Eight GOP contenders will take the stage tonight from Dartmouth College in a debate sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and WBIN-TV. The central theme of this debate will be the economy and jobs for the entire duration of questioning. The moderating will consist of a three-person panel led by PBS veteran Charlie Rose.


Live Stream: or The Washington Post

Air Time: Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET on Bloomberg Television (channel finder)

Candidates: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Report from Bloomberg:

Join us on Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET for the first economic debate of the Republican primary season. Bloomberg Television and The Washington Post, in partnership with WBIN-TV and host Dartmouth College, will present the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused exclusively on the issues voters consider most important – the economy, debt, deficits, taxes, trade and jobs.

Moderated by Charlie Rose, The Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman. Be a part of the Bloomberg debate conversation on Twitter #EconDebate and on Facebook at

Apparently Herman Cain has done enough in the past 2 weeks to merit a podium spot next to Mitt Romney. I would have assumed that podium order should be drawn randomly but call me naive.

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