Republicans will be heading to the polls today in Michigan and Arizona to choose a preferred GOP nominee for president. Polling data in Michigan indicates the race is very close between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney while Arizona tells a different story where Romney leads significantly.

Poll Closing Times:
Michigan – 8pm ET
Arizona – 7pm MT (9pm ET)

Report from the Washington Post:

Today is primary day in the two big states before Super Tuesday, Arizona and Michigan. They’re both states that Mitt Romney had been expected to win easily – until Rick Santorum began gaining momentum among conservative voters as the “not-Romney” alternative.

Of the two, Michigan is by far the more competitive race – the candidates have been spending the bulk of their time there in recent days, and both Romney and Santorum hold their primary-night parties there tonight.

Santorum holds events today in Grandville and Kentwood, Mich., then makes a swing over to Perrysburg, Ohio, before returning to Grand Rapids in western Michigan for his primary night rally.

Romney starts off the day in Livonia, Mich., and holds his primary night rally in Novi, 30 miles west of Detroit. (Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), one of Romney’s top surrogates, visits a Romney primary-night party in Phoenix on the candidate’s behalf.)

Newt Gingrich, who all but bypassed Michigan, is spending the day in his home state of Georgia, where he holds three campaign events, two news conferences and a primary night rally.

And Rep. Ron Paul, who campaigned only lightly in Michigan, is spending his primary night in Springfield, Va.

We’ll have the results this evening though I’m betting a winner in Michigan will not be declared until late into the night. Arizona may be easier to call if Romney’s support holds as the polling data indicates.


  1. If you don’t listen to Ron Paul you don’t know how your tax dollar is really working:

    The Federal Reserve’s Gifts to:

    Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
    Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
    Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
    Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
    Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
    Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
    Goldman Sachs:$814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
    Royal Bank of Scotland (UK):$541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
    JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
    Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
    UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
    Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
    Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
    Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom):$181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
    BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)
    and many many more including banks in Belgium of all places

      • I’m a UK citizen, but I just wanted to say to you republicans out there.
        Our press barely mentions Ron Paul, but even so, everyone I know or talk to who knows of RP in the UK hope RP wins, same with friends and friends of friends in Germany, France, Norway, Netherlands and a few other places. We all recognize that if the US citizens get their liberty back it actually would make much outside the US a better place as well as the US itself.

        Much of Europe were shocked when you guys passed that NDAA law, from an outside view its the most anti-american thing ever done (I do not know how Americans view that law though), and only RP seems to want to get rid of it

        And quite frankly, when hundreds of US troops march on the White House for Ron Paul like they did the other day, and when Ron Paul does a speech like in Michigan and 4000+ people turn up where the other candidates couldn’t get 1/4 of that number, it gives us Europeans a little hope that the US will go back to its freedom loving self that we grew up learning about.

        Best to all you US buddies.

        • Thank you so much for your support, Paul! “We the People” did not pass, nor want the NDAA. The tyrants that have hi-jacked our government did. I do not think the rest of the world knows much of what is really happening currently here in America. Ballets in the primaries and caucuses are not being correctly counted or reported (the GOP is cheating!), police-states are active, the equivalent of concentration camps are fully staffed (by foreign/UN police)and Obama wants them to be operational within 48 hour, the state militias have been preparing to defend ourselves and our constitutions if need be and our media is not reporting on any of it. Most of Americans are blinded by the media to what is really going on. I am afraid. I am hoping that we can regain our freedom and our liberties in a peaceful manner, but it is not looking as though that will happen. Please keep us in your prayers, keep yourselves informed and please, please, please…spread the word.

          God Bless!

          Here are some websites to get info on what is really going on in our country:

          • you may be held indefinitely even if you are a U.S. citizens arrested on American soil, including arrests by members of the Armed Forces.

    • Billy Malone — just got a response to a letter I wrote to the Federal Reserve asking for my money back.

      They said: “Sorry, don’t have it, we gave yours to a guy who has a bank in France, Europe.”

      If I contact that guy in France, do you think he’ll give it back to me……

      Need your advice, here…..

    • But it would be so easy and reasonable vote for Ron Paul and have normal president, who will change all these bad issues.

    • Prayers are devoutly being said for the outcome of the votes being cast today to elect the only man dedicated to protecting and honoring our Republic Founding, and American citizens. Ron Paul.

      Prayers are being said with a special request for Christians:

      That every self-proclaimed Christian who votes for the Mormon realizes by doing so they have rejected all Christians and God the Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

      Mr. Richie Rich’s Mormon belief rejects Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour. How smart does that show him to be? What decisioning, what intelligence! For a Christian to vote for a Mormon as President of this country which was established on Christian principles and with the blessings of God the Father and His Son and the Holy Spirit, is a rejection of that foundation and God’s blessing.

      Such Christians might do better praying to Mr. Smith after they reject Jesus the Son of God and Saviour… and change their title from Christian to Mormon.

      • How do you figure that mormon’s reject Jesus Christ as the Savior and son of God? The entire LDS religion is based on the Book of Mormon which testifies that Jesus is the Christ and the savior of the world. I am a supporter of Ron Paul and he has my vote for the presidency but I am also a Mormon and I steadfastly believe in Jesus Christ and in God the Eternal Father. I mean no offense by this but I am a Mormon and I am a Christian.

        • Know your facts. Let us begin with the problem, when a protestant says Son of God, what you mean is that Jesus is God. It is called the Trinity, Father, Son, Spirit. Mormonism believes that Jesus is literally the Son of God, and not God. They do not like passages like “i and the father are one”. And “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God”. Since Jesus is the word, according to John, Jesus is God. Mormonism is not Christianity, clearly, Mormonism is Mormonism. It was started by Joseph Smith, not Christ. Just because you base your teachings off Christ does not make you a Christian, just because you know the Bible does not make you a Christian. If you want to be a Christian, then follow only Christ, Paul knew people should not follow him, that why he said that there are disciples of many men but we should ultimately follow Jesus Christ. If you want to be a Muslim, follow Muhammed, a Mormon follow Joseph. Please do not confuse people, Mormons can be Christians, but theologically you have some real issues, know your stuff before you start posting things. I could write you a lengthy book and name it the Book of Barians and starts the Barians out of Christianity, but I would be misleading people from Christ. The Son of God. But, don’t you think Jesus would have laid down the correct eschatology? Why do we need someone to correct Jesus eschatology? Joseph Smith could not even convince his own church leaders that he had the tablets so he threatened their positions in the church! Come on. Lets think common sense, he made up mormonism to become famous. HE liked the idea of polygamy and now that it is considered bad you remove it. He just wanted his own religion!

          • wonderful! Since last June, I have been predicting the following outcome in November: Romney vs Obama [Romney, because only MONEY matters to the GOP], Obama wins, BECAUSE— Christian crazies, such as yourself, will not be able to vote for a Mormon. Thanks for proving me right!

          • Easy now, I didn’t say I would not vote for Romney… Please do not jump to conclusions, and trust me I am not a crazy, I love people. I love anyone and love talking about different beliefs. I do not enjoy talking with people who think they know everything about a religion or theological stance who do not, because that seriously distorts “religion”. I defend my faith as hard as you defend your position against Republicans! Its not just what I “believe” its what I live for, but please do not put me in a box and define me as something, I will vote for Romney, I would rather have someone else, but that is ok. Don’t be so quick to say Christian “crazies”.

            • To give Romney a 50/50 chance I suggest:

              Blackface Makeup: Cream Tube Face Paint Professional Quality Theatrical Halloween Costume Accessory $3.95

              That way the voters won’t be able to tell the difference.

          • Matt, Christianity is the belief in Christ which makes Mormon’s Christian because we believe in Christ. Yes it is true that we believe in a trinity and not that Jesus Christ is God but that does not mean we are not Christians. Second of all, I do have my facts straight. Paul was a penitent man and was correct when he told people not to worship him because he was an apostle, not the Savior or God. I agree with this. Mormons do not worship Joseph Smith as a God. We believe that he was a prophet the same as Noah or Moses.

            And lastly, there are plenty of biblical references that show that Jesus and God are not the same person, and that Jesus is God’s son. Who was Jesus praying to on the cross if not his father? Himself? When he said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” and “Father, if thou wilt, remove this cup from me, nevertheless, glory be to the Father, and thy will, not mine be done.”

            I do not mean to be offensive by any of these comments, nor am I trying to convert you to be a Mormon, but just because we believe that Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are three seperate beings does not mean we are not Christian. We still believe that Jesus is the Savior and Redeemer of the World.

          • Jimmy, i respect your attitude toward the topic. Man, I just do not see that being biblical. Christianity is literally founded on Christ being God. If not, it would still be called Judaism, with Jesus being a mere prophet. The reason Jesus says, “my god, my god” on the cross is because he was quoting David in the Psalms. David psalm gave a nice prophetic example of what Christ would endure. They both suffered. It was pretty cool. But, it is an O.T. quote. Jesus prays to the father because there is a relationship between Father and Son that is bonded through the love of the Holy Spirit. It is really cool. Jesus is God. Same essence. We have already had this debate at the council of Nicea. The original of the original texts were used. The best greek mauscripts and it was clear that the Bible taught Jesus is God. Same essence.

            My point about following Joseph Smith was just to say that the truth should come from Christ’s teachings. Teachings that do not match up to Christs teachings cannot be valid. Christians believe in Christs teaching. Many mormon teachings do not. That is why the religion Mormonism is not Christianity. Not to say that some mormons are not Christian.

            We must look at God’s jealousy to understand some of this. God desires us to only love him, to only praise him, and to only honor him. No veneration of the saints or prophets. If Jesus was not God then there is no way we could praise Jesus name. Since he is God, we can confess that Jesus is lord and receive forgiveness. John 1:1. The only way Jesus is not God is to misinterpret this scripture. In John 1:1, you will have to change the greek in order to make the scripture not say “the word is God”. All would agree the word is referring to Jesus. Some try to argue it says “the word was a God”. This is not what the text says. Check out the greek…

            With this said, Christians are followers of Christ. Only Christ. You must admit Jesus is Lord to be saved. Which is really cool because Lord in the Septuagint(O.T. inn Greek) is the same as Lord in the New Testament. The writers of the N.T. gave Jesus the same title as God!! Because he is God. I respectively disagree and pray you will seek out the truth of the N.T. before approaching a fallible Joseph Smith’s(who tried to join the methodist church ten years after starting mormonism) writings.


            At least give the above website a read. It has some historical facts and cold hard evidence. I want all to be educated in what they are truly believing!

      • You really have no idea what you are talking about. “Mormons” Pray to God the Eternal Father in the name of Christ also. Get your facts straight or don’t comment at all.

        • In the name of Jesus Christ, the son of God, but not God. This persons facts are correct about Jesus. Jesus is God. It is only a couple people who start groups that make Jesus the Son of God subordinate to the Father that believe Jesus is not equated to the Father. Take it back all the way to early church fathers or scripture. Either one. Mormonism distorts Christianity. Not saying you are not a Christian though, you might be! I am not judging you, I just encourage you to look at the original text, in greek, exegete it and find out if Joseph Smith created a new religion that he wanted or if it aligns with the text. And look into the LDS original beliefs and see if that works with Jesus teachings at all. It is scary! Mormons try and convince you that mormonism is christianity, but theologians everywhere will tell you it is not. Jesus says “I and the father are one”, great commision states that it is through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is called Homoousious. Trinity. Same essence. Mormonism distorts this truth that has been accpted for many years. But, you arent the first, like arius who taught Jesus was not the same as the Father, it was easy for Athanasius to debunk this. Please study the text!!! The Bible. The original word of God. John 1:1.

      • Constitution —

        Sorry to say, but this is an UGLY post!

        Elections are to be based on MERIT — not religious fervor!

      • Constitution — I would have expected such bigotry to be from a CA liberal. Funny you claim to be a RP supporter and be so closed minded. Even I know that anyone that acknowledges Christ in their teachings is “Christ”ian … I am sure it all just perspective, but I agree with Surfisher that your post is an ugly display. I have not yet decided who I like more or less. I just want a stable job where I can support my family. If RP or MR or even RS can help re-stabilize our economy without paying out billions in bailouts that I will have to end up paying for (and my children… and their children…), then I will vote based on that. Where did all this hate for other religions stem from anyway?

        • I just want it to be clear, I do not hate other religions!! I merely want people to understand that there is a difference, so that mormons aren’t claiming christianity and vice versa. Also, I do not want Christians not to vote for Romney because of mormonism, we just all need to be educated in our efforts. And, the reason Mormonism is not Christian is because they do not hold to all of Christs teachings, this is the problem with Mormonism and Jehovah Witneses, you cant pick and choose what you want to believe. I dont hate anyone! 🙂

          • Ron Paul becoming president doesn’t mean these won’t be crimes any more and will certainly not mean prostitution and drugs will be legal…..The president does not have the power to make such changes….

          • @Apple Juice – You misunderstand RP’s stance on drugs and prostitution. You can’t legislate morality, it’s a proven fact. Things need to change in society. RP would rather these issues be handled at the State level and not the Federal. That is all. The Federal gov has no authority waging a war on drugs. And this 40 year war on drugs has done absolutely nothing to decrease drug use, as Prohibition did nothing to end alcohol consumption.

          • @Republicus, what do you mean you can’t legislate morality. All laws have to do with morality. The Federal government does have the authority to interfere with the drug war because its job is to protect our borders.

            • its job is to protect our borders.

              From what? It’s pretty common knowledge that it’s the drug kingpins that are the biggest supporters of illegal drugs and border security. Just like the bootleggers of old.

              Yeah the more things change, the more they RTS.

        • Save money by not getting involved in the MidEast today and get blown up by a nuke tomorrow. Is that what you want?

          • no you will be less safe when we interfere more in the middle east. Remember what happend to russia? they got too involved in afghan and theyre economy fell… and empire fell as well….. so you need to educate yourself. Learn about some of our founders… and find out what they didnt get involved in to save this country. RON PAUL 2012

          • @Larry I view the cause of the Soviet Union’s (it was not called Russia back then) fall was because of their socialist government. I really don’t see how you can connect Afghanistan to the breakdown of a nation. Sure it is not a good idea to get involved in too many countries but their is a difference when it is in the cause of self defense.

          • Apple Juice, I believe the stuff might be a bit old as it seems you are still drinking it. The Muslims believe the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thus they don’t have to develop a nuke, all they have to do is buy one.

        • So Paul does not support the repeal of laws banning drugs and prostitution? Hmm…if not I apologize but last I heard he did.

          • Apple Juice,
            Its about personal liberty. The government should not have the right to tell you what you can and cannot do or can or cannot eat as long as it doesnt hurt others. Our governmet wants to regulate sugar because they say its bad for you. The government should not be able to dictate your religion either. If prostitution were legal I wouldnt go see one and if heroin were legal I would be the last one to use it. The laws against prostitution arent stopping hookers and the laws against drugs arent stopping junkies either. If the individual states want to ban or regulate something thats their business, not the federal government’s.

          • @Dave, but the problem with that arguement is that drugs and prostitution does harm others not involved. Tell the divorced women whose ex husband was caught in prostitution that prostution does not hurt anyone else. Or my mother whose brother died from drugs. Yes, these practices do hurt others and should remained outlawed.

      • By stopping the stupid amount of money going into financing the war on drugs that doesn’t work (except in states who keep these laws of course). Also it will stop a lot of the horrible violence that is going on in Mexico and further south.

        Prostitution being legal allows regulation (by public opinion especially and review) and further taxing of the service. This makes it safer then illegal prostitution and will also further protect the downtrodden prostitutes from pimps and murderers.

        But Rav is correct in that this is not the ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE AMERICA.

        • You honestly believe it is a good thing for people to have an easy and safe access to harm themselves. Making prostitution and drugs legal will encourage and grow the practices, harming much more people. Prostitution and drugs is inherently wrong and we must do everthing possible to discourage it.

          • I do not think that these things are okay, but the US Constitution does not give this authority to the federal government. This authority was given to the states. Just because Ron Paul realizes this fact does not mean that he supports these practices. It is the job of your state legislators to make these practices illegal.

          • Ron Paul doesnt endorse prostitution or drug usage, he says drugs are dangerous but you cant pick and choose what liberties people have because before you know it, like were seeing now, the government has a choke hold on our liberties and is taking away more and more everyday. Is the war on drugs working? Do the laws against prostitution stop prostitution? No way. Is giving the government more control and taking liberties away from us the solution? Heck No, the federal government bankrupt the post office, amtrak, social security, our economy and on and on and on. These issues should be handled on the state level.

          • LOL Many people support RP for 100’s of diffrent reasons other then legalizing drugs and such. He is the only candidate that is going to reduce our federal deficit. He is a true presidential candidate…. like our great founders. He truly understand REAL security….you dont. Your voting for someone who will harm you in the end. Remember… this debt and war is VERY dangerous… lets forget about the little things. Dont be DUMB.

          • Apple Juice do some research before you post. He is not going to legalize drugs and prostitution. He is simply leaving it up to the states to decide what they want to do about those problems.

          • Someone is on here giving Apple Juice a bad name. I got a gallon of Motts in the fridge that is seeming less and less enticing with each ignorant comment Apple Juice is making on this blog.

            Its the mainstream media that is spreading the notion that Ron Paul is going to legalize drugs and prostitution day one as president to keep people from voting for him. Ron Paul supports state’s rights to make their own decisions, and opposes unconstitutional, wasteful, useless federal bureaucracies policing the people in matters they shouldn’t be. That is all, end of story. I don’t think any federal law is going to stop a crack head from getting crack, just like not having a federal law isn’t going to drive good christians to shoot up heroine. Just like how making guns illegal doesn’t stop people from shooting other people to death. In fact, if a law abiding citizen were packing heat at VT or any other school shooting you’ve heard about on the news (yeah those news networks love the carnage), the narcissist would have been dead before he emptied his first magazine.

            Read about Ron Paul, and don’t regurgitate nonsense that is really only spoiling my mental image of a delicious beverage I previously enjoyed.

            While you are at it, research how the CIA is heavily involved in drug trade. Also read how the production of opium in Afghanistan has multiplied since the US occupied the country and stopped the Taliban from preventing the growing of opium. If you think the federal government and its tentacle bureaucracies stop people from making bad choices, you’ve got it backwards Apple Juice.

          • I know that Ron Paul could not legalize these practices as President but the principle behind these beliefs is what scares me. Unfortunatly the presidential office today does deal with similar issues. Paul would not be able to completely change the format of government today. He has to deal with the Supreme Court and their powerful decisions. You cannot just expect everything to fall your way, you have to deal with the modern procedures. I don’t believe Paul would do that and would become a huge embarrasment to our country.

            @Dave, don’t worry about your Motts, it has a lot of sugar and not that healthy.

          • Holy crap my name is not Dave, and Motts is 100% apple juice… Natural sugar is not bad for you.

            Being Apple Juice yourself, I would think you would know that already.

            Ron Paul’s principles aren’t that people should smoke crack and solicit prostitution. His principles are those of the constitution, and that government should have a very limited role in our lives.

            Do yourself a favor and read about Ron’s stances on the issues on his website, and while you are at it, perhaps read about the difference between natural sugar and refined sugar.

            Motts is delicious, I just had a glass.

            Ron Paul is the only candidate that will reduce the 15 trillion dollar deficit that is threatening to collapse our country.

            Please, do your country and yourself a favor and seek out real information. Do not regurgitate mainstream media nonsense.

            As far as the MSM is concerned, 500 veterans did not march on Washington for Ron Paul on president’s day, and 40 people, not 2000 showed up at a rally in Michigan over the weekend. I am sure they would appreciate you cheerleading their faulty cause of keeping Ron out of office, so they have plenty of juicy war stories for their “programs” (the perfect word since you’re being programmed), and their sponsors like GE who manufacture weapons and sell them to our government, but you’re really only hurting yourself, and your fellow Americans.

            I didn’t think that’s what Apple Juice stood for, but you really are making me think differently.

        • You know their are experts on these subjects who disagree completely on Paul. Stop thinking that all non-Paul supporters are stupid.

          • Apple Juice, youre a typical left winger. When you lose your arguement you start to attack the character of your opposition AS IF it makes you look smarter or in the right. Is that maneuver in Rules for Radicals?

          • Oh Dave, if I were to lose the arguement I would be happy to admit my folly. However, I don’t think we can judge who won by your opinion because I can’t help to think your a little biased 🙂 Not to mention I don’t see anything wrong with scrutinizing Ron Paul’s beliefs. Also, don’t say stop attacking your guy when you guys are trying smear the good name of Apple Juice, it’s kind of hypocritical.

  2. Wars we can’t afford and the constant devaluation of our currency because of a organization (the federal reserve) is what is making us poorer today. I want a candidate that takes this constant devaluation of our currency seriously, I want a candidate that does not support the unconstitutional NDAA act signed by president Obama which gives government full authority to deem you or me a terrorist and suspend your rights and make you disapear until the war on terrorism ends (the war on terrorism will never end), Newt, Santorum, and Mit would not take these issues seriously or would ignore them in an effort to please the status quo, these issues are the real threat to the American ppl, look them up, they are bigger threats than Terrorism, vote for your freedom vote Ron Paul.

  3. I think Ron Paul would be of greater service to our Country as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, than as President. As CoFR, he would have the power to put it in line with its original intent, stop all of these “gifts” to foreign entities, and pave the way for its ultimate abolishment. Unfortunately, that position isn’t open until 2014, but at least that would coincide with a good portion of a Republican Presidency.

    • He would be the greatest and the wisest president. You must give chance to him. These other morons have no chances with OBama.

      • The other morons aren’t much different than Obama and their records prove it right along with their flip floppishness that they have been displaying. If you want a solid country it can only be achieved with a solid leader and the only solid person running that has had the same message for years is Ron Paul. The other candidates are like Wander Balls. They look good on the outside, but who knows whats on the inside. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not looking for any surprises.

      • Don’t know if I would go that far but at least RP seems to know what the problem is, It’s all about money.

    • Marlene —

      Nah, that job is best suited for your pal, Romney.

      Ron Paul wants to end the Feds, not chair it…but nice poke there, Marlene.

      • WOW, baffled at Ron Paul supporters… you should take a second to read what Marlene has to say because it makes a lot of sense and she is clearly for Ron Paul not against him you geniuses… however, I disagree with you Marlene, while he has little to no chance of getting the nomination for Republican candidate he would destroy Obama 1 on 1 and when the government and whoever else tried to lie about the results the people (us) would have to stand up and say something because we have numbers and the army on our side (mostly RP supporters)… we should even be fighting now because they are lying to us with these “results” from the primaries and caucuses…

        • nevermind sorry… from this comment it seemed so.. however, after just reading about her support for Romney I rescind that last statement

          • hello — no worries….:)

            Marlene admitted a couple of months back that:

            a) She is a Politician
            b) She works for Romney’s campaign

            So, the regulars here, are aware that whatever ‘new’ she posts, will eventually flip into how ‘great’ Mitt is….


      • Surfisher, I was just about to ask Marlene to please read Ron Paul’s goals and candidacy platform. He will audit the Federal Reserve and pry the information from them as to where our money went, then send the crooks to jail, then close down the Federal Reserve which is a bunch of arrogant money grubbers who have been laughing at us for years, and will restore the US financial responsibility back to the Congress where it belongs and was functioned until that greedy Pres. Wilson took it away and gave it to his buddies. Hey Wilson, hope you are enjoying your just rewards… now that you really have money to burn.

  4. Independents (i.e. Tea Party, Progressive-Conservative, Libertarian) will not be able to vote in the P.P.E. (Presidential Primary Election) with the exception of the Green Party. They can thank Janet Napolitano and the State Legislature for that one. If registered Independents are not allowed to vote, then the P.P.E. needs to be done away with, period. Independents shouldn’t have to play registering games just to vote in the two-party money duopoly that we have now.

  5. You finally have a Pro-Constitution, Pro-Libtery, Pro-Property rights, Pro-Small Government, Pro-Second Amendment candidate with a Consistant Conservative voting record. Dont vote for the status quo big government flip floppers. Vote Ron Paul 2012

  6. When youre paying for Obamacare, when the dollar collapses, when theyre coming to get your guns, when you lose all your rights you’ll look back at this election and wish you voted RON PAUL in 2012

    • Dave — that’s nearly here already. Watch it below.

      FOX aired this show: “Illegal Everything” — well worth watching!

      Shows how Americans are “breaking” the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

  7. Surfisher, I guess you don’t consider being at the top of the organization that you want to eliminate being the best way to eliminate it. But then, lots of Paul-supporters seem to be very short-sighted and narrow-minded. Paul has zero chance of getting the nomination, and minus-zero chance of winning the general election. If he’s smart, he’s talking very seriously with Romney on how he can best achieve his goals working within Romney’s administration.

    • Ron Paul is the only, really sane and intelligent politician, who is presidential candidate and he has the best chances to win against Obama, because USA and the world and even republican party need such candidate as he is. He will be really better president than Obama. Believe me.

    • Marlene — that’s not one, but four assumptions, on your part.

      …”within Romney’s administration”….LOL (Mitt won’t be able to take down Obama, if he even wins the nomination).

    • But Romney can’t win either unless Obama shoots himself in the foot. I’m a big RP fan but all my bets $$$ are on Obama.

  8. I only want to say that i am in total support of Ron Paul. He is the only candidate, in my opinion, who will really stand up for the liberties of all Americans. Please take your time to invest and learn about Ron Paul he is the only one who will fix the problems the Federal gov has put us in.

    • At this point in time I don’t care about my liberties because I never had them in the first place but I do care about the money that they are sucking out of my pockets by simply printing more and more of it.

  9. Generic article the talks about Romney, and over 90% of the comments are about Ron Paul, I love it.

    Alot of talk about drugs, my neighbors hate most of the other people in this area who use weed. But these same neighbors are the biggest LEGAL drug users I’ve ever seen. I only drink alcohol and Im okay with them,their legal drugs are acceptable to pretty much everyone, but they think the potheads should all be in prison… I just don’t understand the difference

  10. When will all of you Ron Paul lovers wake up? He isn’t going to win. There is so much support for him here only because his support is from younger voters. There aren’t enough of you, I’m sorry.

    • I can only speak for myself and I don’t think he has a chance of winning so long as the voters go along with “the worse you treat us the better we like you attitude” This 16 trillion dollar debt didn’t happen overnight.

      And how about gas prices??? The higher they go the more the voters love the politicians responsible for the hike.

      • Billy Malone —

        Hey, stop it with the pessimism.
        Say something encouraging…even if you have to invent it….

        • Well throughout my life I’ve had few disappointments and I’m sure you can understand why.
          I got about $500 on Obama and I’d be real happy if I lose.

      • Billy Malone — here are some encouraging news….

        Two weeks ago I caught a near 6′ thresher shark while surf fishing — and posted my pic with the catch (before releasing it back in the ocean) on the local fishing site.

        A couple of day’s later, Rangers from the Wildlife & Fishery Department (with guns) and State Troopers (with guns) came to my house to arrest me for catching…and keeping for “some time” to possibly endanger it’s survival (the time it took to take the one photo), before releasing the protected Sand Shark in our State’s ocean waters. Fine of $2500 and up to 2 years in jail, if I lost my case in court.

        Luckily one of the Rangers was receptive enough to allow me to show him the picture of the shark I caught and released (clearly a thresher shark, that anyone can keep, or throw away), and a picture of a Sand Shark (the protected specie) which is much different.

        Wonder how they found me — since net postings are supposed to be private.

        So I wasn’t arrested and taken to jail — just had to appear in court on Monday (and won my case since the Ranger stated that this was NOT a Sand Shark, but a common thresher one)!

        You see, all is good in America — all you have to do is PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE!

        • Yeah but in this country that can take a while as a Mr William Dillon well knows. He was just awarded 1.35 million for spending 27 years under some jail in Florida for something some shyster prosecutor said he did. A DNA test sprung him but it was one hell of a fight to get the sample.

          • Billy Malone — lol, I was being sardonic.

            Under our constitutional laws — you are Innocent until proven (beyond reasonable doubt) Guilty.

            Under the “new system” — YOU are GUILTY, unless you can Prove the Negative (that you did NOT do the things charged with).

            Complete reversal of ours, and any other civilized nations’ jurisprudence…..

  11. Surfisher, just exactly where did I admit I was a politician or that I work for Romney’s campaign? That’s a bald-faced lie. I am not a politician, and I do not work for Romney’s campaign. I should be so lucky! I do favor Romney, but he was not my first choice — Cain was, then Gingrich, till I remembered all the reasons I didn’t like Gingrich before, then I settled on Romney. Next in line was/is Ron Paul, and my two objections to him are that he’s a lousy communicator and he can’t build a coalition (at least he never succeeded in doing so in the Congress). Santorum was in 3rd place until he pulled his nasty dirty trick in MI today, but now he and Gingrich are both tied for 4th place.

    So grow up and stop with the stupid lies!

    • Marlene, you can do great service to your Boss (and advance your political career at the same time) — just pass this info to Mitt.

      Mitt Romney could become one of the greatest Statesmen in US History! He’d be the Savior of our Nation — the one that generations to come would tell their children: “Look at this statue, this is Mitt Romney, he saved America”!

      Or, he can reduce himself to just a tiny footnote…what is amazing is that his fate rests in his own hands (a very rare occurrence throughout the history of the world)!

      All Romney has to do, is to take advantage of this rarest of historical moments, and make a SINGLE DECISION!!!

      Withdraw his candidacy IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, with the following grandiose and heart-wrenching patriotic speech (to save his political skin):

      “I, Mitt Romney, will sacrifice my political goals for the Good of the People. Now I understand that only Ron Paul that can save our Nation. I agree with all he stands for, therefore, I have deemed that our Nation’s salvation can only be accomplished when Ron Paul is elected as President of the United States of America. Without regret, but with joy, I do the most honorable and patriotic deed I can — I withdraw myself from this election, and give my full support to Ron Paul!”

      One honest person is needed to bring these logical conclusions to Romney’s PERSONAL ATTENTION (not the myopic sycophants surrounding him and stroking his ego by chanting wishful thinking as ‘fact’: “You gonna win Boss, you gonna win Boss….).

      Regardless how egotistical, arrogant and narcissistic Romney may be, some semblance of reasoning of what’s best for him, should still remain in his skull. The instinct for self preservation dictates that even the smallest of minds will chose the path that leads to safety, not the one leading to disaster.

      An honest realist needs to talk to Romney one-on-one — and explain the following to him, so Mitt can comprehend it:

      1) If you don’t win the nomination, than your political career is over (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as a failure).

      2) If you win the nomination, and don’t defeat Obama — which is the most probable outcome (you’ll become just a tiny footnote in US History as an even LARGER failure).

      Therefore, Dear Mitt, whichever gamble you take from the above, may lead to total disaster for your political career (and probably will)!

      However, here is an action you can take, Dear Mitt, that guarantees you’ll become immortalized in the annals of US History — becoming the 21st Century Savior of America (surely this carrot of success will entice Romney’s egotism to go for it — over the probable political beatings he’d receive otherwise)!

      All one needs to do, to assure Mitt’s Historical Greatness of Sacrifice for the Good of the Nation, is to present the above to Romney’s eyes alone! I urge all able to do so, to place this document in front of him!

      Send this to Mitt Romney — as an Open Letter, e-mails, etc. — the more you send, the greater the chance he’ll get to read it!

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope RP is just a bag of wind from Texas and that 16 trillion dollar debt he talks about is a mere bag of shells. After all if China doesn’t lend us all that we spend we can always turn to Greece.

        I hope Romney get in and after borrowing more from China to rebuild our Navy & add 100K to our Army the world will learn, “What we say goes”.

        If it be the Prince of Pork………think of all the jobs he will create building bridges to nowhere and borrowing even more from China. The debt ceiling has no limits so let the good times roll.

        As for the Newt…..well he has been bought and paid for 3 times over.

        The Feds can dole out all the money we can borrow to foreign countries and in return get back body bags with young Americans inside. A great return on borrowed money investments.

        Yep, sure hope RP is wrong, wrong, wrong and his supporters are all delusional.

  12. Billy Malone, the statement is a bald-faced lie. If he mistook me for someone else, and clarifies that, I’ll accept it as an honest mistake.

  13. Tonight shows us once again that while the Paul supporters are the loudest online, they don’t represent the majority at the polling booth. #az #mitt2012

  14. Surfisher — I would be honored to work on Mitt Romney’s campaign. But I’m going to apply for a job with Ron Paul’s campaign, and the first suggestion I’m going to make is have screening of supporters to weed out the unintelligent, unreasonable, illogical, fanatical, and other people that go around the internet giving Ron Paul a very bad name by name calling, peddling lies and distortions, and otherwise being very obnoxious. That one single thing would improve his image a whole lot.

  15. Mitt Romney = Judas Goat

    If not aware of this olden days’ meaning — here it is:

    When sheep are led to be slaughtered, they instinctively feel something is wrong. So, mill around and bleat, but won’t enter the gate leading to the one waiting to smash their heads with a sledge hammer. So, a Judas goat is placed in the pen. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them through the gate, and passing it safely — while its own life is spared, the ones flowing get their brains bashed!

    Mitt will lead us — and at the end of the gate, Bama will wield the sledge hammer….

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