The once rock-solid Democratic stronghold of Michigan appears to be signifigantly softer this year for President Obama, at least if you believe any of the polling data from the past month. The most recent poll release shows Romney actually leading the President by 1%, which is of course within the margin of error.

Report from Detroit News:

Two polls released Tuesday give different views of how Michigan may vote in the presidential election.

A survey by Mitchell Research & Communications showed the race is a statistical dead heat between President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican challenger Mitt Romney, with Romney leading, 45 percent to Obama’s 44 percent.

But a poll by Rasmussen gave the edge to Obama, 48 percent to 42 percent.

Both surveys show that Romney, who was born in Michigan, is closing the gap with the president. Last month, Obama had a larger lead in a Rasmussen poll, 50 percent to 42 percent.

Also last month, the Mitchell survey showed Obama in front, 47 percent to 46 percent.

“Mitt Romney’s home state continues to look as though it is going to be a battleground state this year,” said Steve Mitchell of Mitchell Research & Communications.

The results are consistent with other polls showing Romney closing the gap since becoming the presumptive GOP candidate. Obama once had a commanding lead in Michigan, as much as double figures in one May poll.

Mitchell Research queried 825 likely voters Monday in an automated telephone survey. It has a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

Rasmussen questioned 500 likely voters Monday with a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points.

The Mitchell poll showed a possible cause for concern for Obama. Romney expanded his lead among independent voters, who are considered a key voting bloc.

In the poll, they preferred Romney by a 44 percent to 34 percent margin. Last month, they liked Romney, 43 percent to 38 percent.

Michigan has not voted for a Republican president since 1988. Then again, Virginia hadn’t voted for a Democrat president since 1964 so pretty much anything can happen given the right circumstances.


    • im sorry i misunderstood your comment. please accept my sincere apology.the way i first read it was you calling republicans SOB. and you were asking them to vote for obama.

      • Roy:

        Let’s see. . .
        so far, you’ve called us liars
        that none of us are conservative
        that we’re SOBs
        and you’ve repeatedly used the expression “nuff said.”

        I guess that’s what you get from faux news.

        You’ll find that most of us are Ron Paul supporters here, Scooter.

  1. It’s NOT true that Willard is “closing the gap.” If you look at the numbers, in the Rasmussen poll, Barry led Willard 50 to 42, and this month, he leads Willard 48 to 42. So Willard didn’t gain a thing. Barry just dropped.

    In the Mitchell poll, last month’s numbers showed Barry ahead 47 to 46. This month, Willard’s ahead 45 to 44. Notice anything? Again, Willard didn’t “close the gap,” he LOST another point! Oh, yeah, he’s really charging ahead that way!

    The headline should be, “Most Voters Beginning to Realize They Hate Both Candidates.”

    Besides, with an error rate of about 4 points, do these numbers really mean anything at all? The horse race continues. . . .

    By the time we’ve seen the billions of dollars worth of slash and snuff ads, a write-in candidate might actually win.

    • It’s the same way he got through the primary season. He never got out of the mid 20 per cent range in popularity, but never fell either. Unpopular among all groups, but less unpopular than the rest (with the possible exception of RP who’s votes we know were actively mis-counted, interfered with, etc.)

      It’ll be interesting to see how Romney fares this fall in what’s shaping up to be the mother of all hold-your-nose-and-vote (or not) elections.

  2. Audit the Federal Reserve VOTE starts in a few minutes — about 1:15pm ET — watch it live, and mark down the Names of the anti-Americans that vote against this crucial transparency (so we can vote these creatures OUT OF Office)! What possible objection could there be to audit them, since anyone can be audited…what hidden powers make the Feds SO UNTOUCHABLE to BE EXEMPT from being audited, so all Americans can see what they’ve been doing to US???

      • Have you heard about the shooting range owner who was contacted by James Holmes? Glenn Rotkovich is being praised as a hero because he SUPPOSEDLY refused to allow Holmes into his range.

        I heard an interview with Rotkovich. He started out saying he called Holmes to say there was an opening, but Holmes’ outgoing message was so rambling, threatening, and unintelligible that he told the staff not to let him in.

        Yeah. That’s his story.

        Five minutes later, in the same interview, Rotkovich bragged about how many people are trying to get into his shooting range, so he NEVER calls anyone twice, to let them know there’s an opening. THEN he said he called Holmes THREE TIMES, and Holmes didn’t answer and didn’t call back. THAT is when Rotkovich got mad and complained about him to staff.

        The fact is, Rotkovich went to extremes to get Holmes into the shooting range, and Holmes just didn’t call back. Rotkovich was anxious to get an obviously crazy person into his range. Rotkovich is a fraud.

        • Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. There are even a few who will lie to get it. A few days ago a woman reported that Obama waved to her from the window of a C-17 that landed at the wrong airport here in the Bay area. The reporter asked if he was flying it because a C-17 has no other windows other than the front windshield.

  3. If Willard doesn’t spend a LOT of money here, he’ll do what McCain did, and cut his losses late in the game.

    Up till then, we’ll have to hear that Michigan is responsible for bringing you the Corporate Parasite.

  4. Ron Paul VICTORY — Audit the Feds PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, time to get the names of the one Republicon and the 98 Democrooks that voted against the American People!

    These CREATURES are the enemies of We, The People — and we need to take them down!

  5. Spread the Names of these 98 Traitors to the Real American People — that voted AGAINST auditing the Federal Reserve Gangsters!

    Contact these anti-American Scumbags and tell them what you think of their TRAITOROUS Action — and tell them, you’ll do your best to have them removed from ever holding any Office!

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    Price (NC)
    Rothman (NJ)
    Ryan (OH)
    Sánchez, Linda T.
    Thompson (MS)
    Turner (NY)
    Van Hollen
    Wasserman Schultz
    Wilson (FL)

    • Good job Surfisher, I don’t believe most voters know how their politicians voted on certain issues but this was a true line in the sand vote. Castor will not receive my vote here in Tampa for sure.

      • Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:

        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

        If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

        • When I was younger, I went from one city in Michigan to another, saw an American National Bank office, and went in to deposit gift money. I was surprised to find that although the banks had the same name, they had no affiliation. We ended up wiring the money from that bank to mine.

          Imagine that: community banks, based in a community, subject to and dependent on the approbation of the human beings living in that community. The owners and officers were your neighbors, and they could know you and approve a loan, because they know you’re good for it. Think A Wonderful Life.

          Four years ago, the banksters were on their back, like a turtle, flailing their arms helplessly. At that time, we should have totally rewritten the banking rules, and broken them up (like AT&T). Instead, we saved them, and to what end? In interviews, the banksters now say they had nothing to do with the banking crisis, and now, they’re more powerful than ever.

          We can’t get laws passed, but we can move our money to community banks and credit unions, to begin to take back our national wealth from the international banksters.

  6. I’ve never used foul language here…so forgive me if I do so now.

    One man, Ron Paul — set the below subhuman creatures back 100 years (back to 1913 when the Feds stole our Nation)!

    The Money Lenders, the Bilderberg Gang, the AIPAC, the International Banksters — ALL ARE PISSING BLOOD NOW!

      • Here is the one scumbag republican that voted nay. Also, contact banksters stooge Senator Reid below!

        Republican Congressman Robert Turner (NY) or call/fax his ofc – Washington, DC 20515
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        Washington, DC
        Phone: 202-224-3542 / Fax: 202-224-7327

  7. Audit the Feds!

    Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he may not allow a vote on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act before the session is over. Pressure must be put on the Senate, especially Mr. Reid, to have a vote on this critical legislation. He alone can prevent a vote from happening. However, enough pressure can make this happen.

    What you need to do:

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  8. Sigh….If Obama is elected, this country will never be the same again. For those who wish to have a socialist country, just look at Greece. Stupid sheeple, I am sick of paying for the other half that want everything free. Wake up and realize that the constitution is being destroyed under this current traitor.

    • I don’t get this talk of “socialism.” Is the problem OROMNEYCARE?

      Fact is, Obama sold us out to the insurance industry, not some phantom socialists. Here’s the story of the “individual mandate” that everyone hates:

      In the late 1980s, conservative economist Mark Pauly proposed a mandate requiring everyone to obtain minimum coverage, thus guarding against “free riders.”

      The Heritage Foundation then developed the idea for lawmakers [Congress can’t think for itself] — subsidizing and facilitating the purchase of private health plans, while using the individual mandate to maximize participation. Sen. John Chafee, R-R.I., proposed it in a bill that attracted 19 other Republican co-sponsors. [But when “Harry and Louise” killed health-care reform, all bets were off.]

      Then, in 2005, Mitt Romney turned to Edward Kennedy for help adopting a health-care overhaul for Massachusetts that was largely based on providing residents with government subsidies to buy private insurance.

      During the 2008 Democratic primary race, Obama hammered the issue as a key difference between himself and Clinton.

      “What’s she not telling you about her health-care plan?” said an advertisement for Obama. “It forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it, and you pay a penalty if you don’t.”

      Copyright 2012 The Arizona Republic | All rights reserved. [Edited to fit better in this blog.]

    • Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
      (there are no other options!)

      All REAL Americans, and ALL People around the world— that believe in Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Honesty, Truth, Goodness and Self-determination —are for Ron Paul.

      President Paul wants to save our Nation and heal the World, and desires nothing for himself — making him a True Patriot (unlike the megalomaniacs that want The Presidency, so they can get a bigger pie, and engorge themselves further at the people’s expense — marking them as Leeches on the path to suck US dry)!

      Ron Paul has awoken the Sleeping Giant that is We, The People! We are growing in numbers and our voice is no longer distant thunder — but a Roaring Storm that’s approaching and eventually will wipe out the PUPPETEERS that have stolen Our Nation!

      We are the MANY, while the Criminals in Power, that want to control us, are the FEW (and their subhuman squeals are getting weaker)!


  9. Deja Vu:

    GOP thugs are at it again. Although Gary Johnson is on 47 state ballots, a Michigan judge says he can’t be on the ballot because he was a Republican candidate for about 12 minutes during the primaries.

    The judge doesn’t explain why John Anderson was allowed to be on the Michigan ballot in 1980, after running in the GOP primary that year.

    These crooks can’t be reformed. It’s time for a new Lincoln. The Whigs were the “Prepublican Party.” Now we need a “Postpublican Party.”

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