Later this evening, nine Republican candidates will take the stage in Orlando, Florida, in a debate sponsored by Fox News, Google and the Republican Party of Florida. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has been added to the participant list joining the “usual 8” from the past two debates. The debate will feature questions from moderators along with video questions submitted via YouTube.

Air Time: Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 at 9pm ET on Fox News

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson

Report from the Orlando Sentinel:

The GOP presidential debate from Orlando will spill into the next show Thursday night: “Hannity.”
Fox News and Google will present the event from 9 to 11 p.m. ET at the Orange County Convention Center.

Taking part, according to Fox News, will be these candidates: Rep. Michele Bachmann, Gov. Rick Perry, former Sen. Rick Santorum, former Gov. Mitt Romney, Rep. Ron Paul, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, former Gov. Jon Huntsman and former Gov. Gary Johnson. Fox News invited Johnson to the debate despite objections by the Florida Republican Party, Politico reports.

The debate is the kick off to the Presidency 5 event sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida. This 3-day event will feature forums, speeches and the culmination of the Florida Straw Poll on Saturday, September 24th. Report on the P5 conference from WMFE:

Sept. 21, 2011 | WMFE – Thousands of Republican activists, candidates and voters are arriving in Orlando for a three day forum sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida. “Presidency 5” starts Thursday at the Orange County Convention Center. It includes a televised debate among the leading GOP presidential contenders and concludes with a straw poll.

The three day event is expected to draw national attention on its first evening as the leading Republican presidential candidates meet for a live debate Thursday evening on Fox Television.

Having nine candidates on stage is going to make for a much more crowded discussion where many candidates will be slighted for time. The past couple debates have been coined “the Mitt and Rick” show since moderators spent most of the lead off time focusing on Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.


  1. Quit playing around and tell me what you are really going to do about these illegal immigrants that broke our laws and came into our country. Do give us rheortic, give us the facts. We are not looking for another touchy, feelly answer!!!!!!!!

    • Hah! ..the question is: What are YOU going to do about it, Warren. Do you ask for birth records from the lady who delivers your newspaper, or from the guy who mows your lawn? I travel 43 miles a day to get to a jobsite with work, ..some people have to travel even more. Good luck in the competitive marketplace, Warren!

      • What am I doing about it? I don’t hire illegals to do anything. I write my congressmen to do something about it every year and I threaten to vote for a candidate that WILL do something about illegal immigration.

    • It was not long ago that your ancestors came into this great country…….good thing there was not people like u back then, or you may have been born on another continent………What makes Americas great is that its population will do whatever it takes to get into this country…..the answer is amnesty, make all citizens, they have just as much right to be here as you do……..People like you are why this country is struggling, you are unable to see the big picture!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rick Perry,

    Why do you continually compare what you have done in Texas with what you would do with the rest of the states? How can you possibly think (with the diversity of this nation) that what works there would work in any other state?

    • Exactly right! Texas is not Massechusetts and not California. Rick, how much success would you have done as governor of Massechusetts?

    • This is a great argument for strengthening states rights. The federal government can not possibly know – nor should they exercise – much control at all over the states, except as explicitly authorized by the Constitution.

  3. Ron Paul 2012!

    * Ron Paul did not support the bailouts.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    * Ron Paul spoke against obtrusive TSA searches.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    * Ron Paul has been consistent for decades.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    * Ron Paul is philosophic and does not appear to be using rehearsed scripts.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    * Ron Paul voted against the War in Iraq.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    • They’re against Ron Paul because he won’t put Israel’s interest before America’s. Ron Paul is Mr. Constitution; he does not speak a paragragh without connecting what he says to the Constitution.

  4. Oh man. This gets even better. They are actually playing fair and not excluding Gary Johnson from the debates. Sweet!

  5. I love to watch the liberal dems squirm over Rick Perry. Perry is a great Gov. here in Texas. The Obama Left is so scared of him & the should be. We want a strong & honest President not one that panders to dictators in the middle east. Obama has one agenda…a socialists agenda. Perry to the rescue and hopefully Rubio for Vice~ 2012 Will be one of two things for America…a strong America regarding the economy and a bright future for generations to come or onward to a dismal socilaists nation courtesy of Obama & Valarie Jerrett~

    • What are you seeing and hearing about Rick Perry we are not hearing. Mr.Perry is for sale in Texas and Mr. Perry would be for sale in Washingtion DC even more so. Who are you looking at. From what you said ,it not Rick Parry.
      We need someone who is going to work for the people. Its no time for trying to winner at the cost of WE THE PEOPLE. Obama is not as bad as the GOP is makeing hem out to be.
      The GOP and the Tea party had a good thing going last year saying we need jobs. What happened. The wealthy is all they care about and Rick Perry is Wealty and if he wins , he will be very Wealty. Someone needs to tell the GOP every time they cut a program they are cutting someone out of a job. And this is not help the job creation we need in this country.
      Getting Obama out of the White House is becoming sicking. Its all most at the point ,Is It That He Black.? Im starting to look at it that way.
      Cut the low and midde income program to make the numbers look bad for Obama is not good for the GOP.
      Think about, do we need more of this.

      • u really need to learn to spell too . Must have gone to the same school obuma did !!
        We don’t waste much time dealing with the marxist party, waterboys !
        If you go to cuba and china you will see the REAL heroes omolama admires, and YOU ALL check these countries out for individual rights. YOU protest, they burn you !! Kind of makes sense in a way ! They don’t have many protesters !give them a list of your DEMANDS and you are outa there !!!

    • illegal immigrants, guns, abortion, religious affiliation,right to work, voter ID, Liberals vs. Conservatives, teachers with a masters degree and autoworkers making $40,000 a year are grossly over paid and ruining America, Blah Blah Blah. Decent pay and benefits for blue collar Americans is over. Wall street the Banking system and Corporations are in charge of the U.S. government. Remember when FDR had to call in the military to protect workers from being beaten and killed by corporate security and the local law enforcement when they protested unbearable work conditions. This time around the military will be called in to support the Corporations. Example: Tea party rally’s had assault rifles and hand guns galore as a show of force, Police on hand to protect the right to assemble. “Get the money out” aka: Occupy Wall street protesters armed Lattes and I pads arrested in droves and surrounded by dozens of Riot police to control the threat. You get the picture. Fight amongst ourselves and it’s OK, challenge the power and watch out.

  6. Mitt Romney’s views on illegal immigrants make perfect sense. People who broke our laws should not be rewarded by awarding citizenship. We want immigrants but they should come here legally. Gov. Perry is not electable in the general election against Obama.

    • The path to legal citizenship is not clear and easily obtained. Give the illegal immigrants a chance to earn citizenship and pay taxes like everyone else!

  7. I would like to see everyone on this stage tonight truly debate and give realistic answers on where the United States is headed. I am tired of hearing them talk about what others are doing and not doing, Leave out the drama, and get with Ron Paul’s fact telling. I hear some say they have a plan, If you have been sitting on a plan and have not implemented it by now, while millions of people lose everything they have , then I don’t think we need your services any longer. Americans are struggling and need for these candidates to be honest and forth coming. We are begging for the drama to stop and lets get down to what is important, how are we to fix these decades earned problems we have got ourselves in. I am praying that this will be the best debate yet and if the suggestions I mention above are followed even a little, we will see voters take shape and stand up for the one they support.

  8. #1 problem is national and debt and the economy, Best solution so far to these issues is Ron Pauls stance on non-intervention in foreign policy. Bring are troops home and spend are money here for a change. Go Ron Paul, the only candidate not promising more of the same old lies.

    • Bring the troops home,,,,these “wars” can and should be fought in other ways, ref. how Osama bi Laden was killed.

  9. @Ron Paul fan,

    Ron pual does not like bailouts? So saving millions of jobs at no cost(once GM&Chrysler paid back money) to tax payers?

    I agree with Ron paul on all other aspects of your post, and, I know he is speaking the truth. Romney and Perry are speaking to what people want to hear. Paul is speaking his mind. Didnt the dems dislike Iraq war? I love how republicans are not approving it.

    • @ kris

      First, if you know about Ron Paul he’s been very consistent about being a financial conservative and letting the free market work without government intervention. So, he would’ve let those companies fail and he views that failure as to what should happen to companies if the market decides that their products suck.

      Second, as we now all know…where did the bailout money end up? In the hands of executives and their ilk, giving them bonuses. And where do you think that bailout money comes from? From us! *Without* our consent! So it actually costs us something.

      I don’t trust GM and Chrysler with my money, especially money I worked hard for and should be mine, and it makes me angry that government bails them out like it’s their money. They should’ve studied and learned from why people are buying more foreign cars than American cars.

  10. In basically all questions please make the candidates talk about what they Will DO. Get them away from talking about Texas or MA or other things they have done, good or bad, or attacking what somebody else have done in the past. This is dealing on a level that none of these candidates have been at before. Try to have them think in US Presidential terms and force them to be specific with their visions and planned actions, beyond the first day in office. Be tough with repeat questions. I’m sure that if anyone get’s offended Fox will get to talk to them again, if any.

  11. When, oh when, is someone going to ask
    these candidates what they would do
    to stop the rampant criminality on Wall Street, the offshoring of five million American jobs by multi-national corporations, the systematic
    looting of the U.S. Treasury through
    the open window at the federal reserve
    and the avoidance of fair-share taxes
    costing we the people tens of billions
    to make up for it. If this isn’t stop,
    the resultant rage will make the French Revolution of 1789 look like a
    Sunday picnic.

  12. This wont be a debate if they accualy let Ron Paul answer all questions with common sence maybe country will get somewhere. Ron Paul is 72 or something years old and for that age hes More American then all the other democrats and republican.. Im moving to Mexico if Ron Paul doesn’t get elected. GOd Bless America Only way to get our country back is thro him and if he looses it will be to late because all the US citizens will get their rights taken away From the Patriot act which ron Paul opposed as for many other bills that violate our US CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS its OUR LAST STAND… RON PAUL R3VOLUTION 2012!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA(THE RON PAUL FOLLOWERS)

  13. Do you think incarcerating our citizens for seemingly harmless crimes such as possession of small amounts of marijuana a worthwhile effort that’s actually helping society?

    – Or –

    Do you think we need drug reform policies, and if so, what would you do?

    • This Nation grew fast and prospered while on drugs, morphine, cocaine, marijuana and even heroin were on store shelves up until 1906. Up until the 30’s even machine guns were OK. Currently, painkillers and sedatives are being demonized in preparation to a ban I’m sure. Alcohol is an acceptable product, marijuana is pure evil. I Just never heard much about reckless drivers, bar fights and domestic assaults because some dude smoked a joint.

  14. Americans wake up! Greedy corporate giants, bought politicians,the Fed., government institutions like the IRS and elite clubs and organizations comprised of people from all of the above are destroying our freedom. They continue their path of self centered greed not only in the U.S. but all over the world. The war profiteers continue to sacrifice the lives of our soldiers under the guise of national security. Bull, read the extracts from Saif al-Adel on Al Quaeda’s strategy to the year 2020. If you can’t find it I’ll e-mail ut to you. Go to the internet and pull up NNDB mapper. Enter corporate names, people and organizations. Keep linking names and you will see the true picture of what I call the MONEY POWER MATRIX. Think about how you fit into this network control. In spite of what FOX people like Bill O’Reilly try to tell you, remember, a vote for what you believe in is never wasted! Ron Paul is the only answer. “FATHER PAUL” NOW

  15. Ron Paul…I love alot of your ideas and priniciples including non intervention in middle east. But last debate you seemed to keep going and went as far to say We have caused or are causing all the problems and you would sit down and talk to these wierdo terrorirrist leaders…also sounded very anti.israel anti.jew. They are our ONLY ally in the Reagon. You lost me man please explain…retract or sound like Obama did on foreign policy 4 years ago.

    • Being opposed to Zionist is NOT “anti-semitic” [a loaded term] RP simply cited what was provoking the Muslims – they said our unfair treatment of the Palestinians was among the things that upset them. There are many honorable Jews that sharply disagree with what “Israel” is doing – we do not need “friends” like “Israel” – ask the survivors of the USS Liberty that was deliberately attacked by “Israel” in 1967 as a false flag operation. Before taking Zionist dominated media too seriously I would encourage you to give a fair hearing to the anti-zionist Jews:,,, [.org?]

      As for Obama/Soetoro – he is a phony playing the role the Plutocracy set him to play

    • Laura, your right on. Buddy Roehmer calls it like it is, the Democratic party and the GOP are bought and paid for by the 1%. It’s not Rocket science to figure out that they control the 3 branches of Government along with the Supreme Court.

  16. Here’s a tip. Next time you buy something, check where it’s made to find out who’s pocket your money is going to.

  17. the only person aspiring to be president with impeccable credentials as a businessman, who has solved problems in the workplace, turned companies around which were facing bankruptcy, and provided jobs for thousands ….is herman cain…with his proposal to put america on the fast track towards solvency, he is the only non-politician vying to become president….i am sick and tired of politicians who speak with forked tongues and screw us when elected…vote for hermain cain….a successful businessman who actually know what it will take to bring our country out of the shit-hole politicians have dumped us in!!!

  18. So, Obama has cut taxes. Taken out Osama Bin Laden. Created a positive environment for Wall street, (up ~200% since 1/19/09, until the tea party downgrade a month ago), and has been working very hard to reduce the huge deficit left by Reagan and the Bush’s. Why, would anyone want to end this trend of recovery? Serious responses only please.

    • Bin Laden [CIA code name Tim Osman] has been dead since 12/2001 – shortly after Paki PM Bhutto said so openly – she was assasinated – as for the “deficit” it is all a fraud – for there to be legitimate debt something of value must transfer from one party to another – all our money was conjured out of nothing more than a computer generated bookkeeping entry. The job of the president is not to yield power – but to draw attention away from it- as Doublas Addams observed in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. The solution is to annihilate all fraudulent debt world-wide and go to a commodity based monetary system. it has been reported recently that 57 nations met to get out of this current global ponzi scheme


    The average Ron Paul follower spends 6 hours or more exchanging conspiracy theories over youtube.

  20. With all the talk about cutting social security, Why is there no mention about cutting welfare or food stamps? Thanks.

  21. ron paul is the only consistent candidate he has spoken the same views since he started his political career in the 1970s watch ron pauls speechs from the 1988 election when he ran as a libertarian he makes the exact same points he made now all issues that were never relevant and main stream back then but issues that every single candidate today talks about like its hot shit when in reality ron paul has been the only guy talking about it for years hes saying that we need to fix social secuirty need to stop wars need to stop running up the national debt because he has always beileved in it even when it wasnt a popular idea………. ron paul only consistent candidate !!!

  22. @Joe Margaritta
    No one would, but Obama isn’t sole responsible for what little recovery we have. My question to you is are you ok with Obama giving orders to assassinate american people without due process?

  23. I resent the media tyring to influence people into believing Romney and Perry are the only two candidates. I have found Herman Cain positive and refreshing. 2 points for Santorum, he just dunked over Perry. I even liked Mr. Johnsons ideas on education.

  24. Well I think Mr Perry just fell off the horse and got drug behind it on Illegal immigration. See Ya would not want to be Ya.

  25. You see we have done this before…when will we learn…we cannot fix everyones life…even our own citizens should try to work…at a small job…at least…we cannot fix it all…just like we tried to help in Iraq…so hard we have lost so many men/women…we still have bases from WWII…in europe…and Pacific islands…etc…so I guess we need to have our service people all over the globe…
    can’t we say good bye to them…??? or should we stop being everwhere??? I am running in circles here … we do not solve one thing with a debate…what are we throwing under the bus by these debates…??? is something really happening to our nation the big boys don’t want us to see…and unite on??? churches are under attack again…too long here…to go into it…but schools are teaching the wrong things…money is being wasted on odd things…oh well…I better go too long again…posting this so we will pray for our nation…the party system is broken I think…we better get back to the Consistution…

  26. From what i’ve heard so far it would hurt us more by cutting the training of our armed forces and put us at an increased risk of attack.

  27. Who ever wins has to think
    AMERICA first and stop the government from Killing jobs with bogus Laws and dumb plans on Over taxing people who work hard only to have it Taken away by some Rich idiot who got into OFFICE. I will tell you the American people will not tolerate this crap much longer!

  28. two thumbs up to marc & don b. herman cain’s 9-9-9 plan is a viable one which will energize the small business sector to spend the cash they are withholding from investing…this paralysis is caused by obama’s ruthless attacks on business through mazes of regulations that has brought investment to a halt….a well thought out approach to creating incentive by businesses to invest the cash they are sitting on will reduce the unemployment rate by at least 50% within a short period…also, closing unnecessary federal agencies would save taxpayers billions…p.s. joe margaritta: i know you love obama..but, has increased the national debt to $16+ TRILLION (and counting), OBL’s hit contract was instigated by the Bush administration (10 years long), raised taxes under the guise of obama-care, threw Israel under the bus (like his white grandma & brother in kenya), and his ‘hope’ was to divide this country with his racism…and he “changed’ the economy to what it is today…if you still like this guy, then you are a f…..g idiot! p.p.s. my house went from $600K to $175K in the three years this Asshole has bee the president!!

    • Sorry to hear that Henry. I guess you were one of the “rich” that needed to pay his fair share. I went from 60,000 to about 53,000 and working alot more hours to do that. I find it laughable that anyone can continue to think the government doesn’t need to stop unnecessary spending. I’ve made cuts as I’m sure you and others have too. Time for our reps to do the same!

  29. I hate to say it, but it seems many people who leave comments are just bored and not really informed about the truth (or maybe they just don’t care) and the urgency of what our country is facing today. If we, as Americans, make the wrong choice again, our country will be, in all sense of the word, a third world economy and country….we may already be there. The only candidate who has any idea of what has been happening and how to try and correct it is RON PAUL.

  30. Money is keeping Romney and Perry ahead in the polls. Unfortunately, most people won’t even watch the debates. This debate did seem a little better rounded, allowing other candidates more opportunity to speak and be heard. Interesting that Cain was thought of so highly by other candidates and the media still pays into the coffers of Romney and Perry. I would like to see the candidates ask each other questions and give their responses without the juvenile behavior of the 2 (Romney and Perry) having their playground arguments. I’m tired of them telling what the other says, time to speak for themselves. I appreciate Gingrich being direct and on topic with his responses. I find Ron Paul interesting but just a little on the fringe. His son would be a better option.

  31. The average RON PAUL supporter knows more about the issues, their origins, and their solutions than most of the voting public combined. I attended the Orlando debate tonight and was shocked to find out I was sitting next to two “Delegates” who weren’t sure who all the candidates were! People are making voting decisions on stage presence and one minute sound bites. Read a book, check the facts! Why do you pay taxes, really? Why do we have military bases in Germany? Why are controlled substances illegal? Why do we have the largest prison population in the world? Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? Hint, hint, it’s not federal. Why are we still at war??? 10 YEARS IS ENOUGH!!! RON PAUL 2012

  32. no matter what you think, ron paul, cannot beat obama. He should be in the administration of perry or romney as should cain, bachman, santorum, gingrich, etc.

  33. The GOP audience at the campaign debate in Orlando actually booed a U.S. soldier, on leave from Iraq, when he asked a question about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    Shame on you all for not showing him the respect that he deserves!

    He earned his right to speak and be heard more than anyone in the room, including the candidates.

  34. I also see a Dream Ticket with a Romney-Bachmann Ticket Last Night 9-22-2011. I saw Mitt Romney very strong and Michelle Bachmann with the Tea Party Support, the Women support & the minority vote. The Two of Them are a Sure Win !!!!
    Romney – POTUS 2012
    Bachmann – VP – 201

  35. I thought Gov. Mitt Romney won Hands down Over Perry. Perry is way too weak on illegal immigration and other issues. But I believe even Legalized Immigration Need to Be Reformed. Such as even when Legalized immigrants come, if they want to buy a house or open up a business whether it’s a Gas Station, Duncan Donuts, Pizza Place etc. Welcome to America, But here’s the rub, Just No More Free Taxes for Seven Years b/c we cannot afford it anymore. As Legal Immigrants they are supposed to get the same equal Rights as American Citizens Not More Rights Than American Citizens. That is Not equality!!!!

  36. Republicans have long touted that removing restrictions on off-shore oil drilling(drill baby drill) will lessen our dependence on middle eastern oil by increasing domestic oil supply which in turn will dampen domestic gas price increases as well as extending the future use of petroleum products for our country. It’s incongruent and unpatriotic that we have companies, like Petrohawk, that have sold US property drilling rights to China as well as recently reported oil company sales of gas to China, shipped from US refineries. Doesn’t this defeat the objectives of the drill baby drill philosophy? Shouldn’t US oil be for US consumers?

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