Focusing solely on the economy and jobs, tonight’s GOP debate, sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post and WBIN-TV, took place earlier this evening from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Here are some highlights from tonight’s broadcast while we wait for the entire debate video in full.

Entire Video: Bloomberg GOP debate from New Hampshire

As expected, the primary focus was businessman Herman Cain and his “9-9-9” tax reform plan. The discussion was lively and helped illuminate where the candidates stand in depth on economic issues.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on Wall Street:

Continue reading for more debate highlights.

Herman Cain explains his 999 tax plan:

Perry defends support of Gore campaign, spending:

Is Romney open to a second Wall Street bailout?

Candidates talk about trade with China:

Bachmann on 999 plan: ‘Devil’s in the details’

More to come as they’re released.


Entire Video: Bloomberg GOP debate from New Hampshire


  1. I would sincerely appreciate a link to the entire video. I missed it, don’t have T.V., and thought we lived in a world where the video could be accessed in its entiretey minutes after the debate … I THOUGHT we lived in that kind of world.

    Apparently Bloomberg is way behind the technological world I live in.

  2. Quit blacking out Ron Paul! Where was his response to China? Everyone but him had a chance to respond. More and more reason he has my vote!

  3. I was able to watch it after it was over on the Washington Post site but when I refreshed my browser, it was gone! I’ll be glad when there’s a full video up since I missed most of it.

  4. Notice how they frame the argument by what they present (HERMAN CAIN’S 999 WOWs ‘EM ALL!!!! WHOPPEEEE THAT’S REALLY WHAT THE PEOPLE THINK. WE KNOW THAT THROUGH MAGIC!!!) and what THEY DON’T present. No highlight for Ron Paul….. thanks for your unbiased reporting. Pravda is more balanced.

  5. this is dumb 21st century and internet age.. Bloomberg or any other news video cant put up a video of presidential debate people can watch on their i phones or ipads? America needs to invest in technology.

  6. Agreed Mert! I find it absurd and honestly downright sinister that on this program and several other recent media appearances Ron Paul has made, the hosts/commentators/interviewers have surreptitiously, subtly, and spuriously attempted to connect his campaign with the unorganized and diversely populated Occupy Wall street protests. Usually by way of wording questions in very misleading ways, showing graphics of the protests during his interviews, or generally implying very strongly that he endorses all of their individual motives. If not by the aforementioned methods, then just as in these videos, they censor him altogether. It should make one question why these programs and their producers manipulate their respective audiences (by associations of this man and his campaign with radical agendas) by outright fear-mongering.

  7. I have worked so hard to be educated on the issues and the candidates’ viewpoints. I have satellite and could not view this debate. I feel ripped off. I don’t want to see clips chosen by others.

  8. Herman Cain has the change the country needs. REAL change. He is not afraid to stand for whats right & HE doesn’t back down & get wishy washy like many of the others do. We need a strong consistent voice in the whitehouse.

    Its even better that he hasnt had a career in politics. We need someone from the real world in office

  9. What a joke. They dont want us to have a second chance and god forbid educate ourselves. Theyll just show us what they want us to see. I bet China already has it streaming……..

  10. Bradley,

    “We need a strong consistent voice in the whitehouse.”

    – No, we need comprehensive reform, not more rhetoric.

    “Its even better that he hasnt had a career in politics”

    – No, it’s a nightmare. Godfathers Pizza and the Kansas Federal Reserve in no way qualifies as the “real world” in the sense that you mean.

    “We need someone from the real world in office”

    Is that opposed to the ‘fake’ world, where I assume you believe all the other candidates have been living? Which office? Maybe one at Pizza Hut HQ?

  11. Amount of time each person received (aprox) Romney 17:46 mins Perry 10:38 mins Bachmann 9:51 mins Cain 9:04 mins Gingrich 7:10 mins Paul 6:39 mins Santorum 6:33 mins Huntsman 6:28 mins [theses times are aprox and don’t include bloomberg moderators] This is for those who have wondered about the times, if just me, oh well.

  12. Yes, I wondering where the entire video for the Oct. 11th Presidential debate can be watched as I missed it, but would like to view it and all other debates.

    This was the problem after the very first GOP Presidential Debate. I could not find an entire video of it, but did watch it live.

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