Earlier this evening, businessmen Herman Cain and former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich met at the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC fundraiser for a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. The candidates were given ample time to elaborate on many issues surrounding the economy and entitlement reform. The debate was held at The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center in The Woodlands, Texas.

Here is the entire 80 minute video, it is worth the watch if you enjoy either of these candidates or just would like to see a debate with more substance than 30-second clips.

Report from The New York Times:

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The rancor that defined much of the last week on the Republican presidential campaign trail subsided a bit here on Saturday night, as Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain basked in each other’s company and the warm embrace of the Texas Tea Party for what was styled as an old-fashioned issues-focused debate.

The challenges facing the Cain campaign over the last week, as it struggled to deal with revelations of sexual harassment accusations made against Mr. Cain while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s, were not addressed at all.

The event, formally titled the Cain-Gingrich Debate 2011, was actually a fund-raiser held in a cavernous hotel ballroom north of Houston that was packed with 1,000 people. It felt more like a conservative love-in, with each candidate going out of his way to compliment the other and shower praise on the audience.

I much enjoyed watching this event. It didn’t have the awkwardness or the bitterness witnessed in previous “debates” on the major networks. Both candidates were cordial and complimentary to each other, something not often witnessed in politics today.


  1. The format was potentially a wonderful idea but what happened to the debate?

    Doesn’t a debate consist of a disciplined argument in which two or more opposing arguments are put forward?

    All I saw was nodding, smiling and backslapping, nothing more than a Love-In. These two so-called conservative Republican candidates, both committed Corporatists, Gingrich an Internationalist, sold their oh so more rational way, to steal our money and redistribute it, the difference, making us work harder and earn the right to the so called entitlements!

    So just how were they different from the Democrat Party and Obama? Well these two disgraces have just convinced people to vote for Obama, who makes it so much easier to enjoy the benefit of our stolen money.

    This was nothing more than an infomercial, for a real debate of substance invite
    RON PAUL and you will have an authentic Lincoln/Douglas debate!

    The Real Newt Gingrich http://youtu.be/jWPz1Qdq1uI

  2. I absolutely learned more about these two men’s ideas and I feel very hopeful about our country’s future if either one of these men get elected to the office of President of the United States. I can’t go back to the others in the republican race after I see how well these two work together. I will vote for either of them. Preference Cain president and Gingrich VP.

    • i agree …everyone looking for a debate winner… classic presentation.. at the end viewer decides…beats 30 second remarks…i enjoy this format.

  3. Wow another Ron Paul supporter who doesn’t like anyone else, what a surprise. The main thing these two did is set themselves apart from all the other candidates and their petty bickering. Both presented plausible and real ideas for fixing some of the problems this country is currently facing. These two are my top two for the republican nomination. There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll all be better off with one of these two taking on Obama. Otherwise we’re probably going to be stuck with Romney and end up with four more years of Obama. The US will end up declaring bankruptcy and within ten years or so I’m sure we’ll all be under the chinese flag. Ron Paul wouldn’t know what to say with that much time because he doesn’t have any real ideas. All he ever does is spout the same crap that will never happen not because it’s not likely to pass congress but because it’s wholly and completely moronic. And anyone even moderately informed without blinders on knows that “Ron Paul” is not what we need to fix this mess.

    • “Ron Paul wouldn’t know what to say with that much time because he doesn’t have any real ideas.”

      Doesn’t have any real ideas? How about following the Constitution. I know that is an incredibly novel concept for you, but that’s the only thing that is going to save us from financial disaster and an implosion of our country’s sovereignty. Go read a history book and you will see that all empires have failed. Our time is coming if we do not reign in our empire and live within our means. Unfortunately, you will be eating your words about Dr. Paul if he doesn’t become president or his REAL IDEAS do not manifest themselves. The Constitution does make America exceptional; we just have to actually follow it for once.

        • Maybe it would help if the media would give him more that soundbites on debates. However, why don’t you actually make an effort to see him interviewed by reporters and you’ll see that he is solid.

    • Wow, Ron Paul doesn’t have any ideas? He is the ONLY person with legitimate ideas.

      Everyone else just regurgitates each others stances and makes the usual promises. Have you ever looked into Dr. Paul’s views and plans in depth? I’m sure you would find much to like, especially since it seems like you are not a fan of President Obama.

    • Mark,

      This part of your comment really struck me~ “that will never happen not because it’s not likely to pass congress but because it’s wholly and completely moronic.”

      Quite simply….don’t you see …nothing is likely to pass congress thanks to its composition and obsession with partisanship~!
      Who can you thank for that? The world sees this as American’s weakness….and they are right.

      • Who can we thank for that? Gingrich! He personally championed a “win at all costs, party-over-solutions” approach that has death-spiralled into the current situation where “compromise” is a dirty-word. Know your history, fans!

  4. Gingrich is clear, knowledgeable and has leadership skills that we dearly lead in our leaders. He outshines most of the other candidates and should have an opportunity to go head to head with Obama in a debate. Who do you think would win? After watching this, there is no doubt in my mind that Gingrich would win. We need better leadership in this country and we have it in Gingrich, who I was not familiar with before.

  5. What a sharp contrast with Obama. Here two grown-up conduct a dignified discussion of the issues. Obama, on the other hand, is an inexperienced kid who does nothing but blame others for his failures.

  6. I felt both presented very good ideas and were very close to each other. I think either one would make a great president and should ask the other to be his running mate.

  7. “So just how were they different from the Democrat Party and Obama?”

    Is Obama or the Dems suggesting giving people a choice with regard as to how to invest their SS savings?

    Is O or the Dems advocating the pulling of SS out of the general federal fund?

    Do they suggest allowing people to opt out of Medicare in favor of their own private healthcare coverage plans?

    “Different.” Indeed.

  8. I enjoyed this so much. Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to listen to it on line as I worked during it’s airing. I am liking Newt more and more. It is so refreshing to here an educated, wise voice from someone who loves America and it’s constitution, who has the experience needed in the polical relm, who also speaks truely and justly for the people with a desire SERVE them and our beloved country from his heart; who has wisdom, understanding and comprehends where this almost former great nation is headed if we don’t turn it around now. Truthfully, I also find him very likable and kind of charming; more mature than when he was Speaker. I would like to see him as our next president (sorry again Romney)and possibly with Herman Cain as VP. Together they make a good pair for what this country needs as it’s head thinkers, shakers and movers and seem to have genuine chemistry together.

  9. Since both Cain & Gingrich agreed on debating each other – Ron Paul should also debate one-on-one each of them. Each having questions for the other to answer.

    There should be One-On-One debates for ALL candidates. STOP the bias.
    Bias is what MSM is all about – there is no MSM. Media should be about The People and not what Main Street Media WANTS to only say.

    • I like that. None of these crappy questions that try to make people fight each other. Even though neither of these guys is my first choice, I love the chill “dinner table” discussion that actually lets people see their (well thought-out) views.

  10. RE: The New York Times article…..So? So what if this was a giant fund-raising event? The liberal media only provides real coverage for these two candidates if there is a controversy that strengthens the “do nothing” candidate’s (yes, I mean Mitt Romney) campaign. Ron Paul (who is also ignored by the liberal media) would end entitlements all together for 3rd generation kids who don’t know any other way to get money for food and housing. Paul would also work to eliminate income taxes for everyone. Great idea but when did the federal government become a for-profit business that can pay for the national defense without its citizen’s money? A national sales tax is another good idea – but, only so long as a conservative congress is in power. How long do you think it would take a liberal congress to increase it beyond our means to pay?

    Newt Gingrich is a statesman with the intellect and common sense to move this country forward in a meaningful way for every citizen. Rather than dump folks off of the entitlements rolls, he would empower them to earn a living. Have you looked at his plan for education? He cuts the costs by eliminating text books in favor of a device (like a Kindle) that is purchased once for each child. He favors cutting costs out of government bureaucratic paperwork by making them electronic – how can you disagree with that? He favors choice to change big government – don’t like your current tax system? Opt out and use the simpler flat tax. Don’t like the current Social Security system? Opt out and take responsibility for your own retirement. How can you disagree with that?

    No matter who you support in 2012 – do your homework. Get informed about what the candidates really propose. Mitt proposes nothing unique. His plan leaves our current tax code in place while congress works to reform it – no relief for anyone wanting change. Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum need to drop out now and get behind a candidate with a real chance to be nominated. It’s time to shrink the field down to the best few. And, if you intend to vote for one candidate because you saw or heard a one-liner delivered over the internet or the news that made sense to you – shame on you.

  11. Gingrich for Yacht-around-the-world 2012!
    Cain for “Tea Party” Elder 2012!
    Ron Paul for President 2012!!!

    When we look at these two non-Republicans “debate”, it becomes increasingly clear that Obama is more conservative than any of the Republican candidates.

    Don’t tell Perry about the $50billion+ raise in Texas’ debt!

  12. Semms to me people can invest there money however they wish. SS is a national retirement plan. Anyone can have any other retirement plan they wish. It is great for the Middle Class, employers pay part of the contribution. It is part of the employess income. They are just suggesting giving Wall Street more income, like 401K’s.

  13. Why is Ron Paul still being left out? He is a very substantial candidate, and is continually being overlooked by the media. Why?

    • Because the same folks who own our Federal Reserve own our media. If you had one of the largest bankrolls in the world and wanted to protect it, you could keep whistle-blowers like Ron Paul out of the spotlight without much difficulty.

      Americans have become so absorbed by the media that they are brainwashed. The only Senator I know of who actually lives by his oath to uphold the constitution is considered “radical” by the brainwashed masses!

      Why? We were taught all about the original constitution in school, remember? Now it seems that most people have totally forgotten it, and have no respect for it whatsoever. Why? Because the media has made them so accustomed to cheering for a president who wages war with a swipe of his pen, so accustomed to cheering politicians who say every citizen should pay his fair share of taxes to our government, etc., etc., etc. Our government is NOT constitutional.

      The people who own our Federal Reserve are PRINTING MONEY and making the loans to our government are making loans to our enemies, and they are collecting interest from both sides. It’s not real money! They just print it and threaten us with imprisonment if we refuse to use it for trade! They have been causing wars for decades, all over the world. The big banks win every war, no matter how it turns out. If they didn’t own the media, we would actually have “free press” educating the masses about these things. They can’t very well have that, now can they?

      Why does Ron Paul have such a strong following among young people? Because they still believe what they were taught in school about the constitution. They are just now realizing that our founding government their teachers taught them about and the government we live under are very different creatures. They aren’t brainwashed yet and they still remember how our constitution was written to protect us from governments like the one we now have. They probably see that Ron Paul is the only mainstream candidate who is trying to continue what our founding fathers started. The other candidates quite frankly, my dear, don’t give a damn.

  14. Charles, you are an idiot. Have you ever heard what a Credit Union is? As it stands right now, that money is already being funneled into WS. When we get a choice to where OUR OWN MONEY GOES, you can drop it into a local credit union. You can drop it into a local mutual funds account that puts money into local start-up mom-and-pop shops. You choose. If you want it to still go to the Fed, it’s your choice. Me, I’ll be popping it into the local teachers credit union and doing something for my schools. With that kind of choice, it become my conscience once again.

  15. So, let me see, the better debater is going to be the best leader…hmm…I see. You are all a bunch of “Pinheaded Twit’s!”

    You can have the greatest idea’s and a true way to aleve our fiscal issue’s but if you can’t get it through our current conveluded Congress and Senate..”lotsa luck!!”

  16. So what? This deception, promoted as a debate by Texas Patriots PAC, was actually a fund-raiser and a contrived promotion to benefit their candidate Newt Gingrich, and you think it’s defensible?
    That’s what!

    Deceptive practices such as this are precisely the reason American’s are fed-up with political groups, politicians, the two-party system, corporations, contrived wars and mainstream media. America has been sold out, we recognize the traitors, and the abhorrent condition of our country is the result of it. Enough! There should be outrage! This behavior is not defensible. Texas Patriots PAC should be loudly criticized for the manipulative, underhanded way in which they promoted their candidate and Cain and Gingrich need to be called out for participating in it, not commended. These two actors are not the leaders who will correct or stop the failed former policies, they are the front men for the team.

    Additionally, in order to change the disastrous course that America is on requires considerably more than tinkering with or technically modernizing the way people access the so-called entitlements they pay for. These are nothing more than pretty enticements to distract, whet the appetite, make you feel secure and get you on board with the same old team. Only those that are fooled or want to continue the same policies which have brought America to the edge of collapse could defend this travesty and redirecting attention to praising the “refreshing civility” of these two allied performers, serves Newt’s purpose quite well, to distract, redirect the dialogue and divert you into taking your eye off the bottom line.

    Newt Gingrich, judging by his voting record and associations is a Democrat posing as a conservative Republican, but ultimately he is an internationalist and is on the team of those protecting huge corporations and the status quo folks. Last night Gingrich, an intelligent and excellent straight-man posed and performed the role of congenial, grand old statesman, supported and deferred to by Cain, the equally intelligent, though inexperienced everyman, took part in the production in the guise of set-up man. I challenge you to review dishonorable Newt Gingrich’s past service record and alliances before you mistakenly label this actor a statesman or worse cast your vote for him.
    Below is one example, when you do your research you will find more:

    House Reprimands, Penalizes Speaker

    By John E. Yang
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, January 22 1997; Page A01

    The House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to reprimand House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and order him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty, the first time in the House’s 208-year history it has disciplined a speaker for ethical wrongdoing.

    The ethics case and its resolution leave Gingrich with little leeway for future personal controversies, House Republicans said. Exactly one month before yesterday’s vote, Gingrich admitted that he brought discredit to the House and broke its rules by failing to ensure that financing for two projects would not violate federal tax law and by giving the House ethics committee false information…….continued.

    Thank you Texas Patriots PAC.
    Last night’s “entertainment”, inadvertently provided ample evidence of the validity and importance of Ron Paul’s message. Serving Ron Paul’s candidacy and his supporters extremely well by underscoring the importance of his message and illuminating the vast difference between Ron Paul and the other candidates. Ron Paul’s popularity continues to surge and his supporters steadfastly remain passionate, determined and active in their support of Ron Paul, the only candidate worthy of the title, Honorable Statesman.

    In these dark times Ron Paul is clearly set apart, the only Presidential candidate having the correct, unobstructed vision to recognize and demand the firm foundation that made America outstanding. The only Presidential candidate qualified to be called Statesman. The only Presidential candidate having the experience, possessing the uncorrupted qualities and unfailing Allegiance to our Sovereign Nation, Ron Paul will lead our country back from the brink of extinction! The United States of America, and the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.

    I challenge Texas Patriots PAC, let us now have a truly substantive Lincoln/Douglas debate with the uncorrupted, hard-hitting Statesman Ron Paul opposing Gingrich!

  17. wonderful! every American should watch this “debate” (it was a very informative discussion between two extra-ordinary gentlemen). an amazing array of ideas and fresh insights were discussed. this is what politics should look like.

  18. Where is Ron Paul!!! They talk about the health system without him. Hes a Doctor dam-it. How about you ask a doctor how to fix the health care system not these two losers.

  19. I really enjoyed watching this the whole way thru. It was really informative and I liked that it was not the 30 sec answers, or gotcha themes that most all the other debates had. You could actually sit back and take it all in. I thought this was wonderful. Thanks for having it open to the public to watch.

  20. Let’s wake up. Ron Paul has some good ideas but overall kooky, unelectable. Bachman, finished. Santorum, finished. Huntsman never had a chance. Newt the most qualified, but unfortunately not a leader. Perry debates destroyed him, can’t be primary winner because he would be lunch for Obama in general. Cain. How many women? Look, good business man not President. Sorry cain we can’t roll the dice again. Did that with Obama. Romney although conservatives want to oppose him, he can and will be the only candidate to slaughter Obama. That’s what we all want right. We must think smart here and leave our far right ideals out this for a moment. The socialist Obama musn’t win.

  21. This is EXACTLY what I want to see. Substance. How would YOU fix what is broken. Ideas. This is exactly what the country needs. I wish ALL of the candidates were involved in forums like this. Any idiot can identify how the country is failing. What makes them Presidential material is how they would solve those problems.


    end the war…end the Fed…end the patriot act now!!! RON PAUL 2012

  23. This nation’s problems are obvious and blatant. Both candidates understand what is broke and have good ideas how to fix them. Both candidates will rely on experts to govern. Here’s the problem. The question isn’t who is smarter or who has the best ideas. The question is who has the ability to harness the power of the American people to lead past the politics and special interests. There will be strong oppositions again any reasonable approach to solving our problems and it will come from the politicians interested in keeping their power. Herman Cain has a saying. “When they (congress) feel the heat, they will see the light”. That’s key. Our next president needs the ability to apply the heat to clip the wings of Congress and the special interest groups. That’s the whole concept behind 9-9-9 and the FairTax. Newt also has a good, proven track record and may make up for less bold plans with political experience. I could support either of these gentleman but don’t see how I could support any of the other candidates.

  24. It’s obvious that Newt is the smartest of the candidates. He also has a great sense of humor. Cain is an accomplished businessman but the President can’t simply issue orders like a CEO can. I have to laugh about all of the comments trying to “plug” Ron Paul. Paul’s ideas are clearly out of the mainstream proving again that he is a fringe candidate. Dismantling entire portions of government while remaining in a foreign relations “shell” and hoping for the best is not what America stands for. His ideas might have been popular in 1911, but certainly don’t work in 2011.

  25. Simply put, health care costs continuously go up because the Democrats push taxes on the rich (doctors) so heavily… Doctors raise their prices in an attempt to make back the money that Uncle Sam keeps digging into!!!

    • Give me a BREAK! Healthcare Prices go up continuously because there’s an OCEAN of money available through Healthcare Insurance that rarely says NO! Hospitals continue to build, buy redundant equipment, and compete for this unbridled flow of CA$H. Doctors get paid for pretty much any darn thing they can loosely justify – so OF COURSE costs will continue to rise! What’s preventing it? Not Doctors, Not Hospitals, Not Insurance Companies, Not Equipment Manufacturers, Not the Market – they’re all making a KILLING! Talk about a Conflict of Interest!!! Who do you trust to dismantle such an Oligarchy?

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