Seven GOP candidates traded barbs last night at the CNN Western Republican Debate from Las Vegas, Nevada. The debate was part of the Western Republican Leadership Conference. Herman Cain and Mitt Romney took the brunt of the attacks which made for a very lively discussion.

Original Air Time: Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 on CNN

Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Here is the entire video in 4 parts via YouTube.

Report from CNN:

Las Vegas (CNN) — Tuesday night was fight night in Las Vegas.

Seven Republican presidential candidates clashed sharply over issues such as illegal immigration, taxes and health care at a presidential debate in Nevada sponsored by CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference.

But it was the three Republican frontrunners — former Godfather’s Pizza executive Herman Cain, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov Rick Perry — who came under frequent attack.

The long-standing bad blood between Romney and Perry boiled over in the debate’s first hour as the two GOP heavyweights traded harsh accusations and showed flashes of anger.

Romney laughed in Perry’s face when the Texan criticized his rival for hiring illegal immigrants to work on his lawn, a controversy uncovered by The Boston Globe during Romney’s first presidential bid in 2008.

“Mitt, you lose all of your standing, from my perspective, because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year,” Perry said, turning straight to Romney. “And the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you’re strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy.”

It seems to me at least that Rick Perry carried the illegal immigrant issue a little too far with Romney and I don’t think that did anything but reflect badly on Perry.


  1. Cain somehow needs to explain his tax plan better, I think he may have lost some ground last night. Perry was the big loser, seemed like he was grasping for anything he could to pull back into the race.

  2. Newt is right, bickering between the GOP debaters is not wise…and character assassination if foolish! It’s beginning to look as though some of the GOP debaters are trying to make sure Obama is NOT a one-term President. What started as knit-picking by Bachman has turned into serious charges against each other others. Newt, along with Cain are coming across as the only adults in the room.

    • @Joanne, AMEN. Newt and Cain were adults. I’d even extend that to Paul and Santorum. Perry and Romney just looked petty.

      • I don’t think it can be extended to Santorum, at one point it seemed he had purposely talked over Romney just long enough to run down his time and prevent a response, pointing out to Romney that his time had run out afterwards

  3. Newt is right, bickering between the GOP debaters is not wise…and character assassination is foolish! It’s beginning to look as though some of the GOP debaters are trying to make sure Obama is NOT a one-term President. What started as knit-picking by Bachman has turned into serious charges against each other others. Newt, along with Cain are coming across as the only adults in the room.

  4. After watching the debate it seems as though Ron Paul is the only candidate who is putting actual solutions on the table. This 9-9-9 plan from cain and a flat tax from Bachmann won’t do a thing to get the economy moving and won’t truly reduce the tax burden put onto the people. Getting rid of the income tax, 5 cabinets and reducing the size of the military is truly revolutionary! I’m excited that there is a true conservative fiscally and socially on the stage!

    • just to clarify here, Ron Paul said he was in favor of leaving the income tax exactly as it is, or at least that is how I understood it, on all other points I agree though

      • Ron Paul said he was going to get rid of income taxes. He also is the only candidate time and time again refrenced the constitution this is the guy we need.

        • I just went back and watched that segment again, your right he says he will replace income tax with “nothing”

          • Tucker,

            By shrinking the government! If the government wasn’t living beyond it’s means it wouldn’t need more of our money. A huge portion of our income taxes go to military spending. Get ourselves out of wars and we don’t need income tax. Education – the federal government enacts legislation that is impossible for schools to follow, and schools spend tons of money attempting to adhere to these laws – more waste of tax dollars. Simplify education and you wouldn’t need half the money that is used right now. The buisiness of education has become so complicated and overstaffed and over regulated – and we all know how successful that has been! What we have been doing for the last several decades (growing government) worked only in the short term – we now see how we have been on the wrong path. We need to act now to reverse this trend and restore america. Cut the department of education, cut military spending, eliminate the TSA, shrink government to what our forefathers intended! RON PAUL 2012!

          • The military is payed for by the corporate gains tax.

            By ending our imperialism and focusing on defense instead of aggression we could make huge cuts in the military budget and actually INCREASE our defense by spending the money on our own national defense, not that of foreign countries. This in turn would allow lower taxes on corporate gains, and an increase in profits for reinvestment.

            Education is payed for through property tax.

            As Congressman Paul has pointed out the Federal Government has no business being in education as it is not constitutional and it actually lowers the quality of education.

            Space exploration should be left in the hands of the free market. NASA pays 200-300% over cost on it’s projects, and still we have shuttles that burn up on re-entry or explode on the launch pad.
            The astronomical costs associated with NASA is the main reason we no longer have shuttle missions.

            The Grace commission in 1984 revealed that “all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services [that] taxpayers expect from their government.”

            That means that in unison with ending the Federal Reserve and bringing back sound money the income tax could be eliminated with no net loss in Government spending power, and an increase in consumer spending power to rebuild the economy.

            Has anyone else noticed that as the debates go on more of the other candidates are trying to borrow from Ron Paul’s platform? Unfortunately none of them have a TWENTY YEAR voting record to show they really mean what they say.

            Ron Paul is the only logical choice for president.

  5. Thank you again for making it so convenient to find the debates quickly in one place. Great job, great website. Very much appreciated.

  6. Last debate a commenter named “Chris” (not me), measured how much time each candidate was given to speak. Did anyone do that this time? It seemed to me that the debates on Bloomberg and on Fox News were much fairer and that Anderson Cooper kept returning to the same three candidates too often.

    • I timed each person talking. Here’s how it turned out:

      Romney: 16:47
      Perry: 12:33
      Bachmann: 10:20
      Paul: 10:15
      Santorum: 10:01
      Cain: 9:24
      Gingrich: 8:18

      I’m probably a few seconds off here and there, but it’s pretty accurate. Cain is so low because he rarely goes over time, while almost everyone else does.

      With that being said, RON PAUL 2012!!!!

      • Thanks for doing that I was just going to do it again, I agree it hard to be completely accurate on times, but does give the ball park. I think this should be done each time, to let people know of the false statements on having everyone their fair share. Romney and Perry have been given the most amount of time each time.
        Chris (WA)- now on will have the state, so everyone will know the difference.

        • Of course romney had the most time, he was attacked the most, every time you reference someone they get another 30 seconds

          • I think it’s fair that Romney and Perry get more time. Indeed, them being constantly referenced by other candidates shows that realistically it is going to be either of these men who get the GOP nomination.

            The media wastes far too much time indulging fringe candidates rather than giving the public a full and serious debate from those most likely to win.

      • Cool. Thanks for posting that. It must be difficult trying to include the 30 second rebuttals as Anderson Cooper goes back and forth and BACK AND FORTH between the same pairs of candidates, mostly Perry and Romney.

  7. Ron Paul is the best solution for America IF he will bend on his views regarding the military. Bend, not break… If he will guarantee that our borders will be secured and that our allies will be supported, then I can support him. But I do not feel that his views will hold water in real life. Allowing countries like Iran and Iraq and anyone else who HATES america to actively build nuclear weapons for use against us scares me to no end. However, I would bend on that part as long as he supports what I previously mentioned.

    • I disagree. He is for the founding fathers if you don’t understand read the 5000 year leap by Cleon Skowse. We can’t aid other countries when we are broken. Peop;e don’t understand. would we allow people to come into our country and build a base. No we would not allow it. How can we expect other countries to allow us to do it. Plus we are spread too thin. we have so many bases that we are weak here. We should have a strong NATIONAL defense. Ron Pauls biggest problem is hedoesn’t ever get time to truely explain what he believes and why.

  8. I am for Ron Paul 2012.

    But I admire Rick Santorum’s gumption – He has got moxy. I admire him calling out the supporters of Tarp.

    Mitt Romney – I now say “let the market work” – stealing from Ron Paul?

    Michelle got screwed here too – I wish she could speak some more.

  9. Yeah, I would rank the candidates (not for who could win, but who would be the best for our nation) as:
    1 – Rick Santorum/Newt Gingrich/Ron Paul (These are the straitest shooters. You know what they stand for and they stand for good things)
    2 – Mitt Romney
    3 – Herman Cain
    4 – Michelle Bachman
    5 – Rick Perry (What a crying baby… Would someone else please propose his only good idea (more drilling) and get this guy to shut up and sit down. I liked him when he entered the race, but this guy is a complete moron.)

    • Cry baby? Perry? What debate were you watching. Romney was the one crying to Anderson Cooper like a little kid, “Anderson, make him stop talking! It’s my turn. Anderson! Anderson! Make him play by the rules” and then Romney talked well past ‘Time’ being called every time. Stop going by ‘sounds bites’ and look at Perry’s record, i.e. Dept of Labor stats, etc. He has strong reoord on jobs.

      • dude they both are ridiculous baby’s fighting with one another every single debate, never answering the direct question, just complaining about what one of them said 15 years ago!! if thats what your going to go on then look at Ron Paul, he has had the same positions for over 30 years not changing to fit the crowd or the popular position at that time, if you watch videos of ron from 1988 everyone hates him, 2008 everyone thinks he is retarded, 2011 no one knows him because the news is either giving him no coverage or interviews that try to make him out to be a clown (every time he throws facts, knowledge, maturity, and straight forward comments that destroy the interviewer, i love it). If you want consistency look at all of the candidates views and positions through there whole life, Ron Paul is the only one left standing, consistency proves that he will do what he says and not change his views as soon as the commencement speech is over, even if you don’t like his views at least you know what he stands for, everyone else is so flippy floppy you don’t know what they stand for, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW? or in my case and many others, A GOD SEND FOR THE COUNTRY!!

  10. Ron Paul is the only one who can work both sides of the aisle, he will not be able to get everything done, but he is the only one out there who can get us turning in the right direction. I could almost become a republican after listening to his ideas.

    • He’s been in congress for 30+ years and is not a proven leader. On what issues has he led and won? He’s been talking about these same issues forever. Honestly, if he was a leader and had the demeanor, reputation, communication skills to convince, influence, pursuade, then he’d gotten much of this done when he was in his 40s. But, he hasn’t. He may have good ideas but he is unable to pursuade and communicate in such a way that gets people’s attention. Forgive me, but as nice a man as he may be, he comes across wimpy and insecure and lacking strength of character. Even the way he walks and stands and holds his hand during the pledge of allegiance — it all conveys weakness. I know that sounds shallow but it’s true. Watch the beginning of the debate and who walks, stands upright and conveys confidence. Is he wearing black tennis shoes?? He just doesn’t seem like a leader of the free world to me.

      • You are a perfect example of what’s wrong with this nation. All appearances, no substance. Ron Paul has the solution – the cure – THE US CONSTITUTION. You have to want what’s right for our country. Ron Paul has been leading for 30 years. No one was following for the first 20 because the country was distracted. He’s been leading us to the right path. Now for most Americans to just listen and realize he’s been right and follow. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted again. Pray for our nation and vote Ron Paul 2012!

    • If they continue what they are doing, then yes. The media will make sure of that, but this might put Ron Paul in the win for the nomination for President, if the people as a whole still don’t want Obama. I think every candidate should have on debate just them so we can know little more on their ideas, until all have done so, then they can debate each other, then repeat the process. What do you guys think?
      Chris (WA)

  11. Romney is the best candidate. He has the experience that is needed to lead this country. And he has won every debate thus far.

    • If you’re definition of ‘won the debate’ is the best dodger of questions and the one who can laugh the most when called a liar by those on stage with him. Gingrich and Perry both called him on a flat out lie, e.g., when Romney said he got the plan from Newt and Newt made it clear that it was from the American Heritage Foundation and when he looked the American people in the eye and said, “I never hired an illegal in my life” when, in fact, he knew that an illegal had worked on his property. He tried to avoid the accusation with a slick manuever. He didn’t expect Perry to call him on it. Now granted, the ‘hiring’ may not have been avoidable under those circumstances but rather than tell the truth from the beginning, he flat out lied! Only when Perry called him on it did he back track and explain that the company he hired hired the illegal. Some thinks it’s illegal to ask someone if they are illegal. NO! It’s not! If some company has some dude in my yard, I (the homeowner) have every right to ask, “Are you a US citizen?” of that person. They probably won’t be able to understand your question or provide an answer in English but you have the right to ask him anything you want. You, the homeowner, aren’t held to HR policy rules.

  12. Ron Paul, Born 20 Aug 1935, has served his country both in the Armed Services 1963-1968 and as a Politician. He is like a Father figure who still has spunk and had facts, figures and a Grand-dad Face. He was calm, not loud and his answers did make sense, expecially the cut on defense spending. When he whipped out the figures of 900 Bases in 150 countries, with 20-25 more weapons than all the countries put together, surely they could find a way to cut spending, while the majority of others said no. He appears to be the most deserving. I am worried about the up-side down 666 of Cains 999 Tax Plan. He stumbled on this one which led me to want to review and question hard. Santorum, Bachman & Gingrich had more figures & answers to theories of all questions, like the quick, smart answer from Bachman on Cains 999 Tax Plan. Romney and Perry need to focus more on facts of the current presidents failures and how they will fix them with “Historically Stupid Politicians”(per Newt Gingrich). This was a great debate to watch. It got my attention and kept me interested from beginning to end.

  13. I’m not at all happy with any of these people. Perry and Romney are just doing an “I’m rubber and you’re glue” routine in every debate. Cain? Well the gators in the mote thing didn’t help him. Paul is nice old guy who hasn’t got a clue about military leverage and foreign affairs. Newt’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar one time too many. Bachmann makes Palin look like a rocket scientist. Santorum in my opinion committed a crime in the way he bought a cheap house (but didn’t live in it) in the state he wanted his children to go to callege so they could get tuition at the costs of residents. If somebody else doesn’t run I may indeed vote democratic (though I don’t want to) or for an independant.

    • Voting democratic because of ‘cookie jars’, ‘cheap houses’ and ‘rubber and glue’ antics makes perfect sense. That’ll show ’em. Yea, vote for the socialist, big govt, union labor, high tax, no experience, travel on America’s dime, no solutions, all-my-friends-are-revolutionaries, I bought a house on the street with the Black Panther leader, President. That will be a much better choice! It’s thinking like that that has the US in this mess.

  14. Illegal immigration is a huge problem in this country, taking jobs away from American Citizens. This is NOT new but has been increasing drastically over the years. Living in California, we now have a “new” law, passed by our legislature just days ago that NOW BANS our local cities from enforcing their local ordinances which requires employers to check immigration status and fines employers who hire illegals. THAT’S RIDICULOUS. More American Citizens out of work for lower pay, cash wages to illegals. We here are already overrun with illegals in CA. Now, due to another law passed by our legislature this last month, we tax paying CALIFORNIA citizens are NOW FUNDING COLLEGE EDUCATION FOR ILLEGALS!

    MITT ROMNEY is the ONLY candidate running who has actually ACTIVELY ENFORCED laws against illegal immigrants when he was govenor. He empowered local cities, local police to enforce illegal immigration. And more!

    We NEED MITT ROMNEY as President. His ACTIONS speak louder than words.

    On the other candidates, Ron Paul and Newt G. are the only other candidates with the intelligence, experience and widsom to lead us forward. Still, Romney is my #1 choice!

    • What we need is a change to the constitution so that states are not required to educate illegal aliens K-12. Period. That’s the REAL magnet. Allowing those who are getting their citizenship and who have already sucked the state dry K-12 to pay in-state tuition for college is NOT the magnet. That’s smart. That means the state gets SOME money back for all the years of free education. I know. I taught in a 90-90-90 middle school with illegals coming/going all year long, bad attitudes, filthy mouths, no stability, no roots, no pride in America and the American way of life — all to the detriment of those who permanently live in the area and desire to build a life in this country. Stop FREE K-12 education in the US for illegals. In Mexico, students have to pass a test to go beyond 6th grade. It they don’t pass, the student goes home or the parents must pay the bill. So, they drag their kids to the US and WE PAY for the education! Brilliant! We need to have some brains and shut off the free education valve in this country.

    • Romney #1.Because, as a MA resident I know he is a man of action and he knows how to get things done.AND MOST IMPORTANT,he believes Immigration is one of our biggest problems and will actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. ONE THING I AM SURE OF, if he believes something should be done, HE WLLL GET IT DONE.Only 2 candidates can beat Obama and have the smarts and skill to win in debates with Obama. Namely Romney and Gingrich. I really like Gingrich as the one who could demolish obama in any debate BUT I don,t think he illegal immigration posture is agressive enough. I BELIEVE EXCESSIVE IMMIGRATION, BOTH LEGAL AND ILLEGAL, IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR ECONEMY NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.

    • Sharon what are you talking about? Mitt Romney hired a firm to do some care-taking for his house that was employing illegal immigrants. It had to be discovered TWICE over that the firm was not correcting its actions before Mitt fired them. Here in California, Meg Whitman was beaten again and again over having hired an illegal immigrant as her house-keeper, and when she and her received confirmation that it wasn’t just gov’t screwup and that she was actually here illegally, the entire media pounced on her and wouldn’t let up until the election was over. Can you imagine the stance they’d take with Mitt? He is one of the wealthiest men in this country, and lives in the political spotlight, and it took two outside investigations to confirm his yard-workers were here illegally? Having him go up against Obama with that type of record, the media will have a field-day with it. This election is turning out to be about ‘economics’, or as the public understands it as, ‘getting back at people who caused us to lose our jobs’. I don’t think Mitt Romney has a chance on that platform. Yes, he did well for himself, but it can be reasoned in his political, professional, and personal life that he did so by needlessly and senselessly taking advantage of the situation no matter how big or small to step all over the people around him.

  15. Young Presidents cost us more Money …All ex-presidents get a pension of $200,000 after office for the rest of their life for Just 4 years of service, not to include millions of dollars of other benefits….Pres Obama now has the Hook up. He got $400,000 plus $50,000 non-taxable funds each year he was President…He got Free Rent, electric, gas, telephone, food, partied like a rock star and Air Force One is worn out…. let’s move on ………When you find a smart older, wiser man such as Ron Paul, more cost effective for the American Tax Payer and he has experience in the Medical field, Service, and Political side….He is not a Blabber Mouth, he is to the point and knows what he is talking about….I loved his answers and really wanted to here more of his knowledge…..I cannot beleive Rick Perry blamed the illegal aliens on the Federal Govt…I think he said he has been Governor of Texas for 10 years..12,000 school teacher in the State of Texas have been layed off and they predict 100,000 layoffs in the teaching field in the future…Is this the Federal Govt Fault also…You know as a former soldier in Europe when the Wall was up, Everyone was so happy when the wall came down…Mexico borders 4 of our States…But, we have sent jobs to India….Give them something to make a living on in Mexico if you don’t want them here. They take all the jobs no one else wants in America and do it for little pay to support their families..You cannot fault someone for wanting to work for their family to eat and have shelter….Why don’t they send the call centers down to Mexico….We need them on our side since they are on our Borders…I would not think it to be wise to create Enemies with them….By their Location alone & their History, they have more reason to fight to be in America over any other foreign country…The majority of Americans are descedants from immigrants from all over the world….We help all these other countries, but we won’t help the country that is on our Borders….this makes no sense….

  16. Mitt lost me on this one as I have met him, and thought he’d be the guy. Seems like a true apple-polisher to get votes. Why does he call others by their first names when they refer to him by his last or governor (which he is no longer)?

    Frankly, the most commonsensical is the one least talked about. Newt could probably do the best job but he doesn’t have the millions of Perry or Romney. Sadly, as a Mormon, the various Christian groups are not going to vote for him just because of that association which will hurt him with Obama.

    Overall, very disappointing debate. Can’t they get past the surface level of just a few issues?

  17. I respect Ron Paul, but I don’t support Ron Paul for President. I would dearly love to see him appointed as Sec. of Health and Human Services. He would be doing a great service to this country undoing all of Kathleen Sebelius’ policies.

    • Id like to see Paul as Chairman of the Federal Reserve since transparency there always seems to be his biggest issue

    • I agree with your Eric, there are a lot of place in which Paul could be truly excellent and make a real difference for the good of America, including HHS or the Fed Reserve (as K-raig noted). President is not the place.

    • LOL Eric, you would put Ron Paul in exactly the kind of bureaucratic position he would probably eliminate if president. I agree however, he doesn’t resemble superman man-of-steel, but we’ve had to suffer the consequences of picking people who stubbornly did. I think the media should stop being superficial about appearances and focus on those who understand what’s best for this country and can lead us there. I hate to get all biblical on a political discussion, but Jesus wasn’t Goliath you know. And yet, some of us follow him to this day.

    • Also wanted to mention, I was at the National Archives in WashingtonDC last week and they had a rare voice-recording of Theodore ‘Rex’ Roosevelt. Want to guess what he actually sounds like? Go see for yourself if you’re ever down that way. But my first impression was: “How do I get this to play Teddy Roosevelt’s speech? All I hear is background noise with some frail old grandpa speaking”. The frail old grandpa voice was Teddy Roosevelt. And yes, it was recorded while he was in office.

  18. Newt for president! If we all just go with our gut on this one, then we won’t have the media telling us Gingrich has the least support, or that he is at the bottom of the polls. If you like Newt, vote dang it! Don’t let let the media tell you who to vote for.

    • Well said. Polls are a crock! Romney is NOT the best candidate. Maybe the slickest but not the one to win this. I mean for crying out loud, he couldn’t even beat McCain n 2008. What makes you think he can beat Obama in 2012. Whiney Baby! Did anyone notice the awkward nervous laughter of his every time someone criticized his record. It’s just wierd. It’s awkward and he does it to buy time and make it look like the person is not telling the truth. And when he put his hand ON Rick Perry’s shoulder?? That seemed way over the line to me!

  19. If President Obama really wants to make a last chance Real Change, he will ask his donators and team to collect $313 Million Dollars and give each America a check to all those who filed a Tax form in 2010 for only $1 million dollars each. With this money, they can prevent foreclosure, pay the medical bills, dental, pay off student loans, pay off the credit cards and debts, buy a new car, buy a new home or make repairs on the home they live in, pay for the children to go to college, afford day care, buy new clothes, buy plane tickets, bus, or train tickets, be able to take a vacation, eliminate the need for welfare, unemployment, disability, shop at all the stores ect…..this will not increase our National Debt because it came from Donations from the Rich to the less Rich. It will stimulate all areas of the economy. It was not fair for President Obama to give Oregon State University over $17million Dollars that just so happen to be the Presidents wife’s brother employer. If you did not give to each University, then none should have been singled out… It was not fair that the 700 BILLION bailout went to Banks, this college, foreign countries ect…The Americans need true change and this $1Million dollars per person which is under $300 Million will make up for all the failures that were done that has put the US in deep debt. This will stimulate the economy because you will give the American’s the money and they will spend it to stimulate all areas, versus the Banks who gave their money to everyone in their top Management, but, nothing to the American’s….This would eliminate the over $13 Trillion Dollars they say you plan to spend on Welfare. This will allow all those who loss jobs to be able to survive. When this letter was sent to President Obama’s Team, they responded with an auto letter requesting me to give money to President Obama..We know you President Obama, You don’t need money for your Campaign. The same people who voted for you before will vote for you again. We hear your speaches daily, weekly, monthly. If you cannot do this, We wanna know WHY NOT??? This is a reasonable, achievable request. We deserve an answer as to WHY NOT.

    • I think your math is off by a factor of 1,000,000 here, 1 million dollars to 300 million americans each comes not to 313 million dollars but 313 trillion dollars

  20. correction census polls reflected rounded up 313 Amercian’s, at $1 million a piece the will be only a cost of $313 Million……only $1 million per person who filed a Tax form in 2010…….versus $700billion failure, or a $13 trillion disaster

  21. What has frustrated me about every one of these Republican debates is that Newt Gingrich is clearly the most intelligent candidate in the race, and yet the dumbest candidates – Rick Perry and Herman Cain – have all of the party’s support.

    • It seemed like Newt is playing to be Vice-President, which I think he would do a good job of. He is a very intelligent man indeed.

  22. Herman Cain was not able to clearly, in a simple way explain his upside down 666, 999 tax reform. He advised for us to read about it. We need to hear a simple explaination from his mouth, not go and read about it. The debates are designed to hear a quick clear explanation of their intentions, not be sent to do research on WWW. Rick Perry already is playing the blame game as a Governor in the State of Texas. His conduct of interupting was a clear show case of his character. I always looked at Rick Perry as a Tall and Handsome man and thought when Texas kept voting him back in as Governor, I thought wow this man might be the one, but after listening to him and watching his true character, I changed my mind quickly. He made Unknown to me Romney look like a Saint….Romney I will have to do more investigation from my Family who lives in the New England area to hear first hand from the citizens his true worth. Ron Paul Served time for his country as a Flight Surgeon, He is a Doctor who delivered 4,000 babies, then went into Politics. He has the experience in several areas of life, to be a Great Leader. Now, I know Barack can out talk him, but as we have witnessed, “Talk is Cheap” Actions will always speak louder than words. Santorum gave good answers but lacks the experience of Ron Paul. Bachman gave intelligent answers, but, woman are hateful to their own sex and Men are jeolous so she does not stand a chance. Newt Gingrich is educated and has experience, but he should as the speaker of the house…He would be my second choice only for this reason. Ron Paul was not given alot of talk time, more focus was thrown at Cain, Perry, Romney….We need to hear more from each candidate and if Perry or any other rudely interupts when someone is trying to defend themself or explain an answer, then they need to blow a loud horn in his ear like they do at the campaigns to drown out the opposition.

    • Herman Cain has explained his Tax plan, that is the problem. The proplems with his plan have nothing to do with “666” or “the devil’s in the details”. Why don’t you just throw him under the bus because his name is Cain. Afterall, he killed Abel right? Him asking us to ACTUALLY READ his plan is more than we got from Obama, Reid and Pelosi on Obamacare. If you are unwilling to do DUE DILIGENCE then please, don’t go to the polls.

      If whether a state keeps reelecting someone is a sign of qualification then we should of had Ted Kennedy for president. Thank God most voters have better judgment. Romney was unknown to you? WOW.

      Bachman gave very little answers and even fewer intelligent ones. Disqualifying her because of a sexist, untrue stereotype that you are broad brushing all women with is even more ignorant than her “666” comment. Either you are a liberal posing as a conservative to make us look bad or you reaaly are ignorant. If the latter is the case please stop posting because you ARE making us look bad.

      • Although I disagree with aspects of Cain’s plan, namely the flat income tax portion, I agree that it is rediculous that Bachman bashed his plan based on a passing resemblance to the number 666. Even if it was the 666 plan it shouldn’t be brought up in an intelligent discussion that it has anything to do with the devil. Judge on merit and merit alone. that said I currently prefer Mitt Romney.

    • I live in MA now and when Romney was govenor. I can assure you that if he believes sometning should be done, he will get it done. If you don’t want what he says he will do then better not vote for him. I am a republican conservate from MA. I am for Romney. I think the only candidates who have the intellegence, background and skill to beat obama in any debate are Romney and Gingrich But I don’t think Gingrich is committed to stopping illegal immigration. Romney made it clear, in his prior election campaign and in his actions as govenor , that he is not afraid to tackle the illegal immigration problem.

  23. There are rougly 313 million American’s. Out of that my estimate will be around 200 million will file 2011 tax returns…What politician will stand up to the plate get their donators to raise $313 Million Dollars and pay the estimated 200 million people filing Taxes just $1 million Dollars a piece. This will not increase any debt or create any taxes. This will stimulate all areas of our economy. This will make up for the over $700 billion Bailout that we are paying for but never gained from. This will make up for the over $13 Trillion welfare reform that we will pay for but are not qualified to receive. This is a reasonable request that can be achieved and the American Citizen who work so hard for their money deserve it….As they said in the debate, we tax the poor, to give money to the Rich foreign countries. It is time for Real Change and this Stimulus check that will cost no one anythng. It will be donations collected by the Rich and given to the less Rich to pay off all debt as a requirement and what is left to spend and rebuild and stimulate our economy immediately….Time to have Simple, achieveable, reasonable request and this is one of them….If this is not done, I want to know “WHY NOT”

    • If you have 313 million people and give them $1M each you don’t get $313Million dollars. If would have to give them $1.00 each. Your plan would cost $313Trillion. You claim to support conservative ideas but post progressive redistribute the wealth nonsense.

  24. Correction on previous comments: Here are some facts from WWW that they need to be addressed in the future debates ***Obama to Spend $10.3 Trillion on Welfare: Uncovering the Full Cost of Means-Tested Welfare or Aid to the Poor
    ****Tracking the $700 Billion Bailout
    ****Stimulus Saves First Lady’s Brother?
    $17.8 million stimulus was given to Oregon State University where>>>Craig Robinson, who is the head coach , brother of first lady Michelle Obama is employed… funds distributed through the Oregon Department of Education, OSU(Oregon State University) received $17.8 million by Sept. 30 to support faculty salaries and benefits. Based on calculations of base salaries and full-time equivalency, these funds supported 394 jobs.
    OSU has also received ARRA research funds totaling $18.8 million through the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (all info found on WWW) Note per a resident of Mass, Romney did help their debt to come down…I still think Ron Paul would be the best because he is too old to wanna party like a Rock Star and would use his last breath to focus on Good change…He would be more cost effective to the Americans in the long run…He can have one of the younger ones be his vice President. We need an older, wiser President, not a young one…..I think Ron Paul is the Man…..

    • I just want to point out that all of the leading candidates are in their 60’s or 70’s, so its not as if there are any young guys up there, also the president’s pension and benefits after holding office aren’t anywhere near significant enough to be a relevant argument for why he should be president. That said, Romney is my first choice, Paul is my 2nd.

  25. keep foreign aid to israel and find out the results

    israeli spies? in the US

    search Stewart “David”? Nozette, space scientist? pleads guilty? to? spy charge

    search? Johnathan Pollard another? israeli spy? had? connection to 9/11

  26. Bachman keeps attacking Obama but gives little concrete plan of her own. When ask what she will do about to victims of foreclosure she didnt give any answer but rather blamed Obama and said she is standing with the mothers who had foreclosures.

    Criticizing others while not giving clear steps and concrete plans and solutions to problems and to many questions asked by people marred this debate. The media seems to be playing up on this too. Most of them criticize the bold 999 plan,but we are yet to see their own concrete and simplified tax plan.

    These candidates need to grow up and come up with something better. I believe all these is still child’s play cause they dont have a chance if they continue along this path.

  27. i don’t understand the obsession with fences. you know what will defeat a 30 million dollar fence? a five dollar ladder.

    • too true, I love hearing bachman talk about a double walled 20 foot fence. Maybe if we just decide we have way to much money one day and need to blow it on a useless project then we should build a fence, not before

      • And as if there is not already a Grand River along the border of TX. Really? You need a double walled fence? Stupid. Rick Perry knows what he is doing. As he’s been saying, the full cost of border patrol should not be put exclusively on the shoulders of the TX tax payers. He knows how to do it, but as the Gov of TX you can’t simply raise taxes enough to have TX citizen alone footing the bill for NATIONAL security on the TX border. That’s why he keeps saying, the federal govt has failed. It’s not about blame, it is about the realities of the cost of border security.

  28. i dont understand some of you people who say ron paul would not be a great president!! he’s the only one that stands against big government. he wants no income tax, no i.r.s. no bailouts, no stupid wall or fence, and he doesnt’t want any bullsh.t with us as americans. people, i’m a muslim. i’m all about freedom, so is ron paul. next year we need to vote for a real person, we need to vote for RON PAUL. any questions???????

    • Many people agree with the sentiments Ron Paul has, however his purist libertarian views don’t sit well with most voters, much of his philosophy relies on a nation that is willing to take personal responsibility which many voters don’t have faith in. He sees a free market as a self regulating entity. A view which to most people is reminiscent of the industrial revolution. Looking back in history there has never been a time when either pure communism, or a pure capitalist society has been successful. Ron Paul’s purist approach seems to many naive at best. At the most basic level, too much freedom always leads to anarchy, while too much government will always lead to tyranny. People want to see the right balance that will protect their rights without infringing on them, not a one sided approach.

  29. My favorite line was from Newt: “I’m a hawk, but I’m a cheap hawk”. Overall, I still think Paul is hitting enough of the right notes for my vote, but Newt is creeping up and he does have enough substance to make an interesting debate w/ Obama.

    I do think something should be said about Paul being left out of the closing comments as well as being neglected as a significant player in this race. He has consistently placed in the top half of the field throughout the race, but he has been covered far less than other candidates who have less than a fraction of a chance at getting very far (Bachman/Santorum).

  30. The so-called debate Tuesday night continues to reveal to us in the U.S. how important it is to “wait” and study the responses a individual makes on all issues and also study their web site about their policies and views! These debates so far have shown us that certain people “get out of control with their emotions are actually rude and crude” as well as “misrepresent other people” by twisting what they believe or have done in such a manner to cast bad reflections upon them when it isn’t really true!
    Those guily of being like “little thug teenagers” and also lied by twisting or manipulating the issues to present it like a truth when in fact it becomes a “lie” were and have been: Mitt Romney, Gov. Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Ron Paul also endorses liberalism and would have them on his staff so he says. He also hasn’t spoken against Obama personally at all. And he thinks that is cool. He also doesn’t know that the men in Guantanamo are terrorists and isn’t really for any law which protects the American from harm. He is sort of “nutty”! The only two people that are Presidential and have the ability to be a President and follow our Constitution and Bill of Rights are; Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. I think only Cain can win because he can pull Democrats to his side from both large segments of our population; minorities such as the African Americans and Hispanics and others. NONE of the others can do that at all. They may just lose if they got elected for the Republican candidate. We cant afford that. Also, Mr. Cain is more like Ronald Regan than any of them. He is a social Conservative. Gingrich has a great plan but he can’t pull in the minorities at all. Perhaps he would make a good V.P. with Cain but I would prefer Marco Rubio. Cain has the courage to try and take the big Government off of our backs. He wishes to take down the IRS Income Tax oppressive system and replace it with a fair and just taxation plan. No one else even comes close! They speak about reducing Government but don’t do it or stand for it really! Romeny is nothing but a liberal democratic Republican. Perry can’t talk and think on his feet! Bachmann is just a “broken record of memorized sound bites”, etc.! So Herman CAin can win, will win and that is the deal! Just watch he has already gotten top polling numbers without hardly any money or organization. Wait until that gets to higher levels he will go so fast they will be lost in his dust!

  31. is it just me or does rick perry make no sense? he is asked one question, and he answers a different question. america will be much worse off with him as president.

    • They all did that tonight, Newt did it. Cain did it. Bachmann did it. Romney did it. Cain and Newt both said the same thing that Perry did about answering the question they WANT to answer but simply said it more tactfully than Perry did. Just watch it again. Perry is not the only one who answered the important question on the table vs the lame ‘gotcha’ questions Anderson wanted to ask.

  32. After watching this I’ve lost some hope in humanity. Are these people really the best this country has to offer? If you are even considering Michelle Bachmann as a contender you should really question your own existence on this planet. I’d vote for a brick before I voted her into office. The woman didn’t have a single thought or answer for a question. The first thing out of her mouth each time was Obama-bash and ended with I have a plan but never revealed a drop of information on what that plan is.

    • I think that brick might be the current President. And if you’d vote for him over ANY other candidate, then you’re right, there may be no hope.

  33. Herman is likeable but for a simple tax plan it seems pretty hard to explain simply. Tho Mitt’s point about adding it to the state sales tax is stupid as we will indeed pay sales tax on top of income tax as we already do! What the states do is outside the debate as it about the fed alone. Newt isn’t radical enough in his cuts. Perry is a jerk from the start, masquerading as a southren gentleman but obviously a churlish and thinskinned man. He’s like Bush Jr. again with a mean streak Bush didn’t have. And when Paul and Santorum think the 999 plan isn’t’ good, chances are, as much as I have liked Cain, it might need to be redone from the ground up,

  34. People may be mad at Rick for interruptomg Mitt, but it is hard not to interrupt someone telling a blatant lie. And the point about manufacturing he made is a good point.

  35. I am a Pennsylvanian stuck in Mass. and Romney was a sucky governour. His solutions for problems like MCAST tests and replacing a rotary at Cape Cod’s entrance with an ugly superhighway overkill cloverleaf offramp were like amputating a fingre with a cut on it and replacing it with a wooden limb. Romney and Perry epitomise (OE spelling) the proverb “People in glass houses…”

  36. It is great to see all the support for Ron Paul – DO NOT let the media/establishment choose your candidate for you – every single one of them are so full of BS with the exception of Paul who has been unwavering in his beliefs/ideals and has voted accordingly everytime. I like how somebody said all the attention goes to Romney and Perry, and now Herman Cain – they are SO AFRAID of Paul because he actually will change the system – he is virtually the #1 enemy of the entire structure of fraud/deceit/corruption that is now known as the United States government and financial system. He has gone against the grain for so long he has actually changed the direction of the river’s flow – people forget that with the exception of Paul the G.O.P would continue to be the war-mongering Neo-Con party for AIPAC and willingly sell out our country to the highest bidder, Zionism, and the New World Order. Without Paul NOBODY would be actually considering an audit of the FEDERAL RESERVE system cabal that is indeed the shadow government of this nation. RON PAUL 2012 – or bust. God Help America if he doesn’t make it, ignore this man at your own peril!

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