Mitt Romney has now added his name to the list of candidates deciding to skip the December 27th GOP debate which is slated to be moderated by the one and only Donald Trump. Both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have also said they will pass on the event as well.

Report from Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) – U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Tuesday that he will not attend a controversial Dec. 27 debate to be moderated by real estate magnate Donald Trump, as have candidates Ron Paul and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Romney told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that he will not participate in the Iowa debate, which has drawn fire from Washington Republicans as well as two of Romney’s competitors.

Some Republicans worry the showboating Trump, star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” program, could make the event all about him rather than the candidates.

Speaking to reporters in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Romney said he was already participating in many debates.

“We’ve already set our calendar in December and I communicated to Mr. Trump that (the) schedule is completed,” Romney said.

Here is Romney discussing his decision with Neil Cavuto on Fox News:

This doesn’t shock me all that much. My first thought when a reader alerted me to the upcoming Trump debate was that it might end up being canceled due to a lack of candidates. This is partially due to the sheer number of debates already scheduled but also due to the “publicity stunt” nature of a debate moderated by Donald Trump. As of now, Santorum and Gingrich will make for a fairly empty stage. Bachmann and Perry have yet to make a decision according to Politico. Still, I’m betting if they can secure at least 3 or 4 candidates, it might happen.


  1. Trump has become an narcissistic Egomaniac. I think his Apprentice “Reality” Show has completely Gone-to-his-Head. Who the hell does he think he is anyway? Is Trump’s Ego that “Wacky” that he wants all the GOP Candidates to KISS THE RING of “The Donald” before becoming President? I can see it now. He’s going to “Interview” the GOP Candidates in an “Apprentice Style” Interview so he can DECLARE to the American People that He or She is “Hired” or “Fired”!

    Trump should re-think using his Circus Side-Show, “The Apprentice”, as a means to select a President. The “Thinking” American People aren’t Stupid, Mr. Trump. The Stupid ones are the ones who watch your show and give it any kind of credence.

  2. cant blame him or the others! What a joke! Trump is not the brightest person on the planet in the first place and to put himself into politics was just one more way for him to see himself up in lights! He is “worth money”, but honestly he must not beable to get to it for him to put himself out there so much! He is truly one of the most unintelligent people I have ever seen when it comes to dealing with people! Why would the GOP lower themselves to putting this guy on? I admire Mitt, Jon and Ron for being the first to drop out! If the others are intelligent when it comes to knowing what needs to be politically smart, they would too. Having Donald Trump doing this is beyond a joke! The GOP is quickly becoming the biggest joke on the planet, and this move is just confirming this!

    • So Rob, I suppose you consider your intellect as superior to Donald Trump? I have enough sense to perceive that I don’t come close to his skill, mental clarity and money making abilities. He’s not only wealthy, he’s a multi-BILLIONAIRE.

      I think you tell on yourself.

  3. I’ll be happy to watch as many debates as possible. I would rather see one where the candidates talk to each other,but will take anything.

    The real sad thing? You won’t see or hear this from the liberal side. Not now, nor in four years when their pool of candidates are larger. Nor will we get a lot of debates when the parties are set. If we heard from both sides like we hear from the conservatives, then maybe the votors could vote intelligently, not based on a 5-second sound bite from a commercial.

  4. It figures that Gingrich and Santorum would agree to participate in Trump’s Presidential “Reality” Circus, while the other “serious” Candidates have opted-out. It just goes to show us how “malleable” these Clowns (Gingrich and Santorum) will be in the Ringmaster’s (Donald Trump) hands.

    Be sure to “Bow Low” boys when you Kiss His Ring! The Democrats are sure going to have a Field Day with this one! Especially when “The Donald” Declares to the American People “Who’s Hired” and “Who’s Fired”. You 3, are an Embarrassment to the GOP!

    I’ve watched all the Debates and Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP Candidate who is acting like an “Adult” during this Campaign. It’s time we all vote “On Principle” against these Egotistical, Narcissistic, Self-Serving “Establishment” Wack-Jobs!

  5. Corporate America once again depicts its driven and it upholds frivolous stardom, and egocentric conspicuousness.What was the criteria for the selection of TRUMP?I personally got nothing against him but i sure reproach the idea.It just portrays absolute political discourse and misrepresentation.

    • I would imagine the criteria would be to produce a Legal Birth Certificate to “The Donald”. If you can do that, you’re in. I’m kidding. But this Trump guy is a joke nonetheless.

  6. Trump is a popular and successful business man who is saddened to see our great country falling before our eyes. I see absolutely nothing wrong with his moderating a GOP Debate. We’ve already had sarcastic Liberals in the role of Moderators in a previous debate. Some of their questions seemed designed to trip up the candidates instead of focusing on our country’s urgent issues. If there’s anything to complain about, there you go! Yet, the idea of a sharp, quick-witted, no-nonsense Republican acting as Moderator is a cause for you to ridicule? It’s more than only fine with me. I think it’s excellent.

    Trump is much more than a Reality Show star. To reduce him to only this role in his enormously victorious money making endeavors is grossly unfair (As suggested by our “fair” boy whining president). Besides that, which one of us has the ability to pull off a television show as successful as the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice? I’ll choose the good man Trump is any day to moderate, regardless if he has a showman quality or not. I’m so fed up with the America-destroying man in our White House that I’m more than ready for a “Time to Get Tough” talking moderator. That’s the name of Trump’s new book, by the way.

    As far as the names Trump is called in these posts: a Narcissistic Egomaniac, Trump’s Presidential Reality Circus, Ringmaster, and the outrageous encouragement to the candidates to “bow low to kiss his ring,” I see that my fellow posters are deluded over who to authentically give these names to. It may be that your blind devotion to Obama, as the most obnoxiously arrogant president I’ve ever seen in my life, has filled you with confusion, scorn, and a loss of logic. Only by possessing these traits could it cause you to utter such inane comments.

    I am definitely planning to see the Trump debate, and am looking forward to it. December 27th, people. Set your DVR and discover that Trump will be asking questions that should shake loose the cobwebs covering your brain.

  7. who is Trump ??? only a Builder with a strange and arragonte attitude who try to get and make something out this mess.
    We need to be more seriouse and keep this kind of opprtunist from this process.
    Go back to shop, store, hotels, bar and keep womenize as before ///

    • The Arrogant-in-Chief who resides in the White House is the most appalling of all. If Trump strikes you as arrogant, please say what you believe Obama to be. Sincere? Truthful? Patriotic?

      Arrogance is not attractive on anyone, most of all the phony in office who is dictating America’s downfall.

  8. American, American and the people of America?????????
    Dear Vic, look at Candidates, every 4 years some body out of no where or from some where come up and promise all of the things, so we vote and put him in the job which is no control on him. worth is at the 3rd year for almost 2 years appear again and ask for another term.
    Look at Carter, Bush 43 and …. is any report card for them, even stpid cick Cheini act like ?????
    But for each of Cadidate and Obama you have any report card, like you and me which one of them has yearly review ?????
    Newit and all of them coming from the same Caos which they made it and now acting like New Born Baby…..congress do not have any term limit ?????
    Trump has lots of Garbage report but act like another new born Cow

  9. I like the fact that Trump tried to organize the debate. Trump is America’s business celebrity, the ultimate manager (smile), so why not let him question the candidates on business and management matters within and outside the United States? Regardless the weight you put on this idea as legitimate or on Mr. Trump as a legitimate moderator, the candidates’ willingness to participate shows their ability and capacity for thriving in a wide array of environments and questioning. Trump says he’s still considering running for President, which will never happen, but his platform is surely his ability to succeed as a businessman and manager, which one could say is what is required in running a government, including negotiating deals in our foreign affairs. Let the man question the candidates. Let him operate on his stage. As long as the candidates can control the narcissist factor and Donald’s endless praising of himself, there would ultimately be good questions asked regarding how the candidates will manage the biggest business in the land – the Federal Government.

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