Following the primary battle and now leading up to the convention in Tampa, it appears the GOP is working hard to avoid alienating Ron Paul and his supporters any further from the party. A new report out in the last couple days explains how the GOP is working to make sure Paul, and his supporters, are fully included and represented in August.

Report from USAToday:

Ron Paul supporters have feuded with state Republican parties across the country, battling for delegate seats at the national convention, but the national party is welcoming Paul and his supporters to the event with open arms, even helping the Texas congressman organize his troops.

The Paul campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have been working closely over the past few months to work out logistics in order to include the Texas congressman and his supporters in the August convention in Tampa.

“They’ve just treated us like a friend and like a coalition,” said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for the Paul campaign. “They have been honest brokers in working with us and treated us with respect.”

Paul will hold a rally with supporters Aug. 26 at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome — a venue convention planners helped him get.

“We have worked closely with Congressman Paul to secure a location for this event,” said Kyle Downey, a spokesman for the GOP convention.

Planners have also kept Paul’s platform committee delegates in the loop as they begin the process of assembling that document.

Despite this cooperation, Paul, unlike all of the other former GOP presidential contenders, has not endorsed Mitt Romney for the nomination

It would shock me that such prominence and consideration at the convention would come without an eventual endorsement of Romney. One would assume that if Paul is to be speaking at the convention, that he must, assuredly, support the GOP nominee or he would not consider such an engagement. I don’t want to put words in that article that aren’t there but I’d have to assume the RNC is hoping that Paul will swallow his reservations about Romney and urge his supporters to do the same so they can focus on their common goal, ousting President Obama.


  1. I wish the RNC would be more concerned about serving the platform and the Primary voters and the american people.

    The elite establishment is as much of a problem as the Democrats.

  2. both parties are corrupt to the core
    As is the criminal controlled media!

    • Did you think that the media was a public service? It is a business, and it serves it’s own purpose. Advertisers and money is what it is all about.

  3. You must be dreaming if you think Ron Paul supporters will vote for Romney. He is Obama with an R. And I don’t believe the GOP is “cooperating” with the supporters. They know they NEED them but it is too little too late. If the GOP was serious about saving America, they would have backed Ron Paul all the way. And I’d be shocked if Ron Paul endorsed Romney. That would be admitting his (Paul’s) firm support for the US Constitution doesn’t really matter after all. MAY GOD FORBID!

  4. maybe they are being nice to Paul so there isn’t a convention fight ,trying to contain Paul supporters until they( the supporters) can’t raise a third party challenge!!

    • Don’t think a 3rd party has much of a chance this late. Obama has this one in the bank as he has a long this of the “Obama no matter who” type of voters. Romney on the other hand has an equally long list of the “Anybody but Romney” type of voter who just isn’t going to vote.

  5. I hope Ron Paul doesn’t have to endorse Romney just to speak at the republican convention .. the republican party should jump at the chance to have Dr. Paul speak .. it would be THE HIGHLIGHT of their convention, and for a lot of people, it would be the only reason to tune in and watch .. if they have any intelligence at all, they will not place any conditions on Dr. Paul in exchange for the honor of having him speak.

  6. They are not “catering”. They don’t have a choice. The GOP can’t just throw away ten thousand votes here, ten thousand votes there. I think it is all futile anyways, as a great deal many Ron Paul supporteres will not be voting for Romney.

    • I agree, they just won’t vote and even if they only represented 1% they are or were GOP votes. Oh a few may still vote, a vote against Obama but nothing like what Romney needs. He can forget the black vote, he can forget the Latino vote, the union vote, the food stamp people vote…………….I think he can pretty much forget about any chance of ever seeing the White House as a resident.

    • Well, as you and I both know, the Reps cannot win this without Paul and his supporters. It’s not like they will get his supporters, but if this is their rationale, let ’em fly with it.

      Do they truly believe Ron Paul would ever back RMoney? Are they crazy?

  7. In the end Ron Paul will endorse Romney. He is a Republican, always has been, and will always be. That’s the way he has kept his seat, and the RNC has kept his district. Politics is about building coalitions not breaking them. R.Paul has one, from where they have served each others purpose. I am almost positive he would have not won his district so many times if he would run as a Independent or Libertarian. The RNC gives him a platform from where he can be heard.
    As for me, I do not believe that who I like must win a election. I voted for R Perot because my ideas at the time were closer to his than Bush or Clinton. Also because I knew he would NOT win, and I did not want to vote for Bush nor Clinton. I liked them both personally, but there policies, not so munch. Same as now. Romney can not win me over, and Obama doesn’t convince me that much. So I will probably vote my conscience, my likes, LIBERTARIAN: Gary Johnson. Who I know will not win, because most people need to fool them selves in to winning. I just want to be honest to my self and the process.

    • Yeah.. well, don’t hold your breath!
      Ron Paul is his own man. If he doesn’t agree with someone, and how could he every agree with Romney?- he will not support him.
      Not ever; not the Ron Paul I’ve paid attention to, since 1979. No way, no how!

    • By the way; yes, Ron Paul is a Republican. He is an old school, libertarian-leaning Republican, as are all true Reps. He is not a NeoCon and he does not support NeoCons, and Romney is the epitome of NeoCON (as you see; the emphasis is on CON.)

  8. The established GOP has no chance except for Ron Paul, we have the delegates, we have the people. We have the right to speak. Don’t let them push you off the floor Ron Paul. We are behind you. USAtoday (Facebook only) can try to spin it anyway they like. I don’t agree with the MSM lies. Just show up on Convention Day, we will do the rest.

    • At least they would have a choice between Obama and something else. But this way no matter how bad it gets they can always say, “Do you think Romney could have done any better?”

  9. I will never vote Romney he is to much like Obama. I pay attention to his platform and it is more like Obama than not like Obama.

  10. Unfortunately, like George H W Bush in ’92, Romney will loose this election and we will go full bore into a dictatorship if conservatives and libertarians vote their conscience. There is a huge difference between Obama and Romney; Romney is not a dictator and Obama is. If Obama wins we won’t have to worry about elections in the future. Secret ballots and choice will be a thing of the past. Hello Cuba, Viet Nam, Russia and China. Mix that with some of the Islamic states and that will be the new U S A. Elections do make a difference. Let’s support Mitt this time. Johnson is a lost cause.

    • Just not going to happen, Obama was a shoo in from the time Romney became the front runner for the GOP.

  11. I’m a 54 year old “newbie”… was dead to politics until this past year when I was spiritually lead to find out who the heck Ron Paul is. Yep, I never missed a vote, and I didn’t necessarily vote Democrat or Repulican either one… I would vote my conscience. However, I didnt’ spend much time doing my own research… I was one of the 99% (guessing the figure there) that listened to media, read papers and did my best from there. Now I keep in the loop with the media and web sites and VOTING records of the Democrats and the Republicans… and the only integrity that shines brightly is that of Ron Paul. What he has that the others don’t is a heart for America, not power; and a true love of our country and it’s founding principles, and a belief in the American people and their ability to have brains and make decisions, and LEAD. The only area I think he could possibly be wrong and what I see changing is the ability of the American people to think for themselves and take the time to do the research on their own (like I have started to do) and get involved. The spinning Merry-Go-Round of life takes most typical Americans under… just keeping busy getting kids where they need to be and making a living to support themselves; other Americans just sitting on their butts and being dependent on the Government to take care of them…. many too many are comfortable doing that and more are being added every second of every day. The small percentage that is actually involved in finding truth and helping to return America to what it once was has a lot of responsibility to make up the difference and make it happen. God Bless America! God’s country (always was, and always will be!)

    • Yeah but keep in mind that in politics the messenger is just as important as the message so they need great speech writers that can write just what the people want to hear and no more. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.

  12. The article is missing something. Paul is going to have a few hundred supporters/delegates at the RNC regardless of what Romney does. If Romney antagonizes these people, the convention will turn into a circus and Romney can’t afford that.

    I could be wrong, but I do not think Paul will endorse Romney. He may say something like “Romney is better than Obama,” but nothing much stronger than that.

  13. Benton is an opportunist who is making money for himself off his new found celebrity status. I think he and others have betrayed Ron Paul for personal gain.

  14. I would really like to see Ron Paul win. Maybe Americans will be tired of Romney and Obama. Vote for Ron Paul.

    • With 16 trillion in debt one would thing that thought just might enter the voters head but my money says they want more of the same.

      • Haha, I have to tell you this:
        The other day, I was in yt, discussing the terrible debt.
        This guy, quite seriously, stated that we are NOT bankrupt, because we can still print as much money as we want.

        Yes, he believed this, and yes; it blew my mind! The sleeping babies continue to be lulled into dreamland by the SnewZ folk. Terrible.

        • Must have talked to my broke brother-in-law whose been married 4 times. Not a worry in the world though.

        • Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
          (there are no other options!)

          All REAL Americans, and ALL People around the world— that believe in Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Honesty, Truth, Goodness and Self-determination —are for Ron Paul.

          President Paul wants to save our Nation and heal the World, and desires nothing for himself — making him a True Patriot (unlike the megalomaniacs that want The Presidency, so they can get a bigger pie, and engorge themselves further at the people’s expense — marking them as Leeches on the path to suck US dry)!

          Ron Paul has awoken the Sleeping Giant that is We, The People! We are growing in numbers and our voice is no longer distant thunder — but a Roaring Storm that’s approaching and eventually will wipe out the PUPPETEERS that have stolen Our Nation!

          We are the MANY, while the Criminals in Power, that want to control us, are the FEW (and their subhuman squeals are getting weaker)!


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