOX does NOT favor big government – they expose big government and Cronyism. FOX does support a very big military. I can only assume you too, are heavily influenced by Liberal medias and part of the Sheeples.

            Religion and personal beliefs have no business in politics. Our Morals are embedded in our souls and personal.
            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It took us almost 230 years to reach near that potential before we started regressing.

            • Good try, Sam, but I’ve seen, heard and read all the rhetoric I can stand from Fox News Apologists, like yourself. Frankly, all that Neo-Conservative BS just makes me nauseus.

              Neo-Conservatives ARE what they ARE. They support killing and murdering with Preditor Drones and they are damn proud of it. Just listen to Sean Hannity. He just LOVES the Drone Program and the reason why he talks about it so much is that he probably has erections everytime he talks about it.

              Neocons have given that name (or label) to themselves and they wear it proudly. During the Republican Race, I ran into them at the Republican and Tea Party Caucuses. These people are TOTALLY WHACKED OUT. It’s like talking to reincarnated Nazis. They LOVE War and World Domination and they use the Flag, God and Patriotism to propagate their “version” of spreading Democracy.

              Neocons like to “blame” – just as much as Liberals do. Only with Fox News, they firmly believe that God is on their side and it’s their Mission to attack anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe. Yet, when you look at what they believe, it’s all a misnomer. A Sham – designed to keep Americans fighting amongst themselves. The Constitution is the Constitution and Fox News continually supports candidates who will usurp it just as much as the Liberals.

              Fox News DOES support BIG Government, ESPECIALLY through the Military and their Special Interests. With that said and by default, they also support the Federal Reserve System which is responsible for our economic hardships by which we can NEVER Recover. It’s a mathematical impossibility. Just look at the candidates Fox News supported during the last election cycle. Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? Come on! Even today, they still feature these BIG Government Whack-Jobs on most of their Propaganda Programs. It’s sad…

              And please don’t say that Fox News doesn’t “use” God in their Propaganda. Staunch Irish Catholic, Bill O’Reilly, is now coming out with another book titled “Killing Jesus”. Lying about killing Lincoln and Kennedy just wasn’t enough, I guess. Sean Hannity ALWAYS says he’s a Christian, yet he has NO PROBLEM with killing “innocent” human beings in the Middle East, just as long as the Preditor Drones get those “bad guys”.

              I could go on-and-on. 9/11, Invasion of Iraq, capitulating to Israel and that Israel can do NO wrong, the spreading Syrian and Iranian Nuclear Propaganda, the removal of our Liberties through the Patriots Act, Homeland Security and the NDAA – etc. etc. etc.

              It’s great that you quote the Declaration of Independence, but does the end justify the means? I mean, do Neocons really believe that they can spread Democracy throughout the world with continual War? I think they create MORE anger and terrorism all along the way with that philosophy.

              We hold these truths to be self-evident:

              That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

              Where is Fox News on this? Like an Ostrich with it’s head-in-the-sand.

          • Fox News is not my station for news due to it’s ownership, which is a personal decision, but the USA gave them a license to operate just as Philips gave me a channel selector. Where has all these new terms such as Neocons, mathematical impossibility (even Bill wouldn’t use that one), and how do you hijack a religion. I didn’t know anyone had been successful at that since Martin Luther. Perhaps it helps explain why the United States, like other countries in the British tradition, has constitutional crises while other nations have coups d’dtat. If you wonder why political parties are dysfunctional and why their congressional speeches are filled with untruths, it is because they are protected by The Preamble Article 1 Section 6 of the Constitution. Re:” They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place”. Therein lies one of the biggest threats to the American Public. Sam said it well that religion and personal beliefs have no business in politics.

  9. While I agree that Ms. Crowley should not have interjected herself into the debate as she did, it was clear that she reacted spontaneously to an obviously misleading statement by Gov. Romney. I’m sure she bit her tongue right afterward but as a professional reporter she reacted to something that was clearly not true. She should not have done it.

    But, the two parties should not run these debates. A fully independent organization like the LWV should run them.

    Reporters make good moderators because they know what the hot issues are and have the skills to speak to them clearly.

    • Forest: I don’t think anyone will ever agree that anyone is “objective” today. Both sides think their biases are “facts.”

      The only way a proper debate would work is if we have two partisans doing the questioning. Then we do away with the whole BS “objectivity” argument.

      Let Bill O’Reilly question the Democrat, and Rachel Maddow question the Republican, and then you’d see something worth watching.

  10. Goethe,I disagree. Both parties are dysfunctional and the fact that both claim bias is part of the prevailing mindset by both parties. Shift blame, attack the other party, try to shame, give nebulas answers so it becomes impossible to find truth, cry “foul” constantly. Rush Limbaugh calls those who support Obama “uninformed voters” meaning ignorant of the facts and the chronology of those facts. Today both parties change the facts consistently. The only way to keep up is to keep a ledger documenting comments, occurrences, dates, names,etc. And even then the politician when faced with documentation weasel out because the media allows it. Nope. The only thing the parties will agree on is if you are upset about anything, it was the other guy.

    • William: I’m not sure why you think you’re disagreeing with me.

      But it is humorous that both sides consider the other side “uninformed.” Yet both sides pick and choose their “facts,” and ignore the rest. Oh, maybe that’s it–“uninformed in MY facts, and not properly ignoring the rest.”

      • Goethe, I disagreed about Crowley’s playing word games. Her profession demands that she knows the differences between tenses,adjectives vs nouns, etc. I do not think she made such a rookie mistake. Millions of people were watching her performance abd she would have been mindful to be on top of her game. I do believe the way she pounced on Romney says it was intentional vs accidental poor word selection.

        We do absolutely agree that either party is worse than the other one and both have out lived their usefulness and drifted far away from their original purposes.

        You are quite correct in that both parties have distinctly opposing views of “truth”. To my way of thinking, anyone declaring allegiance to either party loses my vote. I want someone to run who thinks for him/her self and isn’t afraid to answer head on.

        To that extent I liked Ron Paul very much. I did not like some of his platform and I believe that a vote for him would have been a vote for BHO. I didn’t care for Romney either but I viewed him as an unknown quantity while I saw BHO as a clear and present danger to the future of this country.

        • William: OK. We’ll just disagree about that point. A lot of people who are talking about that debate obviously never watched it. The candidates were acting like children, and she was frustrated. They were basically saying, “nuh-HUH,” and “YES-huh,” and she just wanted to move on, so she said, ok, the president DID say “terrorism,” and now, let’s move on. It wasn’t intended as a put-down, it was just that they were going around in circles, and she wanted them to get back on track.

          As for the underlying issue,it is really a sign of the baseness of political debate in this country that we had a p*ssing contest about “terrorism” vs. “acts of terror,” as if there were a difference between those terms.

          • Agreed That actually was my point. Regardless of Obama’s actual word usage, he clearly did refer to the attack as an incident involving terror. He then said he didn’t. And so on.

  11. Obama, from the Rose Garden, Sept 12, 2012:
    “Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe. No acts of TERROR will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”
    September 13, 2012, from Las Vega: “No act of terror will dim the light of the values that we proudly shine on the rest of the world, and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the United States of America.” How long did it take for George W to finger Al-Quaida after 9/11? Much more than a day or two. Al-Quaida eventually stepped up and proclaimed they were responsible. It is time to stop the debate on the usage of the words terror and terrorism because both are a mental state of fear. Fear should not be in our vocabulary

      • DT: Right. Only we didn’t stop at “undeclared” war. We went all the way to “preemptive” war, which is, you know, “war of aggression.”

        • Goethe

          STOP using those words! The Neocons in the audience will begin to have zombie-like uncontrollable spasms of orgasmic pleasure at the mere utterance of those words. (Foaming at the mouth and goose-stepping to war songs not withstanding…)

          • DT: Yeah. To them, GOD is our real commander-in-chief, directing all our wars from day one. WWJB (“Who Would Jesus Bomb”).

            • Goethe

              You’d better quit it. The Neocons on this blog will start to call you the L-word. (Ooops. Sorry. They already have.)

              I wonder. Are you saying that you’re not a True Christian unless you’re a full-blown, dyed-in-the-wool, Islamic-hating, Fox News watching, boot-in-your-ass, flag waving, Rush Limbaugh worshiping, Super-Duper “Hannitized” Neo-Con??? Hmmm.

              Fox News may think so…Don’t you know? Fox News is always RIGHT and they never ever LIE! (especially about Ron Paul) God! There are pages and pages of Youtube videos (evidence) on Fox News LYING! Wow! Just type it in for some quality entertainment!


              Goethe – YOU LIBERAL! (There. I said it)

            • DT: I’m in favor of individual rights. But I also think other people deserve rights, too. Amazes me that people who claim to be conservative–and even libertarian–want to blow away anything that moves outside our borders (and a lot inside, too).

            • Goethe

              Now now….tread lightly. You’ll get all those anti-gun folks all riled up and chiming into the conversation with that kind of talk…

            • Goethe

              It’s a new kind of warfare with these Drones. Video Game warfare. Eventually, it’s going to backfire and the chickens will come home to roost.

              And when we’re attacked again, will the sheeple all stand around and wonder? Will they Buy the Neocon Line promoted on Fox News that we were attacked on 9/11 because we’re Free and Rich? Or will they suddenly have an epiphany and place the BLAME squarely where it belongs – on the flawed Neocon/Corporate Foreign Policy of Greed and Covetousness… Time will tell.

            • DT: Right. Americans, in general, don’t even want to understand other people and their viewpoints.

              Imagine you’re in a somewhat primitive land. You’re having a wedding party. The sun is shining. Everyone’s having a good time. There are no planes or tanks; no soldiers; no sound. Suddenly, a drone flies in from nowhere and kills people. It seems to them that we just don’t care.

              But even when the targets are those intended, in the people’s view, this kind of lopsided, remote-control war is not only unfair, it is cowardly.

            • Goethe

              It’s the Neocon “way” of making up for the “balls” that they lack. They claim by killing the “bad guy” with Predator Drones, even though they slaughter many innocent civilians, will prevent the loss of American lives. Here’s a novel idea! Why don’t we get the hell out of the countries which we “illegally” invaded by not declaring war? This will surely prevent the loss of American lives. Won’t it? Maybe not now. We’ve been “Occupiers” for so long now that these people are looking for any means to exact Revenge.

              But instead, the Neocons “insist” that the USA is so “Star Spangled Awesome” that we need to be everyone’s Police Force. That is, until we run out of money…

              America is NOT the Greatest Country in the World anymore…



  12. How The Media Cheated Ron Paul Out Of Presidency

    Ron Paul was the ONLY candidate who would have beaten BHO!

    The Republican Party will NEVER see victory of the White House again until they “get rid” of the Neocon Agenda – and adopt Ron Paul’s Conservative Republican Policies.

    I live in NYS and during the Republican Primary, I attended Tea Party and Republican Caucuses. Every potential candidate had a table with people passing out literature supporting their candidates. Every candidate but ONE. Romney! The table was there, but it was totally “unmanned and empty”.

    • DT: Do you suppose that’s because Romney didn’t have any grassroots support, or that the big boys didn’t bother, since they knew they had it rigged?

      • Goethe

        It was completely rigged. Look at what the Neocon Establishment Repukes did to the Ron Paul supporters at the Convention in Tampa. They essentially eliminated any type of Grassroots campaigning during Republican Caucuses – right up to the Convention.

        As a result, the Republicans will never win the White House for many many years to come. They need to start being Republicans again, and not “bow-down” to Establishment Neocon Repukes who will only allow those “types” in their “ever-shrinking” Big Tent which they call “inclusive”. Ha!

        They need to throw the Neocons out and let the Democraps have them. Otherwise, the future looks pretty bleak for the GOP (and Fox News, LOL)

        • I hope you will take this rebuke in the friendly manner in which it is intended. We are both Americans, which gives us the intangible right to any ideology we may choose and to express those views. We do not have the right to be arrogant malcontents. I ask you to think of all the Neocons, the Repukes, the Democraps, the Occupiers, the Foamers of the Mouth, that have died (or been maimed) so you and I can continue conversations such as this. Whether we agree with the way it was accomplished or not, the fact remains that America is the only country that offers individual freedoms. There are many ways to advance your cause without being abusive. I suspect you will find fault with Paradise.

          • Tess

            I began writing you a very lengthy reply, but I became deeply saddened that I needed to respond to such a comment.

            Is our morality, our laws and our decency as Americans reflected in the “ends justifies the means” philosophy? And do we need to “use” the deaths of our military men and women to promote and accept the Neocon “way”? Hitler and Hirohito used the Neocon “way” – and just look at the EVIL that transpired because of it. In essence, we are doing exactly what these evil men did decades ago. It’s really sad that you would “gloss over” the fact that we’re murdering innocent men, women and children in foreign lands – and for what???

            How would you like it if Predator Drones were “raining down” bombs on you and your family? Would you submit? Or would you fight back with a “vengeance”?



            • DT – I swore, i wasn’t going to respond to any more Libs but you take the cake! Who do you suppose was in the UN bldg and twin towers and even the Pentagon for that matter. And would have been in the White house except for brave men, women and children on the flight over PA.

              And then run and hide behind the women and children or continue other suicide bombing all over western Europe, too. Either put thousands of boots on the ground to rid stateless terrorists or via remote control to rid terrorists who choose to hide behind burqas and use children as shields.

              Suicide is the cowardly way out of a life – a suicide is either afraid to face a particular life or is conned by the power and control of a religion.

              Why don’t you go over to terrorist’ various hiding places and get in a Kumbaya circle and tell them we are just Neocons and pray with them from the Qur’an and just maybe they’ll give the goal of ridding the world of the western way of life and make Earth a 100% Islamic world.

            • Sam. The far reaching effects of the Neocon indoctrination from entities like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh never ceases to amaze me.

              Neocons, like yourself, really and truly believe that this “War on Terror” is a war that can be won, don’t you? You probably even think that it’s a REAL War!

              OK. Let’s say that the War-on-Terror is real. Even if the “War on Terror” was a war which could be won, bombing and killing innocent civilians to get a “bad guy” really isn’t going to “win friends, and influence people” in the Middle East, if you know what I mean. Is it? I think it’s pretty safe to say that “bombing them” will only PISS THEM OFF!

              You Neocons have been bitching about Iran getting a Nuclear weapon since the early 1990’s. We were told THEN that Iran was “months” away from having a Nuclear bomb. Israeli Zionists said it then and they’re still saying it today. Hey! If Israel wants to attack Iran, have at it. But I say, leave us out of it. NO MORE American blood spilled for Israel! Oh wait. I forgot. It’s still a little early to be talking about Iran. We won’t hear much about Iran’s Nuclear intentions until the next election. Neocons like to use Iran to create FEAR in everyone – again.

              Anyway, this “War on Terror” has all been a sham. It’s a war that can’t be won. The Neocons, however, have been exposed for all their War-mongering, Corporatism, Racism and Islamic Hatred. No wonder the world HATES us! No wonder all these Governments FELL in the Middle East and now they want their “Islamic Brotherhoods” to govern them. Was it a big surprise? I don’t think so. It’s the USA “meddling” in the affairs of other countries, plain and simple. But Neocons won’t ever admit that. EVER!

              Sam. I notice you really like to throw around the word “Lib” at people that don’t agree with you. I’m no Lib. But you don’t see me throwing at you the word Nazi, even though Neocons play by the same sick rules of world domination as the Nazis did in WW2.

              You say the word “Hatred” is not in your vocabulary – but neither is the words “Peace” or “Diplomacy”!

              Try looking at some history, Sam. History does repeat itself! (TRUE History does, that is…)



            • DT – responding to you is like responding to a vacuum, and you regurgitate back the same old cliches. Something that thinks and writes like a duck – must be a duck. And yes this is a war, with a set of fanatics comprising of males and females and sometimes even children who are stateless and duped into one unreasonable goal – Destroy America and convert Earth to Islam.

              How long did you carry the Geneva Convention card. Unfortunately for Americans – Japan, Korea, ‘Nam totally disrespected the Geneva Convention Guidelines – and now these religious fanatics are doing even worse atrocities. War or no war these souls have no respect for Americans and are duped (like you) into believing we are always the aggressor. At this point these fanatics are running and hiding behind their women and children, but when they capture one of us, cut our throats and broadcast it live. We can’t live by the Golden Rule or Geneva Convention with terrorists so simply “do unto them as they do unto us”. They mistakenly threatened and charged the Bull over twelve years ago this time.

              You still haven’t comeback with a solution! Don’t think a Kumbaya and prayer mat in Egypt will get the job done??

              If flat, black and glow in the dark doesn’t work for you, how about some nukes we need to get rid and re-task them EMP? No dead bodies just put them back in the 7th century, which is where the Imams want to be anyway. A third solution – how about you sidle up to your idol and tell him he should go over to his asshole buddies – the Muslim Brotherhood – and tell them, we will completely leave the middle-east if they will call off their lapdogs and be satisfied with fighting among their own tribes and we will take care of our own business plus they can keep their oil cause we have our own (unless they want to sell it to us for a 90% discount and we will store it for a rainy day).

            • Sam…

              I’m “duped” into believing that we’re always the aggressor? Hmmm. Last I checked, THEIR military wasn’t over here, but OUR military is definetely over there. Ummm. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s how it was pre-9/11??? Yuppers – I’m duped.

              If a criminal invades my house, I’m the “aggressor” if I want him out. Makes perfect sense to me!

              I just briefly had a look at the Geneva Convention. In Article 2 of the Geneva Convention it states:

              This article states that the Geneva Conventions apply to all cases of international conflict, where at least one of the warring nations have ratified the Conventions. Does that include the USA? Hmmm.

              Primarily this deals with:

              The Conventions apply to ALL cases of declared war between signatory nations.

              Wait! “Declared War?” What’s that? Maybe the “War in Iraq” was really a “Police Action in Iraq”. Then it would be a-okay according to the Geneva Convention. Yup! That explains it….

              Oh wait! It does say “Modern warfare continues to evolve, and the lines between combatants and civilians have blurred” – so I guess that means it’s a-okay to BLOW UP civilians with Predator Drones. Yup. That’s it!

              It seems to me that NEOCONS abide by the Geneva Convention the SAME WAY they abide by the US Constitution. THEY DON’T! But they expect everyone else to abide. (sounds about right) Anyway, the Geneva Convention, the Constitution and even the Bible don’t apply to Neocons. Yes sir! They are “supreme” and ABOVE them all!

              So it’s Happy Days for the Neocons! It looks like they got us back to the Pre-Geneva Convention Days where anyone and everyone is “Fair Game” in War! We’ll just blame the change to the Geneva Convention on the Muzzies because they hide behind women and children – Predator Drones not withstanding…

            • DT: “War in Iraq”?? Maybe you’re referring to the PARADE. You know, we had the troops march down the streets, and of course, we included military hardware to interest the kids. After all, the NeoCons assured us that we would be welcomed as liberators. Mission Accomplished and all that. It’s not like we had to leave troops there after the parade. Oh, no, wait. They were SO happy to see us that they demanded that we stay for dinner. . .for years.

            • Goethe

              Didn’t Neocon John McCain want a 100 year’s worth of “meals” at the Iraqi trough? Even when McCain was losing in 08, all the Defense Contractors, the Oil Moguls, Stock Market Speculators, the Money Manipulators on Wall Street and while were at it – any of the other Special Interests who “benefit” from WAR were propping up Obama’s Campaign so they could all have a seat at the table.

              Democracy at work!

            • Sam: Hold on, I have to get some popcorn. I need to see how DT is going to respond to being called a “lib.”

              But your immense lack of understanding of human nature as well as the ideas of anyone who is not a FoxDrone is incredible.

              Suicide is an ultimate solution. It is never taken lightly. And while you may enjoy ridiculing and condemning someone who feels he does not have the strength to go on, it only shows what a cushy life you have apparently led if you have never wondered if you could keep going.

              As for suicide bombing, it is certainly NOT cowardly. Throughout history, political suicides have made a big difference. It was ONE suicide that kicked off the Arab Spring. It was the self-immolation of Buddhist monks that changed the far east. It was the suicidal stance of unarmed civilians that brought down the Soviet Union. The civil disobedience of Ghandi was sometimes suicidal to his followers.

              I am NOT saying Islamic suicidal bombers are the same as the above freedom fighters, but on the other hand, WE ARE BEING SUICIDAL if we pretend that people who are willing to die for a cause are “cowards.”

            • Goethe – strictly on suicide – I’m guessing your Islamic faith is somewhat unique. Every religious and spiritual book, .mp3, .mpg, or inspirational talk I’ve gone to reiterates the same lesson – suicide is giving up on a life and letting your brain take control of your immortal soul and quit. Regardless the situation, you have not fulfilled your lesson plan. There maybe a possibility for some karmic lesson your guides encouraged you to accept such a defeatist lesson, but it is not comprehensible to me at this point in my life.

              Goethe, you have no clue of my life and what i have felt or seen

          • Hold on to your hats! The Neocons and Zionists are getting the people ready for another War!

            Because US the economy is technically (and realistically) in another Recession, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators (I mean “psychopathic” group) – in conjunction with the “Money Manipulators” (Central Banks) are “setting-the-stage” on leading us into another War. Only THIS TIME, the whole world will be in on the “madness”!


            Because Israeli Zionists are continually “banging” the War Drums against Iran for “fallacious” reasons, don’t be surprised when these EVIL and WICKED Neocons and Zionists (The Perpetrators of War and War Propaganda) exercise their “Created Event” to bring the Whole World together – in War!

            US Neocons in Congress and in the White House “shuffle” the Israeli Zionists about $3 BILLION annually in economic and military aid in direct foreign assistance. I’m sure the Neocons want to see their corporate “blood money” used “inflict” hurt and pain on the human “chattel” living in the Middle East in a theater of WAR!

            The corporate Media will all be “on-board” with this plan of World War and World Domination. Look for the LIES and the War Propaganda to escalate in the coming days…

        • DT: Actually, that’s where the NeoCons came from. Warmongers like Scoop Jackson were Democrats. They turned against the anti-war Dems, and eventually joined the chicken hawks in the GOP.

    • Your Welcome Tess – while we don’t agree on a number of issues – I think we agree if the religious fanatics and power hungry dictators would just leave “We the People” alone – we could live in a military intervention free world and in peace and work on our lesson plan for this life to understand the true meaning of unconditional love and each of us can choose on own individual path. Our Founders gave us all we need to be and all we can be if left alone to choose how we live our lives.

      • sigh …All I can say Sam is that you’re becoming quite the Minstrel. As I read your last post to Tess, I thought I heard violins playing softly and in total harmony with the flute and the harp. The tweeting birds were also a nice touch as the butterflies zig-zag through the meadow and the honey bees hopped from flower to flower… sigh

        It’s a shame that the Neocons of the Nixon era classified John Lennon as a Radical Liberal. He may have been, but he was right-on when he wrote that great song – “Give Peace a Chance”. How bout it, Sam? Is it time to Give Peace a Chance?

        • DT: Omigod, hold on. I need more popcorn. Are you really suggesting to Sam that there was anything at all good to say about John Lennon, or peace, for that matter??

          We had cold war for most of my life, and that was actually a pretty good construct. We had two superpowers (or actually, one superpower, and a superpuppet that had to exist as an opponent). Anyway, that worked for about a half-century, because there was the US on one side, and the USSR on the other. If anyone else tried to cause a war, we co-opted it, and made it part of OUR war.

          Because of that, we knew who our designated enemy was, and there was no complication. Now that we don’t have a counterbalance, it feels like everybody against us. The NeoCons try to build up the “Muslim Threat” as equivalent to the Soviet Union, but that is ridiculous in uncountable ways. But as long as we can keep creating enemies, we can justify unending war and war expenditures. Haven’t you read the novel 1984?

  13. Being a fifth generation Texan, I am very familiar with Ron Paul’s services, good and bad, to my state. Everyone has their own version of the future…some are glorious and some are the voice of doom. Here is what the sequester will do for the State of Texas:

    Reduction of the Texas Education Agency would be about $517.6 million

    Head Start in Texas would lose 1,463 jobs and see 7,022 fewer children served with a reduction of more than $43.8 million.

    Bell Helicopter and Pantex in Amarillo through the defense cuts, loss is estimated in the millions of dollars. This will mean huge job lay offs or furloughs

    Texas Workforce Commission, 85 percent of funding comes from the federal government and more than $50 million of that is subject to sequester, especially in the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services and the US Department of Agriculture. Those areas funded by the Department of Labor include unemployment insurance and employment services would be hardest hit. The prediction is to close up to 15 workforce centers over the state and 351 Commission employees will lose their jobs.

    The Army will furlough thousands of civilian employees working at Fort Hood in Killeen and Fort Bliss in El Paso, not to mention other military bases across the state.

    Budget cuts will force housing and emergency shelter programs to kick 100,000 people, including veterans, back onto the streets. (this is nationwide)

    Texas will lose 91,000 jobs, possibly more.

    The 2011 Budget Control Act on the Defense Department and other federal agencies, the budget-cutting tool known as sequestration would reduce the nation’s gross domestic product by $215 billion, decrease personal earnings of the workforce by $109.4 billion.

    • Tess

      It almost sounds like you’re complaining by listing what the so-called Sequester will do to Texas?!?! I hope you’re not one of those BIG Government “Conservatives” like Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum.

      It’s pretty obvious to me (and it should be now to you) that BOTH the Democrats and Republicans WANTED the Sequester. There was really NO “Serious” ATTEMPT to stop it. Face it! With these “psychopaths” who run this Government, one minute it’s RAISE TAXES on the rich people – then give the poor people some “Austerity” by taking away some Programs. Then, RAISE TAXES once more, only on the Middle Class – then give them some Austerity. It’s going to be a vicious circle. (kinda like the circle of a toilet flush) And finally, after all else fails – they’ll lead us to war.

      Political Bullshit comes in many forms, but it’s quite obvious and a far gone conclusion that the Democraps and the Repukes are one-in-the-same. I’ve been saying this for a long time. They are the Monster with 2 heads. They are the one party “system” which is the FARTHEST THING from a Representative Democracy. They LOVE to keep us “fighting” amongst ourselves. Why not? These political psychopaths are all MILLIONAIRES. They could care-LESS about you and I. Our founders are “spinning” in their Graves! We now live in a Fascist Corpocracy, of which you and I have absolutely NO SAY – None, Zilch, Nada!

      And why we finally get a “Champion” (Ron Paul) who votes according to the Constitution – who upholds his Oath of Office – the REPUBLICANS are “quick” to marginalize him. Why is that? It’s because the Media has been successful in instilling the Neocon Way of “FEAR, Religious Hatred and Perpetual WAR” into it’s people. So much so – that now the Golden Rule is booed and/or even laughed at. It’s sad, but it’s True.

      And you can “pick apart” Ron Paul all you want, but there isn’t anyone like him on the horizon. And it will be a long, long, long time till the Republicans, with their Neocon aganda at the forefront, will win the White House. A LONG TIME!!!

      • DT…it is a shortcoming in better judgment to answer your post. I have not tried to pick apart Ron Paul but I am about to give it a try. In the fourteen years as a Representative from Texas, Ron Paul introduced 464 bills to become laws. One bill passed: To authorize the Administrator of General Services to convey a parcel of real property in Galveston, Texas, to the Galveston Historical Foundation. At least, he did remember his home state. Ron Paul describes himself as a conservative, constitutionalist, and libertarian, besides attempting to run for president as a republican. Ron Paul did not cast a vote regarding the fiscal cliff compromise bill. After the Los Angeles riots of 1992, Ryan’s Political Report proposed “that 95 percent of the black males in Washington DC are semi-criminal or entirely criminal”, and stated that “the criminals who terrorize our cities … largely are” young black males, who commit crimes “all out of proportion to their numbers”. Paul’s campaign replied at the time that voters might not understand the “tongue-in-cheek, academic” quotes taken out of context. Paul said he was alluding to a contemporary scientific study finding that “of black men in Washington … about 85 percent are arrested at some point in their lives”. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul published newsletters containing racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric including a claim that the 1993 World Trade Center bombing may have been carried out by Israeli’s Mossad. On Jay Leno’s show, he said Michelle Bachmann hates Muslims and Rick Santorum hates Gays.

        Paul was one of the most prolific earmarkers in the Congress. He shifted hundreds of millions of dollars into his home district by conveying constituents’ earmarks, such as for Texas shrimp promotion, but he routinely voted against most spending bills returned by committee.

        On the fence built to control the outpouring of drugs and illegals coming into Texas, Ron Paul’s response: “The people that want big fences and guns, sure, we could secure the border. A barbed wire fence with machine guns, that would do the trick. I don’t believe that is what America is all about. Every time you think about this toughness on the border and ID cards and REAL IDs, think it’s a penalty against the American people too. I think this fence business is designed and may well be used against us and keep us in.”

        Ron Paul, calling for the end of FEMA just as Hurricane Irene was slamming the east coast, quote “A state can decide. We don’t need somebody in Washington. I live on the gulf coast, we deal with hurricanes all the time. The local people rebuild the city. Built a sea wall and they survived without FEMA. We should be like 1900.” Yet, when Galveston was hit by Hurricane Ike, FEMA and millions of federal dollars came to the rescue.

        Ron Paul wants to eliminate five cabinet departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education), abolishing the Transportation Security Administration and returning responsibility for security to private property owners, abolishing corporate subsidies, stopping foreign aid, ending foreign wars, and returning most other spending to 2006 levels. As Ron Paul stated “You have a right to your life and you have a right to your property, but you don’t have, education isn’t a right, healthcare isn’t, education…these are things you have to earn.” Now, here is the missing link…Ron Paul received free federal healthcare while serving in the House of Representatives…he will receive free federal healthcare for the remainder of his life. For fourteen years in congress, Ron Paul received (at taxpayers expense) free haircuts, lunches, free dry cleaning, among other perks.

        In a very unproductive way, Ron Paul has caught the imagination of many people.

        • Neo-Con War “Addiction” Threatens Our Future

          Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk – March 25th, 2013

          William Kristol knows what is wrong with the United States. As he wrote recently in the flagship magazine of the neo-conservatives, the Weekly Standard, the problem with the US is that we seem to have lost our appetite for war. According to Kristol, the troubles that have befallen us in the 20th century have all been the result of these periodic bouts of war-weariness, a kind of “virus” that we catch from time to time.

          He claims because of the US “drawdown” in Europe after World War II, Stalin subjugated Eastern Europe. Because of war weariness, the United States stopped bombing Southeast Asia in the 1970s, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. War weariness through the 1990s led to Rwanda, Milosevic, and the rise of the Taliban. It was our fault for not fighting on! According to Kristol, our failure to act as the “policeman of the world” is why we were attacked on September 11, 2001. Of the 1990s, he wrote, “[t]hat decade of not policing the world ended with 9/11.”

          That revisionism is too much even for fellow neo-conservatives like Paul Wolfowitz to swallow. In a 2003 interview, Wolfowitz admitted that it was the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia that led to the growth of al-Qaeda:

          “(W)e can now remove almost all of our forces from Saudi Arabia. Their presence there over the last 12 years has been a source of enormous difficulty for a friendly government. It’s been a huge recruiting device for al Qaeda. In fact if you look at bin Laden, one of his principle grievances was the presence of so-called crusader forces on the holy land, Mecca and Medina.”

          But for Kristol and his allies (like FOX News) there is never enough war. According to a new study by Brown University, the US invasion of Iraq cost some 190,000 lives, most of them non-combatants. It has cost more than $1.7 trillion, and when all is said and done including interest the cost may well be $6 trillion. Some $212 billion was spent on Iraqi reconstruction with nothing to show for it. Total deaths from US war on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have been at least 329, 000. None of this is enough for Kristol.

          The neo-con ideology promotes endless war, but neo-cons fight their battles with the blood of others. From the comfortable, subsidized offices of magazines like the Weekly Standard, the neo-conservatives urge the United States to engage in endless war – to be fought by the victims of the “poverty draft” from states where there are few jobs. Ironically, these young people cannot find more productive work because the Federal Reserve’s “endless money printing” to keep the war machine turning has destroyed our economy. The six trillion dollars that will be spent on the Iraq war are merely pieces of printed paper that further erode the dollar’s purchasing power now and well into the future. It is the inflation tax, which is the most regressive and cruel of all.

          Yes, Americans are war weary, concedes Kristol. But he does not blame the average American. The real problem is that the president has dropped the ball on terrifying Americans with the lies and imaginary threats that led to the invasion of Iraq. Writes Kristol: “One can’t, for example, be surprised at the ebbing support of the American public for the war in Afghanistan years after the president stopped trying to mobilize their support, stopped heralding the successes of the troops he’d sent there, and stopped explaining the importance of their mission.”

          If only we had more war propaganda from the highest levels of government we could be cured of this war-weariness. Ten years ago the US invaded Iraq under the influence of neo-conservative LIES. Those LIES continued to promote US military action in places like Libya, and next on their agenda is Syria and then on to Iran. It is time for the American people to shout “enough!”

          • DT: Kudos.

            Another word for war-weariness is “sanity.” We revert to it from time to time.

            A good example is the Vietnam War Kristol mentions. After WWII, Ho Chi Minh came to the United States to ask us to keep our promise of helping to end colonialism around the world. Instead, we propped up the French control of their colony. When they were finally defeated in 1954, we prevented free elections and then built up our covert operations there. We came out into the open under Kennedy, and of course, pulled out all the stops under LBJ and Nixon.

            We lost almost as many troops there as we lost in Iraq. Most people would say we “lost” the war under Ford. Now, Vietnam looks to us as a counterbalance of Chinese influence. We’re pals and trading partners.

            If we had not come to our senses, we’d probably still be slopping around in Vietnam.

            The trouble with Chicken Hawks like Kristol is that he wants to play with his plastic soldiers–as if he’s the Marx Brothers or Charlie Chaplin–because he knows no one he knows will die in his crazy escapades.

            Anybody who talks like Kristol should be handed a gun and shipped to the NeoCon war-du-jour.

            • Goethe

              Through association with William Kristol, Krauthammer, Morris and other Neo-cons is one of the main reasons I turned off Fox News a couple years ago. I used to watch Fox all the time – that is until I seen what they said about Ron Paul.

              As I said, the Republicans will not win the White House until they give the Neo-con Agenda “da-boot”. The Neo-con Agenda will continue to make hard-working and good Conservative people look like pitiable window-lickers riding on the short bus.

              The only way Republicans will ever differentiate themselves from Democrats is when they admit they’re wrong, adopt a “strict” Principal of following the Constitution and upholding their Oath of Office. Unfortunately Neo-cons, like William Kristol, will always keep them from winning the White House.

            • DT: But, as you say, not a dime’s worth of difference. Today, Kerry, who was supposed to bring change to State, “warned” Iraq not to allow its sovereign skies to be used by Iran.

              As long as Dems and GOP are both “warning” the rest of the world what to do with their countries, we’re going to be stuck in endless war.

              So I wouldn’t say dropping NeoCon warmongering, in itself, is the answer.

            • Goethe

              This is just more evidence to support my claim that the current crop of Democrats and Republicans are one-in-the-same. On the important issues, there is not one bit of difference between them. Both parties have been infiltrated by the NeoCons – the Republicans more-so, because the Christian Conservatives have had their Churches infiltrated by the NeoCon Agenda through the likes of Fox News (promoting Fear and Islamic Hatred) and Rush Limbaugh (promoting the imaginary Right/Left Paradigm so Americans keep on fighting amongst themselves).

              The NeoCon Agenda is the Ultimate ENEMY of Freedom Loving People everywhere. It’s Modern day Nazism, if you will. It’s cousin, Zionism, follows the same kind of philosophy toward humanity. World domination is it’s Cornerstone.


    • The Sequester “Crisis” And What Should Be Done

      by Ron Paul

      Despite what the media and politicians would have us believe, the United States did not collapse last Friday when the package of spending reductions known as “sequestration” went into effect. The financial markets hardly blinked, as they have come to be more skeptical about these periodic government-hyped “crises.”

      What had been portrayed as a drastic reduction in government spending was merely a decrease in the projected rate of increase in government spending over the next decade. Under sequestration, government spending increases by $2.4 trillion over the next 10 years rather than $2.5 trillion without it.

      So we are speeding toward collapse at only 100 miles per hour instead of 110 miles per hour.

      Some in Congress are using the panic over sequestration to justify another surrender of legislative authority to the executive branch. These members want to “pass the buck” on prioritizing federal programs by giving the president, cabinet officials, and high-level bureaucrats authority to set spending priorities. However, it is Congress’s job to set priorities in federal spending.

      The drafters of the Constitution give the legislature the authority over spending because they recognized it was a threat to liberty to allow this power to be concentrated in the executive branch. Congress’s willingness to cede more authority to the executive should be opposed by everyone who values liberty and limited government.

      Some of the loudest objections to sequestration have come from the champions of the military-industrial complex. Yet under sequestration defense spending will still increase by 18 percent over 10 years as opposed to 20 percent without sequestration.

      There are claims that the military will face a one-time real reduction back to 2007 levels of spending, before beginning to climb again next year. That remains to be seen. However, few claimed at the time that 2007 levels of military spending, occurring as they did during the huge post 9/11 build-up, were inadequate.

      But despite the fact that the US spends more on military than the rest of the world combined, we are told that even this modest, short-term reduction would be, in the words of outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, “shameful” and “irresponsible.” A return to 1980’s levels of military spending in real dollars – a time of significant military build-up – is considered outrageous even though the US faces no Soviet Union or equivalent threat.

      In fact, the entire $1.2 trillion dollars that the sequester is supposed to save could be realized by cutting one unneeded, wasteful boondoggle: the $1.5 trillion F-35 fighter program. The F-35, billed as the next generation all-purpose military fighter and bomber, has been an unmitigated disaster. Its performances in recent tests have been so bad that the Pentagon has been forced to dumb-down the criteria. It is overweight, overpriced, and unwieldy. It is also an anachronism: we no longer face the real prospect of air-to-air combat in this era of 4th generation warfare. The World War II mid-air dogfight era is long over.

      As defense analyst Winslow Wheeler wrote last year:

      “It’s time for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the U.S. military services, and Congress to face the facts: The F-35 is an unaffordable mediocrity, and the program will not be fixed by any combination of hardware tweaks or cost-control projects. There is only one thing to do with the F-35: Junk it.”

      We should not look for cancellation of the F-35 program any time soon, however. The military industrial complex understands the political necessity of spreading its military Keynesianism as widely across Congressional districts as possible.

      That is why F-35 manufacturer Lockheed-Martin can boast on its website that “the F-35 provides 127,000 direct and indirect jobs in 47 states and Puerto Rico.” What is unfortunately not understood is that these 127,000 workers would be far better utilized producing needed goods and services rather than treated as a jobs program disguised as national defense.

      Despite the alarm over cuts that are not real cuts, it is clear that the US government is not serious at all about changing its ways. In a recent tour of the Middle East, newly-confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the US would be sending another $60 million to the rebels seeking to overthrow the Syrian government – in the midst of the sequester “crisis”!

      Despite the rhetoric, there appears no intention on the part of the government to take our fiscal crisis seriously or abandon the idea that we should run the rest of the world.

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