It appears that the GOP debate on December 27th moderated by Donald Trump will not come to pass. As a result of little candidate interest, it appears that Trump himself decided to cancel his role as the moderator which leaves the event in limbo of even taking place.

Report from Newsmax:

Donald Trump today announced that he is withdrawing as moderator of the proposed Newsmax ION Television 2012 Republican Presidential Debate scheduled for Dec. 27 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Newsmax Editorial Director Steve Coz said: “We are very disappointed as we believe Mr. Trump would have made a tough and fair moderator. However, we respect his view that the role may have presented a conflict of interest in light of the fact that he now wishes to keep his options open to run for the presidency himself.

“We join Mr. Trump in thanking candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum for their commitment to the debate.”

In his statement Trump said that candidates were concerned that he might announce his run as an Independent candidate after the next season of his NBC reality show, “The Apprentice,” ends on May 20, and that was why several candidates had declined an invitation to appear.

This isn’t shocking in the least since I was very skeptical that this event would come together with any candidate interest.


  1. I think it would be cool if Alex Trebrc held a debate Jeopardy style. It would get far more viewers than anything Trump would do.

  2. I am disappointed. I was looking forward to that debate. Yes, the Donald is into sensationalism, but he loves our Country. He also has so much money he can’t be bought by anyone. This is what intrigued me. He would ask the questions the main stream dupes wouldn’t and he wouldn’t let anyone slide. I believe he would have expected a “real” answer instead of the one liners to get applause. I also believe that is why the candidates refused to come and participate. I give Rick Santorum a lot of credit, he was not afraid, he has gone a long way to winning my vote for GOP. Newt on the other hand is salivating over the backing and is pompous enough to believe he can talk his way out of anything. I truly believe we as a Country suffered a great loss by not having this debate go on. As far as the threat that he would run for Pres. ….How many times did he say that? I just think that was a convenient excuse for the others to tuck tail and run from “real” questions.

  3. I agree with Mary E. with the exception of Newt being pompous. I think she’s misinterpreting “confidence” for pompous. Newt does have a lot of confidence and that’s exactly what we need in a leader. We need his experience
    and can trust him in his decision making based on his political track record. I’ve been hoping for 30 years that he’d run for President and he’s certainly got my vote as well as all my friends and relatives.

  4. This is such clear “black censorship” of Michele Bachmann! She is not even listed as having accepted. Yet she was one of the REASONS for the debate, as the hosts were particularly focused on the prolife issue (which she brought up in the very first debate of the season, MAKING it an issue). And Ron Paul, supposed prolifer, refused to participate. But – tell me – how is it prolife to “allow” whole states to just decide to go ahead and murder unborn children, in view of a CONSTITUTIONAL protection of the right to life? And of course the other candidates do not want to spend an hour trying to defend murder, especially with Michele Bachmann so obviously making fools out of them.

    Little wonder they allow it to fizzle. This will not stop the truth.

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