After a couple weeks of playing defense, the Obama campaign is attempting to rewrite the narrative back in the President’s favor by going on the offense against Mitt Romney. At issue the continued pounding for Romney’s tax returns and allegations regarding the Romney/Ryan plan for health care.

Report from the Associated Press:

Barack Obama’s re-election campaign kept up pressure against Republican rival Mitt Romney on two fronts Friday, launching a new ad defending the president’s record on Medicare while challenging Romney to release at least five years of tax returns.

The TV advertisement – accusing Romney and running mate Paul Ryan of undermining the health care program critical to millions of seniors, came as Romney made plans to spend his time raising money in non-battleground states. That remains a top priority even with the election less than 12 weeks away and Obama making extended visits to toss-up states such as Iowa and Ohio.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina made the tax-disclosure offer to Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades in a letter Friday morning. Messina said he was taking the step because Romney “apparently fears the more he offers, the more our campaign will demand that he provide.”Romney’s wife, Ann, has repeatedly stated that concern in interviews, arguing that the more the couple releases, the more questions are asked.

Romney released his 2010 taxes and has pledged to release his 2011 returns. Messina said in letter that he wants Romney to provide three more years of returns.

Obama’s campaign has questioned whether there are years when Romney paid no taxes. Romney defended his record Thursday, saying he has paid at least 13 percent of his income in federal taxes every year for the past decade.

“I did go back and look at my taxes and over the past 10 years I never paid less than 13 percent,” Romney told reporters after he landed in South Carolina for a fundraising event Thursday. “I think the most recent year is 13.6 or something like that. So I paid taxes every single year.”

Aides later said Romney meant to say 13.9 percent, the amount he already disclosed for his 2010 federal return

There must be the belief that Romney is vulnerable on this topic or the Obama campaign would not keep hammering it. However, it does fit with the Obama campaign rhetoric that the wealthy are making off quite well, paying tax rates down to 13.9% thanks to the capital gains tax rate while the majority of the country pays much higher rates simply through income tax.


  1. That’s the thing. Romney is just not smart. Every time he says (as a multi-millionaire) that he paid a tax rate lower than yours, it doesn’t matter that he paid SOME. He’s still pointing out the inequity of the system that lets a small number of people suck up most of the wealth and then not even pay an equal RATE as the rest of us.

    The born-into-millions/married-into-millions duo is going to have a harder and harder time convincing people that such aristocrats know what’s going on in our lives. Or care.


    • It really strikes me that Paul supporters, ardent champions of freedom, liberty and private ownership, are some of the first to criticize Romney’s wealth. Sounds like you want the government to redistribute some wealth for you. Seems antithetical to Ron Paul’s views.

      Your comment sounded like it could have come from an Obama campaign spokesman, no? They seem to share views on people who “suck up most of the wealth and then not even pay.” Occupy Wall Street much?

      • Nobody’s criticizing Romney’s wealth, or even how he got his original wealth. The criticism is that he took that wealth and used it to destroy other people’s wealth. And the complaints are to try to spread the word that it’s not too late to dump this loser.

        When it comes to taxation, you have to remember that his army of lawyers are finding loopholes and deductions to reduce his “taxable” income, so that the 13.9% is only AFTER they found things like a $77,000 deduction for his dancing horse. No problem with having a dancing horse, either–we just don’t want to pay for it.

        As I said before, NOBODY is criticizing wealth. We celebrate Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, because they PRODUCED something in the process of gaining their wealth. Compare that to the Bain way:

        • Sounds like you are criticizing his wealth and how you allege he got his wealth since you use it as a major point of contention every time you speak of him.

          “The born-into-millions/married-into-millions duo”

          Ron Paul doesn’t take any tax deductions right? I think I read that Ron Paul pays extra taxes since there are people who “suck up most of the wealth and then not even pay.”

          I’ve heard Ron Paul in the GOP primary debates say he’d like people to pay less taxes or even no taxes. Does that not apply to everyone or can we pick and choose who pays and who doesn’t pay based on not liking them? Again, totally antithetical to Ron Paul’s libertarian views.

      • I’m anti-Romney. I have no problem with saying so. I just wish you’d admit that you’re using this blog to campaign FOR him.

        • Actually, I think I’ve been fair. If you look back, I have covered Ron Paul and all the rest and defended him when the GOP was wrong (see Maine caucus posts and LA GOP posts). The bottom line is that Ron Paul isn’t the nominee and will not be the nominee and even he is the first to say so. That leaves us Romney and Obama which will continue to get the most posts on this site. There are plenty of fan sites which will cheer-lead for Ron Paul until the end of eternity. This isn’t one of them.

          Out of the 432 posts on this site, Ron Paul has been mentioned 194 times. Obama only 156 times. Fairly generous I’d say.

          • Nate — I’ve found you to be more than fair (since you put up with my posts…LOL).

            (Goethe Behr was a Newt fan (only after the Newt got eliminated…did this kid become a Ron Paul fan — his request is not so much as posting pro Ron Paul headings, as desiring you post Mitt Romney bashing)! And I have no problem with that — since I consider the Rmonkey to be just a lighter version of the other Monkey…LOL.

            Thanks for allowing all here to post their views as they see them.

          • Nate:

            The fact that you think you’ve been “fair,” with such an overwhelming bias toward Willard–in topics chosen, sources chosen, and wording of your commentary–just shows how deep your bias is.

            • Billy:

              It would be a boring blog, indeed, if contributors had no bias. But it should be impossible for contributors to tell what the boss thinks, in order to encourage a free flow of opinion. We should feel that we might have to fight other contributors but not feel that the boss will come down on us.

              My main complaint is not that Nate took the bait and showed his bias.

              My complaint is that the bias is shown in the selection of topic, of questionable references, selective quoting of those references, and then a biased commentary ahead of our comments. It’s not “what do you think,” it’s “do you agree with me?”

              Last night, Willard said that Big Business (like Bain) knows how to get out of paying their fair [not legally allowable] tax burden, and the problem is that small business can’t afford the expensive lawyers that allow Bain and others to hide income. Seems to me that that is a very interesting topic, but we’re not likely to see it.

              And that is the problem. From the outset, nearly all topics have been Pro-Romney, and the discussion then becomes how pro-Romney we are. It’s about framing the discussion, and I’m asking for some even-handedness. For instance, PaulFest is THIS weekend. It is a truly revolutionary event, and unpredictable. Where’s the discussion on the details, meaning, and importance of that??

            • Nobody ever said life was fair. I agree if you ask the right question you will get the answer you want to hear. Big money can get the right questions asked as evidenced in the debates.

    • How did obama get his millions? How much does obama give to the needy (his own, not government funds) like his brother or aunt. How can you say Mitt, a self made man, is not smart when you vote for a man who supports abortion for any reason, the church of Rev. Wright, same sex marriage (likely not to need birth control or abortion), the union mod and other anti America personal.

      • James:

        By what fantasy can you pretend that Willard is a “self-made man”?? He was born with millions. He then used that money to destroy other people’s wealth and dreams.

        PLEASE take a look at this explanation of how Bain worked:

        Since you won’t go there, the gist is that Bain buys companies with bank money, then pays itself huge fees–sucking out money, even if the company goes under.

        The fees include
        –a fee to BUY the company (wtf?).
        –a fee for “managing” the company,
        –an additional fee if they invest IN the company
        –a fee if they take money OUT of the company
        –a fee if they bought smaller companies for the company
        –and a fee to sell the company.

        Is it any wonder that formerly healthy companies didn’t survive their fees?

        And regarding Rev. Wright, yeah, he was an embarrassment for Obama–but at least he’s a CHRISTIAN, not some cult.

        How is Mormon “prophet” Joseph Smith different in any way from the prophets Mohammed or L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology). Jim Jones, David Koresh, or Sun Myung Moon? They all claimed that they “CORRECTED” the ideas of Jesus, right?

    • Billy Malone — isn’t that what you said…? Placing your own sure bet the BO to win.

      p.s. Just bought property in Costa Rica — after I retire this year…will post and see if the complacent people here are still free…or in FEMA Camps!

      Let me know, I’ll be on the beach surf fishing (with a stack of gold coins on the side)….

      • Think you will love it there, No problem finding people just like yourself there for sure. Lot’s of thieves though but you can hire someone to watch over everything you own cheap and very little strong armed stuff goes on so all in all it’s safer than here. I like Ecuador but earthquakes are a big concern so I guess that why most Americans like Costa Rica,

        • Been there many times — The carnival at Port Limon is great. Just too humid on the Atlantic side.

          Got a house on the pacific side!

          • Well I don’t know anyone who has come back after making the move but I do know a few that thought it was a good idea but then never went. Only complaint was they are kind of slow at getting thing done, like if your car needs something done but if you don’t need it for work, tomorrow is just fine.

  2. Nate:

    This is an old thread, but I was looking for something and found your comment:

    Out of the 432 posts on this site, Ron Paul has been mentioned 194 times. Obama only 156 times.

    Can you run it again and tell us how many mentions of Romney you have? That was really the issue in this thread. Of course, you’ll have to look for Romney, Rmoney, Rmonkey, Willard, Slick Willie, Mitt, Mittney, Mithering, Robme, and Rockefeller, among others. . .

    Please advise.

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