Below you can find the entire video of the Republican debate held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, on October 11th, 2011. The debate was sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and WBIN-TV. The focus of this debate was primarily the economy and jobs which were the only topics discussed during the 2 hour broadcast.

Original Air Time: Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET on Bloomberg Television

Candidates: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Here is the entire 2 hour debate video courtesy of Bloomberg Television:

Report from Bloomberg:

Former pizza executive Herman Cain sought to capitalize on his rise in opinion polls by repeatedly promoting his 9-9-9 tax plan at a debate focused on the economy, as other Republican presidential candidates derided it as impractical and criticized each other’s credentials.

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who is the party’s frontrunner, navigated through repeated attacks from his opponents, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is struggling to reignite his candidacy.
The debate tonight showcased disputes among the candidates on a range of economic issues, including Chinese currency, housing loans, job creation and the possibility of future bailouts should the nation face another economic crisis.

The session was viewed as especially important for Cain, 65, and Perry, 61. Cain’s polling gains have reshaped the primary race and created a new challenge for Perry as he tries to regain ground he has lost to Romney.

The debate moderated by Charlie Rose at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and sponsored by Bloomberg News and the Washington Post put the candidates in direct conflict over their plans for turning around an economy with an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent.

The round table format of this debate was especially leveling and I felt brought the topics more in focus as well. There was more substantive discussion and less bickering over topics we’ve heard a dozen other times. Overall I’d give Bloomberg a “B+” for this format making it an informative yet entertaining 2 hours.


  1. Michele Bachman “I am the mother of 28 kids, 22 foster kids and 5 biological kids…” and who else, is she counting there, because my public education leads me to a different solution for that math problem…?

  2. I appreciate the format of this debate. However, for Rick Santorum to be asked only 1 question in the first hour of the debate is ludicrous. Why is he ignored in every debate? And why do the moderators not see this for themselves? It is unfair that the moderators are not themselves moderated. At some point in these debates, balance needs to take place or what is the purpose of watching the debates? It just continues to be the Romney-Perry show, and that isn’t a debate.

    • You are very right on this. I believe that they are tring force Ronmey and Perry on us and that is not fair or right. I personally do not either one of them. But that said they do not really give us their plans either, it is more of the samething that we have already.

      • You should listen to the debate again. Romney talks exstinsively about his plans throughout the entire debate. Getting rid of Obama care for starters is part of the plan.

      • These guys (Romney-Perry) are just two more establishment ponies. Nothing will change except the catch phrases. Each will do the same things with a different sales pitch. I can feel the complaint about lack of time for Santorum because they’ve been doing that to Ron Paul for years.

        Only problem is that the format allows time for rebuttal whenever one’s name is mentioned. So, since the two “frontrunners” (based on what-nobody knows) are always going at each other, they continue to just kick time back and forth. When others jump on the band wagon to attack the two ‘frontrunners’ it just makes the situation worse.

        The true front runner, according to polls, would be Dr. Ron Paul who consistently gets less time than others, but seldom needs the time he gets since he gives real responses and not a sales pitch…

        • Wholeheartedly agree with you on this. Romney and Perry are opposite sides of the same coin, and both are on the opposite side of the Obama coin as well. The truth has always been that people aren’t given a choice. The machinations of politics is such that the people who support the most corruptible politicians also own the mass media and so these candidates get the most coverage.

          If Fox were unbiased and fair, each candidate would be given the same amount of time to answer the same question and we would quickly see who had substance and who didn’t. Also, 30 second rebuttals would be done away with or, at the least, LIMITED to once per speaking period; so that everybody gets a chance to speak. This type of “debate” is mechanized merely to muddle the waters so nobody can get a clear view of what each candidate stands for.

          Therefore the two or three who are ‘selected’ by the mass media to give the impression of a real race are given large amounts of air time, while the others are upstaged. Shame on Fox or CNN for ever suggesting they are unbiased. I see better unbiased news coverage from the Russian news service. How ironic is THAT? But certainly, since Putin criticized the USA a few years ago for saying Russia was “undemocratic” (he asked how they could say that since EACH RUSSIAN VOTE COUNTED; while in the USA, if a constituency votes 90% for one candidate (as I understand it) their representative can vote the opposite way if he likes, which is undemocratic), I can see why their news media might be less biased than ours. 🙂

  3. herman cains says “I get the same stupid question at almost every one of these events,” Cain writes. “I know it’s a deliberate strategy. How can a person randomly show up at a hundred events and ask the same stupid question to try to nail me on the Federal Reserve? It’s really becoming annoying more than anything else.”

    Read more:

  4. Amount of time each person received (aprox) Romney 17:46 mins Perry 10:38 mins Bachmann 9:51 mins Cain 9:04 mins Gingrich 7:10 mins Paul 6:39 mins Santorum 6:33 mins Huntsman 6:28 mins [theses times are aprox and don’t include bloomberg moderators] This is for those who have wondered about the times, if just me, oh well.

    • Thanks for doing that. I did the same thing in the Fox News debate, which was pretty even. Of course, Romney and Perry naturally received more attention and did get a disproportionate amount of time.

      And Nate: Thanks for posting the entire debate. I tell all my co-workers about this site. The debate schedule is helpful.

          • Sorry I am not an economist, but it doesn’t take a economist to figure out if something is balanced or not. Just takes simple math, so this election is very important. We need someone to bring back the CONSTITUTION (IN THE TRADITION OF OUR FATHERS), the reason they had the revolutionary war was for religious freedom and that they didn’t want their banks over here. But later they did come and go, but today they have one called the federal reserve; any one that says other than that it needs to be abolished, does not have any idea about the world or they are part of that plan.

            Ron Paul does know what is going on, and the reason they are doing things, which he has plan that will balance America debt by his third year of office if he is allowed to have his way. It all starts at the Federal Reserve and those that support this private company. All the unnecessary programs and the branches that are unconstitutional need to be removed and given more power to the States and local people. WE NEED HIM IN OFFICE.

            Perry poisoned people with full knowledge, that the Federal Government Banned the HPV vaccination was banned by the federal government because it killed too many people during its short test, but was quickly passed FDA. HPV has the DNA of the AIDS virus contained in it as well.

            Cain lies about everything as well He wants Greenspan, that is not good,

            Romney too, actually all of them have disgusting dirt on them except Ron Paul, which no ones has found any.
            The war in the Middle East is a joke, our Government and federal reserve is funding both sides of the war. Bin laden was CIA and well as Saddam Hussein, they were not the leaders of Al Qaeda they just funded them which the money came from us.
            All would like is people do their own research; don’t listen to mainstream media.

            RON PAUL 2012!!!!
            Chris (WA)

    • gee… talk about bs and/or bias..
      Rep. Dr. Ron Paul is a speaker of Truth, because I looked…and still looking….
      Greatest mind at the table and the only one that makes sense.
      – but no… – because, good old Charlie Rose cuts him off every time Ron Paul tries to speak.
      who is pulling the strings? gee.. enough already….with the “media bias” or get someone else.
      This has happen at every single debate so far to date.

      Rep. Dr. Ron Paul is the only truthful one of the two parties able to get anything done in
      Ron Paul identifies the problem, solves and corrects the problem.
      Fearless.. Guts.. of a Texas Ranger, (one ranger)
      to take on the Fed. one problem solved…next !!

      What..Why.. and/or Who or is trying to keep him out ? Our belove “President to be Ron Paul”.
      ooh that sounds good….. President Ron Paul…….

      • I hope Ron Paul wins the republican nomination and then President, he is the only one that is putting forth the effort to fix problems right now (while running for office) Obama is focusing to much on 2012 elections to win again, while avoiding the real issues. Ron Paul is the only one that stands out among the others. Others are focusing on what they think the public wants to hear.

    • A lot of the candidates stoped talking by their own choosing while making eye contact with the moderator as if to say “I’m done lets move on”. Should the moderator say Please keep talking or should he move on to someone else? I think Romney controlled the boardroom so to speak and would do very well on Donald Trumps “The Apprentice”.

  5. Ron Paul is the Grandad that makes sense but no one listens to because he flails and jibber jabs. He wouldn’t be able to get anything done in Washington

    • well TJ, any of the other tards might be able to get things done, only thing is it will be the wrong things that get done ie: things will stay the same. We will continues to borrow money and govt will continue to expand with no end in sight. Is that what you want ?

    • TJ, Ron Paul may not present his points in the most succinct manner; however, his voting record shows that he does not flail when it comes to making the appropriate decisions for the course of our country’s future. To be honest, George W. was incapable of speaking coherently in response to anything, and yet he managed to accomplish a lot, albeit to the detriment of our nation’s well being. The truth of the matter is that these doormats will say whatever is necessary to get into an office that wields more unrestrained power than ever before, only to cave to the big business and special interest groups that help get them elected. Most con artists are, in fact, elegant with their words. Therefore, I caution you, and other Americans, to listen to the content of each speaker’s words, not the smooth manner in which they dispense their lies.

      If Ron Paul makes sense, why wouldn’t people listen to him? If you can acknowledge that Dr. Paul makes sense, why is it so improbable that Congress would do the same? The media paints Dr. Paul as “crazy Uncle Ron” because he stands contrary to the status quo, but a change is what this country desperately needs. In 2008, we were also looking for change, but we allowed a charismatic, smooth-talker to sell us more of the same. Ron Paul’s ideas make sense. His voting record illustrates his honesty and dedication to the American people. It’s time to wake up and realize that if we agree with Ron Paul, regardless of what the media says concerning his ‘electability,’ he can win. We need him to win.

  6. the only reason Perry is even in this is because hes Texas. Why, who, decided that he was a “frontrunner?” Hes not interesting, he flounders in his responces, he has some wacky cop-out ideas that deviate wildly from Republican norms, I don’t know a single person that likes him, he doesn’t even know how to size his own shirt collars, and I can’t figure out how he got tossed into “frontrunner” status. Thank you so much American media, for burying the people that we really want to hear from so that this joke can take the stage and make Republicans look like idiots.

  7. I stayed up last night and watched the entire GOP Debate. Obviously, however. The journalist who wrote this piece watched an entirely different debate than I. The only person who had a good night was Romney. Because seven of eight of Romney opponents directed their ire at him, he had mountains of time, at the expense of the others, to explain himself. That is not good if you are trying to falsify or distort someone else’s record. Romney had oodles of time to address concerns about his position(s). When you control 30+% of the time devoted to nine candidates, you had a really good night : Love it or lump it!!!

    Herman Cain did not fair well last night because his “9-9-9 Plan” was exposed for what it really is: A plan to institute a new revenue source that will never be brought under control, once implemented. His assertions that Congress would not abuse it once enacted ,because, he would veto any such attempts, works only as long as Cain were to remain in office. After eight years Watch Out!!! Bachman, a Federal Tax Attorney did an excellent job of exposing the problem. Cain poo-hawed it off. Bad form when you are under attack!

    Ron Paul, was impotent because he could not rant and rave. The format was not conducive to his attacks on America’s being a global force for good. Nor, did it give him a chance to excoriate America’s War on Terror. Through out the night, he was forced to admit that he agreed with the views of the other candidates on nearly every issue and that without a chance to rant and rave, he had little new to offer. All in all, he did not hurt himself. But! He was NOT the Ron Paul that we have seen and heard in every other unshackled debate he has appeared in to date.

    Gingrich did well as usual. To bad he upset so much of the Nation with his ranting earlier in his career. The man is a historical force with his knowledge of the Constitution and understanding of the way Governments work.

    Bachman is back to her “I’m mother of five and foster mother of 28 and this qualify’s me to run the Nation” line. But, there are so many more problems to address.

    Santorum did well also but in the end, he too was forced to acknowledge that the others had good ideas.

    Only Perry and Cain suffered from the format. Oh Well!!! Let the best man or woman win!!!

    Please go to to see the debate that I watched.

  8. Did anyone else notice the superiority of Romney’s tactics when the candidates asked each other questions? They all asked him one, for which he had prepared and eagerly gobbled up air time; then he asked a nice softball of Bachmann, thus denying his main competitors any air time and looking classy to boot. Our summary of the debate is on here:

  9. I may not like Santorum’s views but I agree that he was NOT given a fair share.

    Is that the main focus of Perry’s ecomony? – New energy independance? I need to see more because EVERY President has said they want new energy independance for over 30 years and it has really not happened yet. I think that is a a little shakey to stand on.

  10. I like how the female presenter starts a question with “It’s 2013…..” and then goes on to argue that her question is not hypothetical….. It’s so American…. Don’t use words you don’t understand and don’t argue the meaning of those words if you get caught using them anyway……

  11. That’s just it! The world would be a better place if everyone would listen more closely to their grand dad, or in this case Ron Paul. “Been there..done that” has in most cases always been the best resource in not repeating the mistakes of the past. I have been following Ron Paul on youtube for a while now and it is really interesting how the so called “mainstream candidates” pick up on what he has been saying now for almost 30 years and make it their own. Oh, and as things stand right now in Washington, I think it’s more about getting things un-done, rather than done. Children, listen to your grandpa. He really does know best. Ron Paul 2012 !

    • I agree. However I don’t agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says, his experience, consistency and dedication to the constitution is exactly what this country needs right now. By the way I want to point out that you don’t have to agree with everything a canidate says, you have to listen to what they say; do they actually answer questions or do they recite rhetoric, and then reflect on their record to determine if they’re REAL, HONEST AND CONSISTENT. A President’s power is supposed to be limited by congress anyway, legislation in our country is slow on purpose. It means that our system of government is working. When bills get pushed through quickly it means costly mistakes are going to happen, so it’s not like what a canidate says will actually fly when they get in office. That being said, it doesn’t matter if you agree with a canidate on everything, what matters is if they can be trusted. Many of these canidates don’t seem trustworthy; especially those that get the most media attention. The military trusts Ron Paul, and being a vet myself I can attest to the military’s ability to identify good leadership. Ron Paul has my vote 2012.

  12. Did anybody notice the incorrect bloomberg factoid. The fed. debt grew 4.2 trillion under Obama and only 1.6 trillion under bush. Not 5 trillion! Thanks gloomberg.

    • Yes, I do notice. There were also many misguiding critics by Washington Post (FACTS-CHECKS) to previous statements made by GOP hopefuls. I would say all of them were incorrect and subjective. Thanks for the observation

  13. As I watched the Republican Primary Debate last night, I was pleased that Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for the Washington Post, questioned the candidates about the relative health of Main Street and Wall Street in the midst of recession. I have to admit, I was a little surprised by the unanimity of denial regarding the culpability of Wall Street. Continue reading ?

  14. First I want to thank the site admins for have a central spot to view the debates and a place where we can discuss in an easy forum.

    Second I want to say I am an Independent, I think choosing sides in a country where we are supposed to be united can only cause issues. The reason I say this is I agree with some aspects from both sides and disagree with some aspects from both sides.

    Ok now to the point. I am not happy with really anyone in any of these debates so far. I see it more as an agenda of ranting then a truthful Q and A session. I do have to give credit to Ron Paul he really does answer the questions the majority of the time but still likes to sway from hard questions to promote his agenda. I would really like to see a binary question session where everyone can either flag in true or false to questions then can elaborate from there to force answers.

    Also as far as 9-9-9, I did the math on my own household and found that it would raise my taxes in the range of 5-6%. You can do it on your own if you like just save a months worth of expenses and apply them stripping out the current tax code to see the truth behind it.

    I would really like to see Buddy Roemer enter these debates. He is running in true conservative fashion and not taking in large donations. When you claim to be conservative and spend more in 6 months then most people make in 10 years you are not leading by example.

    When election time comes around I will be truly torn on who to vote for. I am not a fan of the current administration for multiple reasons but I do not see anyone on these nominees focusing on fixing issues as much as they are getting elected. Not Obama is not a base I support, I want real answers!

    Finally I would like to close out with a question for people to answer. What really matters to you and what if anything is anyone saying here (include Obama) that applies to solving that issue. If you have a direct comment to that question I would like to see the concerns and who best resolves those issues.

  15. Everyone is having trouble cause for some reason they are trying to link from another site other than youtube which as we are seeing is a mistake.

  16. ron paul should be the next president of the united states. only then will the horrible issues facing the US and the world will be solved.

  17. All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.
    John Adams

  18. Why can’t each candidate have 5 minute Free Speech for the Main points for what they will DO for this Country. Then allow debates; but limit TIME spent to be more FAIR. So upset with this debate, because so many 30 second sound bites that TELL us nothing. We have Computers, each candidate should have a SITE to explain WHAT they WILL Do, How or What they stand for, What & How THEY VOTED.
    We are here to listen, watch, and learn what these candidates are all about.
    The 9,9,9 plan is CRAP – repeated several TIMES here. Definitely another USURY tax against WE THE PEOPLE, when we CANT even get Corp’s to pay. Stop the loop holes, and subsidies. Stop the FRAUD!


      He does a pretty good job of explaining how he will address our nations greatest concerns under the ‘the issues’ tab. You might not agree with him on everything, but his voting record shows that he is honest and for the American people.

  19. Why can’t a candidate just answer the question they are asked, why do they insult someone or beat around a huge bush. Charlie Rose needs to stop interupting the people he doesn’t like, it seemed like Newt Gingrich stopped trying because he knew Rose was going to say no.

    So far:

    Romney: Shutup, I’m tired of hearing you NOT answer questions or hearing you in general.

    Perry: We’re over everything you did in TX, you’re talking about the country now not a state.

    Caine: We all know about 9-9-9 so stop reminding us and talk about something else. Also, don’t get mad when the others insult it they’re tired of hearing about it too.

    Bachmann: How have you manage to be the LEADING person on every issue in Washington. Any question you get Obama care, etc. “I was the leading”…I dozed off.

    Santorum: Rose gave you absolutely no time and cut you off at every turn, how you kept your cool I don’t know. You did good with what you got.

    Huntsman: You had some good points, wish I could’ve heard more. Some people just needed to shutup.

    Gingrich: Very Nice. To come out and say that all the people resposible for the way things are should be exposed. One man should be investigated by the media because he has spent a massive amount of money behind peoples back. That the fed should be investigated and all the records should be made public so that people now can learn from past mistakes, YES. I wish you could’ve spoken more because people like that need to be exposed and things like that need to be said and done!

    Paul: When you talk you make everyone around you seem dumb. You give direct answers that make sense, a simple solution to a huge problem. It almost seems like the people working in Washington now a days don’t really care about whats happening to the country. They care whether or not there is going to be a loop hole that they can benefit from, flopping from one side to the other. Arguing about this and that instead of working together to get things back on track. You and your ideas and hard work are going to get us there. Keep up the good work and if you have to tell Romney to shut the hell up no ones going to be mad at you.

    • Megan, nice read. Thought you nailed it here. I think they should do away with the 30 second rebuttal thing and allow the candidates each an equal amount of time to answer the same question so that the audience can understand each of their positions on the subject. I have hated politics from the get-go because from my experience they are all a bunch of liars and I hate being lied to, to my face.

      I like Ron Paul because he believes in something of substance. What good is any government without a bill of rights backing it? Good observation about him making all the others seem dumb, because he does. He usually gives a history of why things are the way they are and offers a solution out of them. I can follow his logic perfectly. The others have no logic to follow. To be fair, they are astute politicians and many have picked up on Paul’s ideas and hollowly echo them to some extent (such as the FED) but all of them would keep us in war until the demise of the dollar.

      Old Chinese Proverb: “Empty vessels make the most noise.” If this were ornithology, Romney, Perry, Bachmann and Cain would be seen as preening peacocks, with very little to offer, just ruffling their feathers to look good in people’s eyes. Paul and Gingrich would be wise old owls. The rest I don’t know enough about, sadly. However, I think Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, or Huntsman would do a better job than any of the selected ‘top tier’. If you want to see who’s self-centered, count how many times they use the words “I, Me, or My” in reference to the good deeds they’ve done. People of substance don’t use these as often in sentences. Three choices on who would probably come out on top…

      I try to be objective when it comes to politics, because I know any of them who get in could be a disappointment, as was Obama and GW. I think the only chance this nation has amongst the lot of them is Ron Paul because I believe we have to stop overextending ourselves if we ever wish to get our spending under control and we can’t do it by continuing to build our empire. This is akin to me eating out every night instead of making my own meals. I’d go broke in a week. We’ve got to stop hemorrhaging money.

      So far this “Circus Maximus” (ie: BIASED GOP debates pitting Romney against Cain and Perry) has been put on to let us think we have some choice, while the country goes down in flames. The fact is they’ve already selected Romney because he is slick and looks powerful, but is easily corruptible by lobbyists. If someone like RP upsets him, it will only be by a grassroots movement where most people vote for him and hold the representatives accountable if they choose to go against their constituencies wishes. What a sad state this country is in. Glad for your unbiased assessment of the debate, Megan. Thanks.

  20. Romney is the only decent candidate with the best credibility for the economy, Everyone else don’t seem to have any decent background that even compares to him…

  21. In the video clip, David Cote, CEO Chairman of Honeywell, stated there are 20 billion competitors. Funny, the entire world population is only 6.97???

    Too bad the candidates can’t get a chance to finish their sentences without the moderators interrupting them and badgering them with new questions, completely off the original subject.

    The 9-9-9 plan would be a disaster for retired and unemployed people. I am retired and live in Oregon where there is no sales tax, and with my write-offs from charitable donations and tithes, I still end up owing the Federal government and am just barely able to make ends meet. If I had to pay a full 9% on my income, plus pay 9% on everything I buy, I would probably be forced to sell my house, because I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. I hope Cain does not win. He would hurt the elderly and low-income families.

    Perry is not a good talker, but I like what he stands for. He is a good Christian man, he governs the great state of Texas where there is job growth, and he would get America back to using its own energy resources and becoming independent from Middle Eastern nations. He did make a mistake with the mandatory vaccines, which he admitted was wrong.

    Newt Gingrich has the most knowledge and experience as former speaker of the house. He would make Obama cry in a presidential debate, even with his teleprompter.

    Michelle Bachmann is very knowledgeable as well, but has made a mistake in relentless and petty attacks on Perry. It took the focus off of her positive attributes and caused people to become irritated with her.

    I pray that the best man or woman wins the presidency, because Obama is the worst president yet, with Carter placing 2nd worst. He has weakened America and appointed people to positions of power who want to take us to Socialism.

    • Agreed on the 9-9-9 disaster. To have a federal sales tax would immediately increase the price on the goods, and the people who would get hit the hardest are 1. the poor, and 2. anyone with savings in the bank who might need to spend that savings in the future. So I suppose Cain would have to increase government subsidies to people on food stamps. Not that I’m in favor of welfare programs, but it seems that that 9-9-9 would only increase poor peoples’ dependence on the government.

      Is it just me, or does 9-9-9 seem to be marketed as a kind of way to patch up the real problems in Washington, which is, the irrational spending on things that don’t pay back. Anyone read the headline today about Karzai stating he would side with Pakistan in a war against the US? Let’s guess who Iraq would side with.

  22. I will take experience coupled with true knowledge, please.
    Romney-reminds me of Clinton…slick and always mindful to say just
    the “right” things that he thinks people want to hear
    Perry-not well spoken….rattled too easily.
    Bachman-don’t care….too into herself….she’s a mother….so what
    Huntsman-not a prayer……go ahead and go home
    Santorum-whiny…..cry-baby… ruined your chances by being you
    Paul-unfortunately you are too late…..if you were running in the 1960’s I’d really take a look at you
    Cain-you should have run in 2008….sorry, America is too freaked out by our first African-American President….I know, sounds racist but it’s the truth.
    Gingrich-and I almost can’t believe I’m saying this but……he’s the one. He is the smartest, best spoken, calmest and most important…..HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS TRULY BEEN ON THE INSIDE OF THE REAL WASHINGTON. ALL OTHERS HAVE STOOD ON THE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, HE’S ACTUALLY LIVED IN THE NEST.
    Now…….let’s all be honest here, please. The best looking of this bunch will win. It comes down to that unfortunately.
    God help us all……….we’re gonna need it.

    • I agree with you there. I like Ron Paul also, but Gingrich seems to be the most intelligent and mature of the bunch, and like you said he’s got the best experience and knows the real Washington. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to base your vote on debates and media coverage because the coverage is so skewed and only focuses on two or three candidates and does not give everyone a fair shot. I think Gingrich is the one but I’m going to read up on everyone’s stances on the issues.

  23. I love watching debates, but part of this infuriates me- it seems like the only people who have a chance to talk are Cain, Romney, Cain, Romney, Cain, Romney, over and over and over. I would like to hear more from the other candidates. I’ve heard 9-9-9 explained a hundred times in the two debates I’ve had the opportunity to watch. It is ridiculous that they are spending so much time focusing on this one subject. There is so much more they can talk about, and I would like to see a FAIR debate where everyone gets an equal chance to talk, not just Romney and Cain.

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