Democrats often refer to President Obama’s health care reform law as one of his crowning achievements in his first term. However, very few words were uttered during the President’s nomination speech regarding his flagship legislation. Furthermore, there were limited references to President Obama’s first stimulus plan passed in 2009 which Democrats point to as a saving grace of an economy which was in free fall.

With so much put into defending these programs, why no mention in the speech?

Report from Politico:

Barack Obama’s health care law consumed much of his presidency and much of the Democratic National Convention, but you wouldn’t have known it Thursday night.

In back-to-back speeches, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden all but ignored the Affordable Care Act.

Obama didn’t mention the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” even once.

In a passing, oblique reference, he credited the American people with ensuring that “a little girl with a heart disorder in Phoenix” will “get the surgery she needs because an insurance company can’t limit her coverage.”

In the address he could have used to celebrate his historic achievement, reintroduce it to the voters, or push back on Republican attacks, Obama had just that one line about it — and a couple of passing references to the dangers of repealing it.

Obama also hinted at Mitt Romney’s threat to repeal the health law and the plans to cut Medicare and Medicaid. Obama said he would “never eliminate health insurance for millions of Americans who are poor, elderly, or disabled — all so those with the most can pay less.”

And in a warning about Republicans’ repeal efforts, Obama described their attitude this way: “If you can’t afford health insurance, hope that you don’t get sick.”

Vice President Joe Biden — who was famously caught calling the health law a “big f—-ing deal” at the signing ceremony — passed over the health care law in his speech too, except for an indirect reference to Obama’s mother fighting her insurance company while she fought cancer.

Another report from Politico regarding the stimulus program:

They are the missing pages of a convention story line, ideas and initiatives once prominently featured in President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Climate change. Economic stimulus. The massive bank bailout known as TARP. The stimulus and the bailout remain politically poisonous while regulatory remedies for climate change have receded as a priority in a poor economy.

All three were central elements of either Obama’s last campaign or his first years in office. But at the Democratic National Convention, they barely rate a mention, even as they complement or undergird some of the president’s top policy goals: shoring up the economy, reversing a financial crisis and achieving energy independence.

Those are the most obvious pieces wiped away from the Democrats’ image-making this week.

There are topics that Mitt Romney chose to avoid as well (I’m looking in Todd Akin’s direction) which were also notable. The entire topic of social issues including gay marriage and abortion were mentioned very little by Romney or Ryan.


  1. Yes, as our leader he should have addressed the stimulus and Obamacare. Perhaps he just likes to keep safe and not get too controversial. As for Romany not mentioning Akins, well that’s Akins issue. Gov. Romney has his own issues to deal with. So far, I think he’s done an excellent job explaining what his plans are. I would trust him in anything he does. He seems to be a real leader. Humble, strong and intelligent like Reagan. Oh, by the way, Reagan did turn the economy around in 3 years. Obama was playing golf and going to parties.

  2. I thought that BOTH parties are suppose to work together and make this country PROUD OF ALL THE PEOPLE!!!!! BECAUSE WITHOUT IT THERE IS NO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. So I ask WHERE IS THE UNITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

  3. Odd and uncharacteristic inconsistency by Politico.

    Even in the tract above, Politico says Obama doesn’t mention Obamacare even ONCE.

    Then they say, well, he did mention the girl in Phoenix.

    Oh, well, and, yeah, he did say bad-old Romney would repeal it.

    Oh, well, um, yeah, well, the third, separate reference, that GOP repeal efforts meant their ‘plan” was “don’t get sick.”

    Those were just the ones they point to.

    Just because someone doesn’t use the name doesn’t mean they’re not talking about it. The next thing you know. they’ll say just because they didn’t mention Rommey by name, they must not have been talking about him.

    The media are not biased, they’re just lazy.

  4. ACA or OBama Care is a done deal and passed Supreme Court Why keep mentioning it? Stimulus is done and working. We are better off so why nettle pick? We must go FORWARD! not back and that is what the speech was about!
    I do not trust Romney/Ryan. Scares me to think that ACA could possibly be undone when it has saved my butt on medical expensives. They say they will go with Romney plan but to think Ryan is so close to being president is nightmare.
    I am with Nuns on The Bus. I am MY BROTHERS (sisters) KEEPER is what I was taught in my Catholic school and what I do believe. Seems to me everyone for themself is what Romney/Ryan is about.

  5. Just read this about Clint Eastwood:

    “The former Carmel, Calif. mayor said he refused to be vetted by the Romney campaign because he didn’t know what he was going to say beforehand.”

    (1) If that’s the case, why did they say they wouldn’t let Ron Paul go on without having them control what he said?

    (2) Why didn’t Ron Paul give them a hokey “Willard ain’t so bad” script, and the do what Clint and Clinton both did–say what they damned well pleased?

    Imagine Ron Paul up there, saying what he really believed. What could they do? Turn out the lights? Oh, wait, I guess we already talked about the snipers on duty. . .

  6. Another tidbit:

    Eastwood’s “chair” idea didn’t hit him until he was waiting to go on in the green room.

    “There was a stool there, and some fella kept asking me if I wanted to sit down,” he told the Carmel Pine Cone. “When I saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea. I’ll just put the stool out there and I’ll talk to Mr. Obama and ask him why he didn’t keep all of the promises he made to everybody.”

    What a lot of people don’t get is that the “promises” he didn’t keep were things like closing Gitmo, which Clint mentioned, specifically.

    His complaint wasn’t that Obama went too far. It was that he thought Obama didn’t keep ENOUGH of his promises.

    Why are people missing that??

  7. I can’t stand listening or looking at Obama. So I don’t listen to his speeches. From what I heard from the news outlets he’s tells the same old lies. He just can’t stand on his own two feet without knocking someone else. He’d say anything to stay in the white house and spend the peoples’ money and golf with the white house cook. He’s not a leader, he just gives speeches and there’s no true to what he tells the public. I hope others will see through him as well -he has plans to change America from what I was raised to believe. He’s already started making changes and I am unhappy with the outlook of America. Let’s fire his ass in Nov! see if HE can find another job in the private sector.I’m still unemployed after 2 years.

    • Gigi:

      The stock market is near all-time highs again.
      Many corporations are making record profits. GM is the world’s largest automaker again. Banks are paying off their loans. Worker productivity is higher than ever. Manager income is up again.

      According to business analysts, the BUSINESS recession ended more than two years ago.

      CEOs are getting multi-million dollar bonuses. Haven’t you ever wondered why you and I still feel that things are not doing so well?

  8. An Australian in the US writing for an online daily satirical magazine wrote and posted this:

    Contained therein is this paragraph:

    The parties are asymmetrical. The Democrats are a real political party, with all the contradictions that a big umbrella party must endure. The Republicans have become a millennial theocratic cult in the form of a party, a masquerade ball of Jesus, Ayn Rand, apocalypse Zionism and a misogyny that gives the Taliban a run for its money. Yet, like any cult, it is prey not to its best impulses, but to its worst. It is a cult that establishes an ideal America, drawn from the 18th century, a period of substantial communalism and collectivism in every village, town, small city?—?and applies it to an America where any sense of community has been eviscerated by 30 years of hyper-individualism, in every area, from the workplace to town-planning, this ghastly no-place. The Republicans then cut with the grain?—?an essentially adolescent exceptionalism, a literal Jesusness that they do not believe for a second, all essentially cultural additives to a daily life that has been hollowed out, a sort of political Prozac.

    • Well, I guess we have to wait until Ocotober 3, and see which candidate is the better man!!! I can tell you that I don’t want to move backwards. There is too much at stake with this country!!!

  9. PolicyMic has an interesting article about politicians who should be taken seriously by Ron Paul supporters:

    They are:
    (1) Justin Amash, Michigan (R)
    (2) Jimmy Duncan, Tennessee (R)
    (3) Dennis Kucinich, Ohio (D)
    (4) Angus King, Maine (I)
    (5) Jared Polis, Colorado (D)
    (6) Daniel Akaka, Hawaii (D)
    (7) Jim Webb, Virginia (D)
    (8) Blake Farenthold, Texas (R)
    (9) Tom Udall, New Mexico (D)
    (10) Greg Walden, Oregon (R)

    The fact that there are as many Democrats as Republicans and Independents shows the influence of Ron Paul’s ideas.

  10. Gary Johnson Endorsement Possible?

    Ron Paul told Bloomberg News he remains “skeptical” of Mitt Romney after hearing his “humble” acceptance speech. “There was no talk of the Federal Reserve. One of the engines of spending is militarism and empire and he enhanced. He was pushing it,” Paul said.

    Meanwhile, he offered praise for the Libertarian Party nominee for president Gary Johnson. “I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him and every individual should make up his own mind,” Paul told Fox News about the former New Mexico governor and former fellow Republican presidential candidate, whose situation is uncertain
    –as the steamrolling GOP moves to block third party candidates from some states’ ballots this November.

    • This is suppose to be country of FREE LIBERTY. Everyone should get a chance to express views and not be judge on theie belive, just work together and keep this country runing strong so that Americans can hold up ther heads and standup to be PROUD OF THE NATION AS A WHOLE!!!!

  11. (Reuters) – The latest daily Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll showed Obama, a Democrat, with a lead of 4 percentage points over Romney. Forty-seven percent of 1,457 likely voters surveyed online over the previous four days said they would vote for Obama if the November 6 elections were held today, compared with 43 percent for Romney.

    Obama increased his lead over Romney in certain favorable characteristics. Asked who was more “eloquent,” 50 percent of the 1,720 registered voters questioned in the poll favored Obama, compared to 25 percent for Romney. Asked about being “smart enough for the job,” 46 percent sided with Obama compared to 37 percent for Romney.

    In fact, Obama led Romney in a dozen such favorable characteristics, such as “represents America” and “has the right values.” The only such category in which Romney had an advantage was being “a man of faith,” as 44 percent picked Romney, who is MORMON; compared to 31 percent for Obama, who is CHRISTIAN.

    • I don’t think that a person’s faith should play a roll in politics because this is all about who will do more for Americans today and helping them achieve their goals in life and getting the help is needed just get by the day to day work completed!!! So therefore, let their records do the talking.

      • Unless the candidate is making it an issue, and then it’s not a matter of faith, but credibility. In this case, Willard is making blatant appeals to Christians, and he ain’t one–any more than a Scientologist is.

  12. The silliness at the Democratic convention shows just how disingenuous both parties are. Almost every candidate has pledged to move our embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, which would be odd, since only TWO countries in the entire world have done so. Yeah, there’s a lot of talk. . .

    “A Republican administration will ensure that the U.S. Embassy is moved to Jerusalem by May 1999.”
    — Republican Party platform of 1996

    “Immediately upon taking office, the next Republican president will begin the process of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”
    — Republican Party platform of 2000

    “Republicans continue to support moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”
    — Republican Party platform of 2004

    “We support Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and moving the American embassy to that undivided capital of Israel.”
    — Republican Party platform of 2008

    YET–When Bush got into office, he repeatedly signed a waiver to put off the action, as did Clinton and Obama.

    You see, once something is accomplished, it’s no longer a political issue. And you can’t continue to fight endlessly over something that is no longer an issue.

    The Democratic platform was just trying to be honest about something that ain’t-a-gonna happen, anyway. But then, they continued the lie, too.

    • Ron Paul — the Greatest American of the 21st Century!

      Dr. Paul started the peaceful Intellectual Revolution — to save our Nation from a criminal US Government that has FINALLY declared that We, The People, are NOW considered “their Enemy” (not some rag-tag band of crazy Muslims they want us to think have a chance to cross thousands of miles of oceans in… rowboats… to INVADE US)!

      Ron Paul started it — and We, The People, will finish it!

      True Ideas never die — so eventually — Bye, bye, NWO wannabe despots (NOW, We, The People, know WHO YOU ARE…and WILL END YOU)!

      Time to start organizing to win our country back!

      What we need to do!

      First Step:
      Do NOT vote for The Mitt

      Second Step:
      Do NOT vote for The BO

      Third Step:
      Vote your Conscience (NEVER vote for what you consider the lesser of two Evils)!

      Forth Step:
      Get Harry Reid removed from US Senate!

      That’s just the beginning!

  13. Flippin’ Mitten strikes again!

    First, he helped create Obamacare. Then he wanted Rom-No-Care. Now he wants Quasi-care: cherry picking Obamacare for what he thinks is popular.

    Like his flipping on abortion (direct quote:) “Abortion should be legal and safe in America,” to his NO-abortion-ever platform, to (paraphrase:) “legal when I choose”–that is, when he thinks it’s popular.

    Why does this matter? Character.

    Opposition to Obamacare has been that it’s meddling in free enterprise. But Willard wants to meddle when the polls tell him he can get away with it.

    Triple Flippin’ Mitten has NO character.

  14. Quadruple Flippin’ Mitten (not as poetic, sorry).

    After Willard says he’s going to cherry pick Obamacare, including the pre-existing conditions clause. . .

    Now–Willard’s “campaign” says pre-existing conditions will ONLY be covered if you already HAVE insurance and “maintain” it.

    Please explain to me how a condition can even BE “pre-existing” if it’s only covered if you already HAVE insurance.

    Willard is flippin’ like a fish loose in a rowboat now!

    • The Mitt, orchestrated the takeover of the GOP to assure his nomination without a glitch!

      Thus, his atrocious actions will assure not only his demise as Pres.Candidate, but also the demise of the NOW rotten-to-the-core Republican Establishment.

      How idiotic (does the Mitt even have an INDEPENDENTLY functioning brain…?) was Romoney’s UGLINESS in achieving this (to alienate ALL free thinkers by his PERFIDY, thus assuring his own political demise, and DRAGGING what’s left of the GOP down the drain with him)!

      Democrooks should congratulate the Mitt: “Great job there sport, killing two birds with your own stoned stupidity”.

      Write Ron Paul in — JUST vote your conscience — DO NOT reward Rmoney for his crookedness!

    • *Logical Repercussions After the 2012 Presidential Selection*

      (listed by the most likely outcome — note: ‘Selection’ since no longer can our votes be termed ‘Election’)

      1) The BO wins — and further tries to plunge our Nation under its Socialist Programs aimed to completely destroy our Economy and Liberties. However, most of its teeth have been pulled by the Republicon wins in 2010, and some more of the same in 2012 — so, it is nearly toothless, if it wins the Selection.

      [[Remotely possible worst case scenario — it, the BO, declares Marshall Law in the near future (under some pre-planned “catastrophe” already home-cooked by it, and its sycophantic staff), thus trying to emerge as the “Benevolent” Dictator of USA to “save US all”.]]

      2) The Rmoney wins — this creature has stated it will support whatever its Money Donors tell it to do! Expect the International Jewish owned Central Banks and Federal Reserve to instruct IT to attack Iran IMMEDIATELY (in order to protect Israel…from a possible, in maybe 10 years, manufacturing a single crude “atomic” bomb).

      [[Viable worst case scenario — a Rmoney win, along with the expected Republicon wins in Congress and Senate, will give the Mitt a sure boost to attack not only Iran, but Syria, and any other nation IT, the Mitt, wants, to please its Masters that Selected this creature!]]

      So, for ALL of you that think voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is OK — make sure you figure out which one is “LESS EVIL”!

      JUST VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE — and do not reward these creatures by acknowledging their existence!

  15. Write in Ron Paul is finally online!

    Vote and spread it like wildfire!

    partial powerful info (read all):

    “…This is a WIN-WIN strategy for all voters. It is the way to address the issues of electronic election fraud. All people desire that their votes be counted. Write-in Elections achieves this by assuring a permanent, verifiable paper trail, which is lacking in the current voting system. This is through the emphasis on the use of absentee ballots, which are photocopied, along with affidavits….”

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