In a move destined for criticism moving closer to the 2012 GOP convention, it appears the Republican National Committee (RNC) has upheld the Republican Party of Louisiana’s “supplemental rules” which deemed Ron Paul’s delegates ineligible in favor of Romney delegates. The GOP’s desire to win over Paul supporters is sure to take a hit with this underhanded move.

Report from US News & World Report:

Ron Paul suffered a setback in his effort to have a major impact on the Republican National Convention when an arm of the Republican National Committee rejected a slate of Paul delegates from Louisiana to the national gathering later this month.

The RNC’s Committee on Contests dismissed Paul’s challenge to the delegation chosen by party regulars in Louisiana at the state party convention in Shreveport during early June. The committee decided last weekend that the state party’s executive committee had the authority to issue “supplemental rules” that resulted in therejection of Paul delegates and the seating of delegates backed by the party regulars who support presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.

“We are disappointed and are fighting tooth and nail,” John Tate, Paul’s campaign manager, told me in an E-mail. “This was but the first step. We are appealing their wrongheaded decision and will be taking it to the credentials committee.”

Paul supporters, however, argue that the regulars broke the rules by rejecting Paul’s delegates. The Paul forces can now challenge the Committee on Contests decision before the Credentials Committee or before the full convention, although neither tactic is likely to work because Romney controls a majority of delegates.

Paul supporters had been hoping that he would be given a major speaking role at the convention to disseminate his libertarian views as a presidential candidate. But the RNC hasn’t announced any such speaking slot, although Ron Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, will speak at the convention. Rand Paul endorsed Romney once it became clear that Ron Paul couldn’t win the GOP nomianation.

Clearly the GOP establishment is working to maintain control of the convention and avoid too many Paul delegates causing any upheavals. I am not sure that the Louisiana delegates would have made any difference but this might come down to the principle of the matter as to whether retroactive rule changes are indeed fair practice when voters and convention goes have already had their say.

I am reminded of the controversy coming out of the Maine caucus back in early February.


  1. This is just rubbing salt in the wound. It is clear that the GOP establishment is willing to change any rules at any time to get the fake “reality show” they’re trying to produce. They could have welcomed a handful of duly elected Paul delegates as a peace offering. I’m sure Paul would have met with them and asked them to cooperate.

    Ron Paul has been trying very hard to get his supporters to be respectful, with the ultimate goal of working with Willard. The NeoCons are making that rapprochement more and more difficult. Idiots.

    • Gawd, you’re right.

      The GOP picked Bob Dole because they felt obligated, since he had paid his dues.

      Then Dole picks Jack Kemp–Paul Ryan’s mentor.

      Then Dole ran a mealy-mouth campaign and lost.

      The difference is that Bob Dole was a better candidate than Willard.

      • LOL That sure isn’t saying much for Romney but I think he will do a little better than Dole because of the money he has.

        • Billy Malone— LOL…a point better…in losing to Insane Hussein…?

          Yeap, that’s an achievement!

            • Billy: It was Bill.

              If she had been an unmarried “Hillary Rodham,” she could have won in a walk. But we were still too close to the Monica Lewinski mess (so to speak), and Bill was seen as a detriment then.

              Also, despite her performance in the Senate, she was still seen as just “The First Lady,” with little other experience (even though she was more heavily involved than people know).

              But for me, it was the ickiness of following Poppy to Bubba to W. The idea of 30 consecutive years of Bush-Clinton made me feel like we were becoming a Banana Republic. And, of course, when she got out, there would be two W daughters and a Chelsea who could run, not to mention Jeb (“the smart one”).

            • As she said, “you know what it was like with the Clintons in the White House.” And we knew what it was like with the Clintons out of the White House for sure.

              I keep preaching, never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter, thus I should understand but I don’t. Now you are telling me the American voter just got too much of a good thing and went for a black politician from Chicago.

        • Billy Malone — easy to understand.

          Hitlery, prior to voting day, forgot to shave her little mustache….

  2. Goethe Behr —

    “Her performance in the Senate…”?!?

    What performances— operatic, dramatic, country music, singing Balalaika…what?

    Post this evil man — Hitlery’s — senatorial accomplishments!

    • Hillary was well respected and very effective in the Senate. And she was courageous, too. During the campaign, she even went on fox to face the vipers, and she held her own. Even Newty liked and respected her.

      Obama should have arranged to put Biden in as the next Secretary of State (which would not have been seen as a step down, since he loves foreign affairs), and put Hillary on the ticket as VEEP. The only problem would have been that she would have demanded a say in specific things, which she apparently didn’t do for her current job.

      If it had been Obama-Clinton, the resurrection of Reagan-Lincoln would have had a hard time beating them.

      The only problem that Ryan is going to have in the debate is that Biden is such a teddy bear that Ryan could look pretty nasty pretty quickly if he cuts Biden too deeply. Hillary would have chopped up Ryan and served him for dinner.

    • Hey you might want to check on PR’s performance. You can put it all on the back of a postage stamp and the guy is running for VP. I will say though that he does take care of #1 though. (himself)

  3. Someday, the establishment will understand that these chicken tactics, like the ones in Minnesota four years ago, will not gain it any friends, in or outside of the party. Thanks for keeping us up on these inside-baseball developments. I’m not a Ron Paul supporter but these back-handed moves are pushing me that way.

  4. De facto Declaration of War vs. Dr Ron by the RNC

    Revolution on their minds the children start to march
    Against the world in which they have to live
    Oh the hate that’s in their hearts
    They’re tired of being pushed around and told just what to do
    They’ll fight the world until they’ve won
    And love comes flowing through

    • For sure I’d like to believe you but look how bad things are in Calif and they seem to be doing business as usual. Ok, the end is indeed near for them but the rest of us have a long ways to go before it gets that bad here. I mean we are still installing red light cameras as LA just shut the system down as it too proved to be a loser.

      • The end is indeed here for this whole country. Four hundred and fifty eight trillion dollars in unregulated derivatives. JP Morgan along has over 45 trillion. This is why they need Mittens in office. These unregulated derivatives are nothing more than a time bomb waiting to go off. And, when they go off it will be like a string of fire crackers all tied together. It will not be pop, it will be pop,pop,pop,and pop. JP Morgan, City Group, Wells Fargo, Bank of America all of them will belly up all at once. It will happen so fast that we will not know what hit us. No way would I have one dime in any of these banks. No Billy you are sitting on the brink of complete financial destruction.

        • Then it is too late to turn it around? I thought Calif would drop off into the Pacific long ago because of it’s heave debt and it’s still there growing worse every day and paying those 6 figure salaries to every and all government workers and those that have retired.

  5. ** IMPORTANT NEWS! ************

    Well Folks…it looks like the Judge has ruled in favor of the Delegate Lawsuit concerning the validity of the ” Historic Law ” that was used.

    Basically…the Judge now has to rule that the Delegates are indeed unbound according to historic law! ( i.e. there is precedence that the Delegates are considered unbound )

    Start reaching out to your delegates…to the media…to anywhere you can! The Delegates are free to vote their conscious and there is NOTHING the GOP can do about it!

    Richard Gilbert
    Federal Case Update – We have tentatively won the case on the historic law. The RNC is now engaged in delay tactics. To counter, I am filing an Appellate action tomorrow to seek an Appellate Order requiring the Judge to rule prior to the convention. Yes, I said we have tentatively won the case on the historic law

    • Surfisher: Can you provide this in a format that Nate can use as a topic for discussion? It’s getting boring discussing Romney cheerleading topics.

        • Nate: HERE’S YOUR NEW TOPIC.


          “Jennifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC, plainly stated in a letter to Nancy Lord, Utah National Committeewoman, several weeks before the convention, ‘The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose” – Legal statement by the RNC Legal Counsel.

          No delegate or alternate delegate shall be
          bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional
          district to impose the unit rule” – The Rules of the Republican Party. Rule 38, the Unit Rule.

          In what may be the most stunning revelation of the ongoing GOP presidential nomination process, it has been discovered that in 2008, the RNC Legal Counsel legally interpreted the RNC rules and concluded that all delegates, regardless of state party rules, could vote for whomever he or she chooses at the Republican National Convention. This legal inquiry by the RNC was the result of a delegate’s desire not to vote for a candidate who did not represent his principles. The significance of this legal interpretation by the RNC lawyers is that all delegates are free to vote for any candidate regardless of any such “binding”. Because the RNC was the organization that conducted this legal examination, their ruling trumps all state GOP rules.

          In the past, “bound” delegates have attempted to vote for a candidate they were not “bound” to and not once have they been disallowed. Not only is there credible legal interpretation of this scenario, it has been found that there has never been a “bounded” delegate forced upon his or her will to vote for a “designated” candidate by his or her state GOP party. This ruling has the potential to unseat Mitt Romney as the “inevitable nominee” with Ron Paul supporters winning delegate positions in multiple states. Paul supporters are also becoming delegates that are “bound” to vote for Mitt Romney as we saw recently in Massachusetts where out of the 19 delegates allocated, 16 are known Ron Paul supporters. The consensus is that if a candidate wins the primary popular vote, that candidate is awarded all delegates.

          • Federal Election Law states that NO-ONE, let alone a private entity (such as the RNC) can force anyone to vote against their conscience!

            The End…of Perfidy Mitt…say: “Bye, bye Rmoney”.

            • Dude. I mean, dude. You make it sound like the fat lady sang, but it’s only the second act. This is an ongoing battle that Romney people (. . .) are trying to stifle.

              This is the actual headline on the story you point us to:

              ======The Ron Paul Grassroots “Delegate Lawsuit” Tossed, NEW VERSION FILED

              It’s important to note that the judge threw it out on a technicality, and the article continues:

              Gilbert is not giving up, and has filed another amended version of his suit, which attempts to get the court to decide whether the federal Voting Rights Act applies to voting at the RNC in Tampa, which Gilbert is trying to have defined as a “federal election” under that law.

              =======In the second article you cite, Gilbert notes that the judge already agreed to that point, which is all-important:

              “At the hearing, the judge agreed that the Voting Rights Act DID apply to the convention, which is the crown jewel of our case,” Gilbert told Courthouse News.

              It was really just the wording that the judge picked at:

              Though Carter found their claims vague and mostly unintelligible, he gave them a “third and final opportunity” to amend their complaint.

  6. Mitt Romney WILL be charged as a Criminal — and hopefully REMOVED from the Republican ticket BEFORE the Tampa Convention (that is, if we had a True Justice System)!

    Powerful charges levied against Romney by attorney at law, Richard Gilbert — MUST WATCH video!!! Spread it like wildfire!!!!!!

    Will Mitt take off for France, like he did when evading the Vietnam Draft?
    Or will Powerful Monopoly MONEY buy him “Get-out-of-jail Card”…?

  7. Just curious…

    Why would the National Weather Service (a federal agency) want to purchase 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition?

    A lot of us don’t like their weather forecasts…but not to the extent that warrants them to wanna shoot us….

    This is on top of the 1.4 Billion rounds of ammo PURCHASED by Home Land Security…. Gee, them pesky couple of hundred Muslim Terrorist in the USA need to be taken out by SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF TONS of LEAD per SINGLE Muslim Terrorist…right?

    Or, one can say that this QUANTITY amounts to about 4 bullets for each US Citizen (man, woman and child)….

    Interesting Math.

    Just watch the first 2 minutes of this video — the rest is even more disturbing!

  8. Open Letter to the Social Security Administration

    Dear Social Security,

    I’m about to retire this year, but don’t want you to go after me with the 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets you are purchasing now — so, please, don’t send me any retirement checks, but keep my hard earned money you’ve collected from me over all these years for yourselves. JUST DON’T SHOOT ME with all that that ammo you are buying!

    Thank you!

    Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets

    “First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.”

  9. BOOBS! Now that I have your attention. . .

    Recently, porn star Jenna Jameson said she liked Romney, which is ironic, since it has been reported that Romney plans to censor the Internet in order to clamp down on people like Jenna Jameson.

    Now we see why she wasn’t thinking:

    Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson pleads guilty to DUI
    –Associated PressAssociated Press – 11 hrs ago

    WESTMINSTER, Calif. (AP) — Former adult film star Jenna Jameson has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence when she struck a light pole in Southern California.

    Jameson was sentenced Thursday to three years of informal probation and ordered to pay $340 in fines and participate in a Mothers Against Drunk Driving “victims’ impact panel.”

    A misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver’s license was dismissed.


    California is usually very tough on drunk drivers, yet JJ got “informal probation” and had to pay a whopping $340. Likewise, she didn’t even have a valid driver’s license, but that wasn’t even considered. Apparently, the judge was “distracted,” or maybe he was just a fan.

    • MADD ? ? Did the pole she hit have any children? And a valid DL is getting pretty hard to come by these days with all the mistakes SS has on the cross check. Then there is the valid birth certificate issue. You need current ID to get a copy.

      I was up in Chicago a few months back and went to traffic court with a friend of mine whose car was hit while parked. Anyhow the judge made the announcement right off anyone who was cited with for an invalid license, due to an expiration date need only pay court cost. No need to stick around. About 50 people left the court room and lined up at the pay window. Now I understand some states are keeping your DL when you go to renew if it doesn’t check out with SS birth date. Now try to get your birth certificate without any ID. You can’t.

  10. Being a Delegate to the RNC I am just waiting. Bill Plat not my real name is just waiting to get his credentials in hand. Most stealth Delegates cannot say anything until we get those credentials. But God help them when we do. Just let one News Media shove a mike in front of my face and then watch me lite the Republican Party up. There will be no more hiding and doing the stealth deal when I get those credentials. The only way they will get them back is to pry them form my dead fingers with will be attached to my dead body. I am sick and tired of this crooked crap. So if you are a Republican crook and a Robme backer then you might want to watch your rear end down there. Oh am I ever going to drop the big hammer on your crooked a**.

  11. Dear Social Security
    By all means bring those 40 cal Hollow Points to my house first. Oh what a day we will have.

    • I’m not big on guns at all but all of the x military guys I know have thousands of rounds of ammunition stored along with the AK-47s. Asked what they are getting ready for the answer is always, “whatever comes”.

  12. Its a shame how the media treats ron, I really hope people vote for change and not the two democrats running

    • Really think the establishment or the old people that vote want change? Think the people on welfare want change? Now DOD wants a change but not the kind of change RP has in mind. So who is left? The young who can’t find a job but are being look at as those that are going to pay for just what we got mow and even a little more. Oh there are a few like me that never bought anything in their life on credit and were able to retire early but I think people like me are just not the majority of voters.

    • Paul:

      Don’t blame the media. Blame Ron’s campaign committee for running a truly inept campaign. They wasted their ammo on the also-rans and kissed up to Willard. From their comments within the past two months, I would say that Ron’s campaign manager is a plant paid by Willard.

      Besides that, his committee did NOT come up with anything “newsworthy.” The ONLY time Ron got coverage was when he called Santorum a “phony” and refused to back away from the charge. If they had spent even an ounce of effort, they could have knocked Robme out of the race, and then Ron could have made mincemeat of the rest. It’s just hard to beat someone who can, and is willing to, spend SEVENTEEN times as much money than all the rest of the field on propaganda.

      The media are inept, not evil. Feed them a good line and they WILL use it.

      Aside from not having any “soundbites,” they didn’t coach Ron on how to grab a camera. So he came off sounding professorial–and too smart for the job.

      Ron’s staff either failed him or sabotaged him, and I am leaning toward the latter.

      • Yeah but what of the others who did attack Mitt. Look at Perry’s track record. On paper this guy can walk on water.

        But then again, not another governor from Texas in the White House

  13. No one with a sane mind can say that the Republican GOP has not rooked Ron Paul. That is an absolute fact.

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