2012 Democratic ConventionFollowing last week’s Republican National Convention (RNC), the Democrats now take a turn in the national spotlight this week convening in Charlotte, North Carolina. The broadcast outlets will mirror the RNC in terms of the big network coverage, cable channels and C-SPAN’s gavel-to-gavel coverage.

Networks: ABC, CBS – 1 hour of prime time Tuesday to Thursday begining at 10pm eastern

The broadcast exception is NBC which, on Wednesday, will air the NFL season opening game instead of convention coverage. (Go Cowboys!) On Tuesday and Thursday, NBC will air 1 hour from 10pm eastern along with the other networks.

Cable News: Coverage beginning in the afternoons covering most of the evening speakers and all the prime time speakers

C-SPAN will be covering the convention in entirety including the Monday session which will consist solely of committee meetings and administrative proceedings for the DNC.

Report from Naples News:

If the fate of the nation is truly this year’s political football, what will America be watching on television Wednesday night — Bill Clinton in Charlotte, N.C., or Eli Manning in East Rutherford, N.J.?

The North Carolina banking center is hosting the Democratic National Convention from Tuesday through Thursday, with the former president slated as the prime-time speaker Wednesday. But as the relevance of political conventions has waned, some are wondering if Clinton will top the Giants’ quarterback and NFL season opener Wednesday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden will accept their party’s nominations Thursday evening in prime time. NBC is skipping the convention Wednesday in favor of the football game.

“I don’t think there’s much there,” Larry J. Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, who has attended every convention since 1976, said of the convention as a news event.

I have yet to find a complete speaking schedule for the week but once I find it, consider it posted. Leave a link in the comments if you find a complete weekly schedule for the DNC.


  1. Why would anyone watch either of these conventions? We’re going to have to suffer through billions of dollars of propaganda ads for the next two months. Why on earth would we intentionally tune in for HOURS of such crap? The RNC ratings were down THIRTY percent. They were beat out by “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” on TLC. If there’s a sports game on TV, nobody is going to watch a convention. I predict Dem ratings down 50%.

  2. DNC — is that like the RNC…?

    “The GOP is smarter than we”!

    While, We The People, have hopes of saving our Nation — THEY, the GOP Elite, has none.

    We are idealistic — believers that Truth, Liberty and Justice will eventually prevail, thus saving US from imminent economic collapse and the loss of all freedoms!

    The GOP Establishment has no such illusions — THEY want to assure that ONLY THEY and THEIR OWN have first dibs on the choices pieces of meat, when the carving of the American People starts. THEY do not want rejuvenation of the Republican Party, nor is stagnation enough — PURGING is needed, so THEY are first in line to pick our bones clean when the economic collapse starts. (Same goes for the Dems in power).

    We, the Real American People (the producers), are the HOST — and THEY, the Non-Producers, are the Parasites!

    While the Host was strong and healthy in the past — the parasites fed well with little notice on OUR loss.

    But, NOW the Parasites have become GREATER than the HOST — meaning in order to survive, THEY have to suck MORE blood out of US than we can produce for ourselves, let alone THEM.

    Realizing this, THEY are preparing the road ONLY for THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN to strip our carcass clean (after they’ve sucked US dry).

    Now, back to working two jobs Real Americans, so you can produce some more to feed THEM longer…until THEY are finally ready to send you to the glue factory… (“Animal Farm” by George Orwell).

  3. Has anyone in Naples heard of TIVO? Looks like I’ll watch the game live and use a DVR for the convention so I can skip through commercials and get to something useful.

    That’s how I did it last week. My time is valuable and limited right now to be wasting it watching an old man talking to an empty chair. I can see that in Florida any day of the week. Thank you DVR.

    • RNC — the Kukla, Fran and Ollie Show!

      This excerpt describes my experience also:


      “I spent a day of my life at the 2012 Republican Convention. The plan was to stay for full four days, but the choreographed and staged “decision-making” made the 2,000 plus delegates irrelevant. Republican Party members hoping to see democracy in action were left staring at a fuzzy gray screen, listening to static, beating their heads against padded white walls. No free man would subject himself to such idiocy. As Doug Wead so delightfully put it, the party has been reduced to “ten fat men sitting in a room.”….

  4. The BO, the Destructor of the USA, is now a shoo-in — thanks to the RNC’s perfidy!

    p.s. — Should the other political monkey (Rmonkey) win by a long shot — Our total economic collapse and COMPLETE loss of all freedom will be delayed…by 2 and 1/2 days more….

    Mutton Mitt, you are looking better and better now….

  5. Now there is a guy hard to understand, the Surfisher. Oh I get the drift but words like “perfidy”. Sure doesn’t mean perfect, not from the Surfisher. Has to mean something bad, wild guess, sell out, or flip flopping. Ah, doesn’t matter as the rest is easy enough.

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