Mitt Romney has now added his name to the list of candidates deciding to skip the December 27th GOP debate which is slated to be moderated by the one and only Donald Trump. Both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman have also said they will pass on the event as well.


Report from Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) – U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Tuesday that he will not attend a controversial Dec. 27 debate to be moderated by real estate magnate Donald Trump, as have candidates Ron Paul and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Romney told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that he will not participate in the Iowa debate, which has drawn fire from Washington Republicans as well as two of Romney’s competitors.

Some Republicans worry the showboating Trump, star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” program, could make the event all about him rather than the candidates.

Speaking to reporters in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Romney said he was already participating in many debates.

“We’ve already set our calendar in December and I communicated to Mr. Trump that (the) schedule is completed,” Romney said.

Here is Romney discussing his decision with Neil Cavuto on Fox News:

This doesn’t shock me all that much. My first thought when a reader alerted me to the upcoming Trump debate was that it might end up being canceled due to a lack of candidates. This is partially due to the sheer number of debates already scheduled but also due to the “publicity stunt” nature of a debate moderated by Donald Trump. As of now, Santorum and Gingrich will make for a fairly empty stage. Bachmann and Perry have yet to make a decision according to Politico. Still, I’m betting if they can secure at least 3 or 4 candidates, it might happen.

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