In case you missed the Presidential Forum from Saturday night’s “Huckabee” program on Fox News, here is the entire replay video. Six GOP candidates participated in the forum, taking questions from 3 state Attorneys General, on the topic of Federal power versus States’ rights.

Air Time: Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 8pm ET on Fox News

Candidates: Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Perry

Here is the entire video courtesy of MRCTV:

Report from Politico:

The presidential race began Saturday with Herman Cain’s dramatic, theatrical exit from the contest, but it ended with a substantive and subdued discussion of constitutional issues at Mike Huckabee’s presidential forum.

Each allotted an equal, set amount of time, six 2012 hopefuls – Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul – fielded questions on issues of state sovereignty and federal power from a friendly panel of Republican moderators.

Huckabee hosted the forum on an extended version of his Fox News show, and invited three Republican state attorneys general – Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, Pam Bondi of Florida and Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma – to question the candidates.

“We heard more about the Constitution more than every other debate combined,” Bondi concluded at the end of the two-hour event.

It was an opportunity for the candidates to pay homage to Huckabee – who has so far stayed neutral in the 2012 GOP primary. He’ll hold a similar forum in Iowa, focused on abortion, on Dec. 14.

Overall the format was a welcome change from the typical debate format and provided some insight into how each candidate thinks. The questions were well-put from the panelists and it allowed for each candidate to show some strengths and weaknesses on various topics.


    • Thank you for upload this! It’s 3a, and I’m watching this on your site… I always use your site to watch the debates post live stream for follow up purposes.

    • “Public-Private Partnerships” define Mussolini’s Fascism. Cross reference “Public Private Partnerships and Mussolini” in your search engine so that you may educate yourselves. After you determine that I am indeed correct; meaning, Newt and Mit are openly advocating Fascism in America; yet, you still want to support Newt or Mit, do freedom a favor and stay home.

  1. Finally, a debate without the empty-headed, cliche-driven over-simplification of Herman Caine. Thank you ladies and liars alike.

    One good take-away here on Rick Santorum — his summation helped me understand for the first time his campaign is entirely based on values and contains, by contrast, virtually no substance. Nothing wrong with that in a time when there are no problems of substance. But that ain’t right now. It’s a luxury we can’t afford in the next term and it’s a dalliance that’s, on balance, distracting.

    • Rick Santorum..? Are you on crack?
      And who is to say that his values are moral and should be imposed on every american? I don’t mind him thinking the way he thinks, the crazier the merrier, but don’t suggest that you are going to reinforce your opinions on every living creature. Thats simply not right and against everything this country is. “Nothing wrong with that”? I don’t care if its today or a hundred years form now, Everything is wrong with that.

      • Right you are Dave. What has happened to Americans that they have lost the understanding of how freedom works. Freedom isn’t saying to the people “You are free to think and do as you wish so long as it meets my personal perception of what’s right and what’s wrong”. Freedom is saying “That dude painted his house an ugly orange color and worships the Easter Bunny, lives alone in the woods and stinks like hell but it’s HIS BUSINESS!”. While we may indeed have some common shared values, the most important shared American shared value of all is the right to be “Different”.

  2. Ron Paul`s right eyebrow :))) notice that it starts to morph whenever he is caught unprepared to answer a question… you can`t put a price on that :)))

  3. Donald Trump’s comments on Ron Paul’s chances at winning the nomination should disqualify Trump from taking any part in this process other than casting his one vote in the state of New York.

  4. This forum really helped me narrow the character and policies each candidate holds to. I’ve narrowed my choices to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney as front runners. This is simply because both come across as the most level headed and experienced for the position. However, I believe Michelle Bachman would make a wonderful Presidential advisor. I believe the jury is still out on Rick Perry. His intentions and values are good; however, he came across as a little “green” in the Presidential forum and nervous. A Presidential candidate needs to be strong and confident in his beliefs. I respect Ron Paul, although, he appears to lose his train of thought easily. Not good.. In conclusion, I would like the candidates to address what qualities they are looking for in a Vice Presidential Co-Runner. This is a two man/woman team. Giving examples of their campaign Vice Presidential candidates would allow the American People to judge if they are good fits for this nation and where we need to go in the future.

  5. Ron Paul has some pretty good economic ideas but lets face it, he has a horrible approach to foreign policy. He doesn’t consider terrorist attacks an act of war?! How can we trust him to defend our nation and keep us a strong military power? Will he stand up to enemies or will he back down?

    • Then you end up like in Iraq with thousands more Americans dead and near a million Iraqi innocent people dead all because of one attack from one terrorist organization. Mike we went to war against terrorists and any country that has terrorists- we have terrorists in our own country and courts to have trials in.

    • Think of the Tonkin incident that happened in vietnam millions and millions of people dead and for what? Im just proud of our good service men. The people that forced them to go should have been tried.

    • You realize that the only way in hell Ron will go to war is if it is constitutional and the members all vote for it. You know, the legal way.

    • Mike – I would also add that I too have many National Defense concerns but they have more to do with what the neoconservative philosophy that now dominates both parties has done to our nation. If you’re a history buff you’re aware of the major part our industrial might played in winning World War II. While most of us have been trained to think economic and national security issues are different, in truth they can’t be separated. It’s our Airplanes, Ships, and Tanks that overwhelmed the enemy in our last true defensive war.

      The neoconservative policies have raped this country and shipped all of our industry and jobs overseas with laws written by the same lobbyist and industrial complexes both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about. Our problems go a lot deeper than most people understand. There is now little difference in parties and technically the USA is now a corporatocracy. The free enterprise capitalism that built our country and employed our people and built the weapons that won our wars is gone. Corporatism and Capitalism are mutually exclusive.

      Ron Paul wants to change this but honestly, there is no way he can do it alone. It is too ingrained in our system. We would have to kick out just about every congressman we have and start over again. For this to happen requires an educated populace who know what’s going on. It is a daunting task indeed.

      To anyone who believes Ron Paul doesn’t look like he belongs on that stage, you’re right. Neither would Eisenhower, Goldwater, Reagan or Kennedy for that matter. That’s not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

    • Mike – Congressman Paul supported going into Afghanistan and attacking those who attacked us on 9/11. He voted to give the President the authority to use force there. However, Congressman Paul noted that using force against the Taliban was not a declaration of war. He stated that to declare war against a group that is not a country makes the clear declaration of war more complex. Congressman Paul argued that the best tool the framers of the Constitution provided under those circumstances was the power of Congress to grant letters of marque and reprisals. He cautioned against entering into such a vague and undefined war, but in the end supported the resolution to use force as it was the only option available and doing nothing was unthinkable. Congressman Paul’s desire was to have clearly defined objectives that would be provided in letter of reprisal or a declaration of war. An authorization to use force provides no clarity as to scope and purpose.

    • He doesn’t define a terrorist act as an act of war, because he’s using “war” in the technical sense, whereas most people are using it in the “something horribly violent” sense. When you consider war as a specific type of action in legal and historical context, 9/11 was not an act of war. Paul struggles to express himself clearly, sometimes, but if you think about how the military and the executive branch have become almost unaccountable to Congress and the people, and what that bodes for the future of a republic, he makes a lot more sense. Frankly, Paul is a thinking person’s candidate. He isn’t going to force-feed you slogans, but if you consider what he says in some depth, and look at our prospects beyond just the next four years, you’ll see why so many people are moving toward him.

    • So Mike you think 9/11 is justification to go to war with Iraq, Afganastan, Yemman, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. etc. etc.

      The terrorists involved in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia!!! People are no longer pissed off that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq? Foreign Policy will not change as the Presidents do that should at least wake you up to the fact that people behind the scenes are dictating foreign policy. They are now broadening the use the the word Al Qaeda to mean other orginizations as well. Is this to further the justification for War? I wonder.

  6. Mike

    Ron Paul has clarified his position in past debates. He was in support of Congress declaring war to take down Osama Bin Laden. Congress did not declare war. We must demand Congress adhere to our laws or any President of any party can become a tyrant.
    I support Ron Paul’s position declare war or non-intervention.

  7. Does anyone know where I can view the recent Huckabee GOP Presidential Forum? The one listed above which is from MRC TV is not the forum. It is a kind of pre-discussion just with Gingrich alone.

  8. It’s posted on this very site 2012 Election Central

    Video: Watch the entire Huckabee GOP Presidential Forum

  9. We don’t have a lot to choose from. I learned a great deal from the candidates with this type of forum. I’m still undecided, but I can say I will not vote for Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. They both have poor records. Gingrich with Fannie/Freddie and Romney with Romney care. I like what Ron Paul has to say and I like that he is cutting the budget starting at the top and fighting for our liberties. Unfortunately, his age worries me and to stand up against Obama we need someone who is strong. Paul look tired and he has difficulties in getting his point across. Perry sounded better in this type of forum and I liked his ideas, especially Congress going part time.(love it) I am going to watch him closer. I do feel he needs to get his anxiety under control before he takes on Obama. Not being able to focus when he gets nervous is not going to help when he’s going against Obama. Bachman knows a great deal on the problems we have in America and what is going on but not enough solutions and ideas on how she would handle the problems. Santorum, I don’t like. Too spoiled. I admit, I am in a delima and we have to vote in January. I will have to weigh who comes close to what I want my President to be and do to get this country back on track. I will decide. Thanks Mike Huckabee for the this forum.

  10. Seems like its in the best interests of this Country to have the Republican Candidates for President reach as many citizens as possible with their thoughts and plans for our Country, and not be limited to only members of the general public who can afford Cable TV!!!

  11. I am an undecided voter. I like a lot of what Ron Paul says. Many of his ideas about free market principles, the federal reserve, and foreign policy seem to make sense even though they are very different than what other candidates are proposing. Did he really just discuss nullification though?? I am all for shifting power back to the states and the citizens, but nullification would essentially bring the nation back to a confederation as opposed to a federal union. I am not for that.

    • JC, I was surprised at that too, and agree with your position–though it’s worth mentioning it was a divisive issue between the founding fathers. Here’s what I’d tell you: I’m not for everything Paul is for, but I’m voting for him anyway because our system needs to be seriously shaken up, and he’d move things in the right direction. We don’t elect dictators in America–though Bush and Obama might have missed the memo–so you don’t have to embrace everything about a candidate to vote for them. America would be more free after four years of a Ron Paul administration. There’s my two cents.

  12. I’m sticking with the Aggie/Pilot Governor of Texas….We live those conservative solutions in Texas.

  13. Now that Cain’s gone, Santorum needs to follow. How exactly does faith (to Jesus’ dad) and family (man, woman, 2.3 kids, dog) solve our problems? I get that it’s important to some people, but it’s not a solution, let alone something that tops all other issues. The other five may have had their spots at the top of the polls, but this is a message that just can’t gain traction with more than a small subset of the population.

    Perry’s blown it, and I don’t think Bachmann will regain her earlier numbers, though I agree with the earlier response that she should have a position within the administration. As a tax attorney, strong proponent of balanced budgets, businesswoman, and member of the Intelligence Committee, she’s got the experience to be of use in some capacity.

    It’s becoming a clearer two man race with Gingrich and Romney at the top. Unlike the others who have briefly passed Romney, Gingrich has the experience and knowledge to really give him a run. Then there’s Paul. As much as I like him, mostly, his uphill battle keeps looking like it will land him in close but no cigar territory.

  14. Mike – Congressman Paul supported going into Afghanistan and attacking those who attacked us on 9/11. He voted to give the President the authority to use force there. However, Congressman Paul noted that using force against the Taliban was not a declaration of war. He stated that to declare war against a group that is not a country makes the clear declaration of war more complex. Congressman Paul argued that the best tool the framers of the Constitution provided under those circumstances was the power of Congress to grant letters of marque and reprisals. He cautioned against entering into such a vague and undefined war, but in the end supported the resolution to use force as it was the only option available and doing nothing was unthinkable. Congressman Paul’s desire was to have clearly defined objectives that would be provided in letter of reprisal or a declaration of war. An authorization to use force provides no clarity as to scope and purpose.

  15. Watching this forum has strengthened my opinion of Newt being my first choice, and Mit being second. Newt just has more scholarship and the needed experience for president. I also see Ron Paul just does not have the charisma to sway anyone toward his way of thinking. Charisma is required in the office of president. Ron has a few hard core followers.

    • @B Anderson – I feel you may have some misinformation on Ron Paul – when he first ran he had some hardcore followers, the second time he ran those hardcore followers developed into quite a large population, this third time around he has the attention of a lot more people, hard core and not. As an earlier comment states, “you don’t need to embrace ALL of a candidates policies to support that candidate” – remember our President is not a dictator. Also I would argue that Ron Paul has quite a bit of charisma. He is charismatic in that he speaks from experience instead of dreams, he speaks with truth and facts instead of “feel-good stories” – either way you are correct in that charisma is important, and while he may not be the MOST charismatic of individuals he does carry himself well. I think where he loses is that when he responds to a question he takes multiple things into consideration. He actually thinks about the question which usually looks like to us that he doesn’t know how to answer, but really he is formulating his answer, slow down let him think. He also takes into consideration the definition of words used, not only the literal definition but also the medias definition – this prevents him from getting caught up in those situations where a person says something and it means something completely different than what they intended.

      I too was on the fence between Paul and Gingrich – however after last nights debate I have taken Gingrich off my plate, I was unaware of his involvement in Fannie/Freddie and some of the other organizations. Romney is another salesman/businessman and our government and the people are neither for sale nor in business.

      • @E Anderson- You are absolutely right that Ron Paul takes a lot into consideration when answering a question. Every problem that this country is facing today, was the result of several missteps. Articulating that in one or two sentences, is almost impossible. What you said about him preventing from getting caught up in situations where a person says something and it being taken out of context, is spot on. The same can be said for how the constitution has been interpreted. And I believe that is the message that Ron Paul is trying to get across. The clincher for me, after watching this debate, was that Ron Paul clearly stated that it would take time to faze out certain programs, but was firm on the fact that they needed to go.

  16. It was a great Forum. I will like to see another one about their personal family life, showing big pictures. Have them talk about their college education, degree, specializations, and accomplishment in business and governmental experiences. They should comment why they believe that they are the best candidate to ignite our economy again

  17. i’m glad i found this, i was afraid i was not going to get to see the debate. every one had good points on several topics . i would be happy to vote for any of them over obama . i liked the format of the debate . thanks mike.

  18. I believe that knowing the family back grown of a candidate is important. The character of the candidate and fidelity toward the spouse is very important. We don’t want a prostitute, a sexual predator, a mistress, an alcoholic, a physical or emotional abusing person in White House. We already had and adulterous President that we loved so much as a great president, but he abused his power disrespecting the Oval Office in adultery. He was bright and very capable as president, but we cannot forget…

  19. Thank you for this video, I had no other way to watch this debate, and now that we lost Cain, this debate has helped me to narrow down my two choices for Republican primary to be Newt and Mitt. I will vote for the one that is better equipped to win again Obama. Anyone but Obama in 2012!

    • I ask of you to please reconsider. Looking at the track record of Gingrich reveals some very interesting associations. I can not trust a president who has been involved in the organizations in the way that Gingrich has. I do have to admit, Gingrich is brilliant, however I do not think he has the people in mind.

      Romney is just another salesman/businessman and the people are not for sale and our country is not a business.

      • E Anderson – I agree with most of your comment, except for the “our country is not a business.” If we don’t start running our government more like a business, we’re going to be bankrupt. I’m not a huge Mitt fan, definitely not Newt, but in the end I trust Mitt to leave us better off over the next 4 years than anyone else.

    • I have read through all of these comments and was impressed at how thoughtful and serious all the comments were. There was no name childish calling and everyone was simply stating their concerns and opinions and discussing what reasoning they used to come to whatever conclusion they came to. That’s pretty cool. Then I came upon the very last comment by stage9. Whether I hear name calling from someone who calls themselves a “Conservative” or a “Liberal” or a democrat or a Republican, it doesn’t matter. It simply tells me that person has nothing intelligent to say and nothing to add. There is nothing for anyone to learn. I realize that it’s often a very young person and I also realize our educational system in this country is failing horribly and we don’t even teach our kids 8th grade civics class anymore. I also understand the combative TV news and reality shows we watch contribute greatly to the dumbing down of America. Still, at the end of the day, that’s no excuse. If you’re gonna get in a grown up conversation then act like a grown up. I look forward to the day when I can read through an entire forum without taking two steps forward and three steps back.

      • I want to know why my comment at 7:17 is still “awaiting moderation” when I have not said anything inappropriate or inaccurate?

        • Dear Moderator,
          You have my e-mail address and I would appreciate a reply as to why my comment at 7:17 is still “awaiting moderation”; especially, since you have approved other comments posted after mine.

      • Stage9 is a dumb kid. Your tolerance of his non contribution is a celebration of your first amendment. Kids can’t control themselves when given a completely anonymous opportunity to be heard.

        The day you “can read through an entire forum without taking two steps forward and three steps back”, is the day your rights and freedoms will have been compromised.

        Be careful what you wish for.

        • Canuk – Thanks for the reminder. Next time I see a post I don’t like, while I might still complain, I’ll also smile inside because it’ll be a reminder that aside from the fact we’re getting dumbed down, still, all is well. The way I look at it, the guy you don’t particularly like may grow up to be the next Steve Jobs or Henry Ford or he might be the guy who would jump out in front of an oncoming car and save your child’s life. You just never know!

      • Wow, they aren’t teaching 8th grade civics near you anymore? That is an atrocity. Since I have been done with highschool in 99′ I left feeling very strongly that the education system should enforce 4 years of civics and 2 years of “English” – Civics are the rules by which we all must live! How can that NOT be important!!!!!

  20. This was absolutely WONDERFUL! I am so weary of the whole “Let’s make you look foolish and quarrelsome” thing that I don’t even watch the debates. This was revealing, concise and respectful. Kudos to Gov. Huckabee and the three Attny. Generals. My take on this event is that, Santorum is a gentlemen and a man with clear convictions and should get back to the Senate. Ron Paul is a great Rep. and defender of the Constitution, please keep at that important task. Ms. Bachman is dedicated, intelligent and passionate. President? No. Cabinet or Sr. Admin. Yes. Gov. Perry, not this time, maybe a little more experience on the national stage but boy I wouldn’t think twice about moving to TX. and please come back in four years. Romney, I grew up in MA. He’s not evil, conservative or passionate. He is a skilled and calculating businessman and POLITICIAN. Sorry Mitt, I got to much history with you. Newt, hmmm… intelligent, ambitious and perhaps a bit arrogant. All are needed, in proper amounts, to be a good leader. Does he have a strong moral compass and some humility to temper his other traits and has he learned from past failures and short comings? I am unsure. If he can prove to me that he has , he will most likely get my vote.

  21. “Public-Private Partnerships” define Mussolini’s Fascism. Cross reference “Public Private Partnerships and Mussolini” in your search engine so that you may educate yourselves. After you determine that I am indeed correct; meaning, Newt and Mit are openly advocating Fascism in America; yet, you still want to support Newt or Mit, do freedom a favor and stay home.

    • Thank you Christopher. More and more people are getting it. For that matter, dare I say it, Nazi Germany was set up the same way. I hate it when I hear the term “Crony Capitalism” because that implies we just have a few crooked good old boys and we can kick out a few of them and be rid of the corruption and everything’s gonna be OK. The truth is it a cancer which has taken over the entire system. To fix it and return to Capitalism Requires us to kick out everyone and shut the revolving doors. We lost a war most Americans didn’t even know we were fighting and we lost it from within. We still use friendly American terms like “Free Trade”, Capitalism”, “Freedom”, and “Liberty” but we’re now a corporatocracy.

      What makes this so painful is that there are no bizarre conspiracies to uncover. It’s all right in front of us in plain sight for anyone who wishes to see. They seem to know we the people can easily be fooled and manipulated. All they have to do is demagogue a few issues and pretend there are two parties and a left and a right and few if any of us will notice. Those who do can easily be dismissed as “Crazy”.

      Well, here is “Crazy” for you: How about Emergency Room visits which would cost $250 under Capitalism but cost $6,500 under a corporatocracy? How bout a Major Surgery that would be maybe $3500-$5000 under Capitalism vs your life savings and home under a corporatocracy?

      The roots go far back. How about the marijuana laws dictated by the likes of Dow Chemical and Dupont and william randolph hearst who was in danger of loosing his vast timber fortune because of competition from hemp. How bout that leading to the the USA, the “Land of the Free” Imprisoning more of her people than any nation in history? More than Russia, North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran or any place in the world? What are your kids doing tonight? Do you know where your kids are? Regardless of what your opinion is or whether you buy government lies or choose to believe the scientific data that claims pot is one of the least addictive and safest substances man can consume, and is much safer than alcohol and has many beneficial properties, either way, I’m sure most of you would conclude a $50 fine would be a less insane way to deal with it. $50 fine vs sending your kid to prison for 10 years. Hmmmm.

      Of course, we have to take into consideration, like the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Eisenhower warned us about, and we ignored, we also now have a PRISON AND JUSTICE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, and to support and feed that, just like the military and our offensive wars, we have to feed it. Again, Without your kids going to prison the whole thing falls apart.

      I can keep on going with this. They ALL contribute to YOUR congressman. The pharmaceuticals, the power companies, the educational system, the banking and money supply, the trial lawyers and so on. You get the point. All of you should feel lucky we’re still not using land lines instead of Cell Phones. I would have figured MA Bell would have had cell phones outlawed and the cell carriers shut down. That’s the kind of stuff that happens when you have a Corporatism. Products don’t succeed or fail based on their merits, but instead on laws that throw a wrench in capitalism.

      We were warned. Eisenhower warned us. Goldwater warned us. Even John F Kennedy warned us. I guess they thought we were smarter than we are. There is one guy and one guy only who maybe can fix it and honestly it’s probably too late for him unless everyone get behind him and kicks out everyone in congress. If you’re not gonna vote for that one humble old man with principles you may as well vote for Obama. There will be no difference. Personally, I believe if we do elect Ron Paul “They” will kill him. I believe the “system” is too big to fail and too much is at stake for “Them” to let one little old man walk in and start dismantling it. If we do elect him, that’s when it’s gonna start really get interesting. Then….. We’ll all know.

      • William,
        I would recommend that you attempt to get people to do the same. Get them to cross reference terms and we can take back our country from these Fascists/Corporatist/Third Wayers. Then, post it on every comment section on as many sites as possible. Hit sites like Wall Street Journal, Fox, CNN, Politico, NY Times, CNBC, Washington Post, etc. Spread the word and educate. We are the resistance.

        • Christopher – There’s a stark difference in those who have access to the internet and use it to research and process news and information and those who depend primarily on the media for their information. Unfortunately the elderly are the least likely to have access to the information they need to make an intelligent decision and they are the most likely to vote. This will change in time, but we don’t have any time left. Your point is well taken and I’ve been active in trying to bring attention to the many sources of information available on the internet. Once people understand everything they need to know is freely available the blinders come off and it’s a very exhilarating experience. Thanks to people like you and millions like you, people are waking up and that includes the seniors. Once they learn their own country has been lying to them and has an agenda, they are just as pissed as you or me and quickly become activist to save this nation so their children and grandchildren can know the same America we all once knew.

        • Excellent comments! I have selected a few and reposted on facebook — thanks for the introduction and definition direction for Private-public enterprise and the relationship to facism, that was an eyeopener for me…however I already didn’t like the idea of private-public, I just did not know why.

      • William W – Excellent post on Corporatism / corporatocracy. There sure are a lot of crazy people voting for crazy uncle Ron, huh? Must be something in the water, but that’s another conspiracy. As far as this whole thing being a Conspiracy, it is, & has only now being openly implemented. A new World Government is the ultimate goal. If you can, check out a 1948 issue of LIFE Magazine w/ an article titled “World Government”. It will tell you all you need to know to put the pieces together, with what you already know.

  22. As a Canadian, I can only comment as an observer here. The debate format was good in the sense it made it easier for the candidates to clearly ‘sound bite’ their answers, but I like to see how candidates respond to challenges from one another. Its usually very telling about their commitment and depth.

    Personally, I think the biggest tradegy is that Ron Paul loses support on his delivery alone. He seems to have the most knowledge and least delusions about the reality of your country at present. His foreign policy scares alot of you, but its really the best approach. In good times with a trade surplus minimal debt and great strides of wealth, if US was the envy of the world, it would be your privilege and moral choice to take a more proactive role in foreign policy matters, but the fact is you just can’t afford it right now. For this reason you only have one choice and that is to hear and respect what Ron Paul is saying. When China dump your debt, you will desparately need to be as prepared as you can be and if not, you’ll be crossing my boarder and cutting my grass. Think about it. As a Canadian, I guess I’m good either way. Balls in your court.

  23. Being old enough to remember what life was like without medicare, medicaid, the Dept. of Education, EPA, etc, not having government agencies run by corporations, I am all for Ron Paul. He is the only person who can lead our country back to a modicum of what we have lost and do it in a safe, thoughtful way.
    I would much prefer a President who is intelligent and well educated vs one who readily makes glib remarks or reads well from a teleprompter. Unfortunately, I remember a great deal about Newt Gingrich including his support of NAFTA against the wishes of many conservatives, his support of illegal amnesty, among others. Though he is both intelligent and articulate, he has used that to confound the public in the past and is quite liberal in most of his thinking even while professing conservatism. He is a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Rockefeller founded institution. If anyone knows anything about history, it is to know that David Rockefeller is working diligently for a one world order and is also a huge proponent of the United Nations. You can draw conclusions about the company one keeps and I don’t like the company Newt keeps. I will vote for Ron Paul because he isn’t fringe or extreme. He is a classic conservative and a very healthy one at that.

  24. You must be mentally challenged if you cannot see that the only candidate that addresses the real issues at hand is Ron Paul. Every other candidate is a joke and is just out there for money and power and their ego.

  25. Thanks for uploading this. Missed it at work and have seen every debate thus far. Thank God finally… each candidate gets EQUAL time to speak. I wish every primary debate was like this. Fair. Kudos to Huckabee and the Attorney Generals on this program.

    Proud supporter of Ron Paul 2012.

    • Are you sure about that? This debate was a safe and simple, more easily controllable format for fox. If you eliminate the interaction between candidates, you miss out on alot of good information. The candidate that believes in him self and wants it bad enough, will rise to the occasion and respond appropriately and intelligently to challenges from other candidates. The ones that don’t when challenged, show their weakness in background and reveal whether they are the real deal or just propped up by a back room team.

      This format to me is akin to picking my wife off of a dating site. I need to see some interaction. Anyone can answer questions. But only the real strong leaders can believe and project that while face to face with their opponents.

      Life is full of hard tests. Tonight’s debate was not one of them really.

      • I appreciate both of you comments Canuk, in fact I reposted the first one on my facebook. I would however like to add that this forum was a nice addition to the other types of debates. You are 100% correct in what you say, but I believe a good mix of different types of debates and forums allows the public to become more acquainted with each candidates “ideas” and then knowing those ideas can much more visibly see the flaws when a real debate happens. Just my two cents on that.

  26. Ron paul has such a ridiculous foreign policy, I cant believe he has supporters.Would you like our country to get bombed again Ron Paul supporters? Go newt or perry!!!

    • We haven’t been bombed since Pearl Harbor. Do you know what the Japanese general said after Pearl Harbor? “I will never invade America because it’s citizens are more heavily armed than our entire military”

      What causes you to think that we will get bombed if Paul’s foreign policies were to be implemented?

      The American military is literally 1/3 of the entire world’s military combined. Also if we were to spend 1/2 of what we spend overseas on border security we would have a defense system so unbelievably advanced that bombs would never reach their destination. All of that money could be used to build high-tech defense systems that could intercept and airborn or naval threat and destroy in 2 seconds, literally!. Think about this, we have GPS systems for the public that are accurate within like 30 feet – the military has laser guided systems that are accurate withing 2 centimeters, our military could be aware of a coming threat minutes before it is even in range our defense grid. We have 40,000 troops overseas, imagine if those troops were instead at our ports and borders controlling the intake of people…we could be VERY secure if our Foreign Policy did not COST us so much.

      Not to mention — we can barely afford to have our military stretched as far as it is…what makes you think another country or organization could afford to do the same back to us?

      • E Anderson

        My great appreciation and kudos to you as well! You are needed in the fight for liberty please keep posting and share the above answer everywhere you can. There may be enough time yet to open the electorates minds!

        Ron Paul 2012 National Sovereignty, Peace, Freedom, Prosperity and The Great Shining City On The Hill!

  27. Cool! It must be great to live in the one of the few congressional districts in the whole country where the people actually get it! I swear, if it were possible I’d move there. It’s a lot warmer there than joining the Free State Project and moving to New Hampshire! lol After all, I am a Florida boy!
    Now that RP is retiring I hope there is someone there ready to take up the cause of Liberty!

    • I have not done my homework on Rand Paul yet, however I too hope that Ron Paul’s demonstrations will cause young minds to follow in his foot steps. I know that if I could start life over that I would definitely be involved in our government and I definitely would carry the same words as Ron Paul.

  28. William Wokmann, Christopher
    Lynn Kocal and Canuk

    Kudos to you! I am so grateful to you all for possibly the most important contributions posted on this great forum to date. Your knowledge, insight’s and ability to open minds, inform and explain in real terms the underlying reason for the problem’s America is facing is so vitally important! Please do keep posting here and everywhere you can!
    I continue to hope and pray that Americans will open their ears and minds to the vital message Ron Paul has for us and how important it is for America’s very existence that he be elected. With people like you it may be possible.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Thanks Windisea,

      Although, I’m leaning towards the thought that America won’t give Ron Paul this chance. I can honestly see Republicans managing to fight their more vain and shallow judgment of him out of a desperation for small government only because Ron’s platform is the only one that enjoys constant reminders from news on many economy and debt related articles. But I’d have to say I somehow can’t see Obama rolling over and playing dead. And I can’t see him demonized either.

      While I see even Democrats disappointment in Obama’s performance, the fact is Bush took over a heavy spending Clinton era and did nothing to correct it in the traditional Republican way and under the Bush government, the Trillion dollar bail out was signed, so really Obama was managing a room full of heroin addicts going through withdrawal with an autonomous Fed dolling out Methadone. Not to mention the almost treasonous act of S&P calling a crack addict’s mortgage tiple A, and then after the crash calling America WORSE than a crack addict for believing them in the first place. And no one going to jail for any of that. What president can appear successful in that kind of Guantanimo like environment. Anyone who is charged with that job will look like an ineffective leader, not to mention that the presidents powers are far more limited than people understand. So we’re not dealing with a joker in Obama. He is probably firmly committed to himself and his party and will have ample time during his campaign to draw clear lines of blame. Don’t kid yourself. No party will promote spending now. Its an even playing field in terms of political platforms and Obama will just pull it off better.

      I sincerely hope the main issue becomes about Foreign policy. Its like America is saying that they are a good and morally strong people to the extent that if they saw a man who’s car broke down, they would stop and give that man their own car. Not help or repairs, but give your own car to him. Something that you can’t actually give him because you’re stuck in the middle of the road now. And in this example, if that man were Pakistan, he’s already driven off laughing and tossing your stuff out the window. And now China has picked you up and only on the promise that you would pay for gas, and you can’t just sit in the middle of the road, so the ride lasts until your credit card is declined and then what do you think happens. Well its China after all… China will kill you and leave you in a ditch and the rest of the cars racing by on the road will only care to the extent that China was courteous enough to push the carcass out of their way.

      Ron probably won’t save you, but he will educate you and go on record with countless things he will be vindicated for in history. But who ever winds up running things, just make sure you remember that your congress is equally capable of destroying America as who ever becomes president. Deal with this stuff locally and blow whistles on anyone who is adding to the problem. Fight partisan politics and control your stupid people. They allow the Sara Palin’s in the front door.

      • Holy crap! I love this entire comment! Particularly your metaphor of what our foreign policy looks like ….I am laughing and crying at the same time, very well written….Canuk for president! 🙂

      • Don’t forget…. Congressman Ron Paul could save us from the New World Order (One World Government group of ultra rich and powerful) that are taking over our presidents of many lands. He knows whats going on behind our backs…..AND is actually on the USA peoples’ side!!!!!!! He told us about the “Foreign Trade Zones” China will be building on in Boise, ID and having their own laws not ours up there. He will stop the evil “Agenda 21” also.
        Must see and hear this……… OMG! This explains tons!!
        Depopulation Agenda 21 Simplified – Must Watch
        He’s the only one I can trust!
        Anyone with a brain and a good heart must say “No” to this plan! IMO

  29. The truth is it’s gonna be romney and gingrich. both are pretty good but romney is the man to follow.
    And any of the candidates would be so much better than obama.

  30. I think an extremely important part of this entire forum was stated by Dr. Paul. I am not quoting directly however this is what he said, “The relationship of the federal government, state government and the citizens should put the citizens first, the states second, the federal government third, and most importantly international governing agencies dead last.”

    Remember this! This is EXACTLY how it should be.

    • This article in was shared on the Blue Republican Facebook Page. Created for Democrats and Independents who are disenchanted with Obama. It’s good to know what the other guy is thinking and who they support.

      Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States – Forbes

      The United States of America may potentially be on the precipice of a Greek-style debt crisis within a few years, and our economy is increasingly looking like it may be at risk of entering another recession – and the Financial Crisis 2.0 could make the Great Recession look tame. Simply put, [.

  31. Economy – (noun) – the management of the resources of a country, especially with a view to its productivity.

    The real issue is the Economy. All the politicians say “We need’a git this country werkin ageen” “Need’a put America back to werk” “They took our jobs” “Cockeldoodeldooo”

    Ron Paul is the only candidate in decades who understands economics.
    He asks the only real question in the political arena:

    “Do we want a dollar to be a dollar and the Free-Market to determine value?”
    “Or do we want a Federal Agency dictating what a dollar is worth? Which entities should be taxed less and which should be taxed more? Which companies should go bankrupt and which should be bailed out?”

    Americans should research: Austrian Economics VS Keynesian Economics

  32. Please remember we all have differences in opinions but whom ever wins the primaries Please vote for them because ANYONE of these individuals would be 200% better than what we have now

  33. Ron Paul makes the case that the MAIN ISSUE for America SHOULD be our Monetary Policy and Ending the FED. I believe he’s correct. What will hurt us most as far as our National Security is concerned is what the Bankers (The FED) are doing to our Economy.

    When we’re Weak Economically, we are Vulnerable.

    It seems that NO one in the Media is talking about what is happening with the European Central Banks and how the FED is “giving away” OUR Money to help the Bankers in Europe. We sure can look forward to Inflation and increasing prices for food and energy. This may be hard for most Americans to grasp. Yes. The MAIN ISSUE should be our Monetary Policy and Ending the FED. Only then can Freedom, Liberty and PEACE be achieved.

    With that said, Ron Paul has the only plan for America that makes sense. People can view it on his website. It’s detailed, concise and it definitely shrinks the size (and cost) of Government.

  34. I had little opinion about any of these candidates before I started watching the first debate several months ago. I have watched all of them, because I do a yoga workout while I watch, otherwise I am not sure I would spend my time watching. But I have come to have respect and fondness for Ron Paul who is the only candidate who seems genuinely sincere and honest. I dont agree with all of his ideas but I believe that he honestly believes them to be right. Romney I find more and more disgustingly fake, and I dont like the way he criticizes President Obama in such an extreme and distorted way. I expect that of Bachman who I think is nutty and not too bright. As for Newt, I dont think that he is a good or honest man. I think the only reason that he is doing well now in the polls is because many people are uncomfortable with Romney. He just doesnt seem trustworthy somehow.

  35. @E Anderson – Romney’s “Business” Experience is working in the Financial Sector WITH Wall Street. He’s definitely of the 1% crowd. Just Google who has donated to his Campaign. This alone should automatically DISQUALIFY him with any Conservative, Tea Party and OWS supporter. He will “appoint” more Wall Street CEO’s, FED “stooges” and Crony Capitalist Corporate CEO’s to his Administration than Barack H. Obama did. These are the SAME Criminals who have Decimated Our Economy and so far, are getting away with it. 60 Minutes just did a Program Titled “Prosecuting Wall Street”. It’s on youtube.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP Candidate QUALIFIED to be President in 2012!

    • You can’t run for president without having a lot of money. Would you vote for someone who didn’t know how to do well in their career? Plus, the founder of the occupation of Wall Street said he made up the number of 1%, so don’t be too offended that so many people do and don’t fit in the 1%.

  36. Ron Paul seems to be the only one who understands what War is. 9/11 was a Criminal Act by a group of Terrorist. It became an Act of War on the part of the country of Afghanistan went the ruling party of that country, the Taliban, provided shelter to OBL. Bush should have gone to Congress for a Declaration of War and then NUKED Kabul off the face of the planet to show the Islamic Radicals that we were pissed and would use all means available to rid the world of Radical Islam. This whole war would have been over in 6 weeks and Islamic Radicals would have been taken care of by the Islamic Nations for few hundred years at least, because the Islamic Nations wouldn’t want to be caught up in an all out righteous war by America in retaliation for 9/11. Ron Paul is the only one who I think would play by the rules and get a Declaration of War, then unlease a no holes barred attack on the ememy on the battle field which would be on the enemy’s soil resulting in an unconditional surrender and a clear American victory. This “Police Action” stuff is very dangerous and Ron Paul seems to be the only one that understands this!

    Ron Paul seems to be the only one who understands economics and that returning us to economic stability is the key to getting the economy back on the road to expansion which would fuel long term job growth.

    While I can’t remember Ron Paul putting out an exact figure, it seems clear that he would be looking at Federal Government that was in the range of maybe 10% of GDP or about maybe 40% of the size it is today.

    What’s most interesting is how many other candidates have started picking up on Ron Paul’s ideas.

    The more I watch these Debates, the more I think we need Ron Paul as President and Newt Gingrich as VP to twist some arms on Capital Hill.

  37. When I see criticism of Ron Paul I understand the fundamental difference is because he’s not a globalist neoconservative. The ideas of groups like The Project For The New American Century that promote global authority from force through U.S. power is not a traditional conservative view. It’s actually the largest form of government one can advocate for.

    That is why there is not a second choice possible for his supporters.

    Ron Paul 2012 National Sovereignty

  38. “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” Daniel Webster

    Ron Paul 2012 Liberty!

  39. The only GOP candidate that makes any sense is Jon Huntsman. The rest of the candidates have so much baggage, brought on by appealing to the Republican Party, which has careened so far to the right it make Regan look like a card carrying member of the ACLU.

    Jon Huntsman only looks viable because he’s not anti-science; believes in Evolution and Climate change and is against torture.
    What has happened to the Republican voter?

    • Evolution, huh? I hadn’t heard that one. If that’s true, I guess he doesn’t live his religion. That sounds like poor moral character to me.

  40. I am primarily interested in getting the current President out of office. Thas said, we are sort of given a choice between Gingrich and Romney. Ron Paul sounds nice but not electable. Santorum seems sincere but wants all to go with his religous beliefs, and that is not my desire I am a conservative but not an evangalistic conservative. I lean toward Gingrich since he should know the ins and outs of making things get done in DC. I usually feel a split government is best since nothing gets done since it always seems that if something does get done it is always for the worst, so gridlock keeps stupidity from reigning. Thing is though right now we MUST get things changed before we go completely financially bankrupt like Greese. How about Romney President, Gingrich vp?

    • I find it comical when people say Ron Paul is unelectable… why? Ron Paul is entirely electable… He has a grassroots voter base and by far, has more supporters than any of the other FOX appointed front-runners. The lack of media coverage for Ron Paul has no effect on his support base and only highlights right-wing conservative fears that we will actually have an honest president who knows what needs to be done.

  41. Nice to see an even amount of time across all of the candidates.

    Be sure to get to your primaries and vote. Be active and stick to your 1st choice.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  42. Gingrich can have Iowa! their filled with a bunch of evangelicals that would rather vote for an immoral man over anybody else!! so stupid!!!

  43. I have found very few people actually engaged in and responsible for carrying out our foreign policy who are not supporting Ron Paul. One Navy Seal who was in charge of training Afgan troops recently took a good half hour of his time explaining what a “Joke” (His words, not mine) our foreign policy is. It does not surprise me Ron Paul has more support from the military than any other candidate. This is a fact which is easily confirmed by anyone, yet many seemed surprised to learn it. When I go to the pages and forums which have the most vile attacks against Ron Paul, and usually cute attacks in the way of childish name calling for his supporters as well, I can easily understand the disgust felt by many of these men. One of them hit the nail on the head when he told me “When you read that stuff, it’s almost always from the same kind of coward. it’s always from a Chicken Hawk or draft dodger or both”

    The truth is, these Ron Paul supporters, whether you agree with them or not, are very intelligent and they know their stuff. They know their history and they care. Every bumper sticker or sign or TV ad you see is paid for out of their own hard earned money, not corporate interest.

    I am 64 years old, but I’m not too old to learn something. I’ve learned from them and I’ve learned to reevaluate everything I thought I knew. I’ve read more history and researched more and have gone back to my old 1968 Economics books and have asked questions. Ron Paul is not a great speaker and he’s not there to entertain you. If you’re not already educated you will not grasp what’s in his words unless you happen to have the time to listen to one of his hour long speeches with questions which are more like a college lecture than a speech. A dumb and easily board people who must have constant stimulation will not vote for Ron Paul.

    These Ron Paul supporters have made me especially proud of our young people and optimistic about America’s future. Our Forefathers had it right after all, and I’m now proud to now count myself as a “Paulbot”. The day of the news media determining what and how we “Think” is nearing an end and it’s the truth that will set us and our children all free, not Ron Paul. He’s only one of many messengers in a world where there is ever increasing Light.

  44. Ron Paul is categorizing war on terror not to open us up to outside terror, but to LIMIT the dictatorial measures the US government is taking. You cannot believe someone who is sold out to freedom would give it away to some foreign terrorists. That is not the case at all. He is merely defining it as many Americans see the greatest threat is from our own so called government which has been hijacked.
    To the person who says that he loses his train of thought, you obviously do not understand, that he is trying to answer the questions according to what he thinks is most important and not just to the questions.
    Unfortunately many people do not understand what is has been like to stand alone on liberty and be attacked constantly by the press and others on his long stand and attack on the greatest threat to the US, the Fed and those who control the office of the president. But perhaps you will get that chance soon as things worsen.

  45. Ron Paul isnt saying the gov is going to bankrupting america, he says they have. he always talks about the facts. the cuts he wants to make are what america really need right now. we cant send any more money we dont have to other countrys, or fight any more wars. he wants to get ride of the monopoly the fed has. this is his plan for creating jobs, by stopping the gov from taxing us to death. he knows a company will hire more employes if you cute taxes were they count.

  46. William Wokkman

    Would you please try to repost the link you referenced? Below is the message:

    This content is currently unavailable
    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

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    Juan Reynoso’s Blog –
    December 7th, 2011
    Ron Paul sound the alarm but not body listen
    Support Ron Paul
    Fellow Americans, Ron Paul sound the alarm but no body listen, most Americans think that the value of the US Dollar is constant, but the truth is that our Dollar is being devalued, it lost 40% of its value since 2002.
    The reasons is the incompetence and corruption of the Washington politicians that are engage in this expending frenzy to bailout and promoted economic stimulus to benefit their cronies at the expenses of the American taxpayers and our country’s economy.
    Fellow Americans to save our country, we must clean up Washington corruption, we only have few law makers that we should work to keep in our government, our job is to cleanse Washington; United we stand for the future of our country and the economic and welfare of the American family.
    Our founding fathers legacy, is our freedom, they give us the Constitution and our bill of rights, that guaranty our liberty to pursuit our happiness through our own endeavor to succeed and become the best we can be. We must learn from our pass, we are not perfect, in the pass we commit acts that today we repudiate, but we give thanks to the ones that give every thing including their lives for what is right and save our country from it’s own demise. Our sin always have being greed for money and power and that is what today is destroying our country.
    Fellow Americans greed for money and power is destroying our country Washington is engage in making you and me an economic slave, they are promoting a concentration of wealth by exploitation and corruption they commit crimes against humanity and deprive us of jobs. Washington made possible for our US Corporations to go to foreign countries to exploit the people’s labor, made goods cheaper than American made goods and compete with small American manufactures and put them out of business creating a huge unemployment, millions of Americans lost their jobs from the legislations pass by Washington to help the multinational corporations to get rich at the expenses of the American people and the exploitation of the foreign workers.
    Today we need jobs for Americans, we need to work so we be able to pay taxes, we need to demand from Washington to end Free trade and the out sourcing of Americans jobs; Washington expended trillions on job stimulus that don’t work, because Washington don’t have the slightest clue of how the economic works, they didn’t have the foresight to see the impact of their ill legislations on our economic and the future of our country; from the tech bubble to the real estate bubble in 2007, they completely missed the recent MF- EU collapse in fact Washington did not see any of these financial crisis coming, they actually fostered with the reckless monetary policy and artificially low interest rates, they ignored the importance of fiscal policies and engage on a frenzy expending to cover up their ill policies.
    Fellow Americans, it is time for us; to make Washington pay for their incompetence and inept regulations and legislations, Republicans and Democrats are guilty of the demise of our economic and the future of our country, we need to vote them all out, we must restore honesty and trust in our Government.
    You decide vote for Ron Paul and the future of our country, or believe this corrupt establishment and contribute to the demise of our country.

  48. Ron Paul is the only candidate that I even consider anymore. He knows how to get our country out of debt and promote a free market economy.. Gingrich and Romney are somehow frontrunners yet they both flip flop.. and the fact that Gingrich was involved with Fannie and Freddie disgusts me. Neither of them really believe in smaller government, but that a republican can run our huge government more effectively. If anything Perry would be a possible second choice, but what really sets Paul apart is his views on foreign policy and government spending.

    People who are scared he puts the nation at danger are wrong. The only reason we’re in danger is because we are trying to police the world and control other countries. Paul has TWICE as much money donated from the military than ALL other candidates combined!!! And more than 1.5x as much as Obama. He knows what he is talking about. A strong defense is much more important than policing the world.

    We need to take care of our nation and have a sound currency/economy before we even consider building other nations. We don’t get our country out of debt by raising taxes, we do it by CUTTING government spending tremendously and cutting taxes to create economic stimulation.

    Also, Ron Paul protects our Liberty. We should never be told what to do by our government so long as we aren’t harming other individuals. Christians should be able to pray in any public setting, just as atheists should be able to stand up and say “I don’t believe in religion.” If they aren’t imposing on anyone’s views or harming anyone than they have the right to do it. Stoners should be able to smoke their marijuana so long as they aren’t harming anyone or driving under the influence.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to make huge changes to set our country back on track.. At the rate we’re going the dollar will be worthless and our government will be a dictatorship. His message is slowly getting across to the American people and his supporters don’t flip. Protect our freedom, protect our nation, and protect our future. Ron Paul 2012!

  49. Ron Paul’s hearing sure is going out…how about the 16th amendment, oops, that was probably an immediate after thought. Gingrich sounded great, but that’s what he’s good at… if he does it, I would like him to tear Obama to shreds but I’d rather Ron Paul in there. Why does Romney always sound defensive? Why does Santorum always sound like a dad not a president? Why does Bachmann always sound like she is promising a miracle?

  50. Scary. What has become of the American Collective that encourages the candidates to shamelessly appeal to the individual’s self-interest, and encourage moral high ground platforms? I won’t even go into the joke that is Michelle Baachman. I only pray that the rest of the country can see the puppet strings that have no respect for the women voters of the country, as the puppeteers are assuming women are ignorant and will vote for her just because she is a woman. Granted, she can study and memorize her statements far better than Sarah, but really…are there no other intelligent female candidates they could have backed? But I digress…

    I am just so sick and tired of selfish and self-centered individuals hiding behind the shield of “morality”. The LAST thing I wish to see is a government fighting with a sword of righteousness. Time and time again, the saying holds true…”if we don’t learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it”. There is a reason the founders stipulated very clearly the importance of separating “Church” and “State”. Our enemies in the Middle East are fighting us over their belief system…for they “feel” as though they have the moral high ground.

    I respect your personal religious beliefs, and you have every right, under the constitution, to practice them. You do NOT have the right to preach to me or my children how “right” you are or how “wrong” anyone else is.

    I could care less if the 10 Commandments were displayed on public property. I, personally, wish it would be mandatory that ALL students in the public school system recite the Pledge of Allegiance… but those are my personal views…and the constitution gives me the right to have them, and to instruct my children of them. It does NOT give me the right to impose them on anyone else. Nor does it give the president that right. So, by catering these forums around these questions and topics is not only a waste of time (for once elected, s/he will NOT be able to live up to his/her moral promises) but it also detracts from the real issues at stake.

    Dear Presidential Candidate:
    Please do NOT talk to me of moral issues. Please do NOT attack the current president in office. Please do NOT attack each other. Please do NOT appeal to my ethos or pathos (or what you perceive them to be). Please do NOT jump on the bandwagon of other candidates’ tag line (Gov. Perry was the initial candidate to advertize “less is more” regarding the role of fed. gov.-now ALL of you are tooting the same horn). Please do NOT assume the average “Joe” is a plumber…and speak in what you think are arbitrary terms that we will not understand…for we do understand them…they are NOT above our intelligence bracket…we see them for what they are…arbitrary and empty “buzz” words that hold zero contextual meaning.

    PLEASE speak to us as a COLLECTIVE. Make the assumption that all of your voters are AMERICAN CITIZENS who think beyond their home and family. You will be the leader in national thought and consensus. While most people fantasize about leadership and power, most, when given the choice, prefer to follow. The two greatest presidents of our history were both assassinated because they led a Nation to change..changes that were not popular, nor did they appeal to the nation’s pathos or ethos…but changes that were necessary to heal a wounded country. PLEASE be brave. PLEASE be honest. PLEASE speak of things you CAN do in reality. Above all, PLEASE know and understand that the “average” Joe is desperately wanting some Nationalism…pride in his country and trust in his leaders. Something that hasn’t been felt in this country since WWII.

    In the words of John F. Kennedy: “Ask NOT what your country can do for you…but what YOU can do for your country”.

    • Once people figure our Congress is owned and our media is owned and outside of the Internet, we may as well be living in North Korea as far as having a free press is concerned, the eyes open and the answer becomes clear. Ron Paul 2012. They’ll shut down the internet as well if they can. The biggest problem is older people make up a huge portion of the vote and they get all their news from Fox and CNN and don’t yet understand it’s a very controlled message. Spend a little bit of time checking things out folks. The lies and half truths will amaze you. Google everything you hear them tell you! Teach your parents and grandparents how to use the only free press we have left. Here in Florida, I forgot the exact numbers but somewhere around 75-80% of voters are 45+ and 65+ make up most of those. Just about everything they “Know” comes from the controlled media. That’s an awful lot of people who are brainwashed with the neoconservative Left right paradigm BS.

      • To William Wokmann and others who blame age.

        I support Ron Paul and I have actively supported him since 2007. I am certainly one of the older voters you accuse of being the problem. Age has nothing to do with the ability to disagree with and question the status-quo, or the ability to use logic and experience to think freely read, research and use the internet. In my family it is I who is struggling to pry open the minds of my 25-35 year old children. My very conservative 91 year old in-laws even recognize the lies of the of the left-right paradigm. They have had no trouble thinking for themselves and have seen very clearly through the lies for many years now.

        I think the problem has more to do with fear of change and the unknown. Once American individuals, regardless of age, confront the “big lie”, they are faced with the loss of a sense of security and hope. They must face the fact that everything is not and will not be OK without change. I believe that most voters would rather vote for a status-quo candidate in the hopes of extending the “big lie dream” a little longer rather than confront the truth. The truth is daunting it requires action; commitment, vigilance, work, frugality, sacrifice and pain to change course.

        • I agree with you Windisea. You may have misunderstood what I was saying. I am almost 65 and by no means do I put the blame on someone’s age. What does bother me is that I know most people my age and older as well as many who are younger put their trust in what they believe to be a free press. Instinctively they know something’s wrong. I’ll hear people say “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them” all the time referring to the Republicans and Democrats. Now I believe most of them (Including younger voters) still believe there are the “Good guy” and the “Bad guy” press depending on how you label yourself. To Republicans, of course, Fox news is supposed to be the “Good guy”.

          You are by no means “one of the older voters” I “accuse of being the problem”. Like me, you are one of the older voters who is part of the solution. Every 4 years a whole new group of people reach our age and they will depend less and less on the controlled media. Your job and mine is simply to spread the truth as much as we can just as we would if there were scams and con games going on praying on the elderly in our town. To me, that’s exactly what it is. Seniors are not stupid by any means. Many just don’t realize something they trusted for 60+ years has been taken over by con artist that can’t be trusted. The “Fear” you mentioned is the best and most effective tool they have. Since the Internet seems to be about the only free press we have left I would imagine the powers that be are working vigorously as we speak to find things we should all “Fear” from it. Don’t terrorist use the internet? Couldn’t they shut down the banking system and destroy us all? Shouldn’t the government control this monster? Stay tuned!

          • William Wokmann

            You are certainly right that the fight is on–we have our hands full just defending our civil rights alone, with SOPA/PIPA, voter fraud, NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act. I do agree with you in that I know far too many people, young and old, who know something is wrong and yet are still willing to grip tightly to the status-quo.

            Where is our honor? What has happened to the home of the brave, the land of the free? Where are the Brave? What is wrong with a leader who will lead wisely and councils the Golden Rule and diplomacy first?

            “Americans think their danger is terrorists. They don’t
            understand the terrorists cannot take away habeas corpus, the
            Bill of Rights, the Constitution…. The terrorists are not
            anything like the threat we face from our own government in
            the name of fighting terrorism…. The American constitutional
            system is near to being overthrown”
            — Paul Craig Roberts

            I mourn for my great country and pray for Ron Paul.

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