Just days after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declined to mount his own presidential run, he appeared today in New Hampshire to lend his support to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Report from Fox News:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, just one week after definitively announcing he will not run for president in 2012, endorsed Mitt Romney for the job Tuesday afternoon.

Christie, at a news conference in Hanover, N.H., described the endorsement as an “easy decision.” He cited Romney’s experience in the private and public sectors, saying he “brings the best of both” to the job.

“America cannot survive another four years of Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney’s the man we need to lead America and we need him now,” Christie said.

The New Jersey governor accused the sitting president of trying to divide Americans by class, but said Romney believes “that the American pie can grow bigger.”

The announcement came just hours before the Republican candidates were set to gather for a debate nearby at Dartmouth College. In securing the support of Christie, Romney will have at his side a tough-talking governor who during his two years in office has built a reputation as a fiscal hawk not shy about taking on the public employee unions.

Clearly Romney needs to recapture the media spotlight from a fast-rising Herman Cain. Tonight’s debate will be interesting since Cain is likely to take a beating from both Perry and Romney.