The Republican debate taking place this Tuesday, October 11th, 2011, will focus primarily on the economy and fiscal issues. The debate is being held at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and is sponsored by Bloomberg Television, The Washington Post, and WBIN-TV.

Air Time: Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm ET on Bloomberg Television (channel finder)

Live Feed: Bloomberg and The Washington Post

Candidates: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

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The contenders in a reshuffled Republican presidential race are gathering again Tuesday at Dartmouth College for the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused solely on the economy.

Sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and WBIN-TV, the debate will be moderated by Charlie Rose, Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty, and Bloomberg TV White House correspondent Julianna Goldman.

“With the nation facing sustained high unemployment as well as concern over deficits, weak growth, and a possible double-dip recession, the Bloomberg/Washington Post debate will devote the entire program to a substantive exploration of the candidates’ specific plans for national economic recovery – in the state that will host the first presidential primary a few months from now,” the organizers said in a statement.

The participants will include Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota; former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia; former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman; Representative Ron Paul of Texas; Texas Governor Rick Perry; former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney; and former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

Romney has displaced Perry atop recent polls, and Cain has moved into third place, after three debates between the candidates last month.

The debate Tuesday will offer Perry his first chance to recover from what analysts widely saw as poor performances in the last two debates in September.

It will also offer viewers the first chance to examine the field without the specter of additional candidacies by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Both of them announced this week they would not be joining the field.

The debate will be broadcast live on Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio, and WBIN-TV in New Hampshire. It also will be available to viewers across multiple digital platforms including via livestream on,, and Bloomberg Mobile.

There will be a live stream available for eager viewers who do not have Bloomberg Television on their channel lineup.


  1. Apparently being a two-term governor is not a good enough reason to be in this debate, but CEO of a pizza company is? When did this campaign go from candidates for president to a new reality TV series? I understand the presidential debates and election process isn’t very exciting, but being unfair is completely uncalled for. Johnson is more liked and more popular than Huntsman, but he’s there, like the others, for entertainment and drama. Pathetic. We can do better, America! JOHNSON 2012!!!

  2. Since we have heard about high ranking (lol long way to fall for being arrogant) republicans feel about all of us, the occupy wallstreet movement. I would like their each opinion on what they think about our motivation.

  3. Who was 2nd in the polls? i love that they tell you 1st and 3rd. Whenever you see first and third, its because Ron Paul is 2nd in the poll, and for some reason they wont acknowledge that. Its almost as if the Federal Reserve doesnt want Ron Paul to be the president

  4. I see that this site and those who endorse it are blinded by the success of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. Why is it that they do not say that Dr. Paul is in second place. Would anyone like to comment on this fact? More important than any slant happy politico agenda crap article, we should focus on Ron Paul, his record, his views, his dedication to the american people, and his “not for sale” sign. We should and we will audit the “FED” Why, after these past presidents have washed corporate dirty hands with tax payers money, do we continue to want the same “fancy talk” shoe polishers in our white house. These are all or none times and we need a leader who is not for sale and will refer to the consitution at all times. Wake up and lose the blinders; Ron Paul is our people’s choice. Dont be scared by the wacko’s who think they are in charge. Do you own research and make your own decisions.

  5. Romney is the only candidate for the nominee that has a chance of beating Obama in the national election. He can carry some Dem’s that don’t like Obama, many Independents, moderate Republicans and even some from the far right of the party that don’t want to see Obama win. Romney is a class act and made redneck Perry look like a deer in headlights at the previous debates. Perry, Cain, Paul and the rest of the crowd have the support of bible thumping religious fanatics and tea bagging lunatics with the exception of Huntsman. We Independents don’t buy their far right political ideology and they cannot win with out the Independents. All of the candidates need to hit on Perry to knock him out of the race, it is not to their advantage for him to stay in with a lot of corporate money. If he were to start climbing in polls the corporate money would flow in. Good word is just out 12:30pm Chris Christi has just endorsed Romney. I think we will soon see the NE USA get behind Romney. Ron Paul has some excellent ideas on failed free trade policies and making them fair trade agreements, on bringing home all troops now and closing all our foreign military bases. The powers to be in the GOP(K street/Corporate) will never let Ron Paul become the nominee (he would pull a lot of Independents and Dem’s)but that is not going to happen. Look at how the media(Corporate) treats him, they don’t recognize him in second place, give him much time in debates, all talking heads completely dismiss him(they are corporate shills as is the media).We only have one choice, Romney.

  6. Where is Gary Johnson? Why isn’t he at the debate while Santorum, who has polled lower than him, gets to participate? Or Huntsman? Bring on Gary!

  7. I am so disappointed that Gary Johnson is not in this debate that I don’t even know if I’m watching it. I’m rooting against Obama because he has created an economic disaster and was probably separated in the disability section in elementary school. Why would I care which person I’m voting for? Can’t be this bad. Yeah, I hate Perry the most because he is a huge douche bag… but why would I even watch the debates if I have nobody to even root for?

  8. I hate how they always throw Ron Paul under the bus he is our best chance to get America back on track and they know it but they are for the big business and that is what is going to cause our nation to flop.

    Vote Ron Paul and we will have our nation back to the people

  9. I have decided to personally boycott any televised debate of Republican candidates for president until Gary Johnson gets invited and appears in them. It even appears to me the Republican National Committee is not proactive to ensure all the candidates get such debate exposure….as if they don’t care…hmmmmm. I’m urging my friends to also boycott the debates until Gary Johnson is part of them.

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