Thursday evening saw the last GOP debate before voters cast their ballots in the Iowa caucuses on January 3rd. The debate was sponsored by Fox News and the Republican Party of Iowa. It was held at the Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa.

Here is the entire debate via YouTube:

Original Air Time: Thursday, December 15 at 9pm ETon Fox News

Participants: Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Report from Fox News:

If electability had been the question for primary candidates in 1980, Ronald Reagan would have never become president, Newt Gingrich said Thursday, answering challenges about whether he could be embraced by the electorate in the race to beat President Obama in 2012.

Clearly, Reagan ended up convincing primary voters that he had the right policies, and he went on to beat Jimmy Carter by a larger margin than Franklin Delano Roosevelt beat Herbert Hoover in 1932, Gingrich, a longtime history professor, said during the Fox News Republican presidential primary debate in Sioux City, Iowa.

As the candidates make their final pitch in a group forum before the first voters go to the polls in Iowa in less than three weeks, the GOP candidates have made their policy cases. Now, it’s a question of whether they can win, and if they do, whether they have the skills to be the leader of the free world.

Gingrich’s performance is being closely watched as he surges to the top of the pack in the field — and faces questions about whether he is conservative enough for the GOP base.

He says yes — and points to a 90 percent conservative voting record while a member of Congress, including four years as speaker of the House. But opponent Rick Santorum hit back, saying he faced a “conservative revolution” from within his own ranks while he was speaker.

Ron Paul certainly garnered more attention in this debate as did Newt Gingrich. There were many attacks levied on Gingrich and Romney as well throughout the course of the evening. I don’t know what will stick and what voters might already be taking into consideration, however, I think largely the night left the Iowa caucuses still up in the air with no clear leader right now.


    • Alert: This is what the senate has been up to to while we watch the debates and do our research. Just goes to show the importance of our candidate’s principle’s, allegiances, alliance’s, past, personal/business relationships, character, and prior voting record.

      In what can only be considered a tragic irony, the U.S. Senate passed out of the final conference committee the controversial National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, coinciding with the 220th Anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act otherwise known as the NDAA, provides broad authority for the federal government to use the military in domestic operations in order to detain Americans indefinitely and without trial. Such a move not only whitewashes the natural rights of Americans, whereby even publicly criticizing the federal government can now rise to the purposefully vague definition of a “belligerent act”, it also sits in direct violation of “Posse Comitatus” an 1878 law forbidding use of the military at home and against Americans.

    • Did you get to see the Jay Leno show last night on NBC? Ron Paul was his guest and Jay asked many of the important questions, surrounding Ron. It was truly done in a fair and balanced style so that Ron was able to fill out his answers more than we have seen on the debates. O’Reilly could learn how to do it from Leno!

      It’s the best snapshot I have ever seen of Ron Paul and so refreshing to see a candidate who resembles a statesman rather than a politician. Jay interviewed Ron for about 30 minutes, minus commercials. For those that might be considering him but still undecided, the interview is on YouTube, it’s about 20 min’s long.

      Ron Paul & Joe Rogan on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno Ron Paul Video Playlist FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted

  1. Mitt Romney has the education and experience to lead this country out of this financial crisis we are in and the know how to keep us save from the terrorist. Mitt Romney has a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School; whereas, Newt Gingrich has a PhD in European History and a Master of Arts Degree. Clearly the education shows us that Mitt Romney has studied the right courses at the better school. Mitt Romney has the experience as Governor; whereas, Newt Ginrich has only been the speaker of the house which isn’t any experience in running a government office.

      • No, just ignorant of what makes a good leader. Leaders are born, not made; Newt is the only candidate with the right mix of intellect and tenacity to turn the country around.

    • Well, Barack Obama was a Columbia graduate, as well as a graduate of Harvard Law School. Look where he’s gotten us. Still think education means everything? Also, “only speaker of the house”? You seriously consider that less significant than a governor? Get your hierarchies straight. As Newt has stated, the only reason Romney was out of politics and “spent his life in the private sector” because he lost to Kennedy in ’94.

      I certainly prefer Newt, but I have no true qualms with Romney. I would prefer them both to Obama, obviously.

    • While Romney may have the correct education to run a company, that same education doesn’t necessarily transfer to running a country. Being CEO is like being king or dictator. The CEO makes a decision and everyone below him/her must implement it. If they don’t, they’re gone and someone else is promoted into that spot. Running the US government doesn’t work that way; not even a little. It takes an entirely different skill set to run a country. Newt is the only candidate who has the experience and those necessary skills. Has he shown poor judgment at times? No, but who of us has not. He’s still the best available choice.

      • A CEO is nothing like a king or dictator. I should qualify that – a SUCCESSFUL CEO is nothing like a king or dictator. Just like a SUCCESSFUL President would be nothing like a king or dictator. Successful managers and CEOs must be able to listen to and consider many opposing ideas to their policies. This usually leads to promotions if the ideas are good and rarely leads to firing if they are bad. In the government expressing an independent opinion, not towing the party line, or acting in opposition to the power wielders at the time (regardless of the merit of your ideas) is the easiest way to lose your job (happens to ambassadors, judges, etc. all the time).

        I think the skill sets are in fact quite similar and both require “street smarts” over classical education.

    • Oops! I meant “Yes” Newt has show poor judgment at times, but he’s still the best candidate available.

    • Im neither a supporter of Newt or Mitt but I must say your comment has no merit. The type of college degree these presidents received has little to do with their ability to be president. Hell, Rachel Ray never attended a college or culinary school and now she is top of the game for food tv, recipe book sales, etc. There are others like Steven Spielberg who was denied acceptance into film school and now is one of the greatest movie directors of all time. Education is extremely important in a president but education should not be measured by the degrees and certificates a candidate has received.

  2. The final two videos (Video 8 & 9) don’t work anymore.
    Can you please find new video links? I’d like to finish watching this debate

    • Working on it but Fox isn’t making it easy. They’re actively removing all YouTube videos and they have not made the full video available on their website.

  3. @Eli- Yes I do think that people do believe and should believe in education. We don’t want “Joe the Plumber” making policy decisions, and we certainly don’t need a narcissistic tyrant deciding what is right for America.
    As far as the constant negative streams regarding one man, it took millions of people from all parties to create the situation we are in now.
    Lets call a spade a spade.
    PS- Does anyone have any idea when the last two parts will be available again?

  4. All this candidates are a joke.
    But i will stick with Ron Paul, I don’t want more war and seems to me that every candidate
    wants to declare war to Iran.
    Not good!

    • Sorry but Ron Paul is the joke. A downright kook! Iran wants to be our friend? It’s in our best interest for Iran to go nuclear? Get serious.

      • Before seeing this debate I thought he was a joke and a kook too, but now I KNOW he is a dangerous kook!

        The only thing Ron Paul doesn’t have in common with the osterich is the length of his neck, but I think he has managed to get his head further in the sand none the less!

      • Ron Paul is certainly not a dangerous kook..He’s the only honest politician left and he stands his ground among everyone else. He points out how the whole Iran situation is similar to that off Iraq. I wish more people would see this. The whole “They hate us for our freedoms and who we are other then what we do and our policies” bid is really insane and drives me crazy. Rick Santorum stated it just as we’ve been hearing for the last few years. It’s just an endless game that we will continue to play over in the middle east. I feel like most people view this as some sort of crazy conspiracy or something, it’s not at all. If you mess with people, their going to mess with you back in some way shape or form. Why on earth would you go in and attack a country that may have a nuclear weapon when your already not welcome in that region or the world?

      • Toni, I’m not sure I follow you. Do you think that Ron Paul says it’s in our best interest for Iran to go nuclear? He seems to me to be saying specifically the opposite of that here.

  5. Newt may be an intelligent man but he is also very cunning. He is not what he portrays himself to be for the republican audiences. If you really look at his record (and I have) you will see him right in bed with many left wing big government institutions. Michelle Bauchmann isn’t necessarily my choice for president but they way she went after Newt in this debate should give you pause about what he really believes in. Everything I know of Bauchmann points to her being an extremely honest person with great sources. She is trying to expose him for what he is.
    I liked Newt for a while in the beginning because he’s a great debater but if he is our nominee it will be John McCain all over again. Granted, he is better than Obama but honestly who isn’t? PLEASE vote for the person who holds up our conservative values. This early in the primary is not the time to worry about SETTLING for the candidate who will hold up the best against Obama. The media tries to make us thing that’s what we need to do. What we need to do is back the person that will be the best for this country that we love.

  6. Backmann is most likely to cheat and steal because history has taught us that fact. She was a Congress Women and there is prove of insider trading; as you may know if you are a member of congress it is perfectly legal participate in insider-trading. There are numerous situations in which a congressman has been elected with a total wealth of about $200,000 and left congress with about 10 or 15 million dollars.

  7. I can’t believe this. Why does no one see the fact that all these guys are doing are making campaign promises.

    Why are we not asking why our government just passed a bill that allows them to detain US citizens with no due process indefinitely?

    Why aren’t we talking about the new internet censorship bill that effectively sets up a great firewall of china style system here?

    Why are we listening to a bunch of campaign rhetoric and debating whose is the better debater?

    Why does no one see that our foreign policy to date has consisted of blood shed and greed?

    All though you may like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich I can assure you they do not like you at all. You are just a number to them. Your freedoms do not factor into anything they have going on. They will take away your rights and freedoms and do it a way that makes it look they are protecting you. When a government makes it it’s duty to protect you from yourself you should be concerned.

    Ron Paul 2012

  8. Question: Who do you think is the most passionate about this country and truely loves this country for all it can and should be.

    • Everyone……………. but Gingrich, he values what he can pocket at America’s expense and the elite and globalist’s reward well.

  9. Either Mitt Romney or Newt Ginrich would do a significantly better job at getting this economy moving again. The democratic party is essentially the party of bankruptcy, measured in terms of both intellectual and economic bankruptcy. They do not seem to believe in free markets anymore and are just as guilty of pandering to special interests as former Republicans. The difference is, the Republican party has had its dirty laundry aired out before the nation; whereas the shady democratic puppetmasters remain at large behind the scenes, funding the destruction of the American economy. The fundamental issue of this election and for the foreseeable future is the problem of unsustainable government. Ladies and gentleman, a $15 trillion debt is 100% of American gross domestic product; and the democrats have actually done everything in their power not only to DECREASE the expansion of GDP, through excessive environmental regulation and additional mandates (such as the ACA “Obamacare”), but have ALSO continued to expand the size of government. This is quite obviously ridiculous. The Republicans should have control of the Senate, House and White House by 2013; otherwise we’re in trouble, people.

  10. Ron Paul is a Statesman, he exhibits great wisdom and promotes the public good. A respected leader, experienced in government and in the administration of government affairs. He is a visionary unlike any other who has shaped and influenced a new dialogue on the principles of freedom and the proper role of government.

    May we all be so fortunate to have him serve as our President and return America to it’s proper role and destiny in being the greatest free country in the history of mankind.

    Merry Christmas to all and may God grant us hope in 2012!

  11. Ron Paul is the only candidate in this debate (because Gary Johnson wasn’t there…) who portrayed a real sense of love for his people and country. In a time when America is run by political propaganda, and the supposed leaders of the “free world” insist on enslaving its citizens through fear and war rhetoric, Ron Paul stands as a profound voice of reason. The man champions civil rights, fiscal responsibility from the feds and end to bankrupting ourselves through warmongering. No other candidate on that stage (again, Johnson wasn’t there…) has the balls to stand up to the political bullies in Washington and tell us all the truth. America should be thankful someone finally has the integrity to tell the emperor how he is naked and wallowing in his own shame. Vote for the people. Vote for America. Vote Ron Paul.

  12. I think it’s such a shame that Huntsman gets no traction with anybody. Everybody says he’s mini-Romney, but I think that’s just over simplification by the media.

    Seriously, when it comes to foreign policy Perry or Bachmann really have a chance at properly dealing with China/Iran/Russia?

    If we want to talk about electability let’s think about how Team Obama will market against the candidates…

    Romney and Newt have been scoured and attacked so much that Team Obama really doesn’t have to do a whole lot of digging for mud, the GOP candidates have pretty much poured enough sewage over them to make them absolutely undesirable.

    I think Ron Paul is a good candidate because he’s been consistent and that is way more refreshing than it should be. Personally I’d love to see Ron Paul as president and his slant against the Federal Reserve should be super appealing to many who have simply lost faith in the system.

    But why not Huntsman??

    – He’s been nothing but consistant
    – He hasn’t been completely crucified by the other GOP candidates
    – No record of questionable ethics
    – Hasn’t been stamped as a serial flip flopper
    – Literally lives and understands foreign policy (which is HUGE for maintaining our status as leaders of the free world)

    I think the nation has hopefully realized that voting for a president as a popularity contest just isn’t how we should roll, that’s how we ended up with Obama. Huntsman has experience, answers, and the most suitable skill set for the job. Other candidates may have the whole brand recognition going for them, but that recognition carries a lot of baggage which is only more fuel for Team Obama to use against them.

    Huntsman is solid and to paint him as unethical, not capable, corrupt, inexperienced I think is a tall order. He’s literally everything Obama is not and the true sound choice for the GOP.

    It’s just such a shame that for all the rock solid qualities he embodies that these qualities don’t seem to go very far with the GOP… why?

  13. Who among the candidates has the greatest love for America? Bachmann/Santorum

    Without love for America and her people, no polititician should even be allowed on the ballot. After al they’re suppose to be FOR us.

  14. Without a doubt Newt Gingrich because that’s what He does even to His own wives so this man though He may be very intelligent is not trustworthy. On the other hand you have someone who is the most consistent and another extremely intelligent and experienced individual and that is Ron Paul. I believe without a doubt after the media dust has settled and everything else Ron Paul will be the President.

  15. Watching all the debates makes me realise that only ron paul or john huntsman have somewhat of a worldview and a sense of reality. Attacking or declaring war on the middle east on the grounds that america is a world leader and needs to police the muslims is an outdated view that has lost merit with the rest of the world. All the other candidates have this warped sense of reality ,bauchmann leading the pack. Rick perry, well he belongs to planet stupid. Mitt romney talks about america needing to lead in the next century. Well he is right but the reality is america cannot lead if it slips into decline in economy, education and infrastructure. Having troops deployed all over the world to police the other nations is not the hallmark of leadership. Bachmann talks about iran threat the way bush spoke about the iraq threat. Both are wrong. Ron paul is right , declaring war is not the answer it drains resources and weakens defenses.

  16. Affective leadership, is demonstrated by results, the Speaker has demonstrated through his record as speaker by bringing a clear vision to the people under his leadrship as speaker, with the”Contract with American” during the 90’s and as far as education goes the man is a history professor .A TEACHER attempting to bring a not so new vision to the front that the interest of America is American’s first. Now have I made my decision no. i also like Huntsman ,another clear vision and a good communicator.

  17. Ranking the candidates:

    I might vote for:
    Ron Paul

    Lesser evil (never vote for):

    Terrible but might change as President (never ever vote for):


  18. I believe Gingrich has the best chance to beat obama because he is a brilliant man and debator and has the best command of the facts about past administrations and the Obama administration. Mitt would be the best president because he, knows how to get things done, is committed to his principals and beiefs, has executive experience as a govenor and, has a more dependable family backing.. Michelle Bachman has the best position and the strongest commitment on all the major issues but she isn’t the debator of gingrich and has less knowhow to get things done than mitt. I like her views on the issues better than any other. She might be a better president than gingrich. As of now, I plan to vote for Gingrich.

    • Troy

      I don’t trust Newt Gingrich

      Gingrich, a Republican, is an ambitious member of the CFR. Why? Today, the CFR advocates for more surrender of our national sovereignty, and the implementation of world government. The progressive members of the CFR are globalists and internationalists. Newt Gingrich has been a member of the CFR since 1990, Gingrich is not a national sovereignty advocate!

      Newt Gingrich helped pass NAFTA, supported GATT, the WTO and he himself wrote that the world should be border-less with one government! Don’t forget that Newt supported Dede Scozzafava (an ultra leftist running as a Republican) over the Tea Party candidate in New York in 2010. Gingrich’s affiliations identify him as an agent working for the internationalist elite not the American people. A vote for Gingrich is exactly what the global establishment desire in order to cement the power they have in place now. So the question is how badly do you want Obama out, so much that you would be fooled to vote for more of the same again?

      A true Conservative Republican will not collaborate with globalist’s in shifting the American people’s national economic interest to be subject to any global authority. It’s antithetical to the core conservative Republican mission and it is unconstitutional. The power to regulate foreign commerce, a power reserved in the Constitution to Congress alone.

      The Encyclopedia Britannica chronicles the adoption of the name “Republican” as appealing to those “who placed the national interest above sectional interests, “During his stint in the House, Gingrich supported GATT and the WTO, two big cornerstones of the one-world government agenda. Gingrich’s Benedict Arnold act helped to hand over the power to regulate foreign commerce, a power reserved in the Constitution to Congress alone, to an internationally controlled body, making America’s economic interests entirely at the mercy of the WTO. Gingrich wants to continue engaging in world conflicts. Why, would an intelligent self-titled conservative Republican advocate this course when America is sinking to it’s knees in financial ruin. Who stands to profit when America collapses?

      Gingrich is smart, but only cunning enough to fool the people who don’t stay true to their own principles and question and verify his past alliances, associations and voting records. Gingrich is a very experienced politician and he is perhaps one of the craftiest ones to come around in a while. But more important is that he knows human nature. He knows exactly what to say to appeal to agenda-biased Republicans who hold their personal interest’s so dear that they will in the end compromise their values and the principles of Constitution and ultimately America itself to win the election. He is self-assured to the point of being openly cocky, he’s confident that he can pull it off, he smirks at us knowing that not enough voters will bother to look into and honestly assess and judge the fruit of his works.

      For the those of us loyal to the Constitution, above, before and even at the expense our own personal agenda’s, armed with information researched and verified, we can and are looking into his past deeds, records, affiliations and associations and we discern and identify the true beneficiary of his work. For us, no longer will party affiliation, slick rhetoric or who is the better debater be used to steer us to vote in a way that will further compromise the Constitution and our very existence as The United States of America.
      I don’t like Newt Gingrich, I don’t like his works, I don’t like the way he has lived his life and I don’t like the direction that he has helped steer my country to. I don’t like what he proposes for America and I resent the way he dangles enticements to buy my vote! Most of all I don’t like where he want’s to take my country!

      Newt has not served America’s interest in past or present doings nor does he value or intend to uphold America’s Sovereignty as President. He is not the American peoples friend, advocate or representative…………everything he has done in his career helped shift the balance of power away from America to these others he serves— the status quo elite, international central banking interests, global corporations and the military industrial complex. I think Gingrich has spent his career in deception, knowingly, purposely steering America to a global union government bent on America’s demise as a self-governing sovereign country. I think Newt is despicable a con-man, America’s enemy, I think he is an agent for global authority and stands ready to seal the contract with the globalists when he becomes President.

      Ron Paul is the Constitutions most stalwart defender, his solutions are always founded, tested and grounded by it’s tenant’s. Ron Paul is America’s protector and candidate for the American people! It is far wiser to throw your support to the man whose principles support and uphold our Sovereign country and the freedom for all American’s to pursue life, liberty and happiness as granted and protected by the Constitution. To win the election Republicans must cast off their personal cause’s to stand for true Constitutional principles that are unimpeachable. The real debate is about adherence to the Constitution. This is the only cause that can be defended when the debate with Obama begins and there is no candidate better equipped than Ron Paul to do it!

      I trust Ron Paul!

    • B Anderson, Obama has had several of his bills passed. Does that make him a better president to you? When the bills a congressperson introduces are frivolous, tyrannical, or unconstitutional I don’t suddenly think better of that congressperson when the bill is passed. So, I question the relevancy of your question.

      I’d be much happier with a lower passage rate of bills as long as those bills are founded in the constitution and have a positive result. Wasted tax payer money, invasion of our rights as US citizens, and increased centralization of Federal power have been the consequence of most bills passed in recent history and Americans are probably worse off or, at best, marginally better off because of them. I would not want my vote going to a candidate that had any part in the passage of those bills.

  19. Amazing to me how Romney is asked a question at 9:30…then gives a speech but does not even attempt to answer the question.

  20. The problems here is that Republican candidates don’t know how to answer a question. If are asked a question, you don’t give a speech about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the question. Ron Paul is the only candidate who knows how to answer a question.

  21. I’m watching the ABC witch hunt. Pathetic journalism. Are they going to hound Obama about his past in his debate? Hell no they won’t. Voters don’t elect our leaders anymore the media does. It’s not about America citizens or the economy anymore it’s about who the media wants in office. And the contraception question? Stephanopoulos made himself look like a buffoon. What a waste of time and what an insult to the American people’s intelligence.

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