Later this evening, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be holding a GOP Presidential Forum on his “Huckabee” show on Fox News. The forum will consist of six GOP candidates being questioned individual by a panel of state Attorneys General. Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain were also invited, however, both candidates have passed on the event.

Video: Watch Entire Forum Video

Air Time: Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 8pm ET on Fox News

Confirmed Candidates: Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Perry

Report from the Virginia Pilot:

Having confirmed his plan to run for governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will pivot from state to national politics this weekend when he questions Republican presidential candidates during a televised forum.

Cuccinelli and two fellow attorneys general — Florida’s Pam Bondi and Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma — will serve as panelists on a FOX News Forum hosted Saturday evening by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. The broadcast begins at 8 p.m.

The GOP hopefuls scheduled to participate in that event are Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich; Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul; Texas Gov. Rick Perry; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney; and former Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum.

Each will be individually questioned, a format that differentiates the forum from a debate setting in which candidates offer condensed responses and exchange crossfire.

That setting allows for a “a more substantive discussion of issues,” including the role of state and federal government in setting policy and protection of the U.S. Constitution, said Cuccinelli.

I do tend to enjoy this format as a change of pace from the typical debate structure since it seems to bring out some deeper questioning of the candidates. Having Attorneys General essentially cross-examine each candidate might turn out to be a great idea. We’ll see later tonight.


  1. How about asking the cantidates about the $15 billion dollars a year that goes out to Mexico for illegal drugs. This is the root of all of the current border problems with Mexico, not illegal immagration.

    • Luckily Ron Paul could give ya an answer about that one 🙂 & he eve has a plan other than business as usual

  2. I’m looking forward to the program tonight. Hopefully, it will be educational and enlightening with respect to substantive responses to whatever the Attorneys General pose.

  3. Thanks to the new media and not having to be home in front of the TV, I think I’ve watched more primary debates this year than in my lifetime. I look forward to tonight’s forum. Thanks again 2012PresidentialElectionNews for keeping all the debate information organized and accessible on one site. Great, great job!

  4. Though not the historical debate format, this will also not be the hysterical “debate” format of recent times. Kudos!

  5. I would like to know how we can have a President take office and NOT BE a US Born Citizen with a certificated US Birth Certificate?

  6. “I wish they would have name plates on the podium/desk. My wife still can’t keep them straight.”

    I guess the reason for not being able to keep them straight is because even with the external visual differences between them; black, white, male, female, tall, short, etc, in the end, they’re all spewing the same message. When the GOP selects their choice for nominee, and Obama and who ever is up there on the stage putting on their little act for their bases, again, the look of the actors will be different, but the message will most likely be the same; that of whatever their corporate owners dictate to them.

    We have an immensely broken and dysfunctional political system. A rigged system of a two party duopoly that has been in place from the founding of our nation. The worst of it is that they have successfully duped us, who even care to vote, into believing that is is all we can have; that the rules can’t be changes, which of course they can. We continually vote for one of the duopoly parties thinking that somehow this will bring the change we know we need in this country. People must stop being so timid, believing that to vote for a third party is somehow a wasted vote, or a spoiler vote. Until voters change their behavior and start voting for a new breed of representatives, no change will happen.

    Democrats believe and vote for the anointed choice chose by the party bosses, and the Republicans do the same with their nominee chosen by their party bosses. Both hating the opposing choice and loving their party choice, believing there will be a difference. How sad!

    • Those without sins cast the first stone! Everyone makes mistakes the point is to learn from them and not repeat them.

      • lol , he has repeated those mistakes quite a few must be quite gullible……Seems like the cause & effect part of hs brain aint working…

  7. Who among us is not sorry for some of the things we did in the past? From all indications, Newt has made peace with his God and his family…and very importantly, himself. What else is there to do? Perhaps he can do much good for our country with the experience he has acquired.

    • I hate to break it to you but Newt is the slimeist of the politicians, he was even run out of town by his own political party because he was so deep in the lobbist pockets, yes he does talk a slick game but at the same time we do need to look at his past work experience

    • I can see your point but at the same time he is an accomplished liar, how are you to know he is not lying now??(hypothetical question) If Berny Madoff was out of prison said he was changed & that he wanted to go back into banking, would you give him your money to invest?? Doubtful…..If Newt only has one or two blemishes on hs record I would gie him more slack and try to listen & trust what he says…But because not only is his personal life crazy(which dont find relevant, just as I didnt feel Bill Clinton’s affair was relevant to how he was doing his job) It’s his work history that scares me, he has constantly flip flopped on decisions based on who was paying him, he is known n the political world as a lobbyist insider, he has had scandals envolving fanny mae & freddy mac right before the housing bubble burst(he accepted 2 mil from them) and at the same time in public he was openly criticizing them…Ethics are something that are partly molded as a child & seeing how warped his are I dont see why he has or would change, it’s not like he’s been punished for all the the dishonest things he has done & yes thats not our job to judge but it is our job to consider things like this when picking a president , that way when he screws his voters over, the ppl who didnt vote for him can give yall the big “TOLD YA SO!!!!”

  8. It amazes me the level of crap that people spew out just because they have a keyboard. Ron Paul is the only guy for the regular people of this country. All others are up to no good and want to take you and your family out. I don’t mean just take you out of the political scene/debate, I MEAN TAKE YOU OUT…ZIP ZAP ZOP… DONE, STICK A FORK IN YA!!! No more American dream of having a home, starting a family, going to college, starting a business….FA-GET A-BOUT IT!!!

  9. I hope they give Ron Paul a chance this time because Huckabee seams to be very biased against Ron because Ron Paul is a true conservative and wants stop all these bloody, undeclared, Trillions of dollar wars that a lot of “Christians” get so excited about (as long as someone else’s kids are dying). Remember that Ahmadinejad never said he would use a Nuke against Israel or America, look it up! It is a lie from the “60 minuet” program.

    As far as the boarder goes, Ron Paul wants to get at the root of the problem and that is stop the incentives for them to want to come over here.


    • ProConstitutionFreedomLover, Unlike Obama, Ahmadinejad would never tell the world what his war plans are. Huckabee gave every canidate equal time. Most Americans would rather wars NOT be fought on our soil. To me Dr, Paul talks like a legalistic Bible thumping preacher… Demanding everyone do it his way, and pointing fingers at those do don’t.

      • @B Anderson, have no clue what made you feel that way especially strongly about 1 candidate …they are all like that……But Dr. Paul’s main stance is that this country needs to go back to what it once was, run by the people , not politicians having a hey day

  10. Does anyone know if this will be streamed live on, and if it isn’t, a place where I could watch it online?

    • Ron Paul does not support amnesty, he wants to ship them back to Mexico, & close our borders he says if they wanna live over here they need to follow proper legal procedure

  11. This Rick Santorum is just another Puppet of the NWO..He signed the Patriot Act because we needed to root out Al Queda…Havn’t found any yet because of it, But they can come into our homes now with no warrant. GOOD JOB RICK YOU BUSH LOOK ALIKE.

  12. GO NEWT! Amazing to have someone who has real solutions, real answers to problems to get this country back on track! Someone should tell President Obama to hone up his debating skills because Newt is coming for ya! Can not wait to see it!!!

    • It’s going to take every dime of that 1.6 mil he got from Freddy Mack to get that far in the debates. :-0

  13. Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.
    As president, Newt would act like a president with much needed common sense in addition to superior intellectual ability. (Unlike some people we all know.)

    • Jean, I know you are probably a pretty nice lady, but WAKE THE HECK UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE….THEY CALL NEWT GINGRICH, “MR. NEW WORLD ORDER”…do you know what that means ma’am? why don’t you just google “New World Order” now?

  14. Do States have any power to stop or prevent the Federal Reserve from bailing out foreighn banks? If so, what is this power and how might it be exercised?

    • Its called the constitution, citizen’s vote, Senators, Representatives, and the courts. Get busy and use them.

      • This citizen will be voting for Ron Paul in 2012. Only Ron Paul understands the importance that the government abide by the constitution, the foundation and protection of our liberty. He is the original no other candidate compares. Ron Paul will restore America and our civil rights.

  15. Question: I would like to know why, in this United States of America, there are drug shortages at the pharmacies. We are now trying to import, non-FDA approved medications from other countries to cover our shortages.

  16. It would have been much better if the same questions were asked of each candidate. It would hav emade for a better evaluation seytem.

  17. I actually watched all the clowndicates except Newt-I just can’t stand the guy. There is only one I will vote for, Ron Paul. Is there someone better, not running. The only problem I have with Ron is he is not very polished.

  18. After watching the Huckabee forum Ron Paul is in last place based on his senseless babbling and not staying on topic. First place goes to Newt and second to Bachmann in my opinion. For once Perry proved to be a better debater than Paul.

    • I have supported Dr. Paul 100% for years, and will continue to do so because I know his policies and ideals. Nevertheless, tonight, I was yelling at my computer screen for him to 1) answer the questions that were asked, 2) stop rambling and using up his limited time, and 3) oh, yes, answer the questions that were asked. One particularly frustrating exchange was when he was asked if any of the Constitutional Amendments, and he told them all the ones he thought were good. I realize he didn’t hear the question at first, but it still came off badly.

      All in all, I thought it was a poor performance. In speech settings, he always does far better (and without a teleprompter). Four of my children are in a Speech and Debate league, and I recognize the different skills needed for the two types of communication, but in this day of instant-replay gotcha politics, these types of performances can hurt down the road (just ask Rick Perry).

      I also watched Bachmann (I’ll get to the others on the replay). I was shocked at her lack of constitutional consistency. For all her big talk, she seems to be just another lawless pragmatist.

  19. Tonight Romney did very well, but as expected, Gingrich did better. I did notice that they put the overlay at the bottom with the candidate’s names. Thanks, that helped. My wife did not have to keep asking me who is talking.

    In my speech class they gave everyone clickers. Every time some one made the verbal pause “ah” everyone would click it. I always had the whole class clicking… I noticed in the last minute recap each had, Mit had one click. Newt had zero. The other candidates had more. Like in golf, the fewer, the better.

  20. I think the forum this evening, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. is much better than the previous “debates.” The candidates had more time to present their positions. Excellent.

  21. attorney scott pruitt asked a question of ron paul (followed up by an editorialization statement that i could not understand). dr. paul also had difficulty hearing it. this lead to a bit of confusion.

    i believe that all the attorneys general should have practiced asking clear, concise questions at home before they got to the TV studio.

    pam bondi was rather highschool-ish in her question to dr. paul re: around the corner–what do you call the attack on the twin towers. her tone was churlish. tsk tsk. i felt major embarrassment for her.

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