Earlier this evening nine candidates battled in Orlando, Florida, at a debate sponsored by Fox News, Google and the Republican Party of Florida. There were many notable moments and a reasonable division of the time between the candidates with several “ask all” questions where each candidate answered. Here are some highlights to hold you over before we can dig up the entire video.

Original Air Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Texas governor responds to criticism on in-state tuition controversy, border fence:

Continue reading for more highlight videos.

Huntsman: We’re Not Going to Raise Taxes:

Ron Paul on Restoring the 10th Amendment:

Would ‘President Gingrich’ Extend Unemployment Benefits?

Rick Perry, Mitt Romney on Incentives for Small Business:

Herman Cain Would Eliminate EPA:

Come back later for the entire video in case you missed it.


  1. Who gets the post-debate press?
    Tonight: The opportunity FOX allowed each candidate to speak:
    Romney – 16
    Perry – 11
    Bachmann – 9
    Huntsman – 9
    Santorum – 9
    Gingritch – 7
    Cain – 7
    Paul – 6
    Johnson – 5

    • This is not personal but take a look at the Name.
      Herman CAIN.
      Cain killed his brother.
      Cain is looking to Kill or Elimenate the EPA.
      Cain 999 is= EPA
      999 upside down = 666 the number of a man in the book of Revelation.
      something to think about. not true,but this is how some can see somthing in nothing.
      Thank. just useing you Mr. Cain.

  2. They sure like to leave Ron Paul out as much as possible even though he’s won every Fox poll on who won any debate (I haven’t seen tonight’s results but all the others have been this way). I’m so glad that people are waking up to the fact that these haircuts who go back on their promises “day 1” in office are no longer ELECTABLE.

  3. Somewhere around one or two AM this morning, Ron Paul was at something like 74 or 75 percent of the votes for who voters felt won the debate. I have looked this morning on FAUX’s website and I cannot find the results of their vote. I’d bet that if it was a Romney or a Perry that had won the online poll that they would still make that available.

  4. I agree with the comments of Mr. Jim Kane. I am not interested in either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry, yet the media and the Republican Party elites are shoving them in our face just like they did John McCain. If, the Republican Party doesn’t want a third party they had better stop the manipulation. And, those of you in the media better stop assisting them in their efforts!! The statistics on the speaking opportunities provided the candidates presented by Mr. Jim Kane above verify my point!

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