Eight GOP contenders will take the stage tonight from Dartmouth College in a debate sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and WBIN-TV. The central theme of this debate will be the economy and jobs for the entire duration of questioning. The moderating will consist of a three-person panel led by PBS veteran Charlie Rose.

Live Stream: Bloomberg.com or The Washington Post

Air Time: Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET on Bloomberg Television (channel finder)

Candidates: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Report from Bloomberg:

Join us on Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET for the first economic debate of the Republican primary season. Bloomberg Television and The Washington Post, in partnership with WBIN-TV and host Dartmouth College, will present the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused exclusively on the issues voters consider most important – the economy, debt, deficits, taxes, trade and jobs.

Moderated by Charlie Rose, The Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman. Be a part of the Bloomberg debate conversation on Twitter #EconDebate and on Facebook at http://facebook.com/bloombergtelevision.

Apparently Herman Cain has done enough in the past 2 weeks to merit a podium spot next to Mitt Romney. I would have assumed that podium order should be drawn randomly but call me naive.


    • Herman Cain’s “999” plan is a disaster. It plays right into the hands of the rich people. A guy earning $30,000 a year pays 9% while a guy earning $300,000 also pays the same 9%. Now the $2700 dollars that the poor guy pays is going to hurt him a LOT more than the $27,000 the rich guy pays since he has MUCH MUCH more to fall back on. But when you are earning only $30000 — that flat tax code is going to look like shit !!

      Rich people are the only ones behind Cain !

      • You need to take into account that he is replacing the payroll tax which is about 15%, so it is a benefit of 6% the middle/lower class receive. Cain is a brilliant businessman and prior mathematician for the Navy so give him a listen.

        • What about social security and medicare from the payroll taxes or does Cain’s 999 plan end these programs?

        • 9% federal tax on top of state tax. You will be at or over 15% plus you lose your mortgage deduction, pre-tax 401k, pre-tax health insurance, pre-tax HSA, pre-tax child care deduction. We need to revamp our current system.

          • Cain’s plan will replace all taxes as far as I can tell, it would just divide it up differently so would look different to us. It would actually bring in more money with the sales tax – some Americans are not paying into the system at all due to underground business practices or non reporting, do away with corporate loopholes while not slapping them with the highest tax rate in the world, do away with the horrible death tax and other unfair taxes, while leaving more in people’s paychecks by doing away with payroll taxes.

        • Sound money..Just like Ron Paul has been saying for a decade when will people listen…Herman Cain does not have enough experience…

        • There will be a 9% tax on the income you make and then another 9% tax when you spend it. If Herman Cain is elected and his tax plan is forthcoming then most budget conscience people will make as many purchases they can before
          the tax plan becomes law. There is a real possibility that we would see an instant surge in consumer spending before a Herman Cane Presidency and a drastic decline following.
          The wealthy are those who would truely benefit being their effective tax rate today is more than the combined Cane rate of 9% income plus a 9% consumption tax. As for the 50% who do not work or pay taxes, there will be exceptions made so again, therefore middle class will bare the hardship.

      • I think you miss the point. A flat tax is perfectly fair. It is the same % for every dollar each person earns. It’s not a punishment of those who make less. It’s not a reward for those who make more. It is perfectly fair, and if someone is unhappy that they are not making enough, then they have the freedom to learn, and/or work harder to earn a higher wage and make more money. The idea that if you make a certain amount of money and should pay more per dollar in taxes than someone else, is sick and punishment for those who want to better themselves. I can’t think of anything less American or more detrimental to our economy than to (by design) take away the incentive to find ways to better ourselves and reward each for their hard work. I think you need to be honest and ask yourself the question “would you work harder to keep less per dollar” Not likely… and why should anyone else? (oops that’s right, then those who don’t work hard won’t be able to get as much good stuff free.)

      • That is a socialist idea and there are still countries that buy into that theory. Maybe you should consider one.
        Under the Cain Plan, the % is the SAME. One is not penalized for working hard and becoming successful only to turn a large percentage over to fund all of those that don’t work. Becoming successful through hard work was the American Dream but it has been usurped by the government.

        • Are you kidding me? I graduated from college, worked hard, earned really good money. My husband did not graduate from college, worked hard, earned less money. Working hard does not mean you make more money. He has worked very hard, but was not able to make close to the money I made. Working hard does not mean you become rich. As a matter of act, most of our friends who are rich did NOT work any harder than my husband did. They had educational advantages and/or had relationship advantages or family advantages that allowed them to now have more money than my husband.

      • I am not rich and I think the 9-9-9 plan is fair. Why should rich people pay a higher percentage in taxes than the poor? Just cause you are poor means that you don’t have to pay your fair share of taxes, especially when the poor are the ones draining revenues in entitlement spending? Finally a tax code that is truly fair.

        • Do your parents get Social Security or Medicare or have you convinced them to reject them because they’d saved enough money to live out their lives in relative comfort. In any case I’m sure they’re proud of their son.

      • Your ignorant of the fair tax so you shouldn’t comment on it. If your talking the fair tax no one pays taxes up to the poverty level. There is a prebate.
        Also we shouldn’t punish people for earning more money. There is no reason to to take a larger % of a persons earnings just because fill in the blank.
        You make 30,000 do to your dissistions and priorities and the 300,000 earner makes better dissions and has differant prioritys.

      • Not exactly how 9% hurts a guy making $30,000. That’s about what I make and I pay more than 9%. You need to stop comparing yourself to the Jones’. I’m all for the rich being rich and keeping more of what they earn. They are already getting their pockets picked. The fact that there are rich people is the reason why I am employed in the first place. I’ve never worked for a poor person. I don’t know of any poor people who can hire anyone. I’m looking at Cain’s plan and the more I hear him talk the more I like him.

      • That makes absolutely no sense. Everyone pays the same rate, 9%. Why tell the lower financial class Americans that their money is not as worthy as those that make more money. By your logic “poorer” Americans have less to offer the government and only those that have made a good living are worthy of financial service.
        Have you ever invested time, effort and or money in a project? The more you invest the more involved you become in seeing the project succeed. All Americans should invest in our country proportionate to their income. When this is accomplished all Americans have an equal investment in the progression of our country.
        Think about it. Let logic be your guide rather than emotions.

      • what is so wrong with everyone, I mean EVERYONE, paying the same percent? That type of a system will only put the desire in a person to EARN more if they want to have more so the 9% doesn’t “hurt” so much.

      • @K I’m so tired of people who think someone else owes them something. Who think that the more wealthy you become, the more you should be punished. Who think that laziness, lack of planning and refusal to better one’s self should be rewarded. What does anyone owe you K? Seriously?

        Do you think I owe you something if I have a higher income than you? How about you pull your head out of your azz and figure out how to improve your own income like everyone else does that succeeds in life. If that requires going back to school and getting some education, then get off your lazy, do-nothing azz and get it done. Don’t you dare punish me simply because I spent hundreds of hours doing what you should have done.

        The fair tax asks everyone to contribute an equal share of their income. Wealthy people already pay the majority of the nation’s tax revenue. But your lack of ability to get the job done should NOT preclude you from chipping in and paying your fair share.

      • So because you make more means you should pay a higher percentage???????? How does that make sense? Flat tax makes perfect sense. All this nonsense that the so called “rich” don’t pay taxes is ridiculous. Stop believing the politicians. They will tell u anything so you can re-elect them. The top 10% of earners pay over 70% of the taxes in this country. Its funny how nobody ever mentions that 40-50 % of Americans have no federal income tax liability.

        • When I consider the flat tax I first thought that there is a minimum amout of income needed to live and that this amount should be a “deduction” and should apply to all and then have a flat tax on everything over that amount. On further consideration I see the benefits of and am in favor of some sort of flat tax where everyone has “skin in the game” regardless of their income and therefore cares more about how the government spends our money and our children’s money.

      • @ K from 7 P.M.: This is the crop we are reaping from our government school systems; a bunch of class-envying socialists. Where did America go wrong?

      • What is it with all you class envying people
        the rich should pay for everything, is that fair ? Don’t you know how politics works ?
        The president sets the policy and it is congress that has to pass that 999 plan of Cains
        and that is just never going to happen. Congress makes the rules except for executive orders that the president can sign and then congress can cancel that order. That is why it is so important to get the Barnie
        Franks and Al Simpsions out of congress as these people have made America hated and broke, with their leadership or lack of leadership.

        • David, you are so right, I don’t care what party, who the candidate is that is running for President, they can make all the promises and speeches they want. But nothing is going to happen if we don’t address the Congress issue, Congress has to vote on and pass anything coming from the President, both the House of Representatives and the Senate. if one votes NO, it is back to the drawing board for the Bill. It helps if Congress and the President are from the same Party, but as we see right now, no one is cooperating and we have so much Bi-Partisanship going of, you might as well call this a Dead Duck session. Cain’s 999 plan is not going to pass congress because to many interest groups would be affected and no congressman or Senator is going to risk losing all their money. We need to get rid of the bought government officials and bring in new blood

      • Maybe people will want to work harder to get ahead. Instead of thinking the more I make, the more they take. I am so tired of the overpaid socialist teachers leading our children down this road of class war envy!

    • Are you dumb or something? What impeachable offence has he committed, exactly? Not thinking as you do? Attempting an audacious health care plan that helps assist the lower 40% of the US population? Name it, sir. I guarantee you can’t.

      • Try killing a US citizen abroad without trial. That is absolutely unconstitutional. How about sending US military forces to attack another country without Congressional approval. How about failure to properly enforce the immigration laws.

        Plenty there to start with.

        • 1st) Let’s go back to WWII…say a person who was born in the U.S. decides that he likes what the Nazis are trying to do so he goes to Germany (France, Poland, etc.) to fight on the Nazis’ side. Should he be considered the enemy or not? Should our military forces not shoot him and instead risk their lives and try to capture him instead in order to bring him to trial in the U.S.? Ah, no. Shoot the traitor. 2nd) If you are referring to Bush, he had Congressional approval. His only mistake was relying on the previous administration’s (Clinton) intelligence. 3rd) Hey, if they come in the right way, the legal way, we have no problem. They don’t, they are outlaws and should be sent back to where they came from.

      • how about governing ageist the will of the ppl that put him into office, or stomping all over the Constitution. or the so many scams that he is invold in. giving out our money to only companies that give him kick backs. there r a lot of thing it could be done 4. i mean Clinton they tried to impeach him 4 getting a BJ!!! seems that was a lesser reason 4 impeachment!! =))

      • TO: ‘WISER THAN THIS GUY’ ….I could name a dozen off the top of my head, where is yours? How about the ‘nonwar’ in libya killing for ‘humanitarian’ reasons.
        How about not being TRANSPARENT ON ANYTHING including his BIRTH CERTIFICATE and COLLEGE CERTIFICATIONS? How about signing BILLS that were NEVER READ BY CONGRESS and SENATE? I could go on and on, but you need to do your research….and stop listening to Commie News Network.

      • Wiser than This Guy

        October 11, 2011 at 7:11 pm ยท Reply

        Are you dumb or something? What impeachable offence has he committed, exactly? Not thinking as you do? Attempting an audacious health care plan that helps assist the lower 40% of the US population? Name it, sir. I guarantee you can’t.

        ppl have given a lot of impeachable offence. what do u have to say now. so that ? is. Why Can’t We IMPEACH Obama Right Now? the anwers is ppl r scared to be call raciest!!!

    • How can BHO be impeached if his should’nt be POTUS at all ? How can we impeach a fraud.. If he (BHO) were impeached, that would confirm his legally holding the Office..

  1. I’m so looking forward to the day when the GOP establishment darling, Mitt (Flip Flop) Romney, loses his assumed position as the front runner, and a REAL Republican takes CENTER stage. From all reports, Newt Gingrich is, by a long shot, the most eminently qualified, the most experienced, the wisest, the one with the best record, and the one who wins the debates (at least if you ask an honest observer)…but the MSM is determined that the GOP field another moderate/liberal in the vein of McCain. Surely we won’t be so stupid again!!

    I’d like to ask Romney why he supports whatever position behooves him in the current race he happens to be running in at the time…as when he literally argued with the other gubernatorial candidate over which one was the strongest pro-abortion candidate in 2002 (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_w9pquznG4), and even now he refuses to sign the pro-life pledge; yet he insists that he is a strongly conservative candidate who will support the platform of the GOP, which includes the pro-life plank. Why should we trust anything he says in carefully measured words and tones, when his actions clearly prove something very different??

    • You need to read up a little bit on Newt Gingrich, like how he supports a carbon tax, and how he has called for the end of all nations sovereignty and an end to the US constitution. Don’t believe me, read the book, Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave, Gingrich wrote the foreword to it stating he supported just that, an end of the constitution and all national sovereignty and the creation of a global government system. Gingrich is a wolf in sheeps clothing and needs to stay as far away from the whithouse as possible, as well as the rest of them, Ron Paul is the only candidate you can’t dig up crap on, and for good reason.

      • Gingrich is for sure a Wolf in dirty sheep’s clothing. If his mouth is working you know he’s saying what ever he thinks you want to hear at the moment. Probably can’t remember anything he has said it is so meaningless to him.
        He certainly has not taken running for president very seriously. Does have a very demanding wife, to have her way

        I’m not too sure about Ron Paul. I sure don’t see or hear anything that makes me feel he is presidential material either.

      • i agree with u but he is very unelectable the amercan ppl r not ready 4 a man as great as him.i wish he was person to run the whithouse but that day is not here. but i think Herman Cain is the next best thing!! and that is who i will be voting 4!!!

    • Your rampage is like a car driving through snow, righthearted; LOTS of noise and big words, but it looks like you’re the ONLY one who sees your point. btw, McCain isn’t running this time…….

  2. I’d like to ask Romney why he supports whatever position behooves him in the current race he happens to be running in at the time…as when he literally argued with the other gubernatorial candidate over which one was the strongest pro-abortion candidate in 2002 (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_w9pquznG4), and even now he refuses to sign the pro-life pledge; yet he insists that he is a strongly conservative candidate who will support the platform of the GOP, which includes the pro-life plank. Why should we trust anything he says in carefully measured words and tones, when his actions clearly prove something very different??

  3. I would love to see the Republican candidates answer this question in their debates:

    “If you were POTUS and found yourself in the situation that President Obama is in now, where the opposing party resolved to do everything in their power to keep you from being reelected just as and held just enough seats to stop the Congress from passing anything that might be interpreted as a ‘win’ for your administration, what would you do to advance your agenda?”

    • Your question is flawed in the same manner as the partisan politics at work today. The question is not about how to advance the POTUS agenda but, rather, to advance the agenda of these United States. With that as the starting point, it becomes a matter of listening for understanding of as many viewpoints as time allows and devising the US agenda. Then, for those who want to play the politics of personal agendas, you turn to the voters ands ask for their help on the plan. Thats the difference i nstaesmanship and the bullying savior Obama has demonstrated thus far.

    • When your agenda pretty much opposes the bulk of the American people, Then there’s not a lot POTUS can do, except change your way of thinking.

    • I would hope the answer would be something like, “Listen to the voice of the people and the voice of reason and check my selfish, backward, failing agenda at the door and begin to do something that actually is good for the people and works.” At least I would hope that would be their answer if they were in Obama’s shoes. But Obama is in his own shoes…maybe that’s how HE should answer your question.

    • Don’t forget Obama and the administration had free reign to do whatever they wanted for two years until the American people had it with their out of control spending. The Republicans got the message loud and clear and are trying to put a stop to that since that’s what the people want, not to mention the fact that the country is going bankrupt at the speed of light. The Republicans have passed over 100 bills in Congress that are sitting and waiting for the Senate.

    • Gee, isn’t he in the same position Bush was in? The Dems ruled. Oh, you didn’t think of that, did you? Do you really think the change Obama is bringing on this country will be good for it in the long (and short) run? Spend, spend, spend…….

    • it was the ppl that put a stop on his agenda when they took those seats away from the Dimacrap party=)) b4 that he got everything he wonted, and now we have to go and repeel all that trash away!!

  4. I would like the candidates to never let up on the Obama administration. It is criminal what the President and his many henchman have unleashed upon us, which they most likely will get away with, but they must be stopped with our votes next November.

  5. Americans of all political stripes are united in their opposition to the corrupting influence of Wall Street money on our political system.

    Why are Republican and Tea Party leaders going out of their way to disparage the Occupy Wall Street movement?

    • Go after those who corrupt, not the system. Baby and bath water come to mind. Oh, wait, I had a bad meal at a local restaurant…boycott all restaurant! That will show them and fix the problem (the bad restaurant).

  6. I would like to know why some of these candidates feel as though a “anyone but Obama” mantra is what is in the best interest of this country. Why should we be satisfied with the “next best thing”, do they not have higher asperations for this country and their potential presidency? I do not think campaigning on this principal is wise or what the American public deserves.

  7. Sure hope Romney & Perry don’t again insist that they can undo laws passed in congress through ‘executive order’……one might think they at least knew what an executive order can and cannot accomplish. What a sorry bunch!

    • Hopefully any of the Canidates can beat Obama! What I would like to see asked is one question to all of the canidates – What do you see as the 3 top issues that we as a country must address and how would you specifically address each of those issues.
      Then give them 10 minutes each to answer the question – no rebutals, no wondering into the other canidates statements and attacking – just tell me about you – period.


    • Why should we depend on government – or one man – to “create” jobs? That’s something we should be doing for ourselves. Any government involvement should go no further than seeing to it that an environment which fosters growth and prosperity is prevalent by not interfering with the economy or the markets or regulating them to death. One man alone cannot achieve this; it would take the full cooperation of all three branches of government.

      Remember, government only confiscates and redistributes wealth – it does not and cannot create wealth. Too much dependence on government – and government interference in the markets – are two of the fundamental reasons that we’re in this predicament in the first place. Of the candidates, only one man realizes this – his name is Dr. Ron Paul.

  9. I hope at least one candidate stands up and identify the cause of the worldwide financial collapse and recession of the past four years, and that is the irresponsible and stupid heads of the big banks and others that turned solid assets that underpinned the security of millions of American families — their homes — into chaff that blew away in the wind.

    They blame us consumers for falling for their scheme, but they are the perpetrators, and they have never been punished. Only We the People are laid off, forced out of our houses, had our retirement savings stolen and destroyed — all in the name of securing the careers of the big bankers and investors/speculators.

    Congress — which is immobilized by Republicans in both houses — does nothing but stop all efforts to regulate and control the excesses of the plutocrats, and is bankrupting the country by standing up only for the super-wealthy.

    Where is the Republican candidate who will promise to lead us out of this mess, restore sanity to the economy, and send the plutocrats in jail where they belong?

  10. What are the top two health problems affecting Americans in the next 10-20 years, and does government have a role in prevention?

  11. I’d like each candidate to give specifics on how to fix the 114 Trillion Dollar unfunded mandate represented by Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  12. I just hope this isn’t just another Romney/Perry or Romney/Perry/Cain debate with every other candidates as extras. I feel that every one of the candidates have dedicated their time and efforts and should be asked the same questions and given the same amount of time to answer them. This is not WWE, all candidates should be taken seriously.

  13. Huntsman 2012! During his tenure as governor of Utah they had the highest job growth rate in the nation! It was 5.9% compared to Romney’s 1.8%. Also he was ambassador to China and we need a long term strategic dialogue with our greatest competitor. He speaks mandarin and understands the Chinese. The choice is so obvious. I think people aren’t paying attention yet.

  14. As a small business owner, I would like to hear what each candidate really has planned for the backbone of U.S. jobs production (small businesses), not just campaign rhetoric and broad promises, I would LOVE to hear specific plans. I understand time is limited, give me your best “elevator pitch”. By the way, f you don’t know what an elevator pitch is, you probably won’t have a very good plan for small business.


  15. Rulemaking is being used here on Hatteras Island to limit recreational uses of Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area. Since the economy of Hatteras Island relies almost exclusively on the money spent by visitors to the park, the economic results will be substantial. Rulemaking is also being used by NLRB to punish non union shops. Rulemaking is being used by the EPA to limit citizens’ choices and unnecessarily hamper business. Rulemaking will be used to put the details to the health care bill. These rules are written by government agencies and appointees, not by our elected representatives making it impossible for our elected officials to represent the voters who elected them.

    For each candidate:

    Do you feel that rulemaking is being abused? If so what will you do to correct the situation?

    • You can watch it on broadband — goto Bloomberg TV and you can see the entire streaming debate on your PC/Mac.

  16. Where is Gary Johnson? It’s a joke and a poor reflection on Bloomberg that the most qualified candidate to discuss fiscal issues is being deliberately and dishonestly shut out of these debates.

  17. Mark Allin, Mitt Romney has recently (within the last 30-45 days) published his detailed plan. Includes 59 measures he will take. 10 of which he will do on inauguration day.
    160 page booklet you can download from Amazon.

    So maybe go ahead and download that, then see if any of the other candidates even offer 1/10th as much as Mitt

  18. please people listen close to Herman Cain, take the time to to go look him up on the net and listen to his many speechs this man is the real deal, also maybe we could put an end to all the libs calling repubs. racest and hate mongers if we get behind Mr Cain// i myself dont really care what color he is he just makes alot of sence, he even calls himself a dark horse,he speaks the truth, jim monroe la…

  19. I would like to ask Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney what their foreign policy would be. How would they approach the European economic crisis (Greece for example.)
    Also, their position on support for Israel, Egypt and Syria (radical upheavals and how to address them), and Turkey’s recent political changes (cutting ties with Israel, embracing Egyptian ‘spring’. Also Iran’s obvious nuclear ambitions and the general climate towards fundamentalism and Sharia throughout the Arab world.

    And how would they affirm our position with our allies all over the world.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  20. Newt Gingrich should be the next US president. He is an endless source of ideas when the present US President cannot present even one workable idea. He has the best ideas about ways we can get out of our present situation. We already see that the same steps he had espoused in his original Contract with America are again producing results under a new Republican congress led by John Boehner. People are going back to work. We are out of a phony recession. Businesses are creating jobs. But much more needs to be done. We need a president who will work with the next Congress to throw out the shackles of soviet style collectivization imposed on US citizens. Who better to do this than the one candidate who proposed this idea of a unified Republican approach to election 2012 – Newt Gingrich

    Newt Gingrich has “Guts” – that one word summarizes his character. He had the guts to do what it takes to win a congressional majority after 40 years of republican loses. He had the guts to shut down government when Clinton would not stop his tax and spend policy. He had the guts to balance the budget under a Democratic president. He had the guts to resist Clinton and pay off $400B of US national debt.

    We live in a dangerous world. In these dangerous times we need someone who will do all the things – difficult things – that must be done to make America safe and make America prosperous again. May Newt Gingrich Lead us to greater heights!

    • i like what you are saying i like Newt alot i just dont think he can win actually i love newt i just dont thik he can win media hates him/ to much jmi monroe la,,,,,,

    • I agree, I think Newt is brilliant. I don’t understand why he isn’t in the top tier, except for the skeletons in his closet. Come on man, forgive the guy for the sins of his past.

  21. Why the conspiracy to exclude Buddy Roemer from the debates? Could it be the big money lobbyists that seem to control everything in our country. Buddy Roemer is the one candidate that speaks on how the supposedly “free trade agreements” are destroying our manufacturing base and the middle class here in the USA.

  22. No way, no how, will I ever vote for a RINO politician.

    Meaning ‘No!’ to Romney in the primary and general elections.

    The Tea Party will vote in a solidly conservative wall of politicians in 2012 to stop Obama’s socialist wealth redistribution agenda if he is re-elected.

    However, there is no way that I’m going to waste my vote on Romney AKA Obama-lite.

    I vote on principle, not electability.

    Don’t Tread On Me!

  23. I would like the following question.

    The 2010 election was about the economy which gave the republicans the majority in the US House of Representatives. When they got into office, their priority somehow changed. How will you ensure that you will stick to the number issue which is the economy and not subject the American people on abortion issue?. we need jobs.

  24. Ron Paul rocks, Perry rocks, we should put one of these 2 in the white house. Romney was my governor, he stank as governor and he will stick as president, plus he is a liar who wants the office more than the job. I think Ron Paul and Perry have a heart, a president should have a heart. There is something wrong with our society when a presidential nominee dives down when they speak from the heart about issues.

  25. None of these candidates is credible. Their only goal is to defeat Obama in 2012, that’s not enough to win, wouldn’t you say? Truth is Obama, smart and efficient will win hands down. He cant’t perform miracles and that’s what we needed after the Bush debacle. Get ready!

  26. ok folks we gave obama a shot he failed badly// so lets get over it hes old news hes gonna be trying to get reelected so we all know hes not gonna do crap about anything let get over the obama deal he is over give Herman Cain a hard look

  27. Why isn’t Ron Paul allowed to speak. Is it because he would expose the rest of the candidates for the big government Keynesians that they really are? Gingrich sounds good but is jumping on the anti Federal Reserve bandwagon. Watching Romney flip-flop on the European debt crisis and whether he would bail out banks again in the future was difficult. Romney is a con-artist. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is dangerous and will lead to higher taxes once a future Congress raises the rates. Perry, Huntsman, Santorum, and Bachman are not ready for prime time. The only true conservative on the stage is Ron Paul and they don’t even ask him any questions. This debate is a total farce.

  28. My apologies, anyone who asks “What can you do for xxx group, race, sex etc” they are not the ones to elect. EVERYONE IS EQUAL.

  29. So much misinformation, obfuscation, diversion, distortion and lack of real possible solutions. Not one of these guys are even in the same arena as President Obama.

  30. Are the candidaated aware that Medicare is losing a lot of money because it becomes primary insurance even when the insured has another plan. I am a retired federal employee who had BCBS and paid the premium when I retired at age 62. When I turned 65, medicare became my primary insurance even though I am still paying full premium to BCBS. Why does BCBS become secondary to Medicare and pays for very little of my medical costs.

    Are candidate aware that when medical equipment is delivered to home patients, they are told that if they keep it a year it becomes theirs. They are not checked to see if they need the equipment or not. I know one case where a man got a wheel chair and used it about 6 weeks and will not return it and no one will be checking to see if he needs it.

    • You are right on Barbara…these are the kinds of changes that would could be made…there are so many savings that could be reigned in and so many changes to encourage the free market to work for our healthcare without turning to a mega federal plan that will ruin our quality of care.

  31. Why in the world did we ever give the power to the federal reserve to manipulate the economy through the interest rates? Volcker did this…and Greenspan deregulated the banking industry way to much…banks became investment bankers and investment bankers became banks…a mess!

  32. Carmen, Obama has made a bad situation about 1,000 times worse! The only way we can create permanent jobs for all our unemployed is that he is out, out, out! He is a job killer….and I am not a fan of what happened within the big banks, AIG, AND Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae…that was disgraceful, but Obama’s big government spending plans do not and will not work!

  33. Right on Newt! You must be able to afford it before you can buy it! Banks should have to hold mortgage loans in their portfolios for a couple of years before selling them off…THEN they would get better at making loans that make economic sense. They played “pass the hot potato” prior to the 2008 financial collapse.

  34. The three Democrat Shills asking questions were there for one purpose….. sink them all. Didnt work though. Charlie is so obvious with his questions. That stupid woman in Red is a complete joke. (Not the fault of the rich they are working hard and getting richer while others protest in NY crapping on police cars and having sex in public.) That fairly pretty talking head is also there to try and sink this debate. What a joke.

  35. “Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it wasrealized that our liberties and wealth were in jeopardy.” – Ron Paul

  36. Herman Cain’s plan will only give us more taxes. The 9 sounds great but it will only go up. Romney is just another Obama. Perry is old news.

  37. I have to listen to my neighbors cry about the “rich” Grandmother and single mother of 2 drop outs. Perhaps they should of taught their children to get an education and marry before dropping kids!

  38. I would like to comment on the guy who said a 9% tax doesnt work.. ? 9% is 9% no matter how much money you make. 9% of a million hurts just like 9% of 10,000. People are just stupid.. Stupid Stupid !!!! The guy making 30,000 dollars probably isnt even paying taxes and getting a $2,700 check back..

  39. Let’s say you have 3 kids, one in school, and you and your wife make just enough money to feed them and pay for school….and then you have to pay 9% tax on that, and you’re 10% short.

    Now let’s say you have a small island near New York, net a billion or so a year and own a college for your kids to attend….yes you pay a fortune in taxes (still 9%), but a) nobody goes hungry b) you don’t even go to work anyway cause all that billion comes from investing your money and c) you don’t have any use for that tax money except for more investing (and don’t kid yourself it’s invested in US jobs). Meanwhile, your fortune was inherited from your grandfather who ran moonshine during the Depression or used slaves to pick cotton.

    Take a minute and think, people…Horatio Alger was a fictional character! And the Republican dream of the easy 50’s was the result of Democratic spending during WWII. If you don’t share the wealth, you don’t have any….the rich are only rich as long as we accept their paper money. Move back to a barter system and see what happens…try being a Wall Street Banker with a fortune in live chickens (!)

  40. I noticed the quotations on the backdrop of the debate when they would return from commercials, they were quotes from Thomas Jefferson and other historical figures. I noticed that the only candidate that even comes close to reflecting the wisdom in those quotes IS Ron Paul. It’s unbelievable that herman wins 1 poll in Florida and all of a sudden he is a “top tier” candidate with all the media coverage and interviews?? Ron Paul won the California Straw poll a month ago, Came within 9/10 of 1% of winning Iowa Ames poll and won the Value Voters Poll this weekend in Washington DC? His message is so powerful and practical if only people were exposed to it they would realize the true leadership and vision of Paul.

  41. I’ve been unsure which way to lean, but I am now firmly decided on Mr. Romney. I liked Perry, he isn’t “sharp” and lacks credibility. He is a lot like Bush. I like Cain but no experience in politics is a problem. I don’t want him to be part of the political mess, but he needs to at least have some experience in it. I used to be a Bachmann supporter but she doesn’t get the economy. Say what you will about Mitt, he is sharp and he is a leader.

  42. I have a question to all candidates except Ron Paul. There are mobs of angry protesters in New York concerning the obvious collusion between Corporations and Congress and whitehouse. Do any of you have the belief that private Corporations should have an influence in congressional voting and if the answer is no, please explain why the privately owned Federal Reserve is given power to issue currency and conduct the nations monetary policies when it is clearly stated in the Constitution this responsibility is soley to be conducted by congress?

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