Both candidates will be spending this weekend hunkered down for some last-minute cram sessions in preparations for Wednesday’s first Presidential Debate.

President Obama will spend the weekend in Nevada, according to the LA Times:

President Obama has blocked out three days to prepare for the October debates, but with the constant pressures that come with one of the world’s most important jobs, aides worry he may not get enough practice at the podium.

The debate retreat, scheduled to start Sunday in Henderson, Nev., a suburb that sprawls away from Las Vegas, includes time for the daily battery of presidential meetings, leaving room for three afternoon debate sessions — if no crises flare up. Obama has already canceled some debate preparation because of events in the Middle East, said Jen Psaki, his campaign press secretary.

“He has had to balance the management of world events, governing, time out campaigning,” she said. “He’ll have less time than we anticipated to sharpen and cut down his tendency to give long, substantive answers.”

Governor Romney, who has spent several days over the past couple months prepping already, will continue with final pre-debate preparations this weekend also:

Romney has worked on his strategy for weeks, prepping at his home in New Hampshire and at his Boston headquarters, but also squeezing in time as he travels. On Sunday, at a hotel in Los Angeles, he huddled with confidant Beth Myers and Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who takes the role of Obama in Romney’s mock debates.

The stakes are high for the GOP nominee in the first debate on Oct. 3 in Denver, which is seen as one of his best chances to reignite his campaign after a string of unfavorable headlines about internal squabbles and controversial remarks. Presidential debates will also be held on Oct. 16 in Hempstead, N.Y., and Oct. 22 in Boca Raton, Fla.

The clock is ticking and the stakes couldn’t be higher for both campaigns. Romney essentially has to stand on stage next to the President and convince voters that he is prepared to take the reins and lead the country. The President, on the other hand, must not make any serious gaffes and simply has to convince voters that Romney offers nothing better and the best course is to stay with his current policies.


  1. Romey will “win” this debate if he somehow manages coming off as “normal.” If he stands there and says nothing, he’ll win.

  2. What’s the point if preparing? The debate is a rigged game. The questions are prescreened and the whole show is scripted. Unless they allow 3rd party candidates to debate, it will be nothing more than a sh*tshow. If you allow Gov Gary Johnson to debate, you’ll see how much Obama and Romney are eerily similar. Screw the Presidential Debate Commission. Rigged game!

  3. Whatever the debate performances we know where Romney stands; where Obama stands. I am far from poor, and a zillion mies from Romney Rich. I pulledmyelf by my bootstraps. Paid thousands in taxes–into SS. I am not getting SS entitlement–just payback. Romney doesn’t see that because he is the one who doesn’t know ‘how to be an American–escept a Vulture Capitalist.

  4. 1. “Mr. Romney, you are a successful businessman, so you are obviously good at detail and arithmetic. So, please give us a detailed breakdown of who makes up your “47% of Americans pay no income tax”. Since you used a percentage, what percent of Republicans have a family member on Social Security, Medicare or are in the military, that are in your “47%” ?”

    2. “Mr. Romney, you said that you wanted to see the “experienced” referees return to work in the NFL. As you said, wouldn’t the “experienced” President also do a better job than you?”

    3. “Mr. Romney, after publicly questioning British security at the Olympics, when commenting on Palestine saying, Israeli “Culture makes all the difference.”, saying that “47% of Americans pay no income tax” while not releasing all your tax returns, and criticizing the President saying, “We’re still talking, and Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning.”, so why is President Obama, as you said, “in over his head” more than you are?

  5. Many, many people, like myself, will vote for the Presidential Candidate (so far it hasn’t been Obama) that STOPS OUTSOURCING Americans jobs to other countries and put Americans back to work, that, in itself, is a topic millions of Americans are disgusted by. We have to talk to OTHER COUNTRIES ABOUT MY PRIVATE BUSINESS–MY MONET–EVERYONE I DO BUSINESS WITH! (our banks, cable companies and retail–well, too many too mention) MEDICARE!! I paid into that for 50 years to be used when I became elligble. Nobody asked ME if they could use MY money–YES!! MY MONEY!! Our seniors have fought and died for, and believed in and TRUSTED my country!!Bring God back into the schools and bring back Christmas—WHY do we cater to a small group of athiests? Are you kidding me?? IF YOU DEPENDED ON THOSE PEOPLE TO ELECT YOU–YOU WOULD LOSE!! WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK TO A GOD-FEARING NATION THAT CITIZENS TRUSTED THEIR PRESIDENT!! You have homeless people, middle-class Americans who have lost their jobs with no house and food!! AMERICA NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF ITS OWN PEOPLE AND LET THEM LOVE THIS COUNTRY AGAIN INSTEAD OF FEARING TOMORROW!! WHY SHOULDN’T THE RICH PEOPLE PAY MORE TAXES–YOU WOULDN’T EVEN MISS IT!! YOU POLITICIANS KEEP ASKING US FOR MONEY FOR YOUR CAMPAIGNS–THAT IS SO SAD AND DISGUSTING!!YOU ARE ALL MILLIONAIRES!! YET WE HAVE PEOPLE LOSING THEIR HOMES, JOBS AND HAVE NOTHING TO EAT!! IT SICKENS ME FOR YOU TO SEND ME AND OTHERS LETTER FOR MONEY WHEN I HAVE LOST MY HOME AND SHARE WHAT FOOD I HAVE WITH OTHERS, AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK AMERICANS FOR MONEY??!! NONE OF YOU POLITICIANS WILL NEVER HAVE TO WAIT ON 1 SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK FOR THE MONTH OR WORRY ABOUT MEDICINE OR A PLACE TO LIVE. So we don’t need your empty promises that we keep hearing any reason American peole SHOULD VOTE FOR EITHER ONE OF YOU UNTIL you start taking care of us and making sure we are ,and still CAN BE the GREATEST NATION ONCE AGAIN!! PUT YOURSELF IN OUR SHOES AND GIVE US BACK OUR FREEDOM AND RESOECT AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT!! YOU GUYS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES HOW YOU KEEP TAKING FROM US.-AND YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS JOB SERIOUSLY! REMEMBER,WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE WANT A PRESIDENT TO REPRESENT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIKE IT USED TO BE!

    • The constitution clearly separates church and state. To my knowledge, there has been no point in time where church had a firmer grip on policy than now. Most atheists have no problem with Christmas. This is just something right-wing Christians shout (or type using caps-lock) to create an us-versus-them game. I think it is despicable to denigrate a minority for your own political gain, because it is exactly the same tactic bullies use to increase their popularity in schools.
      — I am an atheist and I approve this message

  6. Why not use some talking points from Michael Grunwald’s New New Deal to remind business man Romney of principles underlying a Venture Capital fund . Add to that a bit of accounting 101 for tax advantages when moving a business overseas. Perhaps spending the past 6 years campaigning and investing $40million of his own tax cut $ in that campaign has dulled candidates Romney’s business skills.

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