The knives came out early and often for Herman Cain and his “999” plan during the CNN Western Republican Debate from Las Vegas, Nevada. Nearly each candidate on stage took a crack at tearing down Cain’s tax reform plan. Mitt Romney also took a hefty beating over his Massachusetts health care plan though both men did fairly well in rebutting the criticism.

Here are some clips from the debate while we await the full video:

“999” attacked early in Vegas debate:

Continue reading for more debate highlights.

Perry accuses Romney of hiring illegals:

Romney, Santorum argue over health care:

Michele Bachmann takes on Obama’s family:

Ron Paul accuses Herman Cain of unfairly attacking the unemployed:


Watch the full video here.


  1. Nate, I just want to thank you and your coalition for all that you do at this site. I was able to view a few of this year’s debates because of the links you provided here. I think that’s cool. An informed electorate will make the best choices in who should govern this country.

    Thank you and please continue the great work you do here!

  2. grrrr. CNN makes you list your provider in order to watch their stream. My only tv is GBTV, CNN you suck. Thanks Nate, will be assuredly awaiting the vids.

  3. So you will post a link to watch the debate in it’s entirety? If so, THANKS! I don’t have cable or satellite, just local programming. I really wanted to see the debates. I have seen 2 that were streamed, but this one I couldn’t do.

  4. Very good site. Thanks for keeping it all together sir!

    I hope they don’t use CNN for these. I agree with the others, their service is very lame. They cut up the debate and shove in adverts which is not doing the public any service.

    Again, thanks for your effort on keeping your site up to date!

  5. Thanks for giving everyone one place to go to to watch the debates. It is very useful for those who are not able to watch it live and without commercials. Great, great job.

  6. Thanks nate, look forward to seeing the whole debate. Was budy working and unable to watch it earlier today. Looks like Paul and Romney did pretty good from the clips.

  7. Glad to hear the full debate will be posted. We live in Saudi Arabia and my husband always misses them because of the time difference….good thing we now have On Demand 🙂 Please just let us know when it’s aired.

  8. omg i cnt belive so many of them where going of on Cain’s 999 plan.
    i woudnt want to pay so many taxes though so i personaly dont think his plan is the best. only god knows who will win though. good luck everyone.!!!!

  9. After listening to Bachmans comments on illegal immigration, I want her as VP. I don,t think she can beat obama in debates or at the polls and does not have definate plans to resolve many of the other issues but she has resolve and determination with respect to the republican conservative agenda. I like Romney because he has the right views and can beat obama in debates and at the polls ( so can Gingrich but he is to soft on illegal immigration).

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