What will likely be the final GOP debate before the January 3rd Iowa caucuses will take place later this evening from the Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa. The debate is sponsored by Fox News and will feature seven of the current GOP candidates.

Air Time: Thursday, December 15 at 9pm ETon Fox News

Participants: Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Report from Examiner.com:

The next debate and last one before the Iowa caucus is set to take place this Thursday night, December 15th at 8pm CST in Sioux City at the Sioux City Convention Center. It will be hosted by Fox News and the Iowa Republican Party. This will be the last major televised debate in Iowa as Donald Trump has finally decided to cancel his debate that was well on its way to being doomed anyway.

Even before the latest poll came out today showing Ron Paul surging into a first place tie in Iowa, I had predicted in my debate analysis of the last debate here that it looked likely after his last performance that he could win Iowa and that if he wins Iowa, he could have an even more decisive win in New Hampshire. Also, that contrary to the famous pundits out there, Newt Gingrich gave a weak performance in trying to defend himself during the last debate, so it was no surprise to see that his poll numbers fell by at least 5 points.

Certainly Iowa is very close to a three-way tie depending on the poll you examine with Paul, Gingrich and Romney all vying for the top spot. In Iowa, however, you still can’t count out Perry, Bachmann or Santorum of finishing better than the polling currently indicates.


  1. Let’s see if FOX News will be “Fair and Balanced” with Ron Paul during this Debate. Will they give Ron the Time allotted to a Top Tier Candidate? We’ll see…

    I heard that Sean Hannity (FOX News) “cancelled” an Interview with Ron Paul yesterday and “stuck” Newt Gingrich in his place. It’s become pretty apparent that FOX News has made-it’s-choice for the Republican Nominee. The “Anti-Conservative”, Newt Gingrich. Why? I have NO Idea. All the Polls show that Gingrich would lose to Obama, while those same Polls show that Ron Paul would beat Obama. Go Figure…

    I also heard that Chris Wallace (FOX News) said that if Ron Paul wins in IOWA, “IOWA won’t Count!” Which when Translated through the FOX News “Spin Machine” means that if Newt Gingrich wins IOWA, “Gingrich is a shoe-in for the Republican Nomination.”

    Ron Paul KNOWS the “Game” that FOX News is playing. They want to be “The King Maker”. In an Interview with Alex Jones yesterday, Ron Paul stated that if he wins IOWA, FOX News will say it’s just a “Fluke”.

    I must say that I have to admire this man, Ron Paul. Of all the times he’s been “called names”, told that his Foreign Policy is “out there” and to watch how he’s been treated UN-Fairly by the Media and throughout the Debates, Ron Paul consistently remains a Gentleman and a “Genuine” Constitutional Statesman. I don’t think anyone can take that away from him.

    Oh yeah…one other thing. I watched a youtube Video by “DrinkingWithBob”. He can be Hilarious at times! He came out with a Video titled “Ron Paul Can’t Win???” Check it out. He tells us what we already know.

    • Fox News Iowa GOP debate

      Below are some locations broadcasting the debate tonight.

      live-streamed on YouTube, in addition to FOX News Radio, FOX News Mobile and FOXNews.com.

      Sioux City Convention Center, Sioux City, IA, United States
      Time: 9:00 – 11:00 PM ET
      The debate will be moderated by Bret Baier of FOX News and will be televised on the FOX News channel and
      live-streamed on YouTube, in addition to FOX News Radio, FOX News Mobile and FOXNews.com.
      Participants: Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

    • Where is the like button for this post? Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP candidate with morals who the American people can trust. Newt is a serial liar, Perry is indeed “Slick Rick”, and let’s just say I’m happy Cain backed out. My vote goes 100% to Ron Paul for GOP nominee! Our country is in chaos, and the republican party and Fox news are getting closer and closer to the middle. If Newt or Perry somehow become President then we are going to have more of the status quo. We need a President for once who isn’t just lip service when he’s campaigning, and then does something completely different once he’s in office. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will do what he says! And for those of you who think he is too “extreme” with some of his views, remember that the executive branch is only 1/3 of our US federal government, so the most “extreme” legislation that you think is so bad won’t actually ever pass the legislative branch anyway (if it was so “extreme”).
      RON PAUL FOR 2012! If you haven’t done your research, start looking him up on youtube.com and google. You will be pleasantly surprised!

      • Ron Paul doesnt have morals. He wants illegal drugs passed. He wants Iran to have nuclear weapons because everyone else does. Iran will nialate Israel if they had them. They hate Israel like alot of others in the middle east. Ron paul is for abortion and homosexuality.

    • Ron Paul is the only reason I give 2 rips about debates. Otherwise it’s just a talking head that doesn’t care about me, my family or my country only the people that helped make their own name famous.

    • ======NEWSFLASH======

      Ron Paul is a nut job. Vote for someone who can defeat Obama. No one will vote for the nut job as was the case in his failed bid in 2008. He even looks like a case of incest.

      • medley, that is a really shallow view of Ron Paul. Why don’t you go to a library and do some research about our national debt, bailouts, and mortgage crisis. Otherwise don’t post comments that make you look stupid with our ‘newsflash’ lingo. You think middle class issue voters will vote for someone who is so disconnected — to make a $10000 bet? or the corrupt candidate Gingrich? Obama will tear them up! Paul is safe and alot of neutral voters already like him.

    • Did anyone get to see the Jay Leno show last night on NBC? Ron Paul was his guest and Jay asked many of the important questions, surrounding Ron. It was truly done in a fair and balanced style so that Ron was able to fill out his answers more than we have seen on the debates. O’Reilly could learn how to do it from Leno!

      It’s the best snapshot I have ever seen of Ron Paul and so refreshing to see a candidate who resembles a statesman rather than a politician. Jay interviewed Ron for about 30 minutes, minus commercials. For those that might be considering him but still undecided, the interview is on YouTube.

      Ron Paul & Joe Rogan on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno

      http://RonPaul2012.com/ Ron Paul Video Playlist http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=257C3E2F32D6EA89 FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted

  2. Should we believe what RP supporter’s blog?
    I think I remember Hanniiy claims to be a Libertarian.

    Here is the poll results for RP vs Obama:

    General Election: Paul vs. Obama
    Poll Date Sample Obama (D) Paul (R) Spread
    RCP Average 11/8 – 12/11 — 47.3 38.5 Obama +8.8
    Rasmussen Reports 12/10 – 12/11 1000 LV 43 35 Obama +8
    NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 12/7 – 12/11 RV 50 37 Obama +13
    PPP (D) 11/10 – 11/13 800 RV 47 41 Obama +6
    McClatchy/Marist 11/8 – 11/10 872 RV 49 41 Obama +8

    • I don’t think those numbers are so relevant at this stage. Paul is less well-known to the general public, and also much more radical, than the other top-tier GOP candidates. He could win (or lose) the general election, but it would take time for his polling to settle down as he introduces himself to general-election voters.

      • B Anderson…

        You said “I think I remember Hanniiy claims to be a Libertarian.” That’s not totally correct. He claims that he’s a Conservative with Libertarian overtones. (Whatever that means)

        Anyway, here’s what Hannity did yesterday when he “cancelled” the interview with Ron Paul and why.

        First, he had Newt Gingrich and then Mitt Romney on his show for the first entire Hour.

        Then on his radio show today, Sean Hannity had Jeff Lord on to “slam” Ron Paul. He suggested to Jeff Lord that all of the other candidates have gotten an “anal exam” by the Media, and now it’s Ron Paul’s turn.

        Apparently, according to Sean Hannity, Congressman Paul was supposed to appear on the program today, but due to his campaign saying that “there’s no reason to bring up the third-party question”, Hannity decided to cancel the interview because he (Hannity) would “not be dictated to.” (Ron Paul has said over and over and over and over again that he’s not focused at making a Third Party run, but focused on winning the GOP Nomination) It’s unclear what actually transpired, but Hannity decided to use that particular time slot to bring on Jeff Lord to speak about why Ron Paul is a kook/boogieman/nutjob.

        Lord suggests that Paul is incorrect in saying that our country has never had a non-interventionist Foreign Policy, and then mentioned Japan “attacking us” as proof that such a Policy doesn’t work, even though he said that we’ve never had such a policy.

        According to History, didn’t FDR (Newt’s Hero)in the months leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, do almost everything in his power to “anger” the Japanese, showing a posture of “Aggression”? FDR “halted” all of Japan’s Imports of American petroleum. He “froze” of of Japan’s assets in the United States. He made “Public Loans” to Nationalist China and supplied Military Aid to the British, both Enemies of Japan in the war, which by the way, is in complete “Violation” of International War Rules. But, I guess according to Jeff Lord, that’s a “non-interventionist” Foreign Policy??? Either way, didn’t Japan “beg us for mercy” not long after that attack.

        Lord then claims that somehow Congressman Paul’s views are anti semitic, but doesn’t go into detail. I guess it’s a BIG Secret.

        Then Hannity brought up the “infamous” newsletters. For those of you who don’t know, there were some newsletters published under Ron Paul’s name with racial undertones while Ron Paul was working full time as a physician. Congressman Paul claims to NOT have written the newsletters, and that he had a ghostwriter. He did say, however, that he does take some blame for not having known that such things were being published. These newsletters have been brought up time and time again, and Ron Paul always “smacks” it back down. Let’s see if the FOX News Moderators bring this one up in their efforts to “smear” Dr. Paul.

        But the Newsletters that Ron Paul “denied writing” wasn’t good enough for Hannity. He basically “called the media to arms” and challenged them to look into these newsletters.

        I personally find it interesting that the day after a poll comes out in Iowa showing Paul one point behind Gingrich (or even tied), Hannity decides to not only go on the “offensive”, but not allow Ron on to once again explain these newsletters. Instead, he throws “allegations” out there to let them peculate with absolutely NO opposing views.

        But then again, what else would you expect from someone that works for the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News and who is “openly campaigning” for Newt Gingrich?


        The neo-con-complicit Media has managed to vilify Dr. Paul’s views on Foreign Policy and call them “radical”. However, isn’t a Foreign Policy by which we can just “march” into Countries and kill their citizens, destroy their infrastructure and “occupy” their land WITHOUT Congress “Declaring War” (according to our Constitution) a “wee bit” more “radical” than Dr. Paul’s views? Just asking…

        • “The neo-con-complicit Media has managed to vilify Dr. Paul’s views on Foreign Policy and call them “radical”. However, isn’t a Foreign Policy by which we can just ‘march’ into Countries and kill their citizens, destroy their infrastructure and ‘occupy’ their land WITHOUT Congress ‘Declaring War’ (according to our Constitution) a ‘wee bit’ more ‘radical’ than Dr. Paul’s views? Just asking…”
          I guess it depends. Would you feel better if we do as Ron Paul seems to suggest and pull out of the region altogether, and then let things happen as they will without our involvement to protect our interests and the interests of the free world? You don’t think that’s a more radical view in light of the resulting vulnerability of a nation and a billion people? Well, I guess we’d better arm ourselves then, for when the Taliban come marching in. Wait, where does Ron Paul stand on gun control and the right to bare arms? Ah… Well, I guess the only thing left under Ron Paul’s ideology is to enjoy our ride into the afterlife, since we will have allowed ourselves to become so vulnerable.

          I don’t believe Ron Paul is able to maintain our freedom or manage our national interests around the world.

          • Tony D.

            I don’t buy this Stockholm Syndrome mentality as to our “current” Foreign Policy which is now in place. We don’t have to continue this. This current Foreign Policy “Violates” our Constitution and our Rule of Law by which a Free Society exists and is supposed to be an “example” to the rest of the world. Right now, we look like Bullies and to some, Terrorists. The Bottom line is that it wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now. And just because we’re making an “error” by following through with this “current” Foreign Policy of “Aggression”, sure DOESN’T mean we shouldn’t correct it. As JFK said “An Error doesn’t become a Mistake until you Refuse to Correct it.” (You should listen to his speech)

            And I also don’t buy into all these “what if’s” when it comes to the United States leaving regions around the world; that this will somehow make us “less-safe”. I believe it’s quite the opposite. We are “less-safe” because we’re bombing and occupying countries and “stirring up” the Radicals who commit acts of Terror. What would you do if a bunch of bullies moved into your neighborhood bombing you and your neighbors, but you didn’t have any means to fight back? My guess is that you and your neighbors would applaud those who would commit covert actions of terror against these bullies. Why? Because you “Hate” them for bombing and occupying your neighborhood. It’s called “Revenge”.

            And what’s wrong with the “concept” of our Elected Officials (all-of-a-sudden) “start” upholding the Constitution? We do have a Constitution and a Rule of Law that is supposed to Govern a Free Society and dictate “how and when” we go to War. Right? When our Elected Officials place their left hand on the Bible and raise their right hand to take the Oath of Office, they do so pledging to “Uphold the Constitution of the United States.” Or is it all “just for show?”

            You also said “to protect our interests and the interests of the free world”. Really? OUR Interests? Or is it REALLY the Interests of the “Special Interests”? For instance, the Special Interests like the “Banksters” who fund these Wars while charging our Government a percentage of Interest on “our own money” which the Government borrows to go to war. Or maybe it’s the Special Interests of the Bombs, Arms and Weapons Manufacturers that the Government needs to kill people and break things in war. Or maybe it’s the Special Interests of Oil, or Lithium, or Poppy, or any other natural resource that a “Special Interest” desires to covet and they use OUR Military to do it.

            Like our Government, our Foreign Policy has been “hijacked” by the “Special Interests”. It’s time to end it and to “overlay” our Foreign Policy over the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only one who will do this.

            PS) Ron Paul supports the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms. I think this is a pretty good reason why the Taliban won’t be “marching” in anytime soon. Vulnerable? I don’t think so.

          • Tony
            I am surprised that you need to ask what Ron Pauls policy is on the right to bear arms with the worlds greatest library at your fingertips. What use is it to keep it free and unregulated? The question has been addressed on this site as well. For your benefit I will copy and repost it.

            Question: Just what are “our national interest’s around the world”, please answer, this is a legitimate question.

            Right to keep and bear arms

            The only 2008 presidential candidate to earn Gun Owners of America’s A+ rating, Ron Paul has been a lead sponsor of legislation in Congress attempting to maintain individual Second Amendment rights. He has also fought for the right of pilots to be armed.

            In the first chapter of his book, Freedom Under Siege, Paul argued that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to place a check on government tyranny, not to merely grant hunting rights or allow self-defense. When asked whether individuals should be allowed to own machine guns, Paul responded, “Whether it’s an automatic weapon or not is, I think, irrelevant.” Paul believes that a weapons ban at the federal or state level does not work either. “Of course true military-style automatic rifles remain widely available to criminals on the black market. So practically speaking, the assault weapons ban does nothing to make us safer.”Rather, he sees school shootings, plane hijackings, and other such events as a result of prohibitions on self-defense. Based on Paul’s responses to a 1996 survey, he supports the right of citizens to carry concealed firearms if they are legally owned.

          • Windisea, you’re right. My mistake. It was only AFTER I wrote my comment, that I went to Ron Paul’s page and read his position on the 2nd Amendment and gun control. DUMMY MOVE. INSERT FOOT. Reading Paul’s stance on the issue was like a cool breeze came flowing through my window. Almost wanted to cry. Wow, he gets it. Thanks, Windisea. Grist for the mill.

          • More about Ron Paul

            Habeas corpus

            In the first Republican debate (2007) in California, Paul stated that he would never violate Habeas corpus through which detainees can seek relief from unlawful imprisonment. This is also a pledge in the American Freedom Agenda signed by Paul.

            Federal legislation and civil liberty

            PATRIOT Act

            Paul broke with his party by voting against the PATRIOT Act in 2001; he also voted against its 2005 enactment. He has said, “Everything we have done in response to the 9-11 attacks, from the Patriot Act to the war in Iraq, has reduced freedom in America.” He has spoken against federal use of what he defines as torture and what he sees as an abuse of executive authority during the Iraq War to override Constitutional rights.

            REAL ID Act

            Paul voted against the REAL ID Act of 2005, an Act to create federal identification-card standards, which has been challenged as violating the Constitutional separation of powers doctrine, and other civil liberties Enforcement of the Act has been postponed until 2011

            Domestic surveillance

            Paul has spoken against the domestic surveillance program conducted by the National Security Agency on American citizens. He believes the role of government is to protect American citizens’ privacy, not violate it. He has signed the American Freedom Agenda pledge not to violate Americans’ rights through domestic wiretapping and to renounce autonomous presidential signing statements, which rely on unitary executive theory. In December 2007, he stated his opposition to the US House Resolution 1955, arguing that it “focuses the weight of the US government inward toward its own citizens under the guise of protecting us against violent radicalization.”

            I support Ron Paul 2012 The Peoples Freedom Fighter

          • Whoops – forgot to answer your question, Wind. “Question: Just what are “our national interest’s around the world”, please answer, this is a legitimate question.”

            At a minimum, our interests include securing our own safety and freedom, but also to free the people of tyranical dictators that torture and kill their own people, to spread democracy in a free world, and to protect our business and trade interests.

        • I do not know if Japan “begged for mercy” soon after attacking Pearl Harbor, but the fact that they continued to attack us (Midway) shows that begging for mercy would be an attempt to trick us, like they did before Pearl Harbor.

          I agree that we do not need to be in so many places through out the world, but Iran must not be allowed to get a nuclear weapon. Iran’s , Hitler-like, leader want’s to kill the Jews. We should do what we can to stop a second holocaust from happening, or live with the consequences. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is great if there were no weapons of mass destruction, but they exist and the risks of his policy as applied to Iran are too great.

        • Darryl

          Amen and Amen

          Hannity, Bill O’Brien and Rush Limbaugh are corporate-network entertainer’s, employed by the average MSM entertainment-news networks, their job security depends on how well they follow orders while stirring up emotions to keep viewers tuning back for more emotion-based rhetoric-led entertainment. This time-tested formula keeps viewers eagerly tuning back for more and serves to distract viewers and listeners from independent reading, thinking and research. Very sad indeed!

          I continue to support Honorable Statesman Ron Paul 2012

      • The whole thing is, Ron Paul UPSETS the status-qou should he win, “THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY” that would lose… and “THEY” AREN’T about to ALLOW “THAT” TO HAPPEN! The criminal body aka Congress should be DISSOLVED… BUT MOST AMERICANS ARE EITHER TOO STUPID, SCARED OR “BOTH”!

  3. Suggested question for debate.
    Four years ago a big issue was health care. Most of the candidates are for repeal of Obamacare. While that is a good idea, what is their position on health care. If not Obamacare, then what? I think there is a need foe something after repeal of Obmacare, but what. It is easy o say REPEAL IT, but is there stil a need for something if we get rid of ALL of Obamacare?

    • Here’s a question I’d really like to hear them answer: In light of the 2012 Defense Budget Authorization’s language allowing the executive branch to indefinitely detain American citizens thought to be terrorist supporters without a trial: what is the difference between a terrorist and a terrorist suspect?

      Follow up: After you swear to uphold the Constitution, will you adhere to its 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments?

  4. Let’s see Paul and Huntsman given a break. They some imprtant contributions. Certianily they offer though differring opionion more value than the Media Leader for candidates.

  5. Ron Paul would be ok on the local issues while getting bent over on foreign affairs. Newt is our best bet to save this country. Newt worked under Reagon, and balanced the budget under Clinton. He knows more about politics and how to get this country moving again than all other candidates and Obama combined.

    • Newt and Clinton didn’t balance the budget, Bill Gates and Gordon Moore did. Politicians tried to take credit for a roaring economy that was due to high tech businesses. It’s like the weatherman taking credit for good weather. In general politicians can’t fix the economy, they can only wreck it.

    • Paul represents Texas’s 14th congressional district, which covers an area south and southwest of Houston that includes Galveston. Paul serves on the House Committees on Foreign Affairs and Financial Services, and on the Joint Economic Committee. He is the chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology. Also he predicted the economy recession while all other candidates were saying that things they were doing will improve the economy, but in fact if you haven’t noticed it didn’t work. Ron Paul understands economics and how we got here and how to get out of the pit of debt.

  6. If people want a REAL change from Obama- Ron Paul is your man. Anti big government, consistent, pro contistution… need I say more.I am not a Ron Paul supporter, however, the more I watch the debates, the more I realize that this man is not the best politician in the world, which is possibly what we need right now!!!! It’s difficult to get past Romney and Gingrich’s flip flopping. Paul consistently votes the same way on major issues and does not cripple down to get votes.
    The only unfortunate piece of this whole puzzle is Paul’s electibility. Obviously, this is important, but if folks in the republican party would realize that although they may not agree with Paul on some issues… he is sound in his financial capabilities to lead this country, which seems to be at the forefront of the important issues in this election.
    What choice do we have?

  7. Paul’s #’s are steady, Paul supporters are smart enough to only vote for Doc. Paul! Therefor his numbers will not drop like the other candidates, his are only going to rise! This is going to be an upset for the leaders of the republican party, and a blessing to “We the People” of the republican party! Doc. Paul is the only true conservative running in the republican party!

      • Dr. Paul’s main idea is that we should develop a friendship with Iran.
        He points out that we undermined there elected government in the 50’s and support Saddam Hussein’s attack on them in the 80’s. Also that our polemics undermine forces inside Iran that are opposed to the current government (similar to how 911 made demonstrattions in the US more difficult).
        There is a good explanation of Ron Paul’s foreign policy at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9SOVzMV2bc

      • Ron Paul believes that Iran should be treated much like the Soviets were during the “Cold War.” During that time, the Soviets built up thousands of nuclear missiles and were very threatening to the US. However, instead of just marching our troops in there and taking over their country, we used diplomacy to prevent a nuclear war. Keep in mind that the US is the only nation to have used a nuclear weapon in war (Japan, WWII). It is not at all illogical that Iran would desire to have such a weapon, since it is obvious that only those nations that do have nuclear capabilities are respected in international politics.

        If Iran did develop a nuclear weapon, do you really think they would use it on Israel or the US? This is a preposterous idea since Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, the US has thousands and both would easily wipe out the entire population of Iran in retaliation. Not only this, but there exists technology that can be used to detect and destroy any incoming missiles before they harm any people.

        It is not the business of the United States to get involved with the internal affairs of other nations. This is the teaching of the founders of this country and the framers of the constitution. Ron Paul is against ALL nations having nuclear weapons and would do everything he can to prevent Iran from getting one or more. However, unlike the other candidates, Ron Paul would do this with diplomacy, rather than force and sanctions. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason that Iran wants a nuclear weapon so badly is because they are fed up with other countries putting economic/trade sanctions on them? Maybe all that Iran wants is to be able to trade with other nations freely and since all else has failed, their only remaining option is to try and become a respected military power.

        All else aside, it is silly to even think that Iran has the capability to develop nuclear weapons since they can’t even refine enough oil for domestic use and thus they have to import gasoline! All the talk about Iran and nuclear weapons is the same war-mongering propaganda that came out about Iraq after 9/11. And guess what? There were no nuclear weapons in Iraq!

        Ron Paul has the most sensible foreign policy of any presidential candidate. He is the change we need in this government. Newt Gingrich/Mitt Romney/Michelle Bachman/Rick Santorum/Rick Perry/Jon Huntsman are all just more of the same war-mongering, big-government pundits that we have running the government today.

        If China decided to stop trading with the US and built up military bases in this country, would you be angry at China? Ron Paul’s foreign policy is simply the Golden rule put into politics.

        Ron Paul 2012

      • Let them take care of themselves. Think of this way, what if we had an enemy; while there is also another bigger country forcing us not to prepare to defend ourselves against that country.
        Every country needs to have the ability to do what they deem necessarily to defend themselves or allow other countries to think twice about attacking them. Even so if they do have a nuclear weapon, and they bomb us, why would they bomb us, we have enough bombs to blow up the entire earth and still have a lot left. Meaning we have enough nuclear bombs to blow the entire earth at least five times, some experts say about 50 times over. I don’t know who is more correct but I hope you get the picture.


        • A nuclear Iran is a threat to the region and the world. Ron Paul says that Israel should take care of itself without the support and backing of the United States, but Israel is also ‘our’ presence in the region, and we must protect it.

          We engage ourselves in the world. We are the most powerful nation in the world, and who better than us to lead by monitoring and discouraging manufacturing weapons of mass destruction around the globe, especially with a radical nation that should be supervised for the sake of the entire world. Power and leadership comes with responsibility. That responsibility is ours.

          • Responsibility is the key which we haven’t been doing, Just listen to the troops
            Just because we are powerful doesn’t mean we need to dictate other countries or become the dictator of the world we should lead by example, allow them to emulate our constitutional values and let them earn there right for freedom. That way the people will do everything in their power to keep it. If Iran attacks us we will take care of it, if they attack some other country that country has the right to take care of it themselves. Our economy can’t afford this unconstitutional war and our foreign policy.

          • Chris, I hear what you’re saying, and it’s hard to be more detailed on bigger picture concepts, such as that of responsibility. I like Huntsman’s theme that we are the light on the hill that nations respect. I agree we should not dictate or bully other countries, unless bullying is the only language they speak and understand. We sit at the table with other nations that also agree to negotiate matters of the world, but some nations don’t come to the table, and depending on their actions, they should be treated as unwilling to negotiate, and maybe even hostile. I agree with you that our priorities right now should be domestic.

          • Tony D.

            Come on, Dude! That’s nothing but Neo-Con War Propaganda used to “justify” an Interventionist Foreign Policy.

            Let’s see… Israel has 75-400 nuclear warheads with EMP strike capabilities PLUS all the means to deliver them. They also have several 1 megaton bombs, and an unknown number of neutron bombs. They even have “suitcase” nuclear weapons. They can deliver these nuclear weapons by land (intercontinental ballistic missile), by sea (submarine) and by aircraft.

            Iran has ZERO nuclear warheads, but “supposedly” working on one. They don’t have enough gasoline to run their economy, let alone their country. They have a small navy, an army and an airforce. It is also unknown if they have WMD’s.

            Everyone is so concerned that if the United States leaves the region, “Poor” Israel will be left totally “Defenseless”. I’ll tell ya. If I was a country in the middle east and I knew that Israel had all that arsenal, I sure wouldn’t be messing with this Big Dog!

            Anyway, WE’RE BROKE! NO Money! The Cupboard is Bare! It’s time we END these wars, cut the spending in Government and work on the Good Ole’ USA! Ron Paul is the Man with the Plan! Iran? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Let’s try Diplomacy and giving PEACE a Chance.

            I wonder how many times the word “Peace” will come up in this Debate. With FOX News Moderating?…I’d say NONE!

          • Cannot agree with you more, Darryl. I would like to breathe a big sigh of relief when this economy starts to get turned around. For every expert that says we’re making gains, another shows evidence to the contrary. I’m looking over my shoulder for the next layoff more than the Taliban. Are they hiring?

            Illegal immigration, a language gone espanol, unemployment certainly higher than 8.6, a decreasing middle class, an increasing lower class, rising gangs and crime, still the real estate stagnation, and as Obama is about to experience first hand, even the President of 50 united states has no job security.

  8. I wanted to vote for Herman Cain, but since the media likes to make bad news available for everyone to see, he dropped out. I am sure he was not the only candidate who had questionable relationships in the past. Why do you think they kept picking on Cain? I have no idea, and now I have to decide on a new Republican that represents most of my ideas. I have no clue who deserves my vote, I wish there were better candidates to choose from.

    • Gloria…

      No insult intended here, but Herman Cain was a FED “stooge”. You, and others that supported him didn’t hear much about that. Cain touted that he was a “businessman”, which he was, but his ties to the UN-Constitutional Federal Reserve System should of Disqualified him with many Conservatives, the Tea Party and the OWS electorate.

      The UN-Constitutional Federal Reserve (The FED) and Wall Street have “hijacked” Washington with not only their “Money Bribes” (I mean Campaign Contributions), but they have always been the “King Makers” by controlling the Media. And once “THEIR King” is in Office, they “suddenly” become “appointed” to the Secretary of the Treasury, the SEC, the Chief of Staff…or ANY POSITION that “watches over” the Economy (Money) in order to ENRICH their fellow “Money Junkies”. The FED and Fractional Reserve Banking System has got to go. It’s killing economies all over the world.

      Gloria…Herman Cain would have probably MORE Wall Street Bankers, MORE FED “stooges” and MORE Crony Capitalist Corporate CEO’s in his Administration than all the other Presidents combined. Thank God he’s out!

  9. Now that Paul and Gingrich are the front runners in Iowa Fox should put them center stage in place of Romney.

  10. Think of the monetary pitfalls facing average Americans who must work every day to make ends meet. Then think of the campaign funds being spent by these candidates who only talk everyday to divide the country.

  11. I think both Gingrich and Paul have their advantages and disadvantages… just like the other Republican candidates. I think the most important task now is to come up with a candidate that will actually beat Obama in the general election. That is the most important task.

    • People seem to see Ron Paul as un-electable. What they need to realize is that, yes he may not fit the “republican” mold. But why is that a bad thing. it’s not like George Bush was anything special. I’m not a republican. I voted FOR Obama in the last election b/c I thought the war in Iraq was BS and I wanted someone to bring the troops home. Unfortunately Obama has not lived up to expectations. Ron Paul not only connects with a good portion of Republicans, but with democrats as well. That is what we need. Someone with a mind for fiscal responsibility and for civil liberties. Ron Paul can reach both sides not only with voters but also in other politicians. I’m sick of all the “Our way or No way” attitudes in Washington. just b/c you believe something doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way. The key is to find common ground and work together, otherwise this nation is going to rip itself apart. Ron Paul 2012! Make your vote heard.

  12. The only one who can truly give President Obama a real run is Ron Paul! But the question is will the establishment allow him the right to challenge the President. If they can rob Gore of the office of the President and nothing big happen to tell them they better not try that again. Then it’s well understood they will and can rob Ron Paul. All of Ron’s idea’s are against the flow of big business and the common normal. His policy on Israel is out the window because the Israeli lobby will never let him get elected. Our government can agree on everything when it comes to Israel but can’t agree on one thing for the American people!Then he wants to end the Fed, we saw where that got Kennedy. And the supporters of Ron Paul are not taking these things as serious as we should history is bound to repeat it self if we don’t learn from it. Think about it why would somebody put John McCain and Sarah Palin together on a Presidential ticket. Against Obama / Biden that screams set up all day long!

  13. PLEASE ask Ron Paul about his thoughts and intentions regarding IRAN. He has stated that he supports Iran and doesn’t care if they obtain a nuclear weapon and want to close the water-way for shipping. I cannot support his radical ideas on many policies and areas of concern for out country.

  14. In prep for tonight’s debate check out debatestats.com
    Find out which candidates have received the most questions, who has been ignored, who has attacked the most, what issues have been discussed and ignored and much more!

  15. How much longer are the people of the US going to tolerate OBAMA going after people like sheriff ‘JOE’ because he tries to enforce immigration laws in Arizona and every time you turn around OBAMA is saying that ILLEGALS have Constitutional rights just like CITIZENS?

    • Amen, J.F.! You do know about this, right?

      Will the Supreme Court Uphold Arizona’s Immigration Law?
      Damon W. Root | December 13, 2011

      The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will arguments in the case of Arizona v. United States (with Justice Elena Kagan recused), which deals with the state’s notorious “papers please” law, S.B. 1070, which, among other things, requires police officers to “make a reasonable attempt” to determine the immigration status of anyone they encounter through “any lawful stop, detention, or arrest.” More specifically, however, this is a federalism case, and the question is whether federal immigration law preempts Arizona’s controversial measures.

      The Supreme Court considered a very similar question last term in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting (2011). In that case, the Court considered whether federal law preempted the Legal Arizona Workers Act, dubbed the “business death penalty” by opponents, which required Arizona employers to verify the immigration status of their workers through E-Verify. In a divided ruling (with Kagan recused), the Court upheld Arizona’s actions. These two immigration laws are not identical, of course, but the Court’s decision in Whiting is not promising for opponents of S.B. 1070.

      • The point is, that the states need to be able to enforce immigration laws where the Federal Government isn’t – AND, be reimbursed for doing so! God bless Arizona!

  16. my reply is to request one of fox news moderators to ask one of the canditates tonight to comment on the following: the House of Rep. has sent over 18 voted bills to Harry Reid’s controlled Senate and mr. Reid has tabled all of then without even an up or down vote! A broken Congress discrace!

  17. Why????….with the latest poll I could find on the war or wars(73% of Americans, 59% of Republicans, support removing troops from the region)does the republican establishment continue to ignore their constituents on the issue and just put this hopeless, unwinnable conflict behind us and keep our noses out of others business. Ron Paul is firmly in control of the NO MORE WAR crowd, KUDOS Mr. Paul for sticking to your guns when you’ve got it right! The old cliche, “too much treasure and too many lives invested” is a sad attempt to justify our presence there. Not one more life or another trillion dollars can bring back the sons and daughters we have giving to a thankless warring people that are hopeless cowards when it comes to fighting for their own freedom. We cannot change their culture, their religion, their government, or their satisfaction with the dictators that rule them with a bloody axe. I am sick and tired of the government telling us what we need, when common sense tells us it is not what we need. We have falling into the trap of our team is always right, when in reality, neither team is right the majority of the time….I’m DISCONNECTING

  18. With the accusations made by Romney toward Gingrich about him getting paid by Freddie Mac, would someone explain the difference between this and all the other consultant groups that get paid by the other government agencies? Gingrich owned a business that consulted a number of organizations, one of which happened to be Freddie Mac. He obviously quoted them a price, the agreed to pay that price, and he offered his services for the payment. That is pure capitalism. If there is any argument here, it would be that the organization “Freddie Mac” should be investigated for seeking the advice from outside consultants instead of hiring people with the “talent level” (their argument to justify the huge salaries they pay out) to run the organization. They should have no need for outside consultants!!!

  19. The problem with Romney and Gingrich is…you will have to pass them before you know whats in them, Haha! You just really don’t know who they are or what they’ll do. The problem with Paul is….too rigid on many social issues and needs reigned in a little, but…no doubt about who he is! The republican party is running me away to an Independent with the field of candidates that i truly have no faith in.

  20. I will be interested in seeing if Ron Paul can stand up to the bashings from that media that Newt and Perry have endured. True he has not been allotted fair air time during some of the debates, but now that he is in front, we will see what happens.

    • The only thing they have against Ron Paul to date is that false eyebrow thing. LOL. They can’t bash a man that hasn’t given them ammunition to bash him/her with. I think that is why the media just tries to ignore him instead. And it appears, they are failing at that these days. The truth is out and that truth is Ron Paul. I hope he kicks butt tonight!

  21. I’m so excited that Ron Paul is finally starting to surge! It’s about time he was given a chance! It’s amazing he is becoming top tier without the corporate backing all the other candidates enjoy, AND without the media giving him much attention. Go Ron Paul!

  22. Tony D., due u need to just stop replying, because i can tell how brainwashed u are, and its pathetic.
    RON PAUL 2012

    • Well, Sav, this is a great forum for you to educate the brainwashed and turn us around. Get in the game, but learn to type, cuz 3rd grade spelling doesn’t keep my attention for too long.

    • If you coming from the perspective that normal is having unconstitutional:
      foreign policy
      monetary system
      educational system
      heath system
      tax system
      and having corrupt politicians.
      Yeah i can see how that you think Ron Paul is a nut job, or is it really the other candidates.

    • Nena…

      Apparently, you listen to way too much Main Stream Media, including FOX News.

      Ron Paul supporters are the most educated, passionate voters who have “properly vetted” Dr. Paul in accordance to his experience and qualifications to be President of the United States of America. We don’t let the Media do this for us.

      We have read Dr. Paul’s books, listened to his speeches, examined his Record, watched his videos, listened to him debate and we have read his “Plan to Restore America” on his website. We’ve compared the Keynesian System of Economics under Obama, to the Austrian School of Economics that will be implemented under Dr. Paul.

      We know where Dr. Paul stands on our Monetary System, our Constitution, War, Education, our Economy, Social Issues, Freedom, Civil Liberties, National Security and Foreign Policy. We know he understands History and the Economy very well, and he will bring Integrity back to Government.

      We have also looked at the other Candidates and what they stand for. Most of them stand for the Status-quo and offer little change to what our Country so desperately needs.

      Obummer was a “creation” of the Media; who the Media FAILED to properly vet in accordance to his experience and qualifications to be President. We will correct this “Mistake” by electing Ron Paul in 2012.

      How about you, Nena? Will you vote for who the Media tells you to vote for? Or will you do your own research?

      • I agree. If more people would letting the media tell them what to think, and instead think for themselves, Dr. Paul would win in a landslide! He is hands down better than the other candidates. Just as in this thread, the grassroots support is by far mostly for Ron Paul!

  23. Newt – $300,000 fine as House Speaker…?
    Newt – What,,,his 3rd marriage?
    Newt – $1.6 million lobbying for a banking institution?
    Newt – $40 million from Health Care Companies
    Newt – an affair with a page ?

    …and he leads nationally.

    C’mon people !!!

    Go Ron Paul !!!

  24. Ron Paul voted twice — along with anti-gun colleagues Mike Castle and Chris Shays — against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, enacted into law in 2005, which prohibits bogus lawsuits against the firearms industry trying to bankrupt them by holding them civilly liable for the criminal misuse of firearms by others (H.R. 1036 in the 108th Congress and S. 397 in the 109th Congress).

    He was one of only two congressmen who signed the pro-gun congressional amicus brief in the Heller case but not in the McDonald case — both were landmark Second Amendment cases decided by 5-4 votes in the U.S. Supreme Court. The issue in the McDonald case determined whether our Right to Keep and Bear Arms protection applied in the states.

    Finally, Ron Paul was AWOL for the recent vote on the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 822 in the 112th Congress) and has not stated how he would have voted if not absent. Where does he stand on National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity?

  25. I find it interesting that everyone is bashing Hannity. Fox news as a whole is to blame for pushing their bias on their viewers, but I truly believe that Hannity is the fairest of them all. O’Reilly, on the other hand, is very openly a Romney guy and an excellent (sarcastic) salesman for his own books and shows.

    The real issue is who is the best candidate, not which news network or show you watch. Remember, you are the one watching it.

    Gingrich is the only one on the stage that thoroughly answers questions, whether you agree with his viewpoints or not. Gingrich is the only on the stage that refutes slams against him and does it without negating the other candidates. Gingrich is the only one on the stage that is a true historian and can use that knowledge to grow the country. Gingrich is the only one on the stage worth listening to.

    I like Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, but they have no chance.

    • Nice, Elise. I’m still watching to see if Gingrich will maintain his composure throughout, and I agree with you completely about how he’s conducted himself – and this is what I would expect in a candidate. I’ve enjoyed, immensely, listening to him speak, and his debate with John Huntsman was another fantastic showing of confidence. I like listening to them all, and the debates show those who are consistent, those who remain confident and composed, those who can remain standing under scrutiny, and those who come unhinged, like Romney. Santorum has had some additional air time on some of the talk shows. I would like to hear more from him also. As many debates as there have been, I would like to see more, and I would like to see more forums where the candidates are coupled up, like Newt and Huntsman were the other day.

    • Elise

      If Newt is nominated by the GOP, Obama will win in a landslide. That’s the Reality. It’ll be John McCain all over again.

  26. All of you candidates proudly proclaim that you are ‘Christians’. How do you reconcile you attitudes about cutting ‘entitlement programs’ and supporting keeping tax cuts for the wealthy with the hundreds of pericopes in scripture that exhort the wealthy to give generously to the poor, the widows, and orphans?

    Lev. 19:19ff. Now when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very corners of your field, neither shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest. Nor shall you glean your vineyard, nor shall you gather the fallen fruit of your vineyard; you shall leave them for the needy and for the stranger. I am the LORD your God.

    Matthew 25. ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me

    • The Bible teaches, if we have two coats give one, not both. If you understood what is going on, you would know that the Republican budget wants to increase the budget, but not as much as the Democrats.

  27. Can this questions be asked to Newt tonight?.
    Mr Newt you said that poor children should work as janitors……..
    my question to you is, so you support children exploitation, will you let your grand child do Janitorial work? according to you that all they can be? and deserve to be?

    • Apparently you did not listen to what Newt said. Children need to learn the work ethic. Not how to live off the government. Starting at the bottom is not a disgrace. He did not limit it to the poor.

  28. When discussing illegal immigration, will tonight’s candidates refer to the illegal influx of Europeans, Israelis & Asians who defect, or will they just refer to Mexican, South American & the Caribbean immigrants?

  29. December 16, 1773 is the anniversary of the “Boston Tea Party”
    I would ask the moderators of the debate to ask each candidate what aggressive action can be taken to get “Washington Insiders” to begin listening to the millions of out of work citizens and to begin providing real energy jobs in America.

  30. What is the solution to the problem of illegal immigration that you will advocate for?

    Are you willing to utilize the armed forces to control America’s border with Mexico in the fight against illegal immigration and drug trafficking? If not, then why not, and what’s the alternative?

    • When it comes to protecting the laws of our land, securing our borders, and securing our safety, I would employ any and all means necessary – period.

      There is so much distortion in the issue. It’s not racism, it’s not about human rights, it’s definitely not about civil rights, and it’s not about America providing refuge to those in poverty or living under corrupt government rule. It’s a black and white issue. Enforce our laws, secure the border, secure our freedom and safety, deal with all other issues after.

  31. Watch the local polls as a state nears it’s primary/caucus. The voters begin to dissect the candidates and realize that Ron Paul is the only one with principles. He is the only one that can win the Independent Vote, Youth Vote, Anti-War Vote, Conservative Democrat Vote, and Disgruntled with Obama Vote. He is the only one who can beat Obama. Period! No longer will Americans tolerate having to vote for the lessor of two evils. It is ‘Our Day In Court!’ Vote Ron Paul!

  32. I hope that someone among the moderator ask if anyone among the candidates is willing to have a ONE TERM LIMIT FOR THE PRESIDENT. The term will be for 6 years but it is only for ONE TERM. This will avoid the now current practice of the Presidents once elected the first thing they do is start campaining. I am hoping that this will happen to Congress but I gave up on them.

  33. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE IDIOTS IN D C???? I keep hearing can’t pay for this, can’t pay for that, soc sec broke, and so on and so on.
    DAMNIT; “When is some one going to publicize the fact we are (the U S) sitting on trillions of dollars of oil and gas. Are they, (the government) that damn stupid or uncaring, or what??? Trillions, probably more in dollars and millions of jobs. AND IT WILL NOT HURT THE ENVIROMENT; no more that giant windmills that don’t work 40% of the time and are always having to have repairs.
    You hear about people wanting to shoot their t v’s, lol. I just can not believe our government is this dam stupid!!!!! ALL OF THEM?????? GOD HELP US!!!!!

  34. NOT COUNTING, ANWR OR THE GULF; AMERICA has more oil under the lower 48 than the rest of the world combined. FACT and there is proof. trillions of dollars worth for thousands of years. we could be paying 75 cents a gallon for gas, which would create or restore millions of jobs. Research it people. THE LARGEST OIL RESERVE IN THE WORLD IS SETTING UNDER THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Esabley drillable with no harm to anything. We drill, refine, and sell to our allies, helping their economy in return helping ours. grow up people. green energy (effiency of on 50%) is a hundred years away. and 75% of AMERICANS will not be able to afford it. AND EVERYBODY (FOX; ANY NEWS; CANDIDATES; CURRENT GOVERNMENT;) ARE ALL CHICKEN DODO’S BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC. GOD HELP US!!!! OUR GOVERMENT HAS TURNED TO CHICKEN DODOO………………….PERIOD!!!! ASK ANY OF THE CANDIDATES ABOUT THE OIL???? AND ESPECIALLY ASK OBAMAS’ LYING PEOPLE OR HIM. ALL THEIR LIES ARE IN BLACK & WHITE OR ON VIDEO

  35. I am looking for a little help here and I think this is a good place to get it. Do any of you know of a great Patriot site that will embed the live feed from Fox but with a chat room so we can chat with other like-minded individuals? These direct feeds aren’t as fun to watch if I’m going to stream through the internet.

    Any help is much appreciated!

  36. In preparation for tonight’s debate, check out debatestats.com
    Find out which candidates have received the most questions, who has been ignored, who has attacked the most, what issues have been discussed and ignored and much more!

  37. A question to all candates; With all the investageions being conduced by senitors/congress it seems be to a circus; it’s wasting our tax dollar’s, because know one will Except or Take responsablity for action’s of wrong doing. If an American lose’s a life/or money it’s OK. Goverment seem’s to careless; because it does’nt affect them. Question: What would you do too stop the lip service of the White House ( talking around subjects )and take a direct approach in getting a straight answer/and take action to solve it. May God Bless You All…

  38. Ont hing to remember going into the elections. Gingrich sings praises for Theodore Roosevelt, the founder of progressivism, FDR, and call himself a real realpolitik Wilsonian.

    Realpolitik refers to politics or diplomacy based primarily on power and on practical and material factors and considerations, rather than ideological notions or moralistic or ethical premises. In this respect, it shares aspects of its philosophical approach with those of realism and pragmatism. The term realpolitik is sometimes used pejoratively to imply politics that are coercive, amoral, or Machiavellian.

    Wilsonian. Wilson brought us the League of Nations… that brought Uus WWII,the Federal Reserve, The Sedition Act of 1918, enacted May 16, 1918, an act that extended the Espionage Act of 1917 to cover a broader range of offenses, notably speech and the expression of opinion that cast the government or the war effort in a negative light or interfered with the sale of government bonds. One historian of American civil liberties has called it “the nation’s most extreme anti speech legislation.” It forbade the use of “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces or that caused others to view the American government or its institutions with contempt. Those convicted under the act generally received sentences of imprisonment for 5 to 20 years. Wilson had over 10,000 political prisoners imprisoned under the Sedition act.

    FDR interned Japanese, Germans, and Italians during WWII (which I am personally undecided about but pissed off about all the same). Over 140,000 were interned in the US.

    Not the guys that should be our Presidents heros. Especially after the recent developments in the DOAA 2012 that states that American citizens suspected of terrorism or of being terrorists (conservatives, if you have more than 7 days food storage, guns, waterproof ammo, a Ron Paul or conservative bumper sticker, are for smaller govt, pro life, against bank bailouts military vet) can be picked up, turned over to the military detained in Gitmo, with out trial or due process, denied a lawyer, and be held without charges indefinitely.

    I dont want either side, the commies on the left or the progressive OR conservatives on the right to have this UNCONSTITUTIONAL power.

  39. Yeah it’s really bad how they give so much time to candidates who we don’t like and know they aren’t going to win like perry or romney. I just saw a video of a debate cartoon by a guy named azzydank on youtube. It’s pretty funny and true you should watch it

  40. Unfortunately, the shallow U.S.population behaves just like they did in high school. Those who look good are popular and get elected to the offices. Paul and Gingrich are head and shoulders above Romney policy wise, conservative wise and politically. Their problem is they don’t look “Presidential.”. THAT IS VERY UNFORTUNATE; and it says a lot about the intelligence level of the common voter.

  41. I think about the 55,000 Americans wasted in Vietnam and now the 5,000 in Iraq plus close to 50,000 maimed, wounded, or with permanent psychological problems. Also, suicides are skyrocketing among US soldiers from Afghanistan. I look at Newt, Romney and the gang of neoncons beating the drums for war with Iran and I think how disgusting. They would waste more US kids lives over nothing – they are the extremists not Ron Paul.

    Keep in mind Ron Paul gets more support from active military then all the other candidates combined. Yet, somehow, his non-interventionist America First foreign policy is ‘extreme’ by the Republican leadership and pundits. I say sign up these chicken-hawk neocons and cash out their millions to pay for these wars. The leaders should lead and have their kids go first and the military contractors should have to pay the bill not the US taxpayers.

  42. Mitt, why do you always wear blue ties at the debates? Is that a sign? As you know, blue is the color for Democrats. Most Republicans wear Red ties.

  43. I had to turn off the Iowa debate because of the stupid attacks on each other. Our country is in the toilet from the present administration and these candidates keep bickering over things that amount to nothing. I want to know how they are going to fix our nation after the last 3 years that Obama has run it into the ground. Thank you

  44. To those canidates who have/are served in congress> Why should we believe you can solve any problems our country has when you become president when we have’t seen your success in congress to this point. Why don’t you get these ideas going now instead of as president? Walk the talk!!

  45. Newt Gengrich, Do you support the National Defense Act of 2012? if so why? and if not what do you plan to do to repeal it?

  46. Do you believe that it would be appropriate to rescind the 17th Amendment and give back to the States the appointment of the Senators to the Senate? And do you support Term Limits?

  47. Any republican, why is that when the government shutsdown because congress can’t decide on a budget our Military suffers? Why does congress still continue to collect a paycheck, while soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors risk their lives to protect our freedoms. Why have we not passed a law that guarantees our service members a paycheck on the first and fifteenth regardless of any budget debates?

    • I completely agree with this. The rank and file of the military are getting the shaft every which way from Sunday from the ruling circle of Republicrats. Except for Obamacare, most of these candidates differ from Barack Obama only in rhetoric. They wouldn’t much change how Washington does business. Ron Paul is the only one who really has different values or views. And on the healthcare issue, wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced doctor involved in the process?

      I don’t agree with Paul on everything, but I’m voting for him because he would a real kick in the pants to Washington DC. Want to drain the swamp? Here’s your chance.

      • Rick

        Many who joined the military did so with honorable intentions and honorably served under the illusion of the great American myth and no they shouldn’t be treated this way. If nothing else has caused you to question reality as you have been told, or experienced before this, consider the crack that you see now and be grateful, because that is how the light gets in! In my opinion, beginning now, let Congress men and women go without pay and be subject to arrest, held indefinitely without trial. They should be the first to bear what they deem appropriate to inflict on us. It is time to hold them all accountable in 2012!

        May God bless and protect Ron Paul, Ron Paul Is Us!

    • Because our military no longer “protects” our freedoms, the U.S. govt. does not give a shit about the military. Since WWII, the U.S. military has been used as little toy soldiers that the govt. and big coorporation owners pay to send to a country (after they brainwash you to lead you to believe this country is a “threat” or are “terrorists”) to control them, and make sure that their economic standing does not highly trump ours. You are all little minions for the New World Order and gaining control of the middle east. You dont work for us as American civilians, you work for Kellogg, Brown, and Root. And you are part of a grisly process that sends the poor from our country to kill the poor of another. That is called genocide. So although I agree with what your saying to an extent, the point is…they dont give a shit about you. All you are to them are money makers with no brain to decide for themselves why they are in another country for years killing innocent people. Educate yourself. Its amazing how many people are willing to kill because of what the big boys say instead of finding out the reasons for themselves. And while i’m on the topic; that is why RON PAUL is the best choice for our President because he will put an end to our over involvement in foreign policy and the organized genocide that is being commited on fellow humans. Theres a difference between fighting to defend, and looking for a fight.

      • Oh my god, listen to you! Man, you must be chewin’ on some good weed, but don’t you recognize your paranoia? Everything’s a conspiracy, 9/11 was a service that our government and big business paid for, the country and all of us sheep are lost in the Matrix, everyone’s a puppet controlled by big business, and Ron Paul is the seer of all of it – our savior! Hail the little man! “The little man for the little man!” Get off it already! How do you live in a brain full of conspiracy theories and victimization? It’s this kind of drivvel that leans me toward Rick Perry, just to stick it to ya. Hell, I might even add George W. on my ballot!

        • Gee Tony…

          I wonder if you are beginning to see things a little differently now that the NDAA Bill has passed with both a Republican and Democrat majority. The same with SOPA Bill.

          Both the Republican and Democrat “Establishments” work for the same Masters. The Money Manipulators at the FED and on Wall Street! They call the shots and they KNOW what’s coming. Civil Unrest – BIG TIME! Conspiracy? I don’t think so. Why else would their Congressional “Puppets” pass such egregious legislation AGAINST the Constitution and the American People?

          If you thought 2011 was crazy, just wait till the Spring/Summer of 2012. People will be taking to the streets in a MUCH MORE contentious way.

          • Darryl – I can’t get behind all the conspiracy theories, victimizations, and puppet master crap. Money is power, power is influence, and that’s life in today’s civilized world. Not all the media, and not all big business, and not all government and government officials are part of some matrix that herds the American public like sheep with blinders on. The talk can get pretty psychotic. I’m looking real hard at Ron Paul. I don’t trust anyone on that stage, but of all the people smiling through their bleached white grins, I think Ron Paul is the only person that would, as President, show the most integrity in trying to achieve the ideas and prinicples of his campaign pledges. At the same time, I’m not feeling very hopeful about much. America has become complacent and dependent. The more government there is, the more complacent, hopeless, demotivated, weak, and pathetic we become as a nation. I would look forward to, “People will be taking to the streets in a MUCH MORE contentious way.” Thanks, Darryl.

            – Tony

      • Jessica

        Amen and Amen. Americans must be helped to see through the smokescreen, it flies in the face of our great American myths but you have stated the truth very clearly. Terms like New World Order scare our indoctrinated people, terms like these trigger an immediate defensive response which shuts down thinking and cry out, conspiracy theory! When the truth is George Herbert Walker Bush, coined the phrase and used it in countless speeches to the American people during his term. Little did Americans know then, where the New World Order think would lead.

        Many who joined the military did so with honorable intentions and honorably served under the illusion of the great American myth and no they shouldn’t be treated this way. If nothing else has caused you to question reality as you have been told, but do not experience before this, consider the crack that you see now and be grateful, because that is how the light gets in!

        May God bless and protect Ron Paul, Ron Paul Is Us!

  48. I have voted democrat for 43 years,…..I would vote republican only and gladly IF Congressman Paul is the rep. nomination. What about many like me who are also unsatisfied w/Pre Obummer, democrat but believs in Paul and he could win w/ are of our votes.

  49. My only inquiry is … “why can’t the candidates simply answer the question that is put forth and drop the campaining while at the podium?” I’m sure most of us listening would appreciate the forthright candor and straight forward actual answers.

  50. Why does the GOP think ALL union members are Democrats? I work in Texas and most of the people I work with are Republicans.

    • Scott; The unions are an arm of the Democratic Party. They are one of the main fund raisers for the Democrats. As you should know, it is down right dirty for the unions to demand all workers be in the union, when so many workers are Republican. That is what the fighting is about in Wisconsin.

  51. My question for these Republicans is how are they going to get us out of this hole we are now facing. I’m a blue colar worker who has been fortunate to have a job through my younger years up to now, working all over this state from the oil pipeline to demoing buildings. I keep paying into social security for what reason, to not see it when I need to retire. I have seen jobs leave this state due to regulations, from oil, to fishing, to logging, what are we doing to our selfs? Fair trade what fair trade we buy every thing from China but they bairly buy Made in America goods plus add extra duties to sell our goods. How are you going to bring jobs back and make our country strong again? I feel betrayed and soldout.

    • When you stop voting for the Democratic and RINOs that keep expanding out government and making it harder for companies to operate.

      I was at a conference last week where state representatives from L & I (Licensing and Insurance) said that our industry needs to have eye wash stations with each of our vehicles. When I mentioned that physically that is impossible and that OSHA allows eye bottles, their response was … we suspercede OSHA rules and we don’t really care how you make it work. It was absolute beaurocratic dictatorship without any common sense.

    • Ron Paul has touched on this topic many times, research him and you will find the best answer out of all of the candidates. Our country has been slowly inching down a hole for a very long time, we need change and we need difference and that is what Ron Paul brings to the table

  52. When are we going to as an American republic, not Democratic nation going to wake up and impeach thIs non American, Muslim, socialist dictator and take back control of this nation as American people. Obama should be tried for treason and put in prision,

  53. Why did you give Michele Bachmann so much time to attack Newt Gingrich’s ties with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Mitt Romney not only condemned Gingrich’s relationships with those clients but demanded that Gingrich give back all the fees they paid him. He’s the one who should have been called on to back up his assault on Gingrich’s integrity instead of being allowed to stand outside the line of fire while Bachmann did his dirty work for him. Shame on you for granting Romney that unjust advantage. Fox News is supposed to be “fair and balanced”.

    John D. Hartigan
    Chevy Chase, MD

    • Romney did not want to go that route. It was Romney that chose not to go that route, he had ample opportunity. Michelle went for Gingrich on her own, she kept going after him.

    • Anyone who still believes Fox News is fair and balanced is probably beyond convincing. Certain individuals on Fox News are intelligent and interesting, but the organization as a whole is an arm of the GOP establishment, and lacks intellectual honesty.

  54. Governor Romney,
    President Obama has passed a version of socialized medicine which mandates all Americans to purchase health insurance. As Governor of Massachusetts you passed a version of socialized medicine yourself. Even though you only mandated people in your state to purchase insurance, they are still Americans and you forced them to buy something whether they wanted it or not. How can you convince us conservatives that your one of us? And how can we trust that you will truely be devoted to repealing Obamacare?

    • Because the issue in this election is the economy…..and he’s the ONLY one that has the background and experience that suggests he knows what to do. On top of that, he has said over and over and over again that on the first day of office he will offer waivers to any state that wants it and then he will work to repeal it. Let’s get past this please and get behind the person who can get this economy going again. My husband is underemployed and I am unemployed……we need to focus on getting Obama out of office…..we don’t want handouts….we want opportunity!!!

      • Toni

        Romney represents the 1% and he will ONLY represent the 1%. All an informed voter has to do is “Google” his Campaign Donors. They are mostly from Wall Street.

        Crony Capitalism will “soar” under a Romney Administration. Anyone can see that from a “mile away”, especially when he “touts” his business background. It’s quite apparent Romney represents the Status-Quo on Steroids.

        With that said, keep an eye on the European Crisis that’s getting ready to explode. If the European Central Banks Fail to Bail Out the Sovereign Debt of the PIIG Nations, the “ripple-effect” of the explosion will cross the Atlantic like a Tsunami and crash OUR Markets.

        With the Futures Markets getting weaker and weaker to the point where it will eventually end up with it’s inevitable destruction, it is “imperative” that we, as Voters, look at candidates:

        1) who are talking about it.
        2) know “why” it is happening.
        3) AND who has a “Plan” to deal with it through REAL Cuts in Government Spending and a Philosophic “Change” in the Role of Government.

        Believe it or not, Government did get it Right during the Depression of 1920-21 – “Google” it. And while your busy “Googling”, Google Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America”. His Plan cuts $1 TRILLION in One Year. This is what we’ll need to get through the tough times ahead.

    • Besides, if you knew anything about his religion, you’d know how difficult it would be for him to lie. That’s why he won’t lie and say that the Massachusette’s healthcare was a bad idea although he admits there are some things he would change if he could. He has basically said that the easy thing for him to do in order to get elected is to say that it was a mistake….but again he can’t lie so he won’t. So c’mon let’s believe that he will work to repeal Obamacare, and get behind him….so we can get this economy going again.

      • Toni

        His religion is irrelevant. However, his inconsistencies AREN’T irrelevant.

        If Mitt Romney “didn’t understand” that implementing the Massachusetts “Individual Mandate” while Governor wouldn’t win him any “brownie points” with the National Electorate if he decided to run for President, then why run for President in the first place? He had to know that it is UN-Constitutional on the Federal level.

        To me, Romney doesn’t pass the “Qualifications” test. If he had aspirations of running for President while Governor, he should have known better and NOT signed that legislation. He reminds me of the Federalist Politician back when our country was first founded.

    • I have to admit even excepting money from Freddie and Fannie I voted for the lesser of the two evils Obama. Obama promised us he would tackle the corruption in Congress…? He is a weak and passive president. I hate to admit this but he appears to be one of the weakest presidents I have seen. We are so far into the hole it’s pathetic. Romney is a two face liar, he is wishy washy. He says exactly what the people want to hear. Gullible people believing Gingrich want continue to rob us blind, he don’t care about us it’s all about him. Vote Gingrich and guaranteed history will repeat.
      Ron Paul is the most consistent candidate up there, he says the same thing over and over dating back to the 80’s. He warned everybody about the housing market collapsing, but Congress, Administration, politicians chose to do nothing about it. He said Obama would not be able to get the troops out of Iraq that fast. He also warned us about the corruption of the bogus Federal Reserves…Damn this dude is no NUT JOB, he is smart and highly intelligence, we should have listened to this guy the first time…maybe we would have been in this mess. I have to admit I thought he was a whack the first time I heard him, this time I will not let my bias ways get in the way. This time I will get it right and vote him in. Don’t take my word do your research people. I really am trying so hard to find a negative thing about him. I could not find any lobbying on him or wishy washy business. I found stuff on several candidates, but we as citizens have to read between the lines, because history shows the media, politicians and Corporate America have their ways of distorting the truth. The major thing people hold against Ron Paul is his foreign policy. Politicians are lying to America when they tell you Israel needs us or they will be defeated. Lies, lies and more lies. Every country wants to rule the world and that’s why we are stationed clear across the map.
      Japan’s granddad’s and great granddad’s are all about dead, the new Japanese military is different from the old school of World War II, so why are we still there? War is in and out, but to be stationed in these countries forever, what the heck is that about? Building up defense and national security is the best option for us at this time. I do not fear Iran, I fear China or Russia bum rushing our back door. People think Ron Paul’s going to get us killed, pleeeeease! Iran is a weak country. Israel is rich and strong and are starting to become too dependent on America.
      How did America become strong we separated from England rule. Israel needs to show the world they can make there on decisions and authority against Iran with little or no support from us. The support we are showing them now, we might as well make them a state.

  55. Take a page from “Occupy Wall Street” – If parents would protest for 1 day on the school grounds across America – To Put God and America back in school. Would you be for it? Question is for Newt Gingrich

  56. In response to the misinformation about the XL Pipeline:
    The great majority of the jobs created by the Pipeline are Temporary.
    Most of the dirty oil from this project will be sold OUTSIDE this country (even if sent to Austin). Finally,scientists (most of them) warning us about global warming are NOT the Radicals that the debaters are referring to in their comments.

  57. Leave Planned Parenthood alone, for God’s sake. They do more to prevent unplanned pregnancy in this country than any other service. Perhaps the Republicans should focus on economics and jobs and the failure of Congress to do its job.

    • It was clear that Ms Kelly got caught with her pants down (figuratively) Assuming that Newt got his retorts correct, Ms Kelly should have done a deeper dive into her research. And I really love the lady!! She just got caught a couple of times. Newt did great! Were all 57 states watching?

  58. Your debate tonight was BS. Journalists representing you have been, previously, respected. Not so much after tonight. They mostly wanted to elicit answers based on “I GOTCHA” and almost no question relating to national and international problems and how would you solve them. They seemed to try to make the Republican party look stupid and simply argue amongst themselves.

    I am sure Obama is aplauding Fox’s efforts.

  59. Don Elwing, I use to always vote Democratic, but Ron Paul is a different kind of Republican. He is an old school Republican, he would have made our founding fathers. People are reading too much into Paul’s foreign policy, bottom line is we are station all over the world-we are flat BROKE! North Korea nuclear weapons? What happened to all our involvement there? Waste of our Americans dollars. Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, so much money wasted because a president has his own agenda. There is no evidence of weapons in Iran either and yet we want to dwindle over there. Paul does not want nukes over there, if they were a true threat he would not stand by and let them destroy parts of the world. I do agree we need to be firm and hold our ground against countries, but we can accomplish that in a persuasive way. Over life experiences I have found that sometimes the best fights are won by words. We have lost and are losing so many troops. We need to build our defense at home we are stationed all over the world including Japan. Japan? this a new military, their grandparents, and great grandparents are probably all dead… so why are we still over there. We need to fear China or Russia and build our defense. Is there any truth that Israel troops/citizens don’t even want us over there? Do they think we are too forceful/demanding/bullies and we are making too much noise on their streets? Bottom line war is war and it is inevitable, but we better make damn sure this is a war and not some wild goose chase looking for something that is not. Don, you know you can change your party to Republican at the primaries to vote Paul as the nominee.

  60. Ron Paul needs to colonize a new planet from scratch. Does that make him a spaceman? Sure, why not. He’s out. Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich took the debate. Santorum was strong on 50% of his questions. Romney was weak, defensive, and not believable as usual, except for the question about the candidates engaging in negative campaigning against each other. Bachman was a ball buster, and I think she really put Newt in a tough spot. He’s got a lot of road behind him to answer to. I think he continues to do well.

    Tonight, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry were the strongest. Damn happy with both their showings.

    • Israel has a strong military and they are rich. We will make them weaker by allowing them to be so dependant on us. Israel must be getting fed up with being dictated how to handle their enemies. We need to build national security and defense back in our own country, period! We have lost so much in this terrorism idea. It is absolutely pathetic, that we are buying into the lies the media and other politicians are telling us. We people are being misled and misinformed. There comes a point that we have to start thinking outside of the box and look at what’s really going on. It’s great to see so many people have opened there minds to change. Anyway, look at Ron Paul’s track record of calling shots before they occurred, the housing market, the Feds, getting troops out of Iraq. If I was everybody, I’d fear China and Russia all the more to build our National Security and defense. Iran a threat, please. Iran on a world level is weak, China and Russia are the powerhouses. What happened to North Korea, I thought they were a threat, hmmmm… Come on we would annihilate the entire world 10X over we have so many mass destructive weapons. A country that would even attempt to destroy us we would…oh, sorry Bin Ladin/Taliban.
      There is no proof on any mass destructive weapons in Iran anyway. We should not be quick to judge many innocent lives would be at stake and then money to rebuild for destroying the Iranian society. In the meantime, until we have proof blah blah blah.
      What gets me is we have trained and given lots of aid to countries in the past that eventually years later retaliate against us. Our last hope for humanity and liberty for a long time to come is Ron Paul. Without a solid, honest, trustworthy president our government will continue to grow and become more corrupt with cheats, lies and debt. The bigger and longer individual stay in governments the more corruption occurs. By the time another candidate like this comes around our government would have grown twice as big if not individuals then their pockets and/or our debt. Our government is so big, they have so much time to waste making bogus laws that don’t benefit us. The laws are suppose to be for the people’s protection. How can a government dip into someone’s pockets from profits in the stock market? We are helping companies grow and expand and this is the reward for helping. We people want to keep all our savings and investment profits. Congress should not get paid or they should be locked up in a room until they are able to come up with legit budget plans. DO NOT freeze the entire government to do this, especially military troops. Most of the candidates on the stage have their own agenda and it’s not in our best interest.

  61. Rick,

    IU’m not a Republican; I’m an independent and to the right of most Republicans, but not libertarian on social issues as Ron Paul is. But I can answer you.

    In the first place, Taxpayers don’t have to cover the paychecks of all those mercenaries that work on behalf of Exxon-Mobil, Conoco-Philips, BP Oil, Elf Aquitaine, and a dozen others; all those 19-40 year olds who wear technowarrior garb, and go step on the neck of some poor 58-year-old towelhead named Hassan, in HIS OWN LIVING ROOM, in front of his family…after blasting the crap out of his village and neighborhood…and then these a&%holes have the temerity to call such thuggish tyranny “protecting our freedoms”!

    No sir, NONE of us should be required to pay for such tyrannical, un-American plunder. Yet for 125 years now, the U.S. military has run free mercenary duty for every American corporation from pinapple plunderers wanting to take over Hawaii in the 1890s, to the huge petrochem giants now wanting the Middle East.

    In the second place, the military industry offers “free” college education, reduced-rate groceries, housing, etc — and full-time adult day care for Johnny, Jamal, or Juanito who would otherwise be a boil on the face of society — an unemployable waste living with mom, or a gang member, or what-have-you. Who foots the bill? Yes: hard-working, free-market, productive Taxpayers have to pay for it; and most of them do it gladly, because they’re as ignorant of American history as the average Russian peasant is of Russian history. Not only that, but if they don’t pay their “fair share”, Congress’ domestic terrorists with the little black vulture logo will levy their bank account, car, home, etc. Land of the free? Not hardly, bucko.

    In the third place, who gave the military industry the power to run our nation’s future as it does? Certainly not wimpus members of Congress! Nope; it’s the big dogs who buy and sell members of Congress like cheap chess pieces.

    In the fourth place, why do the insipid Warrior Moms tell all of us to “pray for our warriors” in harm’s way, when it’s the military industry putting them in “harm’s way” demolishing foreign villages and homes and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives?

    To put it another way, I’ll bet you’d really pray along with Chinese moms praying for their “warriors in harm’s way” in Nevada or Virginia, stepping on the neck of Joe Blow, in his own living room…and then calling him “insurgent” if he tries to fight the marauding Chinaman off, right? You think God is listening to such prayers, Einstein?

    It isn’t just Ron Paul saying this stuff, either. In 1935, USMC Major General Smedley Butler — the most highly-decorated officer of his time up until his death — wrote the book called ‘War is a Racket’, showing that NOT ONE foreign U.S. war was actually fought to defend this nation’s shores or our population. Major General Butler had earned more medals for valor on the field of battle than any Marine before him; he KNEW what he was talking about: the military industry is a MONSTER, without a conscience.

    Then in 1961, former 5-star general Dwight Eisenhower coined the term ‘Military Industrial Complex’ in his presidential farewell address, warning us that the military industry would do exactly what it is now doing: DESTROYING our republic, rather than defending it! As a former 5-star general and President of the United States, Eisenhower was seconding the assessment by Major General Butler 26 years earlier; these men KNEW what they were talking about. The self-adulating military subculture doesn’t know diddly, or doesn’t care because it’s a great career with regular paychecks on somebody else’s back…and you get to blast the sh!* out of anyone that crosses you (even a bada$$ on your own side, when no one is watching).

    In the fifth place, in 2008 former West Point professor and decorated Vietnam veteran Andrew Bacevich wrote the book “The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War”. This military veteran and teacher of military history and tactics made it crystal clear that Major General Butler and General Eisenhower were right on the mark: the U.S. military industry is ANTITHETICAL to the founders’ ideals, and a national blight, not a blessing! Washington, Madison, and Sam Adams made clear that a standing military is a dangerous beast, and was NEVER to be the plan for America. Read Madison’s 44th Federalist Paper. Just as Madison and these decorated military men have said: the paid military has become a preening, self-adulating monster. Anyone who crosses the military is branded as ‘unpatriotic’ when actually it is true patriotism to call this monster out into the light!

    In the sixth place, you need to read American military history, Rick, instead of whining like a welfare queen who didn’t get a check one month for sitting on her fat hindquarters. Stephen Kinzer wrote a complete survey of U.S. foreign wars since the invasion and capture of Hawaii for U.S. sugar cane and pineapple corporations in 1893. The book is called “Overthrow: A Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq”. Read it, and see why so many people on earth see ALL OF US Americans as ‘Great Satan’; because of the bloated, corrupt, self-idolizing, demonstrably UN-American industry called the U.S. military.

    Other than that, I don’t know why your welfare checks are being held up. Go stand in line and play your violin; you might get faster service after they skin a few more Taxpayers.

    • I just picked up General Smedley Butler booklet called War is a Racket (only about 35 pages) every American should read it. It’s only $2.99 at Amazon. Anyone who is scared of a third rate backwater nation like Iran needs his head examined. Iran is about as much threat to the US as Kazakhstan with General Borat leading the charge with his mule pulled wagon. To get somewhat informed on neocon war propaganda with Iran Just google or search on youtube for anything from Michael Scheuer (ex CIA chief of the Bin Laden Unit) or Scott Ritter (Marine and ex-UN weapons inspector in Iraq). If you listen to a chicken-hawk like Newt you are being lied to. Remember he’ll say just about anything and change his position to get elected.

      I bet if we made Iran a preferred trading partner the middle class in Iran would grow and throw of the mullahs in a nano-second. If the US bombs Iran oil will be over 300 a barrel and we’ll be in a deep depression with 30% unemployment. Just talk to an American of Iranian decent you know they hate the mullahs – if you listen to Hannity you are very uniformed. I bet most Hannity listeners think Iranians are Arabs and have no idea what the difference between Shia and Sunni are. Americans need to do a little reading and stop listening to neocons like Newt filling them with nonsensical propaganda.

      Also remember the US attacked Iraq soon after Saddam Hussein started trading his oil in Euros. Also remember soon as we invaded we took over the oil fields and oil had to be sold in Federal Reserve Notes again. Iran has the same intention. That is also why Saudi Arabia (House of Saud) is protected by the US military and buys alot of our weapons. It’s mainly about protecting the petro-dollar because without it our economy would crash and there would be full scale riots. American are waking up though and hopefully they will go back to being a peaceful respected nation again. I’m afraid though we are heading for more war, death, and misery.

      • George Wilson

        Completely correct! The crescendo for war coincides with Iran’s intentions to sell their own oil from Iran’s Central Bank and only in their own currency.
        This is in reality a trade war over energy.

        Competition, Free-trade, free-markets, reducing regulations and allowing production of our own energy resources, while renewable energy companies are developed by private entrepreneurs and take hold, providing jobs, this as Dr. Ron Paul advocates, would be a sane and sensible approach and go farther in defusing the situation than brutal wars and the loss of the lives of our young people.

    • David, could you elaborate a little more … please. When you started to beat up the grunts in the military, that is when you lost me.

    • Yeah. Let’s bring Judges before Congress like a school child before the Principle!

      What the hell is wrong with people?

      Don’t they see that this can be used for “Political Revenge?”

      If the Republicans do this as Newt Gingrich wants to do, what happens when a Democrat has the Presidency, the House and the Senate? THEY WILL DO THE SAME THING to get back at the Republicans.

      Newt Gingrich is a Political Opportunist. He KNOWS that this will get applause from the Republicans because the 9th Circuit is so Left leaning. However, he’ll NEVER do it.

      Ron Paul was Right again. According to our Constitution, a Judge should go through an Impeachment Procedure if there is wrong-doing. What does Newt want to be? A Dictator?


  62. I think Backman hurt herself in being on the attack. Mit seemed to hold his own, but did not say anything to win votes. Paul shot himself in the foot, again, with his goofy foreign policy. Newt stayed strong. He needs to put the Fannie/Sally to rest. What he did there was legal and within his responsibility. If Larry the cable guy had a job installing cable in Sally/Franny buildings, should he give the money back now? Of course not. Likewise Newt does not need to be bothered with such demands. Likewise, if a politician that is asked for information on a law, so they can follow it, the person asked, politician or not, should give the information, weather he likes the law or not.

    • Bachman’s gone. She could only try to poke holes in the other candidates, and she’s been after Newt from the start. There’s only 4 candidates still standing – Romney, Gingrich, Perry, and Paul, unless, Santorum did some kind of magic in Iowa. It will come down to Romney and Gingrich.

    • lol yea it’s so goofy to have a president go to congress to vote on a war and proceed based on reliable intelligence so we don’t have another Iraq.

  63. U make me laugh. Even if you’re right, you’re still 49%. You dont have the guts to sling at Goliath so shut your mouths and prepare for the shaft! Ha ha ha!

  64. I’m starting to think that Ron Paul supporters are terrorists. Just one question. Do you guys wear towels on your heads? LOL!

    • Tony D.

      That’s funny, considering how all the Candidates (except Ron Paul) are “talking” so so “seriously” about terrorism and the URGENT NEED to bomb the sh*t out of Iran. Why not? Right? By the time all was said and done in Iraq, we killed and maimed over 1.5 Million Iraqis with a “Huge” Percentage being Civilians. (Men, Women and Children) Oh well, Right? They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess. And we thought they had WMD’s. We’ll just “chalk-it-up” to Collateral Damage and that Iran might have had a nuke.

      Yuppers. We, Ron Paul supporters, are the terrorists and we wear towels on our heads. But the one thing we don’t have is Blinders covering our Eyes.

      • Ron Paul has not learned from history. Mich Holten, a German during WWII had a similar idea. He later wrote:

        When the Nazis came for the communists,
        I remained silent;
        I was not a communist.

        When they locked up the social democrats,
        I remained silent;
        I was not a social democrat.

        When they came for the trade unionists,
        I did not speak out;
        I was not a trade unionist.

        When they came for the Jews,
        I remained silent;
        I wasn’t a Jew.

        When they came for me,
        there was no one left to speak out.

        • B Anderson

          Ya know? You’re right. And that Ballad, by Mich Holten is so fitting considering what Congress passed today. NOW, the Military can arrest, torture and even kill American Citizens because they “think” they are “terrorists” (even on American Soil). And as Tony D. believes that Ron Paul supporters are “terrorists” and we wear towels on our heads, we should expect our doors to be “kicked in” at any moment now to haul us away.

          Apparently, You and Tony D haven’t learned from History. But you HAVE re-enforced my support for Ron Paul and made it clearer “why” I support him so much. Let me change Mich Holten’s Ballad just a little….

          When they came for the Ron Paul Supporters,
          I remained silent;
          I wasn’t a Ron Paul Supporter.
          And when they came for me,
          there was no one left to speak out.

          Be sure to vote for that Gingrich fellow. He’s got it right. After he gets finished abolishing the courts he doesn’t like, he’ll have us all Goose Stepping to the National Anthem.

  65. These people that are asking the questions come off as being very biased on selecting who answers what questions,for instance two rounds of questions regarding the boarder and imigration and also on abortion they just seemed to skip Rep Ron Paul.Rep Paul who is also a Doctor who has delieverd over 4000 babies i think would have more insight on this than some of these polished politicians.He also being a representative from Texas should have had the right to answer this question also.The moderators seemed to want to attack Rep. Paul on his foriegn policy,look we tried it the Republican way and we have tried it the Democrat way and i cant see the diffrence between the two,Ron Paul is the only one who has a whole diffrent way of conducting foriegn policy and is honest and true to the constitution no matter the situation or circumstances.Shawn Hannity kissed the rear of every one he interviewed but Ron Paul who he in my opinion was trying to make him look like some kind of loon and the statement about the type of people he has supporting him like they are weird people, and then basically says hope i didnt offend them pure crap

  66. Our troops support Ron Paul more than all of the other candidates combined, and I’m pretty sure that they are not terrorists, and have a clue about the reality of war.

  67. To all you left that are not yet Ron Paul supporters, You are now the minority. The media’s ripps on him are few and weak. It’s time to rebuild America, Are you ready to work?

  68. No matter the outcome of the 2012 presidential election, the country will be more polarized than ever. Republican ideologues hate President Obama while Democrats have no capacity for trenchant leadership.

    Consider these myriad self-inflicted problems that confront the American people on a daily basis: high gas prices, lack of jobs – economic opportunity, Mexicans, Somalis, the high cost of health care… Then consider the quality of the candidates who are running for president on the Republican side and The One now in the Oval Office. Haven’t you ever wondered why so many LOSERS (Reid/McConnell) are successful politicians?


  69. Ron Paul, the truth-sayer with no gravitas. No matter how right he is, he’ll never be our candidate. Tell the man to buy a tailored jacket. Can’t he afford clothing that fits? No wonder he is regarded as a loon. You have to look the part! The problem with Ron Paul’s philosophy is that it assumes that Joe Six-pack is smart enough to handle his freedoms responsibly. It will never happen! That’s why we need some sort of government. The lame-brains can’t govern themselves!

    • What you just said is irrelevant to anything. All this name calling is ridiculous and serves no purpose. Ron Paul is not for no government, he is for smaller government. Of course you need a government. The bigger and longer individuals stay in government the more corrupt it will become, look at history local, state up to federal. Research our Congress(millionaires), the lobbyists(politicians/corporation and the Fed. People don’t have a problem with lobbyists, I do. All this lobbying, the extensive paychecks to Congress, the Feds are essentially the people’s money whether directly or indirectly it shouldn’t be legal and I want it back:) We have strict laws at my work place and I would be fired. This is our money, there should be new laws and terms for Congress to better suit the interest of the people. Anyway do you actually think Israel can’t defend for themselves? Israel is a rich strong country whom is taking advantage of what we have to offer. The more we are overly involved in Israel, spoiling them….What happens to a spoiled child that eventually tries to fit into society? My point the longer we interfere and basically dictate Israels agenda the more dependent they will become and it will become much harder for us the leave. It’s just like anything, stop cooking for a year and have someone else do it, stop ball room dancing for a year. Practice makes perfect and Israel isn’t doing much practicing on their own. Besides Israel would like to handle their enemies different ways at time without being dictated how enemies should be handled. For Israel this has to be frustrating on the other hand we have given them a lot of freebies. I am truly for Democracy all across the world, but not at the expense of interfering with a country’s integrity.

  70. Don, speak for yourself. If you need government to tell you how, and what, to think there are countless countries to which you can expatriate, where government does precisely that.

    From the tenor of your post, you may well be one of the ‘lame-brain’ citizens of which you complain; citizens who are ignorant of basic American civics, history, economics, etc.. I’m not disagreeing that most Americans today are ignorant; after four generations of government-run ‘education’, one would expect it. But here’s your free first whirlwind remedial civics lesson…

    In these fifty sovereign States of America, the Supreme Law of the Land is the U.S. Constitution. Believe it or not, that Supreme Law does NOT set out to limit or control the citizen at all. It is a law of LIMITATION on our GOVERNMENTS — States governments, and the common federal servant government. I’ll assume that you know the first three words of its preamble? “We The People…”; in other words, the apex sovereigns over the entire government of America…are THE PEOPLE. Even if they are ignorant, the People are the top authorities over governments in America; and the federal and State governments are limited to ONLY those powers conferred — actually enumerated — in the Supreme Law.

    If you don’t have a copy of the U.S. Constitution, every American should, Don. I recommend a little spiral-bound edition called “The Constitution Made Easy” by Mike Holler; about $10 at Amazon, and worth many times that. On the left-facing pages is the original archaic text of the law, and on the facing right page is a modern translation of the same sections and clauses. Each clause is numbered for easy reference. The history of each amendment is also included. But I digress…

    Okay, so with a Constitution handy, look up Article I, Section 8. That’s the part of America’s Supreme Law that sets the boundaries for federal government by LIMITING Congress to seventeen powers. That’s it; just those 17 powers is the limit of federal authority over our sovereign States, so that we will have one common U.S. money, and set of copyright rules, and mail delivery system, and counterfeiting laws, and equitable trade between the States, and so on. In every other area of our lives, the federal government has NO authority and NO sovereignty. When it seeks to do anything outside the powers we granted it in Article I, Section 8, the federal government is just like any other felon or foreigner seeking to mess with our lives, liberties, or proerty — and is punishable for doing so.

    The question is: how can we punish a whole government? Obviously, elections don’t do squat, against a million federal bureaucrats and thousands of politicians and their staffs up and down the line. I’ll get to that; for now, just the basic civics for you, Don.

    Okay, so now read Amendment X — yes, the 10th one. It stipulates that anything not specifically enumerated to the federal government in the Constitution (Art I, Sec 8) is a POWER (not a ‘right’) that is RETAINED by us — by We The People, and also through our sovereign States. It’s important to remember the obvious here: before we ratified the U.S. Constitution, there was no such thing as the presidency, or the Congress, or the U.S. Supreme Court. With that Supreme Law, WE THE PEOPLE through our sovereign States, gave birth to those three branches of a SERVANT government, to SERVE the sovereign States so the States could SERVE us.

    We’re the top of the pecking order in government; our States are under us, and federal government is under the States.

    Another way to see it, Don, is this: We The People are OVER the U.S. Constitution, and the States and federal government are UNDER the U.S. Constitution. We The People are the top sovereigns — even if you think all of us are lame-brains that can’t govern ourselves! I’m sure old Putin thinks the same thing of the Russian people; in their case, they don’t have a Constitution like ours, or a history of informed popular soveregnty like ours. So while Putin may keep the ‘mere people’ oppressed and bamboozled, it doesn’t work like that in these united States of America. But back to the basic civics lesson…

    Those 17 enumerated powers of federal government are perhaps 25% (in revenue terms) of the thousands of powers, agencies, departments, programs, regulations, offices, etc that Washington D.C. has arrogated to itself since the War to Enslave the States. In other words, about 75% of what federal government is doing today is ILLEGAL. Nowhere authorized in law, and thus the same as if a crime cartel was doing it. For an accurate analogy, consider the narcoterrorist cartels in Mexico (and much of Latin America). They are armed, politically unaccountable, very effective ‘leaders’ of Mexican policy. They do what they want, when they want, to whomever they want, anywhere in Mexico (and occasionally in America’s cities, too). They don’t answer to law; for them, firepower is better than law; they don’t give a damn about law. They usually get what they want.

    They same can be said for Washington, D.C., flying in the face of the U.S. Constitution since Lincoln’s administration.

    So, Don, I disagree that the American People are all ‘lame-brains’, needing a government to guide us. Though you may well be in that cohort, millions of us (I’d wager tens of millions of us) are capable of informed self-governance. Through AmericaAgain! Trust, we now have a tactical force-massing plan, and a law-enforcement mechanism for the rest of American history. We even have a HUGE crime, on which we can hang 95% of the current members of Congress under their STATE penal codes.

    I explain it in this monograph: http://thisbloodlesslibertythebook.blogspot.com/2011/09/exposing-fools-gold-standard.html

    You’ll be hearing more about it in the future, God willing.

    Oh…and while you’re out selecting tailored jackets in place of brains or courage, do a little reading, Don. Your ignorance is palpable.

    Incidentally to the Paulistinians out there: no, I am not voting for Ron Paul. I did that twice, and wasted my vote, twice; I’m going with Rick Perry because as a lifelong Texan I know what the man is made of. He’s not perfect, but he’s a damned sight better than anyone else running, and may well be the next Andrew Jackson if he wins, and if the American people get a tactical plan that can turn the tide. That’s the point of AmericaAgain!, and only Perry has the background and principled basis (read his book ‘Fed Up!’) to champion the People’s cause, as we whip this government back into obeying the law.


  71. Big brother fears Ron Paul.

    “A land of sheep will be ran by pigs and ruled by wolves”

    Ron Paul is a modern day founding father. The only man who can turn this country around…

  72. ‘Dead Head’,

    Maybe it was a typo, but “…will be RAN by pigs…” is nonsensical; you mean will be RUN by pigs, but since sheep don’t follow pigs your axiom is STILL nonsensical, even correcting for spelling. Ron Paul cannot turn this country around; he has done almost nothing after 40 years’ bloviating on the floor of the U.S. House, and after two failed runs at the presidency.

    I’m not saying that I disagree with most of Dr. Paul’s beliefs. As you see above, I *especially* agree with his take on the Leviathan military industry and American imperialism. But I vehemently disagree with his libertarian, libertine views on moral issues, such as legalizing drug use, legalizing sexual perverts coupling up and calling it ‘marriage’, and letting Americans murder their pre-born children with federal government looking the other way at this class of murders. Ron Paul is simply wrong about the first duties of any moral society; the reason for civilization in the first place. Mankind is sinful by nature; left to himself entirely, the average human being reverts to the law of the jungle. God ordained civil society, including magistrates “to bear the sword against the evildoer”, and Americans have always understood and valued this. Ron Paul is a utopian, Ayn Randian theorist whose theroies have never proven out in actual practice, anywhere in history, without reversion to barbarism.

    Not only that, but despite his very solid constitutionalist teaching, Ron Paul has never been EFFECTIVE in leadership. He makes a wonderful constitrutionalist/libertarian gadfly; an ongoing minority report, if you will. Take, for instance, his minority report to the 1984 U.S. Gold Commission Report. His work eventually was published as a little book called ‘The Case For Gold’, and it is a superb primer and historical survey on lawful U.S. money. In the book, Dr. Paul details the Constitution’s stipulation that all lawful U.S. money shall be only gold and silver, and nothing else. He details how the transition can be made, back to lawful U.S. money. Yet despite this wonderful theory, in almost THIRTY YEARS since then, the best Ron Paul has been able to do — or to inspire the American people to do — is to AUDIT earth’s largest financial crime cartel?

    Ron Paul does often speak the words of the founding fathers, and his many books are excellent reading. But he is absolutely NOT a modern-day founding father; his is a theoretical knowledge of the right things to do — not the ACTION of actually doing them.

    Rick Perry has written a superb theoretical book on the founding fathers’ principles — and I dare you to compare that book to ANYTHING Ron Paul has ever written. But most importantly, Rick Perry has also governed Texas for longer than any other governor in our history, and has stood foursquare for the sovereign powers of the States over our federal servant. He has actually signed laws defending the unborn in Texas; has actually led the fight against out-of-control tort lawyers, and signed legislation making their tactics much tougher in Texas than in most states where they hold sway. He has attracted businesses and industry to our state as no other state in the union, making it the #1 job producing state for years running.

    Whereas Ron Paul still believes in the tooth fairy — still thinks Congress can reform itself after 150 years of cumulative, demonstrable corruption — Rick Perry believes in the People themselves, and the sovereign States, to bust that corruption and de-throne the criminogenic Congress.

    That’s the difference between the two Texans now in the GOP race. Paultards may trot out all manner of urban legends and twisted tales about Rick Perry; but I’ve lived here since birth and can attest to the fact that as Texans go, Rick Perry is the real deal, and Ron Paul increasingly looks like just another lifetime politician with fiery speeches and no action.

    To debunk the Paultard legends and twisted tales about Rick Perry’s governance in Texas, read the monograph linked below. It also explains why I settled on Rick Perry by process of elimination, after reading his book Fed Up! and being inspired by it.


  73. Ron Paul for President – 2012 – he is our only hope.

    The “Lame Stream Media” is so afraid of Ron Paul that it is using censorship to stop us from knowing anything about him .. they know that if they do any real true reporting on Ron Paul, their Corporate sponsors will punish them .. because corporations, banks, the democratic and republican parties, and the federal reserve are all afraid of Ron Paul because his goal is to take back control of our country from them and give it back to We the People .. check out these videos on how they are trying to hide Ron Paul from us .. and why they are conspiring against him ..

    Mainstream Media censorship – not reporting on Ron Paul

    Bankster Conspiracy against Ron Paul

    See video – Ron Paul has been trying to save us for years .. he cannot do this by himself, he needs our help ..

    Ron Paul needs Our help

    See the video below on how to Vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries, (if you need to change your registration to Republican, you can change it back to whatever you want after you vote for Ron Paul), after he is elected as the Republican candidate for President, we can support him in the General Election for President in 2012 .. that is the best chance for him to win because his voice can then be heard .. no more censorship by the media and hiding him from everybody .. if worse comes to worse and the Banksters keep his name off of the ballot in the general election, we may still have a chance to elect him if we write him in .. write his name .. Ron Paul .. it is our only hope. Vote for him as soon as you can .. see video below ..

    How to Vote for Ron Paul

    God Bless America.

  74. Ron Paul is a Statesman, he exhibits great wisdom and promotes the public good. A respected leader, experienced in government and in the administration of government affairs. He is a visionary unlike any other who has shaped and influenced a new dialogue on the principles of freedom and the proper role of government.

    May we all be so fortunate to have him serve as our President and return America to it’s proper role and destiny in being the greatest free country in the history of mankind.

    Merry Christmas to all and may God grant us hope in 2012!

  75. “Lives In The Balance”
    I’ve been waiting for something to happen
    For a week or a month or a year
    With the blood in the ink of the headlines
    And the sound of the crowd in my ear
    You might ask what it takes to remember
    When you know that you’ve seen it before
    Where a government lies to a people
    And a country is drifting to war

    And there’s a shadow on the faces
    Of the men who send the guns
    To the wars that are fought in places
    Where their business interest runs

    You hear one thing again and again
    How the u.s.a. stands for freedom
    And we come to the aid of a friend
    But who are the ones that we call our friends–
    These governments killing their own?
    Or the people who finally can’t take any more
    And they pick up a gun or a brick or a stone
    There are lives in the balance
    There are people under fire
    There are children at the cannons
    And there is blood on the wire

    There’s a shadow on the faces
    Of the men who fan the flames
    Of the wars that are fought in places
    Where we can’t even say the names

    They sell us the president the same way
    They sell us our clothes and our cars
    They sell us every thing from youth to religion
    The same time they sell us our wars
    I want to know who the men in the shadows are
    I want to hear somebody asking them why
    They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are
    But they’re never the ones to fight or to die
    And there are lives in the balance
    There are people under fire
    There are children at the cannons
    And there is blood on the wire

    Jackson Browne

  76. I see Ron Paul as the Democratic Choice, after all you can change your affiliation for the one day of the iowa caucus and switch back the next day. Ron Paul can’t win against the worst president this country has ever ignorantly and misled by change promises has ever put in the White House. The Changes so far are not what was promised. We need a morally gifted Leader in the White House.

  77. Tony D you must not have investigated anything for yourself…. Your ignorance is so obvious to those of us who have….
    But keep posting… Simple mindedness makes for a good little sheep…

    • Absolutely, MJ. I am ignorant, and I would bet I’m one of the (voting) majority in this country. I glean what I can from the sources with which I engage, and you know what? I will vote. My vote is equal to yours. So, instead of only throwing the insult, you should add something of your vast knowledge and wisdom, since you’ve done all the investigating. Take the opportunity to lay some knowledge on me that might influence my vote. Otherwise, maybe you just enjoy sitting around in the circle jerk with your other smart and knowledgable and politically savvy friends.

  78. what can the GOP. do for us different??? We had 8 years of there rule and look where we are at today !!!!
    And they tell us they can fix everything, just remember THE GAME IS RIGGED AND THE TABLE IS TILTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Forget Ron Paul. Could be fantastic for America, domestically, but while he continues to advocate for such extreme pull back/withdrawal on foreign issues, he defeats himself. Too bad he hasn’t campaigned with a more compromising foreign policy, and then test his foreign interests with the American people more gradually. Clearly, it’s his forign policy ideas that have kept him from pulling ahead. He should/should have modified his position to help his campaign – then gradually introduce foreign policy change. Seems short sighted to me.

      • Tony D.

        Short-sighted? Ron Paul has been saying this about our Foreign Policy for many years. He also WARNED us that if we didn’t change the direction of our Foreign Policy, instead of expanding it, then the “Money” to fund this Empire would soon dry up.

        If anything, the Politicians who “support” this Current Foreign Policy are the ones who are “short-sighted”. Years ago, the Money Tree had failed to yield the funds necessary to pay for these Imperialistic Wars. It dried up. The Politicians were then forced to “tap-into” other Country’s Money Trees. The only person who kept the “War Machine” chugging along is the Money Counterfeiter himself, Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke.

        • Hey Darryl. No, I wasn’t saying his views on foreign policy are short-sighted. I don’t know if they are or not. They’d have to be tested. I’m afraid to see them tested, and I think that’s the same fear that the majority of people feel when considering Ron Paul. His ideas on foreign policy are what drive people away from him. I think it’s unfortunate and short-sighted on his part that he hasn’t designed a campaign that wins the vote with the strength of his domestic policy ideas, and that employs a more palatable approach to his foreign policy ideas.

  79. Ive actually been paying attention to the debates and what disappoints me is the lack of exposure for Ron Paul by the major news networks. Their bought and paid for just like some of the candidates who get the exposure Ron Paul doesn’t. Why ? Because Paul will cut and abolish the money wasting aid to foreign countries that have no love for the U.S.A.
    Its time to get the country back to being the leader in manufacturing and being self supporting with energy of all types.
    Pauyl’s not a forite because he speaks for the common man/woman in this country who by the way are the major workforce in the U.SA.

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