Airing tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT is the Western Republican Presidential Debate live from Las Vegas, Nevada. The debate is sponsored by CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference. Tonight’s broadcast will feature seven GOP candidates since Jon Huntsman has chosen not to attend this time around.

Air Time: Tuesday, October 18th at 8pm ET, 5pm PT on CNN – Submit Questions

Live Feed:

Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Report from NewsOnNews:

The debate, which will air live from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (ET), will be broadcast from The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Voters from the 16 states and territories that make up the Western region of the United States will be in the audience and will have an opportunity to pose questions directly to the candidates.

Nevada will be one of the first states to vote in the Republican presidential primary process in 2012, as chosen by the Republican National Committee.

The following seven presidential contenders will participate in the debate: Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman was invited to this debate, however, he has decided not to attend. The Washington Post reports more extensively on Huntsman’s current situation:

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. is running out of time. And money. Dead last in some polls and deep in debt, Huntsman, who has been serious, then a jokester, then the civility candidate, then the hatchet man, now has a new role: New Hampshire’s Number One Primary Champion.

Now Huntsman is taking another stand for New Hampshire: The former diplomat is skipping Tuesday night’s Nevada debate among the Republican presidential candidates.

Huntsman doesn’t really have a choice but to stick all of his apples in the New Hampshire basket.

If he loses badly in the first-in-the-nation primary, where he reached 10 percent in one recent poll and where he moved his campaign headquarters, his struggling GOP presidential candidacy would likely end.

This will leave us seven candidates on stage later tonight meaning each candidate will get another minute or two on average to speak. Not something we’re going to notice I’m sure.


  1. Michelle Bachman likes to bandy the term “crony capitalism” about. The Occupy Wall Street movement is concerned about Wall Street money going to Washington and corrupting our democracy. Is Michelle Bachman opposed to Wall Street generated crony capitalism or does she support it?

  2. Over the decades I’ve grown disgusted with politicians, but I have to say that Ron Paul is the most sincere person I’ve ever seen run for President. He’s also brilliant and offers way more than all the other candidates combined. Anyone with an average intelligence or better should realize that all the other candidates are just more of the same. There is only one candidate that needs to win and that’s Paul.

  3. Newt Gingrich is The Most Republican, The Most Conservative, The Most Presidential, The Most American of all candidates. He has shown us what conservative America Wants and Can Achieve.

    In 4 years as the Speaker of the House he “Balanced the Federal Budget”, “Reformed the Welfare System”, “Opened the floodgates of New Jobs”, “Reduced Capital Gains Tax”, “Paid off $400B of Federal Debt”, “Created $2.2T in Federal Surplus”, “fought a Democratic President’s efforts to obstruct justice”.

    Which one of these things do we NOT need today?

    Today “We run a $1.3T deficit every year”, “Unemployment benefits are being expanded without time limits”, “A 9.2 percent unemployment rate”, “A president trying to increase any tax he can”, “A federal debt that is approaching 100 percent of GDP”, “A president who has presided over an opaque system that is handing out money to failing companies and helping smuggle American Guns to foreign countries which are used to smuggle drugs to America”.

    There is more – the democrats having lost the house, having lost the ability to raise taxes, or run up the deficit have now asked the Fed to print new money that has no value.

    Before you go out to vote in your primaries take a moment to reflect on this fact. In Greece, after years of Keynesian economics the economy has collapsed. Fruit stores in Athens have closed. “After Dark people scavenge for rotten fruit in Trash cans”. 20 years ago the Communist system collapsed leaving people to fight for food on the streets during a Russian winter. If we leave America to continue on its current course we may also see such days. America is being torn to bits by hungry wolves. Do not let anyone convince you to elect any less than the most conservative American as the next president of America

    The liberal news media declared war on his presidential bid when he decided to run for president. Do not be swayed by phony analyses of Newt’s performance and message in post debate talk shows. Visit his website at Donate to the campaign. Help Newt win and restore prosperity to America. We have seen him do it once before. We need a Newt Gingrich Presidency for the next 8 years.

  4. I see Newt Gingrich as the strongest of all the candidates. He is a human encyclopedia of knowledge and ideas and he can call them up at will and as such, he would give the President, or any other Democrat, the best challenge. All of this makes his so-called “baggage” irrelevant as it should be. We are talking about someone needed to bring this country back from the brink. He has a plan to accomplish that so check it out.

  5. Why in the world is Gary Johnson being actively excluded from these debates? I DEMAND EQUAL TIME for my candidate!!!

  6. How do you give the republicans credit for the economy. It was President Clinton that pass the tax increase without any republicans voting for it.

    A tax increase was a big part of the expansion of the economy and it is needed now more than ever.

    Taxes on the Wealthy and Corporations have been reduced by about 50% over the last 30 years.

    That is one of the reasons the economy stinks.
    They are sitting with trillions of dollars. if they weren’t greedy and shared the wealth with their employees, that money would be spent.


  7. Ron Paul would be ideal for many things, but he is naive in foreign policy and therefore dangerous. Iran is a threat. So is being a libertarian at all costs. Like I said, he has some fantastic recognition of issues, he understands the dangers of the Fed, etc. But, he is simply unrealistic with the world we face today. Gotta be Cain or Romney at this point. Newt is by far the best when judging by knowledge and abilities, but could never be elected. People want to love Perry, but he just does not have a grasp of the issues and will need a complete do over. Santorum, Huntsman, and after Iowa Bachman should just get out and allow these other guys to get more time. The more and more people see Paul, you will hear things creep out that contradict reality. He would be a great cabinet member. Has phenomenal ability to hit right on point.

    • I think what Paul says makes perfect sense, especially in foreign policy. Just emagine a gang from LA “bloods” or whatever, they decide to go attack some village in mexico. They kill, destroy homes and property etc. (Hypotheticly of course) So… Mexican Government starts to bomb areas in the city of LA, they send in troops to find the “bloods” and wipe them out for the betterment of us, the American people. But in the mean time some of those bombs destroy homes, kill innocent civilians, the troops they send are so ready to kill the “bloods” that they shoot every person who resembles a “gangster”. Don’t you think that the american people would be pissed, start rioting and attacking their troops. Then after the civilians resist the Mex. troops view us as another “terrorist” group that they have to save the people from. So they attack a new group, and another and another.

      This is what we have done overseas, that is why we are attacked, that is why they are mad at us. Because we are occupiers. That is why we need to leave. Even 911 was reported to have been caused by our bases in saudi arabia. If we leave, we save money, we save our troops lives and they will stop attacking our troops.

  8. All except maybe one person up there tonight are Neocons. Most aren’t conservative at all and aren’t really much different than Obama. The Republican party is digging a grave for itself by becoming more and more and more liberal. They talk a good game about “freedom” and “low taxes”, etc. until election season. Then the candidates that are “supported” are exact opposites of what is touted during non election season. Some of you will enjoy Steal From A Liberal

  9. Let’s see if any of that extra “1 to 2 minutes per person” goes to Ron Paul.

    Doubt it, I count on Cain and Romney talking for more than 50% of the time tonight.



    ^ He has my vote.

    • As soon as he ends the wars you best be digging yourself a big hole to hide in. Iran will take over everything we have accomplished over in the Mid-east. You best be aware of it. We can not be safe this way.

      • Sounds like fearmongering 101. Bush/Cheney (and Obama too!) have taught us well. Not gonna buy it anymore. Ron Paul 2012!

      • This assertion is ridiculous. Getting out of the Middle East will no invite Iran to attack us. They have no significant army, no air force. How will they take over the middle east? With Nukes? Well, I’m pretty sure the other countries in the area will Nuke them back. Why should we get involved with any more nonsense overseas when we ARE BANKRUPT here. We just print more money to fund these stupid wars to make war profiteers rich. Keep FEARING every red herring the media and your dear GOVERNMENT jam down your throat. How safe will you be when the World Markets collapse, the dollar hyperinflates, and China and the middle east call demand liquidation of OUR debt to them? Scary stuff, much more so than flip-flop wearing Iranians who don’t ever produce enough gasoline for themselves.

        • Yeah!!! … It’s almost like if Afghanistan was to attack us or something…. why how crazy is that idea?!! Geezse.

      • “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

        Laura: If you have served in the Middle East, you know that your statement couldn’t be further from the truth. What we have now, is a paranoid, cowardly Foreign Policy fearful of anything and everyone, fueled by entertainment propagandists. Israel spends 16 Billion in defense and ranks 10th in military power, they could handily defeat Iran. Iran doesn’t even have the gas to fuel a war machine against Israel, let alone the U.S. which is across the ocean and has a 700 billion dollar defense budget, 7 times that of the second most powerful, China. Poor Foreign Policy is killing our economy right now, along with the Corporatism(NOT Captialism/Free Market)which is essentially the government controlling who wins and who loses. In that type of environment, we all lose. The same people that are cramming socialized welfare projects (Liberal Platforms) are the same people bailing out crooks in secret and trying to get more government to “keep us safe”(Neo-Conservative Platforms). It’s the same jokers, trying to use partisan politics to make puppets for their profits. Wake up for your own sake, and for the sake of future generations, start researching the actual state of the world, not what the mainstream media dishes up every night.

  11. once again, only Ron spoke in non-sound bit language. The others are there to serve the bankers, Ron will serve the people.

  12. Ron Paul’s integrity, intelligence and capability shine through over all the other ‘same olds’. He is the only one who can turn this country around. Wake up America! Stop complaining about the country – get informed and utilize this democracy and vote, and don’t trust the bias of the media. Shame on Anderson Cooper at the end who cited the poll on ‘Who won the argument between Romney and Perry.’ If he had any integrity as a journalist, he would have reported on the MAIN poll that the news service was conducting: ‘Who is the best candidate for President?’ 2 min after debate Ron Paul was ahead of everyone at 47% !!

  13. Ron Paul is the best candidate, I’m an independent changing to republican just to vote for Ron Paul.

    CNN, was not fair to other candidates than Romney and Perry – showing a big preference.

  14. In showing wisdom, passion and respect, Paul and Gingrich were the class of the event. Romney used good research and a quick mind to destroy Perry in their verbal sparring match, but he appeared insincere, a textbook bureaucrat. For a “non-politician” Cain hands-down won the Mr. Rhetoric prize continuing to be more sound-bite than substantive, and revealing further how relatively little experience he has operating on the Washington stage. Bachman’s polarizing views had me cringing and the playing of the women card reeked of desperation. Santorum simply flailed badly again. These last two will probably become the next ones out of the race. Perry was an embarrassment to himself and the party. He is “W Lite”, and there is not much to be said less flattering than that.

  15. A study was conducted that shows that individuals who are in favor of Ron Paul actually have above avgerage IQ’s
    Let’s go Ron!

  16. I saw you have a debate scheduled here in Myrtle Beach,SC for Jan. 16 2012 at the convention center. The Myrtle Beach National Volleyball tournament has been scheduled for a long time on this weekend with 144 teams coming to participate. The Republican Party is wanting this tournament changed so they can use the convention center. Myrtle Beach residents do not agree with this, and the party needs to find a different venue (The Palace Theatre) or a different date.
    Bobby Fisher

    • I noticed there was a conflict on the Convention Center’s event schedule. Fox News and the SC GOP will just find another venue I suppose if it can’t be resolved.

  17. I would like to know what is the deferent between Cain and my wife? My wife worked at Lowes and was asked something and she told the person the truth, then that person told management that my wife answer offended hem and she was fired.Sory for the spelling.

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