There were several notable speakers from the fourth and final day of the GOP convention including none other than the GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Florida Senator Marco Rubio had the opportunity to introduce Romney while actor/director Clint Eastwood opened the prime time coverage.

First and foremost, Romney’s acceptance speech:

Next, Marco Rubio:

Finally, Clint Eastwood:

Eastwood’s performance was… different? Not something you see at a convention from either party given most speeches are carefully vetted and scripted for the most emphasis. Eastwood was off the teleprompter simply ad-libbing his remarks.

Exit question: You’re rating on the RNC this year? I’d give it a 8 out of 10 in terms of staying on message and avoiding the pitfalls (Akin, etc…). No mention of the words “Tea Party” from any prime time speaker, including Rand Paul. Has the GOP decided the movement’s time is past and severed ties?

The Democratic convention begins on Monday, September 3, from Charlotte, North Carolina.