Texas Representative Ron Paul appeared on Fox News Sunday this weekend to discuss the 2012 race and his prospects heading into January. Among the many topics discussed was whether Paul would consider launching an independent bid in the event he doesn’t win the 2012 GOP nomination.

Here is Paul’s entire interview from Sunday, November 6, 2011:

Report from CNN:

Washington (CNN) — Texas Rep. Ron Paul issued a trademark blunt response Sunday when asked if he might launch a third-party presidential bid in the event he fails to win the Republican presidential nomination.

“I have no intention (of) doing that. That doesn’t make sense to me to even think about it, let alone plan to do that,” Paul said on “Fox News Sunday.”

When prodded further, Paul added it won’t happen “because I don’t want to do it.”

Some Republicans worry an independent bid by Paul would split the conservative vote to ensure the re-election next year of Democratic President Barack Obama.

Paul, who is making his second run for the GOP nomination, has held a steady middle position in the polls so far, below the top-tier candidates but generally getting double-digit support to top the rest of the pack.

He advocates sharply reducing the size and role of government, including the end of a U.S. military presence in many places around the world.

Paul has a strong following this time around, however, he hasn’t been able to break into the top spot among a majority of GOP primary voters and I suspect that challenge to remain heading to January.


  1. Ron Paul is the GOP front runner now, and he will be elected as President Of the USA in 2012 BECAUSE THIS IS THE USA and the PEOPLE LOVE the Constitution and their FREEDOM! This isn’t 2008 anymore this, you CANNOT Fool/Censor the people into “ChANGE” again. WE ARE more Intelligent than that this time around. Fool US once, shame on you. Fool US twice, WILL NOT HAPPEN!

  2. David, I pray to God you are right. I am still troubled that the DNC was able to get over 50% of the voting public to vote for a domestic enemy. How could so many Americans not know; how ignorant have these people become? Colin Powell, of all people who should have known better made a decision I hope he today regrets.

    • Lynner, Why would you call President Obama a Domestic Enemy? Which other President who you call a Domestic enemy? It’s strange to hear foolishness like that when Yes the Country is in serious trouble. And Ron Paul has some great ideas but you will never get the Majority Black vote or even a big block with talk like that. We know what we have gotten from him being President but it’s no difference from any other President. But when Ron’s people begin to talk like that it sends us a sign that his people is more of the same, and if we will get more of the same then send him back at least let him make history! Ron Paul has no room to seem unrealistic and his followers will either hurt him or help him. So I caution all to speak better even if you believe that Obama is an enemy of America don’t say it in the public because then we look at who your voting for because the thinking is he and you share the same kind of thinking! This is a Hearts and Minds war that he must win in order to challenge Obama. I don’t know anything about Ron’s domestic policy but I know of his foreign policy, and it’s great! And that will lead me to research his domestic policy, I think if Ron gets the right to challenge President Obama he may win, he has a better chance than any of the others but the question is will his people help him or hurt him? I suggest you learn about the play action pass in football!

  3. Thank You Ron Paul!

    The national dialogue is now focused on the concerns Dr. Paul has been communicating for more than two decades and more Americans share these concerns than ever before.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Well done Ron Paul interview by Chris Wallace on Fox News

      Ron Paul was able to expand his views very well in this interview. When asked by Chris Wallace to comment on Cain’s recent allegation’s Ron directed his answer to the issue’s they differ on, he commented that discussing the other allegations only dilute the national debate. Ron Paul explains the difference between isolationism and an aggressive foreign policy, fighting undeclared wars which weaken our national defense. On Iran, Ron Paul warns against over-reacting saying to use violence against Iran would undermine our security. He suggests we talk to them like we did successfully with Russia and China during the cold war years.

      Ron Paul is forthright, logical, answers the important questions and stays on the topics, doesn’t engage in mudslinging, suggests better use of our money, remains a gentleman and has presidential presence. I’m impressed.

  4. Come on guys do the research find out who the bank cartel our and who and what government officials are connected.
    Voting for Romney, Newt, Cain, and Perry. These guys are groomed to be a presidential puppet for the bank cartel.
    I voted for Mc Cain in 2008 then a while later I found out that Obama and McCain were backed by the same money. Didn’t matter who won they were puppets for big banks.
    Ron Paul is about power to the people. Returning the power back to the states taking it out of the federal government. Over time shutting down the IRS and limiting the federal reserve powers and make them have open transparency. You know trillions of dollars have disappeared from federal reserve.
    Under current bank cartel control we are going bankrupt if not already there. We need a military but we wont have money for any upgrades to our military if we are paying maintaining bases around the world.
    Don’t lean towards fear Iran if it gets out of control Israel will take care of it.
    We over reacted to 9-11 we ended up killing 100,000+ people. Also watch that freedom nation in Iraq crumble. If One dictator gets elected to office it is over with . Watch the next 10 years.
    You know children got slaughter in between fire fights of insurgents and American Troops.
    I was for the war because I trusted our leaders and now I feel for the misuse and abuse of our American soldiers. They are so awesome at what they do but they were lied too.
    Buy a soldier a beer, buy him groceries and shake his hand and say thank you. Because he went over to defend our nation. Even though the government abused them.

  5. Yes we are more intelligent now and we don’t have to trust or follow main stream media. Ron Paul is a legit candidate and when he goes one on one with Obama speaking the truth he will demolish Obama and his fancy hollow speeches. He is the only guy I can possibly take serious
    Romney lol pure flip flop politician, Cain he is done, Perry slowly going away. Maybe Newt but is to connected to old politics makes me wonder his connection to the bank cartel.

  6. Do you know Cong. Paul’s stand on the rights of the unborn child? To me, this is a critical issue.
    Thank you.

  7. Ron Paul wants Roe v Wade repealed – and I believe him when he says that because he has been consistent. He has proven his consistency by his votes in Congress. He never voted for an unbalanced budget – not once.

    What did George Bush, or George W do for the pro-life constituency? What about Ronald Reagan? Pro-lifers have been used for years and got NOTHING in return.

    Ron Paul will stop using taxpayer money for abortions, defund planned parenthood, and appoint Supreme Court justices that oppose Roe v Wade.

    Other candidates say they will do these things – but can you believe those well-oiled weathervanes?

  8. This is the 2nd time viewing this video; saw it Sunday. It was an excellent interview. Ron Paul was so articulate in explaining his positions. I’m happy he pointed out Caine’s real problems: worked for the Fed, and favored the bailout, and he’s govt expansionist.
    When people add up pros and cons for each candidate, Dr Paul has no cons. The man makes more sense than any candidate I ever heard in my life. Listen to Mitt Romney say absolutely nothing for five minutes except he “worked in the private sector so I know what I’m talking about.”

    But it still amazes me that people have to learn or relearn something that most of us knew 40 years ago. Why must it be explained even that when economy is very weak the thing to do is unburden all taxpayers by 1) lowering taxes for employees and employers alike; 2) stop spending money except for dire emergency; 3) cut unnecessary laws and regulations that inhibit small businesses from expanding; 4) create big tax break incentives for new industry like alternative fuel; 5) cut departments that are not helping the country, like Dept of Education, Energy, Agriculture, FDA, Homeland Security, etc. This stuff should be a no-brainer. What have we become? Let’s wake up and vote for America’s only hope for a return to #1 Position: Vote Ron Paul 2012.

  9. Only guy in this entire circus who actually knows what the hell is going on in, not only this country, but the world. To not elect this man is a huge, huge misstep for our nation and one we will look back on in 10, 20 years and say “Man, why didn’t we listen?”. Wait and see… because when the book is written, Ron Paul will be talked about the most.

  10. Nice to see all these Ron Paul supporters, but there is work to do.

    The one part of Paul’s philosophy that can not be argued, is money. If the monetary situation is not fixed, there will be no other issues to support. Hyper-inflation will nullify all other issues. Without a balanced budget, this country will look like Greece, riots in the street because worthless paper money by the barrel will not buy food.

    If every Ron Paul supporter simply explains this to ONLY ONE OTHER GOP follower, and then to ONLY ONE OTHER Democrat, Ron’s support base will double within a week.

    We all may fight and yell about politics, but we do so because we all believe in this country passionately. Let’s just be sure everyone is informed.

    Thank you.

  11. Take all online polls or anything not showed by mainstream media, you will see that Ron Paul is the front runner, the media has to stop blacking him out. He’s the only guy who doesn’t change his perspective on anything he is the only real candiate in this election. Ron Paul 2012

  12. Guys very nicely go to Cain and Romney -Facebook and other pages and help point them to the evidence and answer there questions without being mean could make a big difference.

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