In case you missed the event last night in Orlando, Florida, nine Republican candidates took questions from moderators and citizens via YouTube videos in a debate sponsored by Fox News, Google and the Republican Party of Florida. Here is the full debate video, nearly 2 hours in length.

Original Air Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson

I found this one to be quite entertaining and informative at times. I liked how many of the questions were posed to every single candidate so you could see how they all think a little differently.


  1. None of the GOP candidates are even close to Ron Paul. Elect Ron Paul and remove the untruthful, misleading rhetoric of all of the politicians.



    • Exactly!!! Why won’t they let him debate?? I’m sick of hearing those two Buffoons (Perry & Romney) bicker back and forth!

    • All these candidates with the exception of Ron Paul are bought and paid for to say what you want to hear. Ron Paul is running his entire campaign on funds raised by the people. These other politicians are corporate backed. Ron Paul is the only Anti-war End the Fed candidate. If you want real change, you want Ron Paul…PERIOD! Ron Paul 2012. Please people…our way of life is at stake.

  2. I doubt I would vote for Ron Paul, actually. I like him on many things, but he is not a very good debater (time management, etc) which doesn’t bode well for the presidency (which involves public speaking). His foreign policy is extreme (I believe we should stop going to war for any and every reason or nannying the world, but avoiding wars at all costs unless attacked is also wrong. The US didn’t get involved in WWII or help jewish refugees until there was an attack on US soil, for instance). His abortion stance is not very solid either. I applaud him for his work towards State rights, however, and do wish the networks would stop pretending like he doesn’t have a huge internet following or isn’t a serious contender.

  3. From the debates alone, I like so far Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum. Romney and Perry have done a decent job answering a lot of my respective fears about them, so while they would not be my first pick at all, I wouldn’t be as scared if they were elected. A couple (Bachmann, Huntsman) have gotten onto my no-vote list.

    All the networks need to work on managing the debates a bit better so as not to give Romney/Perry a disproportionatley larger amount of time while phasing others out. There were some useful questions this round, the pairing with google and user questions was surprisingly beneficial.

  4. im tired of all these wars and having all these military bases around world we can use those men here in our country
    i voted for ron paul last year and ill do it again

  5. Romney and Perry fight like immature school kids on the playground. They do nothing but spew nice rhetoric and blast each other. Perry thinks that what kind of works for texas will automatically work for the whole country. I frankly don’t know how they are they are the 2 front runners. There are only 3 worthy candidates up there: Gingrich, Cain, and Paul. They lead with ideas, and aren’t afraid to stand by their viewpoints.

  6. First of all just let me say that when I vote, I vote policy, not party, not ANYTHING else. It is becoming more apparent to me that there is an agenda with the GOP debates. Why is it that there are one or two candidates that get one or two questions to answer, and then there are those that get a ton of questions to answer? The state of RI now has a Governor that was elected by a 33% vote, why, because the conservative vote was divided. Can you PLEASE ask the same amount of questions, preferably the same question to ALL the candidates!

  7. Please don’t vote for Santorum. The way he treated the common middle class folks in PA when we needed him was deplorable. He was never there for us. Didn’t pay his taxes. and sure as h### didn’t listen to the majority of us!

  8. Insulted whenever a government tells me “We know what’s best for you”. That is my stand with Perry’s Gardasil decision for Texas. Whether it’s an opt in or opt out choice. How many times do we see the FDA pull drugs from the market after years being sold because they were found to be detrimental in some way.
    Not aware of the details of Romneys health care program for his state but on the surface I hear the same message “We know what’s best for you” and let me shove it down your throat. That’s not being Free.

  9. So you want fifty kids in a class, so that the kids have less individual help from the teacher? That will help?

  10. Romney. You will NOT get quality education if you pack 100 kids into a classroom. NO TEACHER can do it. I don’t care who that person is, especially with the $5 per hour you want to pay them. Republicans all hate teachers.

    The way it is going, you are going to need to close all schools and force the parents to educate their own kids. I am all for closing all the schools since nothing any teacher does will make these guys happy.

    • “Republicans all hate teachers”

      Spoken like a complete jerk. Broad-brush prejudice in politics is no less obnoxious than in race. It’s all the same level of ignorance and hate.

  11. A teacher had a nervous breakdown because they packed her class with over 50 kids. She was a kind, caring person but she cannot be beaten up every day all day long by any human being.

  12. Is the mainstream media choosing our candidates for us? It certainly seemed that way until today when Herman Cain won the straw poll in Florida. I heard that Romney won the straw poll in the Democratic State of Michigan that should tell us something perhaps that the Democrats don’t want anyone who is toooo conservative.
    Ron Paul has been consistent in his Congressional votes. If one would really like to know what freedom is like during their lifetime then perhaps Ron Paul’s stand is the closest to the founder’s original intent. I’m for a Taste of Freedom any other takers?

    • Romney won in Michigan because his dad was an outstanding governor in Michigan for many years. The people remember and love him still. It says something about the quality of his leadership. You should do a little research before you make false accusations.

  13. 1. Tired of the Perry/Bachman drama over the cervical cancer thing.

    2. Not impressed with Perry. To Perry- “Don’t worry about Romney, worry about your own campaign.” (no 2 Perry)

    3. Lastly, I am always impressed with Gingrich. I’ve watched every debate and I have determined that he is a VERY smart guy. Also, not concerned about “winning” the debate, or coming out on top, or pleasing the media, or high numbers. I don’t feel like I am listening to a Politician, but a man answering the questions honestly, without some “memorized speech.”

  14. Ron Paul sounds like a very honest, consistent and good man. Answer me one question folks, does anyone else see people of other countries on these sites saying the same things about Ron Paul? I’ve even seen them say they wish they lived here and could vote for Ron Paul. One even asked what is wrong with people in this country who can’t see the obvious when looking at these candidates…That RON PAUL is the only one who doesn’t like business as usual in the USA. I myself hear the same rhetoric from all the other candidates, but Ron Paul stands out as the only true innovator and the most honest politician I’ve heard to this date.

  15. I’m a liberal Canuck with right-leaning tendencies. It’s great to watch these debates. I’ve watched Paul for quite some time and like a lot of what he says but he loses me on his deregulation positions. I’ve enjoyed watching Cain; had no idea who he was but am slowly warming up to his personality and proposals; however, he strikes me as ignorant on some issues like EPA regulation of dust. Romney reminds me of Mr. Fantastic and I expect him to stretch his hand out and mess with Perry’s mic when he’s not looking. Gingrich reminds of the tortoise versus hare story. Slow and steady wins the race. I look forward to more from these candidates. Best of luck to my American friends.

  16. How do people put a number on what is rich? There is many things to concider in becoming rich. Did the person go to school-rotations-residency-fellowships for 10-13 yrs(90-120 hrs a week, no money, 400k in loans) this is after the 4 year degree and average 3 years of getting into med school doesnt this person deserve to make money after all these years of hell to go through. Point is, some people sacrifice more than others to make money. Some people intern for no money for a long time, some people sacrifice going to school for many years while not making any money while every one is. Point is very difficult to say whats rich.

  17. Newt Gringrich is the only candidate that can win against Obama. People have said he has too much baggage but i think the American public is sick of the personal lives of the candidates and want and need someone who can do the job.

    Newt is a Leader who wont be pushed around by the media as demonstrated in the last debate.

    He has demonstrated that he is well informed on all aspects of goverment domestic and international

    He is also the choice of VP for many of the candidates.

    Can anyone imagine a debate between Obama and Gringrich?…..Obama would be crucified

  18. Perry is definitely trying to argue with Romney. The reason being is because the news keeps saying that Romney is in the lead. Perry wants to get more exposure by competing with Romney. It’s a smart move but kind of sad.

    As for Ron Paul, it is kind of irritating that Ron Paul doesn’t get enough questions but looking at how many candidates there are it is understandable. What I don’t like is that when t finally is his turn to answer a question they usually ask him a question that isn’t really important. Ron Paul is definitely the candidate that I want to see win and the only candidate that would be honest enough to keep all of his promises. We’ve seen far too many candidates making promises that are broken once they win the election. Obama and Bush being perfect examples as well as Nixon.

    Ron Paul 2012. The honest choice. The smart choice. The reliable choice.

  19. I am Mitt Romney all the way! The more i watch him, the more convinced i am that he is the right one to defeat Obama and do what is right for America.
    I love his personality and style. He seems very honest and competent, the best one to be the next president of United States.

    • Actually he has a better chance to win against Obama for the very simple fact that he has Roots both in Michigan and Massachusetts and they are huge Blue states! and lets not forget the governor of New jersey (Blue state) endorsing him as well. He is the only decent frontrunner that actually has the credibility to back up what he says. Perry is like another Bush! he can’t be trusted …

  20. Is it just me…or did they completely ignore Ron Paul during the foreign policy discussion after saying ON AIR that he was the candidate who received the most questions on this topic? WTH Fox???

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