On the final night of the Democratic National Convention, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama took the stage to formally accept their party’s nomination for 2012. Here are the complete speeches from both men.

First, Vice President Biden:

Next, President Obama took the stage making his case for another four years at the helm:

Exit question: Rating the DNC this year? My vote goes for 8 out of 10, similar to my score for the RNC. I think the Democrats made the most of a rough situation given the economy. They made the case for President Obama’s accomplishments in terms of foreign policy while downplaying the domestic situation. The general theme was that we’re on the right track now, but the President needs more time for his policies to truly dig us out of the ditch.

Some of the President’s lines in his speech seemed like retreads from 2008 in certain ways. When watching, the one thing that struck me were some of the goals he aspired to in a second term. These goals sounded similar to goals from the first term so I am wondering how this will play out to an electorate that is reeling from high unemployment and still waiting for the “shovel-ready jobs.”