There is still time to submit questions for the Republican debate on September 22nd sponsored by Fox News, Google and the Republican Party of Florida. The debate will take place in Orlando, Florida, and will feature questions submitted from voters as well as questions from debate moderators. You can visit the Fox News YouTube page to submit your video questions.

Air Time: Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 at 9pm ET on Fox News

Live Stream:

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson

Report from Fox News:

The clock is ticking down to the Sept. 22 Fox News-Google Republican presidential primary debate so it’s time to submit your questions so the Fox News panelists can ask the candidates about the issues you want discussed.

Submit a video post or ask a text and then vote to determine which inquiries the candidates will get, whether it be on jobs and the economy, health care and government spending or an array of other topics.

Hundreds of questions have been posed, on everything from privatizing the Education Department to climate change and intelligent design. The viewing public — who for the first time can weigh in by voting on questions they want asked — are also talking about the role of government, federal spending and immigration.

The questions will be delivered at the Sept. 22 presidential debate, hosted by Fox News and Google from 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET in Orlando, Fla., in conjunction with the Republican Party of Florida. Fox News’ Bret Baier will moderate, joined by Fox News anchors Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace as panelists.

Fox News and Google will also present public data and Google search trends on air to help provide context to the questions and inform the debate throughout the evening.

Take a look at to check out some of the latest video entries from voters who want the top-tier Republican presidential candidates to get specific on the subjects that are sure to embody the 2012 presidential election.

This can be an entertaining format reminiscent of what we witnessed with the CNN/YouTube debate back in 2008. Some of the questions can be less scripted and more direct on issues often not touched by moderators.


  1. If America cannot agree about the Obama health care program, why can’t we simply offer a health insurance program for ONLY those Americans who do not have access to health care? Why do we have to include those who already have an insurance plan? Wouldn’t this be simpler and more cost effective?

    • I would like to add “why does there need to be fines”, collected through the IRS, if someone chooses not to have health insurance? There are so many undocumented people using the US health care system and I feel like this is just another way for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to get reimbursed at the expence of the American people.

    • We already have a healthcare system for people with no insurance.. it’s called MediCare.. All they needed to do was clean it up, clear the corruption, and revise it a bit to include all American CITIZENS in need. Cleaning up the corruption and billing issues in the system would nearly cover the added expenses. If they needed to they could raise the medicare tax a small amount, I just threw up in my mouth a little at that thought, but it would be better than the behemoth the Obamanites put together.

      • Unfortunately most doctors do not accept medicare did you know medicare only pays $20. to doctors for an office visit? My daughter is in dire need of health assistance but would have to drive two hours each way to find a doctor that will take medicare.If car insurance is required to drive a car then health insurance should be required for a small fee to alleviate the burden to hospitals who are stuck with the unpaid charges for people using the emergency rooms as primary care. and who foots the bills for the hospitals? we do, home owners pay for it in property taxes.

        • you can’t compare car insurance to medical insurance for one major reason. not having medical insurance puts only ourselves in any danger. not having car insurance could leave OTHERS up a creak without a paddle if you cause an accident. in a free nation it should be my choice in anything i have a choice about, as long as it doesn’t interfere with others.

          that’s what the laws are designed to do, protect others despite what we may want to do (speeding in a car, shooting guns near a city, etc…) wearing my seatbelt would be an example of a law the government should not be able to have. i fully support and recommend wearing seatbelts, but it’s your choice if you ask me. i will not accept a government that tries to tell me to do or buy something that even if i didn’t it wouldn’t hurt anyone else. that’s not freedom…

    • I am in Federal government retired health care. My premiums were reduced/reduced by 4 dollars the year before Obama came in. Now with the mandatory premium increases my health care costs (apparently we do not want a waiver) have increased, I have had 2 (do far) prescriptions stopped and pay out the nose, the percentage that I pay. Now, what about all the money from cigarette tax that goes to uninsured people??? If you go to you can see how much money this is every year by state. Incredible amounts. Now with my increases and stoppage what is the benefit of Obamacare? I see none. The people who don’t pay still don’t pay. Now the people who make little or do not have employer healthcare, need to pay and need/need to have some policy of some kind. We are doomed. So many of the “healthcare” rules are still not in place, in a year or two I will be dead (while paying more than ever).

  2. Many candidates are suggesting we “throw out the current tax code” and institute a “fair tax” and/or a “flat tax”. I am Republican and a CPA who has been practicing in tax for 25 years, most of that with a “Big 4” national accounting firm. I also serve on the Board of Directors of a regional Food Bank. I have a two part question for the candidates:
    Won’t you need a new set of rules and regulations to determine exactly what will be subject to these new tax regimes and how the tax will be paid/collected?
    And most importantly, won’t all the uncertainty regarding the details of the new tax rules create more instability in the housing market and make businesses hesitant to expand and invest?

    • Have you read the Fair Tax? I admit I have not read it personally but from what I understand it works like this; you buy something, anything, you pay a tax on it, doesn’t matter who you are or what it is. End of story. Not sure I love it, but anythings better than this spaghetti tax code we have now.

      • I have read all about it and support it. The key to remember is that you are talking about FEDERAL taxes only. The fair tax has nothing to do with state or local taxes. It works like this: federal income tax will no longer be deducted from your paycheck. Based on the number of people in your household, you will get a check each month from the government called a pre-bate. This is an amount (to be determined) that is given to you to cover the taxes on food, clothing and housing. There would be a flat sales tax on all items (about 20%) including food, clothing and housing (you already got the money to cover the taxes for those). The nice thing is that everyone pays their fair share including all of the criminals who do not pay any taxes currently but they buy stuff! Corporate taxes would be taken to zero which would save help job creation and in addition, a lot of the money you spend on things have the corporate taxes built in so the companies just pass that tax on to the consumer. If taxes are zero, it reduces the overall cost which means things cost us less money. In addition, more job will be created so the amount of taxes paid will increase the tax base. Lastly, some people argue that the companies will just pocket more money with no corporate taxes but since capitalism is based on supply, demand and the free market; businesses will lower prices to be more competitive or their competitors will. Either way, the consumer wins. The Fair tax also promotes the abolishment of the inheritance tax and capital gains tax. In the end, it makes everyone pay according to what they spend and not penalize people for making and saving money. But let’s face it, we are a consumer economy so people will always spend money. I hope this helps.

      • The Flat tax that is proposed is on the sale of goods not on income, which is what was intended by the constitution as it was originally written which actually means taxing the income of Americans is actually unconstitutional. This is actually beneficial for a CPA in job security because when you file for deductions for cost of doing business each year there should be more that can be deducted and more that can count to not be deducted thus increasing purchasing power of small businesses and keeping GOV revenues consistent rather than sporadic. I think this original question is job security based and should be reworded to actually ask a real and meaningful question which has bearing on American citizens.

    • Good question. The follow up is how much did Obama, Michelle, Biden, Pelosi, and the rest make? Well over $250,000. They’re all millionaires. Isn’t it funny when the rich talk about taxing the rich? Their accounts have got it covered.

  3. Hi – I have a question – Will this debate be streamed over the Internet, as the others have been? We, among many, do not have cable or satellite TV. Please stream this event! You will reach more people, and this is a good thing 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,


  4. The biggest issue for me is the tax code. I am tired of Washington controlling my life with it. It is time to abolish the tax code in favor of a flat tax. Are you willing to abolish the tax code and what steps will you take to do it, including timing? If you say on “my first day in office” you will not get my vote.

    • Unfortunately a flat tax on income still has to define what is and is not income. Anyone who has a business knows that that is why the tax code is so huge. That’s why I prefer the “FAIR” tax, because it’s not income tax. You don’t need a book 5 feet tall to define what is income/loss. And everyone will pay according to their purchases. But even then we’ll still need the IRS to make sure business collect and send in the tax.

  5. Republicans and Democrats need to come together on the economy and the US debt. With respect to the debt, Washington did not get there overnight. To solve this problem there needs to be a balanced solution of debt reduction and increase of revenue for the short term with the long term being reduced taxes and controlled spending. What would you have your administration do to reach these objectives?

  6. When the Obama team uses Saul Alinsky’s strategies against you why don’t you simply say “I’ve been Alinsky’d’ by them again”. People might actually become inquisitive enough to learn about their political bible…”RULES FOR RADICALS”.

    • When the Obama team uses Saul Alinsky’s strategies against you why don’t you simply say “I’ve been Alinsky’d’ by them again”. People might actually become inquisitive enough to learn about their political bible…”RULES FOR RADICALS”.

  7. Question for Gov. Perry and Gov. Romney… How can you convince the American people that the debates and the election process as a whole isn’t some big sham orchestrated by the powers that be? For instance the two of you seem to get all the attention. Shouldn’t the other candidates receive equal attention, especially this early in the process or have they already decided who will be next? And please don’t tell me about polls.

    • I don’t think you should be directing questions to one candidate, Sen. Ron Paul has a point of view which should be heard as well as Mr. Gingrich, Hartman, Santorum, Cain, Sen. Bachmann, Johnson. If you are going to ask a question make sure it is general we are not playing the media blackout game on candidates, much like the media has done to Sen. Ron Paul over the years and continues to do yet he is the most solid candidate in front of us!

  8. American Manufacturers could boost their sales and jobs by advertising MADE IN AMERICA and putting LARGE MADE IN AMERICA Decals on these products.Americans are tired of buying CHINESE. Whe don`t they do this.????? Can you help this FREE program along???

    • Why not repeal NAFTA and GATT, bring our American manufacturers back home, put our own people to work and then we CAN have our products list Made In America.

    • This is pretty much not done because there is nothing and what is, is Union made only. Can’t win anymore. Old enough to remember when you could buy many ranges of price, depending on where or who manufactured it. Now we get big prices for crap.

  9. Do you think the income tax is tyranical and being used as a tool for tyranny? do you think the income tax was created by politions for the purpose of creating a monopoly for kickbacks? would you sign into law hr25?

  10. Businesses do not hire people because of tax breaks and the reduction of regulations. They do so when they have more customers than they can serve with existing personnel. The solution is to set a clear agenda that addresses this, one that can be passed. Hiring people can make you responsible for them financially, often for a long and costly time. Your thoughts.

  11. As an ordinary citizen who is on a fixed income, I’ve had to streamline my budget by reducing my spending; our government should streamline America’s budget so that as a country we do not go further into debt, and at the same time reduce our current debt – to do that I propose “all” government spending across the board be reduced by 25% every year for the next 5 years and NO new spending be permitted for the same 5 years. It sounds harsh, but “no pain no gain.” What would you do to our country more financially sound?

  12. Many of those who oppose the FairTax claim that it will punish middle America–how? Americans would have the right to keep the money that they work hard to earn. Those who decide to spend more are taxed more, and those who spend less pay less taxes. Those who are here illegally would finally be taxed, and those who decide to save would be rewarded. The thing forgotten when someone mentions a very high sales tax is the fact that there will be NO income tax.

  13. My question is this: Given the fact that Sharia (Islamic law) is anti-Constitution, anti-freedom and anti-America, will the candidates commit to banning Sharia in our country.

    • I also want to know the answer to this question. Very nicely asked. I think this is ONE of the biggest threats to our nation currently. I think the whole nation should be concerned as well. There has already been two court cases in the united states regarding muslim wife beating and our courts let their sharia law rule in our county. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why is it that, the Americans have to change for people that come to our country. Should it not be the other way around? They adapt to our rules & laws?

    • Why is Sharia unconstitutional? Since when do we dictate religion laws? What is the threat of muslim wife beating versus the hundreds of Christian hate crimes and beatings we have in our country. ? Since when do Christians,Buddas,Jews,Atheists and any other religious groups qualify for freedom but Muslims don’t?
      I am a Catholic? Not a born again Christian, not any other Christian. Call me old fashion but as long as these self proclaimed peachers keep creating and marketing their own translation of “christian” for a huge profit for themselves than don’t critizes any other religion that has been around hundreds of years.

  14. Question for Cain: If elected, how do you intend to enact your 9-9-9 plan? There will be obvious resistance from Democrats and possibly Republicans.

  15. 3 Questions: I will stick my neck out and say that the enormous, underestimated amount of beuraucratic waste and fraud existing in the distribution of financial assistance in this Country is enough that if you cut out the majority of it you would have enough savings to create jobs, adding real human intervention into programs in order to properly assess who really needs & deserves help.

    1) As President are you prepared to dive deep into a variety of assistance programs in order to tighten up who should be receiving such assistance and who is just soaking the American Taxpayer?

    2) Are you willing to stand up and say the color of your skin should have no bearing on benefits one receives from government and that life conditions are the only right measure of need?

    3) Are you willing to stand up to the rule of law and say illegal immigration is a crime?

  16. 3 Questions: I will stick my neck out and say that the enormous, underestimated amount of bureaucratic waste and fraud existing in the distribution of financial assistance in this Country is enough that if you cut out the majority of it you would have enough savings to create jobs, adding real human intervention into programs in order to properly assess who really needs & deserves help.

    1) As President are you prepared to dive deep into a variety of assistance programs in order to tighten up who should be receiving such assistance and who is just soaking the American Taxpayer?

    2) Are you willing to stand up and say the color of your skin should have no bearing on benefits one receives from government and that life conditions are the only right measure of need?

    3) Are you willing to stand up to the rule of law and say illegal immigration is a crime?

  17. Energy needs and oil consumption issues are second only to the jobs problem presently occupying everyone. The US has done little since the 1973 oil boycott. What do you plan to do and what role does nulcear energy play in your plan?

  18. For many years the US government has had to provide financial support to farmers such as set aside acres and price supports. When Uncle Sam got tired of doing that he said “Farmers, go develop a demand for your crops so you can grow all the crops you want and have a market with a decent price for them.” Well, they have done just that. Hence, corn ethanol and soy based diesel. Thanks to great strides in hybrids yields per acre keep getting higher; and with a good demand, prices have improved to provide decent returns for farmers. Focusing now on ethanol plants, today the corn ethanol plants are providing a oxygenate for gasoline, a clean-burning, renewable fuel that helps reduce the amount of oil imported from places in this world that hate us and want us dead. Plus, 1/3 of each bushel of corn goes right back into the ag market in the form of distillers grains for livestock feed. These ethanol plants are providing the quality jobs with good benefits in those small rural communities. Especially in the mid section of this country this is seen as a huge success story, and tremendous benefit to those small town economies. Yet, it seems today many like to beat up on the bio-fuels like ethanol. Do you and will you support ethanol and what it means to rural America as well as what it is doing to reduce foreign oil imports? I would like to know this answer from each candidate.

  19. It is a fact the the nation’s debt is largely made up of Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and Defense spending. Many GOP candidates have suggested cutting spending in education, research, and government jobs (such as police/fire department) instead. Don’t you agree that cutting these areas does very little to decrease the deficit, hurts middle-class America, and that we need to re-invent medicare/medicaid and social security if we are to seriously tackle the deficit?

    • Previous administrations fail to address the issues since 2000 & priors. Illegal immigration is wrong but this country has allowed it to happen & ride off the back of these illegals for cheap labor during the housing booms. Now these illegals have children born in the US. The country has once enjoyed cheap housing & products, BUT now demand that these very same illegals be deported because they are no longer useful to this economy after the housing bust. The country has allowed this problem to exist. SO NOW the country needs to establish legitimate Guest Worker Program to address farm jobs, then enforce immigration laws, & finally address the children of illegal immigrants in a compassionate way.

  20. Would any of the candidates consider the grassroots campaign to forgive student loans for all Americans as a way to stimulate the economy?

    • They took out a loan, they should pay for it. If all of those loans were forgiven this economy would crash.

      There are no free lunches.

  21. The constitution basically says that the Federal Government should protect us, deliver the mail and regulate interstate commerce. How then can all of the other departments, i.e., Energy, Education, Housing and Urban development etc., be justifiied.
    Would you, as President, abolish these?
    The power should devolve back to the States.

  22. We have a do nothing congress with the lowest rating in years, yet they give themselves large paychecks…and COLA’s..which continue after only 4 years of so called “public service” for a lifetime and also receive the best in medical care at no cost to them. This is obscene!! We on SSA dont get COLA’s (not allowed by congress) and are taxed on it as well. What would u do to to reduce their compensation, retirement, medical and actually have them “earn” their income by producing positive results?

  23. Most say that free trade is good for this nation while some contend that fair trade should be our policy. This can also be looked at as detremental to National Security. Where do you stand on our Nations trade policy and will you be willing to stand up to the power brokers and do what is right for this nation?

  24. If elected president will you follow in the footsteps of Governor Scott Walker and Governor John Kasich and eliminate collective bargaining rights of federal employees as well as suspend the collecting of union dues for the unions?

  25. According to government comments, we Americans are “addicted” to foreign oil which is caused by our government as most problems are. We have the USA resources for oil but only if we drill. Why not drill in the USA, place the strictist of regulations and large fines on the oil companies that create spills, etc, continue research on new energy sources and reduce costs for businesses and consumers??

  26. At a time when our country needs money, why do we continue with foreign aid to countries that dont like us or to countries where the money is kept by dictators and heads of countries?? We should feed OUR families first!!

  27. Any chance Fox would give each candidate the ability to ask one or two questions of their own to a candidate of their own choosing?

  28. Obviously all of you want to take Obama’s job. Are there any of his policies that would keep in place if you were to succeed him?

  29. How can one be for liberty, freedom, and the constitution (ie; Tea Party), yet be against the use of cannabis for personal use. As long as you do not harm other human beings, should it not be ok? We have no laws prohibiting the ingestion of little debbies, hostess cupcakes, and other “snacks” that are filled with chemicals, but prohibit a person growing a plant that is 100% natural, and has many proven health benefits. Is this not hypocritical?

      • Why not? If heroin, cocaine, and all other drugs were made legal then procedures could be put in place for tracking their usage and encouraging or even forcing rehabilitation. You could rest assured that addiction rates would not increase since they have always remained static. Other countries have reported benefits from decriminalization.

  30. How much money would our country have right now if we counted up only the amount given in foreign aid during the last two years? Why does no one address the issue of foreign aid with direct questions? It’s always some vague, general question that, in turn, receives a vague, general answer. Yes, we want to be known as a humanitarian nation, but should we not take care of our own people/economic situation first and then resume our generosity? Geez…..

  31. Question for all candidates, but would like to hear Ron Pauls answer:
    A Defense Business Board released a report this year indicating that military retirement, as we know it now, is no longer sustainable and should be overhauled. Do you agree with the Defense Business Board and would you support legislation to change the military retirement system?

  32. Please ask each candidate where they stand on they stand on evolution and where they stand on creation. Thanks

    • Great question. Any candidate that denies evolution and promotes creationism will not get my vote and I would love to see them go on record in public. I will not vote for a candidate that denies reality.

  33. I cant get the question to upload to Fox..My question is about rampant oil speculation…The oil speculators are raping American families…Everything has went up due to the price of oil..Will any candidate vow to reign in speculators? People are being held hostage by the stock market. They drive the price of goods up,and families are forced to sell belongings to make ends meet. When will anything ever change? I honestly predict riots in Americas future…It will come down to warfare between the “haves” and “have nots”..Such a shame and all due to greed and survival…

  34. The first sentence of the US Dept of Energy’s mission statement states, “The Department of Energy’s overarching mission is to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States…” Since the DoE has obviously failed miserably in this capacity, would you consider abolishing this agency to eliminate government waste?

  35. Today I saw An American couple walk into A fast food restraunt asking for food,they could not afford to pay for, they had A small baby with them they had not eaten in 3 day’s.My question is why are American’s going without food, shelter and all America has to offer,While illegal imigrant’s are entitled to everything America has to offer? why do these people get free college education in Texas when American born American’s can’t? When I see American baby’s going hungry I wonder how America can ignore what’s going on in there own country.When our politician’s sell there soul for A vote they should go.

  36. I would like to ask the candidates the only one important question, ” How would they campaign to get the moderate and independent votes needed to become the next President of the United States”.

  37. When are the Republicans going to admit that the current economic situation is a direct response from the tax cuts of Bush/Gingrich and the two unfunded wars of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld?

    • What difference does it make? Regardless of who did what, we have problems! I’m more interested in who’s going to try and fix it and the procedures to get it done.

  38. President Kennedy in his inaugaral address said (Ask not what your country can do for you instead ask what can you do for your country). The cultural changes since then are very obvious with all the entitlements we have now. Has our country to far gone to the left? If not how do you plan to change the culture in our country?

  39. Why are most americans required to submit to a drug test to gain employment and then pay taxes, when americans who are depending on goverment programs are not required to submit to a drug test to recieve form these taxes. If required it would probably help cut our deficeit in half and cause more people to go back to work.

  40. Rick perry. If you say you are against illegal immigrants coming into our country, why do you turn around and say the children of illegal immigrants get to stay and pay in state tuition? What would you do about all the illegal immigrants that are already here?

    • These children of illegal immigrants have to prove 3 years of residency in Texas. You have to live, work, and pay taxes in Texas for at least a year to gain state residency. By 3 years, these kids would have paid their share of state taxes. So of course, you can do the same thing.

      But non-state residents do not pay state taxes. So obviously they have to pay out of state tuition. SO How is this consider discrimination ? These are kids of illegal immigrants that this country has ride off the back of their cheap labor to prominence with the housing boom. Previous administrations have condone the problem so why now refusing to address it the compassionate way ?

      • An additional question would be in regards to Plyer vs. Doe (Supreme Court case 1982), which states: No State shall…deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

        Basically, any child (whether illegal or not) has the RIGHT to attend public school. Our tax money supports these children.

        So, Perry couldn’t (at least not by himself, and maybe didn’t even intend to) change that law, and instead created a new bill – in-state tuition for Texan illegal residents, as long as you can prove you are in the process of obtaining citizenship.

        This encourages education, will decrease the number of illegal immigrants, and further down the line, will help improve the economy.

        Why are we harping on Perry, a real-live American who happens to be running for President? Let’s applaud his attempts at getting “America back working again”.

  41. Why is it necessary to focus on current military retirements, men and women who sacrifice a great deal to support our country’s politics and not look at congressmen/congresswomen/senators from the fifty states retirement benefits, they get way too much for what little they do to support this c ountry, George Ling retired USN

  42. 2 part question please,( first choice question) Which one of you will stand up to the PLO and tell them that Jerusalem will not be divided that it will remain in control of the Israelis?
    To Gov. Perry specifically and then to the other candidates:
    Do you believe that you have leadership capabilities as strong as Ronald Regan and will stand up with courage and strength in the face of other world leaders and or dictators? If so, please describe.

  43. For Rick Perry – If the ideals of liberalism tend to be driven by the “good intentions” of those who would rob from the rich and give to the poor, and likewise also force “good habits” onto the citizens for their own good; how can you be trusted after your HPV vaccination decision to make the right choices concerning laws you would sign based on ethics and freedom, instead of “good intentions” and emotional paternal government actions?

  44. Social Security would be solvent today if they hadn’t stolen from it. They didn’t borrow because it was never paid back. So why is it congressmen and senators get pay raises and people on social security don’t? We paid into the system and have to pay for their pay raises.

  45. My question is to Governor Perry:

    In an article that ran in the El Paso Times on Monday, September 19, 2011 about corruption in the border city of El Paso it states that your office received a letter that contained allegations of corruption within law enforcement and politicians. Your office referred the letter to the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said that the allegations had no credibility.

    But according to The Judicial Watch Director in Washington, stated to the newspaper that the allegations were very serious and that it should be investigated by law enforcement and that there were too many details and specifics to just ignore them and they need to be investigated.

    What do you intend to do about these allegations of corruption and will you have the proper law enforcement agency investigate this matter? Why was it not investigated thoroughly the first time it was brought to your attention?

  46. Newt,
    I am backing you for one great reason, you are basically the only politician that has an actual honest answer and solution to every question asked by indivuals and debate moderators. If you are nominated for the Republican party will you stay true to your solutions and promises?

  47. Are you willing to initiate the real enforcement of the current immigration laws with ICE? If illegal immigraton is really illegal, why does the government pretend it isn’t? If we stoppped giving full welfare care and protection to illegal immigrants, wouldn’t they stop coming? Please explain the steps you will take to deal with the illegal immigration issue?

    • Previous administrations have passively condone illegal immigration at the height of the economy that leads to today’s problems; so the solution to Illegal Immigration is to Improvise Immigration Law, Establish a Guest Worker Program, Enforce the Immigration Law, & compassionately addressed the millions of children born to illegal immigrants in the US.

      A Guest Worker Program would increase the number of young tax payers into the system. Furthermore, not every American is willing to take up jobs that immigrants would; So there would be no competition for picking tomatoes & strawberries in the field. Guest Worker Program also enhanced fairness in hiring wage. Immigrant’s cheap labor would no longer be a factor. More people working, thus more tax money, & less dependence on the welfare system, which is in needs of revision also but that is another topic to discuss.

      • you have sucumbed to the lie that we need government to be compassionate to mexican immigrants because Americans will not work, we are about to see our country so fallen that any work would be considered a blessing, all your comments lend to government regulation.

        • Would you pick tomatoes & strawberries in the field for a living ? Would you be willing to move every 3 months to different farms to pick fruits to support your family ?

          When you call someone lying, you need to offer evidences to back it up. What would your suggestion be ? Expelling US citizen children born in the country would be extreme & unconstitutional. How would you like for your own US Citizen child to be expelled from this country ?

          • I’ve seen illegals installing carpet, which is something an uncle did for a living and did very well from. I’ve probably seen thousands doing construction which is something entry-level workers have done for decades and will continue to do when they are not undercut by illegals working cheaper. I would wager that the vast majority of illegal aliens have nothing to do with agriculture.

          • I’ve got news for you, just because you personally would not be willing to pick strawberries or work in a field to feed your family does not mean that there are many of us here in the US who are born, bred and raised here that would not take these jobs. In this new economy where I’ve been forced to take a paycut to keep my job of 15 years, and am being taxed more than ever, I can no longer pay my bills and support my family as I used to.

            This summer, I put up signs and took extra jobs on the weekends and after I got home from work cleaning pools, mowing lawns, weeding gardens, and anything else people needed. There is nothing that I won’t do to take care of my family, I am a proud and educated (Masters Degree) American who is willing to work hard and I’m positive that I am NOT alone!!

  48. I really enjoyed the CNN debate because they seemed to make the effort to spread the questions equally among the candidates. Will Foxnews do the same? Can you moderate so that all candidates have equal time to answer and speak. We prefer to hear from everyone since we are still trying to decide who to support. Thank you.

  49. In an effort to balance the federal budget, why doesn’t America decrease the amount of foreign aid to all nations that currently receive it?

  50. For Hermain Cain: Since you have a business background rather than a political backgroun, can you tell us the criteria you are considering for a vice-president?

    Actually, I would like to hear the answer from all candidates. Do any or all of you believe a vice-president should hold the talents and skills you lack, to give your team balance? What are the skills/talents you feel can be complimented by your vice-president?

  51. Anticipatory self-defense, or pre-emption, is a long-reserved right in Pentagon circles. The current Obama Doctrine appears to nix this policy AND severely limit our retaliatory options, even when a country threatens to attack us, or indeed, does attack us with chemical or biological weapons. What is your stand on pre-emption, and on our retaliation options?

  52. For any or all:

    Are you willing to use plain language and tell the American people they need to accept that we all need to cut back if we ever want to get the debt down? I’m tired of political double talk. Are you willing to tell congress they also need to cut back on their expenses, salaries, etc? I’m a Florida teacher. I haven’t had a pay raise in 4 years and now recently got a cut. Do you think politicians should sacrifice also? How?

  53. Will you work to protect the Social Security and Medicare? People can barely live on it now and many have no other income. Will you stop any taxing on Social Security that is paid to the seniors?

  54. For any or all:

    What is the difference between the “payroll Tax” and the “Social Security” contribution?
    If these are the same and The ‘holiday’ on Payroll tax continues, does this not amount to a tax increase on those who pay tax’s and another government rebate for those who do not since SSI is a reduction in income and not taxed but would be if not collected?
    Thank you

  55. A question for all candidates:

    If you are elected President and the GOP wins a 60 seat majority in the Senate, what will be the agenda of your administration for the first 100 days to right the “ship of state” not only fiscally, but socially and morally.

  56. To all candidates: If you are not selected as the republican candidate, will you put the defeat of Obama at risk by running as a dependent candidate against your republican counter part?

  57. Pres. Obama has consistently told half truths, misleading statements and bald faced “unfortunate comments” on subjects like he fixed the economy in June 09, unemployment will be under 8%, and Solyndra is the wave of the future. In your opinion, is Pres. Obama intentionally lying to the American people or is he too ignorant to comprehend the truth.

  58. More refineries with more drilling will lower fuel prices, create thousands of jobs and keep billions of $$$ in this country. What is your plan to do this, and how soon will you start the process?

  59. To all candidates: If you are not selected as the republican candidate, will you put the defeat of Obama at risk by running as an independent against your republican counter parts?

  60. Do you feel it is necessary to have a US military presence in over 150 countries and what will be your criteria in deciding to launch any kind of attack on a foreign nation?

  61. I like to hear a question about Agricultural subsidies. I studied Agricultural economics in college and in my research I could not find one economist who believed these subsidies were beneficial to the country. Agricultural subsidies are another example of crony capitalism which I think is one of, if not the largest, problem in our economy. Crony capitalism is the path to a fascist government. Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame for crony capitalism.

  62. To All: Instead of focusing on each other. Explain to the American people the issues Obama is trying to do with taxing the “rich” and the Jobs bill. The difference between the federal taxes and cap. taxes. The amount of people in the country and the amount of millionares/billionares and this is simply not going to raise revenue he is seeking. I want to know if a tax reform will be a better option, closing the loopholes we always hear about and NO ONE addresses. I am a conservative/independant/tea party patriot and proud American. I don’t agree that most repubs and all tea party people disagree that we should not focus on this as an option. BUT this along with entitlement cuts and gov spending within the walls of Congress and the administration.

    Shoot if anyone just looks at what Obama spends on the extra Czars and all his travels, this alone can show the American people where the cuts need to start. What the heck is wrong with using the tele to speak to people or the internet. He does not have to travel for every little thing. That’s why we have tele-communications, converence calls and radio. Has anyone looked into the comparison of jet fuel usage vs other presidents?

    The people just want basic answers to basic questions, admit mistakes or a change of mind when something happens. Explain it clearly, whatever it is.

  63. Why do the (some) GOP candidates insist God is talking to them? This is delusional, and blasphemous! If God is talking to you why isnt he/she telling you how to cure cancer, or HIV? This is crap politics, and should not be allowed.


  64. Children can not select the circumstances they are born into so they should all be given an equal opportunity to better enrich their lives with education. If elected president, what initiatives will you make to resolve the discrepancy in education quality between low and high income areas?

    • Everyone has the same opportunites, the difference is there are a lot who choose not to take advantage of their opportunities and then want to blame everyone else because of their bad choices. Really isn’t it time for each individual to take responsibility for their own lot in life!! Quit expecting the middle and upper class to pay your way. Everyone should contribute even the poor should do some kind of community service or be expected to help in some way.Everyone should pay too many lazy people in our country. It used to be embarrassing to take welfare or file bankruptcy now everyone wants to get a freebie!!

  65. There has been much talk lately about cutting military benefits, such as retirement. Most agree that government financial cuts must be made. However, many men and women in our military have risked life and limb. Since cuts must be made, shouldn’t government entitlements, such as welfare, be thrown on the chopping block first, before ever considering veteran benefits? – Thank you, and best of luck to you all!

  66. 1. Would you consider replacing Obamacare with a $2000 voucher for all and eliminate the business healthcare deduction?

    2. Who will you hire to run the Fed and Treasury? More Wall Street Bankers? Who will you choose for Secretary of Defense? Another Warmonger?

    3. What departments would you like to eliminate? How will you do it?

  67. Evangelicals in this country respect Dr. Paul’s view on Abortion & Gay Marriage.

    As President, Would Dr. Paul repeal Roe vs. Wade ? Would Dr. Paul nominate Judges leaning against Abortion & Gay Marriage ?

  68. For any and all:

    Whether you’re an elected official or from the private sector, I would like to know what “you” are doing right now, today, to insure that we don’t pass Obama’s America’s Job act? In other words, I don’t need to hear what each of you are going to do for us in 14 months; rather, I need to know what you are doing about current, pending legislation, or policy decisions which are in play. Besides giving campaign speeches, Are any of you actually lobbying against democratic or Obama policies? If so. which ones? Why aren’t some of you using your congressional power to make some changes now – not in 14 months? PLease give secific examples.

  69. Questions to all candidates. Do you know the difference between ordinary income tax and capital gains tax? If yes, how will you teach the difference between the two to President Obama?

  70. These messages are for Gov. PERRY….Why do you feel that there is no need for Border Fences between Texas, other States, and Mexico???

    Also Rather than “bickering” why not explain your plans/ideas on JOBS AND THE ECONOMY???

  71. These messages are for Gov.PERRY, Why do you feel that there is no need for Border Fences between Texas,other states, and Mexico?

    Also, rather than “bickering” why not explain your plans/ideas on JOBS and THE ECONOMY?

    • The US have over thousands of miles of borders with Mexico. Fencing up every single inch would be illogical & impossible. Narco-Terrorists in the Southern Border have gone underground & dugged Tunnels across the border. In addition, the drug smuggling & human trafficking have morphed into many forms: Submarines, Underground Tunnels, etc. The solution to illegal immigration is to Improvise Immigration Law, Establish a Guest Worker Program, Enforce the Immigration Law, & compassionately addressed the millions of children born to illegal immigrants in the US. Previous administrations have passively condone illegal immigration at the height of the economy, leading to today’s problems; so today we must address the problem as mentioned before.

      Key to Job creation is to minimize federal government involvement in our daily life. Establish certainty in the tax code. Then the economy will take off.

  72. Question for each candidate: If you had to vote on one candidate for the presidency (not yourself), for whom would you vote, and why?

  73. To all Candidates: There is talk that Pres. Obama is being asked to step down for the Democrat ticket. Who would you like to see run on the Democratic ticket?

  74. Question for Michele Bachmann:

    Being a tax attorney, would tax reform be on the top of your agenda when you are President and if so, what would you do to revamp the tax code?

  75. In the past canidates have been acused by the public of “buying an election”. Do you think there should be a limit on how much can be spent on a campaign? How much?


    Do you think a limit on campaign spending would make elections more competative for multiple candiates?

  76. Are you in favor of campaign reform, not campaign finance reform, that would 1. limit campaigns to six months before an election, 2. limit the time an incumbent could campaign to one month before an election (since their record is there for all to see from their term), 3. require the resignation from one elected office to run for another, and 4. limit the political ads to one month before the election, and then only on one public service channel?

  77. What will you do to make sure all military serving overseas will have the opportunity to vote and all military votes will be counted.

  78. Should United States pay off $4.4 trillion US Debts held by foreign countries and a deep cut at least $10 trillon US Debts held by public Americans in 2013?

  79. Utah accepts gold and silver coins as legal tender to purchase at the stores,gasolines,and groceries etc. Should all other 49 states to have currency options?

  80. In order to win the Presidency, the Republican nominee will need to win over crossover support from millions of unhappy Democrats. Which parts of your campaign platform do you think will help you connect with these crossover voters?

  81. Should United States be granted to Puerto Rico,Guam,and all other US owned terriorities to the citizens an independence to reduce US National Debts and Entitlement Programs (Social Security,Medicare,and medicaid) by 2015?

  82. Question for Ron Paul.

    If we eliminate the Feds & the IRS, what would you replace it with ? What would be the alternative solution ?

  83. Question for Ron Paul.

    Would you support any GOP candidate & their policy, if you were to loose the nomination bid ?

    Would you consider running under the 3rd Party as a Libertarian ?

  84. as I watch all the discussion of the issue, it appears quite clearly that no one knows how to fix any thing, Government has become way to large to sustain, and we do not need to focus on jobs, mainly because jobs are what enlarges government, we need business, as in people getting back to making , things again and, our society has come generations away from these principals of community business providing what we need amoung ourselves.
    Dwight Holcomb, Nutrition Science

  85. It occurs to me that it would be quite wonderful to elect all of the candidates to the next administration, because we only have a complete package with all of them, our political system has become untenable
    i think Rick Perry has become a distraction to take away from Michelle Bachmann, who is the only real transparent candidate.
    Dwight Holcomb, nutrition science

  86. I was hoping from the beginning that Sarah Palin would start a differant party, because they are all broken, this is what happens when we get so far away from the real american values, which is God before country.
    Dwight Holcomb, nutrition science

  87. Can you enact a bill to force businesses to print their written materials in ENGLISH ONLY???

    I believe in an English-Only United States with absolutely zero other-language public signs. This is the United States of America, not the Mexican State of Spanish.

    This would be know as the LEARN ENGLISH *FINALLY* BILL!!!

  88. Do you think that Sarah Palin is playing coy to prevent negative publicity when she finally reveals that she is running for president?

  89. Because of the lack-luster turn out of 2012 GOP candidates, do you think that Hillary Clinton has an automatic ticket to the white house in 2016’s election?

    *Ron Paul Excluded, but then again he’s always excluded so being excluded from exclusion is probably something even he is used to….

  90. Will any of the canidates, if elected immediately open up our existing off shore oil rigs and start new exploration for oil.

  91. Why do we pay so much in salaries, retirement and health benefits to our Washington politicians? Wouldn’t decreasing them help reduce the deficit?

  92. If elected what would your intentions be for the EPA? What role do you believe the EPA should play in our government if any?

  93. Today’s tax code has evolved into a tool to control social engineering, special interest punishment or rewarding, and a means to empower the legislative body without regards to the taxpayers. Are you, as a presidential candidate knowledgeable of the H.R. 25/S. 13 verbiage and do you have an understanding on how this tax proposal would affect the general economy, the individual tax payer, the poor and disadvantaged, and the fact that each taxpayer would regain control over how his/her taxes are to be spent?
    Would you support the enactment of HR25/S.13 (The Fair Tax)?

  94. Life is the first and foremost of the “certain unalienable” rights and without it all other rights are moot, what is your stand on defending life in all its stages?

  95. President Obama has advocated a new so called “Buffet Tax” on the wealthy.

    As a presidential candidate, would you advocate enacting a new law requiring that all Charitable Trusts must reduce their assests to perhaps $100,000 within 5 years and donated within the U.S., so that Warren Buffet could fulfill his wish of giving back to U.S. taxpayers more quickly?

  96. My family income, depending on the year’s business success, is just above or below $250K. After deductions, we pay 28% federal income tax, plus 7.5% state income tax, plus all the other taxes, including AMT. Our home value is now less than our loan balance, but we are current on our mortgage. So, we cannot refinance. We have stopped contributing to retirement accounts, so we can pay monthly bills. Our retirement funds have lost over 50% of value due to market declines, and they were insufficient to begin with. Our employer, a major bank, is reacting to government and market pressure with major layoffs and pushing even more jobs offshore, so our income, healthcare and contributions to Medicare, Social Security, federal and state income taxes could disappear at any time, leaving us as yet another family reliant on debt funded government handouts, though I might consider suicide before I become another welfare case. Barack Obama has put a target on my back. It oftens seems that, after over half a century of hard work and striving for excellence, all we’ll have left to cling to are our Bibles and guns. What are you doing and what will you do to prevent the destitution of the productive American middle class. Provide details please, not rhetorical propaganda. We need to know if you know what you’re doing; we can’t afford another presidential OJT program.

  97. President Obama has advocated a new so called “Buffet Tax” on the wealthy.

    As a presidential candidate, would you advocate enacting a new law requiring that all Charitable Trusts must reduce their trust assets to perhaps $100,000 within 5 years and donated within the U.S., so that Warren Buffet could fulfill his wish of giving back to U.S. taxpayers more quickly?

  98. Explain to the American people how, your “non intervention foreign policy” and “not being the policeman of the world” would benefit the American people financially.

  99. At what specific high income value for a family of four would you consider a family in the middle class and NOT in the Upper Class?

  100. What would you do to remove the government regulation, costs and barriers to help businesses again be competitive and begin expanding?

  101. I’m a student of political science at the University of Hamburg, Germany. My question is for Congresswoman Bachman: Michelle Bachmann says that raising the debt ceiling was a serious mistake. The consequences for not raising the debt ceiling would have been (among others): millions of soldiers without a paycheck, seniors without retirement pay, and a total economic meltdown (most likely world wide). Congresswoman Bachmann were and are you fully aware of these consequences?

  102. For all: Fence along Mexico does not address the Canadian border, student visas, by air and sea infiltration. What do you propose for a nation wide solution to illegal immigration?

    THANK YOU!!!

  104. To all candidates: Given the huge population of unemployment recipients and the huge public works projects that are desperately needed, will you promote a federal program which would require unemployment recipients to accept jobs at public works projects? The program could, and should, include after hours job retraining opportunities for these workers, to enable them to transition to private sector work when they find opportunities, or when their project is completed. This should NOT be a program to create an additional permanent federal workforce. Marrying unemployment expenditures with needed public works projects would support national needs, while enabling workers to maintain work skills, self-esteem and fulfill their patriotic duty to contribute to America’s success.

  105. Why are you excluding Thaddeus McCotter from this debate?

    Unlike Huntsman, he is still holding a political office, and has the best plan for resolving the Social Security issue of all the candidates. He is a sharp intellect, and deserves to be up there.

    What are you so afraid of?

  106. I consider President Abraham Lincoln one of the worse Republicans ever because he should have shipped all of the African slaves back to African and never fought a war with his own people, based upon those facts would y6ou consider shipping all of the MessiCon illegal aliens back to Mexico or decide that we should go to war with them rascals?

  107. Would you consider starting a war and invading Canada so that all Americans could use their free health care system?

  108. Would you consider naming one of the national interstate freeways after Adolf Hitler who was the inventor of the modern freeway system?

  109. 1 – How much does it cost for Social Security to pay out Benefits to one Social Security recipient?
    2 – How much does it cost for the Department of Welfare to pay out Benefits to one Welfare Recipient?
    Would you cut the amount the recipient receives or would you cut the waste in Welfare and Social Security?

    I have to go back to the days of Ronald Reagan to get this question answer – This Question has never been asked of any Presidential Candidate since Reagan. FYI, Reagan said it cost $47,000 to pay out one Welfare recipient per year back in the 80’s. Do you want to bet it has gone up substantially since then.

  110. Question:

    Where do you stand on global government?
    – A Global Currency
    – WTO, IMF, World Bank
    – A World Court

  111. What is your stance on the decriminalization of marijauna and the overpopulation of prisons/jails for non-violent pot offenses? Government is missing out on a lot of tax dollars they could be getting with marijuana prohibition. Isn’t this a way of helping the economy? Alcohol and cigarettes are as harmful or even more harmful than pot.

  112. What is your opinion on the recent discovery that there is no protection from the levels of Arsenic allowed in our supply of apple juice? We Americans demand protection for our children who are being slowly poisoned by Arsenic. Arsenic builds up in the human body, it affect the function of the liver, kidneys, the brain, and many other body organs necessary for human survival.

  113. Abortion & Gay Marriage are critical issues to Evangelicals. Unless Ron Paul ran under the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul is running under the Republican Platform & must answer the question of “How would Ron Paul fight against Abortion & Gay Marriage on behalf of millions of Evangelicals ?” Is Ron Paul a fighter or does Ron Paul want to sit on the fence & drink koolaid with this issue also ?

    • Each State should be able to determine what is acceptable for their state. For example if California wanted Abortion & Gay Marriage then let them…I just won’t live there if I don’t want. There are 50 states…I know there will be at least one place where I will want to live.
      When it comes to Military that is where Ron Paul would have to have policy.

      • So Ron Paul will passively condone Abortion & Gay Marriage.

        As President, Would Ron Paul repeal Roe vs. Wade ?
        Would Ron Paul nominate judges leaning against Abortion & Gay Marriage ?

  114. Question for Ron Paul.

    Would you consider running under the 3rd Party as a Libertarian ?

    You have the support of Gay & Pro-Abortion supporters, Anti-War activists, in addition to Tea Party Republican. This would give you an edge as a 3rd Party candidate on the national stage.

  115. Some of the candidates have suggested that part of their jobs plan includes expanding energy production at home. Mr. Romney in particular has claimed that increasing domestic energy production will increase energy security by lessening pour dependence on foreign oil; Mrs. Bachmann claims that if she were president, the price of gasoline would fall back to $2/gallon.

    But oil, coal and natural gas are commodities sold on the international commodities market. What actual evidence exists to support the idea that increased domestic production improves security and increases domestic supply? Wouldn’t increased energy production just be another huge gift to the energy sector, which already enjoys huge subsidies and record profits?

  116. Mr.Gingrich,

    You’ve been described as “the brain of the group, but too undisciplined, but that you do offer big ideas”. You’ve also been described as too “scientific”. I’ve followed the debates closely, when did these traits become a negative and how will you reach independents without compromising your strong conservative views?

    Thank You,
    Billy from Memphis

  117. I would like to know what ALL the Candidates position is on the legalization and decriminalization of Marijuana.

  118. Question for Ron Paul:

    I am a husband and father. I qualify for government assistance, although I know that I am capable of supporting my family without it. My relatives tell me I should take the free handout because they all paid into it, and it would make my life easier. I think that our country has stolen that money from my family and given it to another cause, and they would only print money to give me, and it would hurt my daughter in the future if I took the money now.

    What is your advice for me and others like me, who can support their family’s, but qualify for free government aid? Should we take the money to make our lives easier, or would we be adding to the problem?

    Thank you

  119. If the TeaParty position is that raising taxes on upper earning corporations, and top tier citizens will prevent job creation, how do they explain those same companies not hiring during the many years the tax breaks have been in place, laying off countless workers, their bottom lines growing enormously and in essense, simply not hiring so far even with a RedHill?

  120. A question for all potential candidates:

    My driver license is valid in all 50 states and some foreign
    countries, without question.

    My concealed carry permit for a handgun is valid only in the state that issued it to me, and a few others that have enacted (or declared) reciprocity in the law. In any other jurisdiction, I am subject to arrest and jail time if that jurisdiction decides
    not to recognize my CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) license.

    Will you support a National Right to Carry Act that will force uniform recognition of CCW Permits in all U.S. jurisdictions and
    finally end the nightmare of potential proscution for those of us who must have personal protection at all times and wish to do so legally?

  121. Question to Mitt Romney from a desillusioned American living in Switzerland:

    Obama himself admitted to have modelled Obamacare according to Romneycare. Most Republican voters doubt you because of that, but moreso, because you seem to be unwilling to accept responsibility for this program, but rather wiggle out of it by way of a technicality (It was not Federal, but State mandated). Americans, Voters, are tired of talking points, stump speeches, avoiding straight answers to direct questions and 10 Minute monologues to simple 10 sec questions – we just had 3 Years of that with Obama.

    Why ist it so hard for a politician nowadays to be (speak) straightforward, admit a mistake, apologize and pledge to do it differently in the future? Why are you unwilling to do just that with Romneycare?

    • The problem with uour question is the implied premise that the Obamacare, or for that matter the Romneycare, are necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, statistics in the matter show that the Massachussetts’ health plan brough almost all state residents under coverage, decrease the neglection for preventive healt care in the first 2 years of implementation to less than half percent values before its application, and it did not produce the negative effects that many critics anticipated (premium increases, doctors emigration, hospital collapses due to demand, etc). I personally do not support government wellfare, but in some topics it is best to remove blind politics from these critical issues and look at them as objectively as possible. We continue to have a romance with some points of views that in the face of reality affecting our country are frankly more cynical than conservative.

      • Thanks Charles, but you missed my point by a mile.

        God is my witness, I will not argue the merits of Romneycare (or Obamacare) – most Republicans would repeal it as fast as the federal plan.
        My point is: Obamacare has in fact used the plan as a template and expanded on it and even Romney now pledges to repeal it asap. And that is pure populism and extremely hypocritical. That is, why I can never give him my vote. I will never blame him for trying to tackle the challenges of the medical arena. I blame him for not having the guts to speak straightforward, to wiggle himself out of responsibility and for not admitting to have made a mistake. We all make mistakes. But we all usually must own up to them. I will never replace Obama with a Republican version of him. One slick politician with yet another. It reminds me too much of lawyer speak and “I did not have sex with this woman”.

  122. Question for all the candidates: The United States Treasury currently produces both a $1 bill and a $1 coin. Billions of dollars of the coins are being kept in the Federal Reserve Banks because the public refuses to use them. What is your opinion on eliminating the dollar (its life is a considerably shorter time period than the dollar bill) so the coins will be used, and the cost of manufacturing one of the items would go away. I would ask the same about the one cent piece. Each purchase transaction could be rounded to the nearest nickel (or dime for that matter) and we would be able to reduce the coinage produced in the US by a considerable amount.

  123. Context:

    Many Americans are confused by the different approaches, statistics and rhetoric as to “how to growing an economy”.

    Question to all Candidates (could be split up) :
    Please explain to the American People in simple terms the Keynes vs. Hajek philosophy and the idea behind “Broadening The Base” with successful historical references.

  124. Gov. Romney,

    Many people feel that lack conviction and are worried that you will waiver in your decision making. Besides healthcare, please give us an example of how you have stuck to your believes to get what you thought was right, done while Governor.

    Thank you.

    Ron Paul ’12

  125. Context:

    All business professionals know that in the manufacturing industry labor cost makes up the largest factor on the cost side of doing business. When union organized labor (example, GM) is $74/h, whereas non-union labor (Toyota, Hyundai) is at 34/h, it certainly does not come as a surprise, that some automotive manufacturers could not compete anymore (resulting in a huge bail out) and nevertheless still hover around bancruptcy.


    How do you see the role, importance, influence on politics, of unions in the 21st century? Would you curb their power and influence and how?

  126. As Republicans, the belief is that government should stay out of the lives of individuals. Which candidates believe that entitlement programs should be the responsibility of government?

  127. To Rick Perry

    In a previous debate, you said that it is an insult that you can be bought from a corporation for so little money. This implies that you will take money from lobbyists in return for favors. Have you taken contributions in return for favors and can you explain why?

  128. To Ron Paul

    You have said that the other candidates are the status quo. Can you explain why and how you are different from the other candidates?

  129. To Rick Santorum

    You voted for troops to invade Iraq and you believe Iran is a threat to our security. Do you regret voting for a war that was unconstitutional and based on something that was not true (weapons of mass destruction)?

  130. Question for Governor Rick Perry. You have been governor of Texas for a long time. To reduce the draw of illegals to Texas, why haven’t you cracked down on employers and tenants who hire and rent to illegals?

  131. To Mitt Romney

    Your stances on issues such as a women’s right to abort have changed over the years. How can we trust what you say now will not change as President?

  132. Presidential Executive Orders can be an abuse of power but Michelle Bachman and others have said they will use it to change “Obamacare.” Who here will respect the constitution and not abuse the executive order authority?

  133. The last time Congress declared war was in 1941. Who here will pledge to not go to war or attack another sovereign country without Congress declaring war?

  134. Over the years Congress has taken money from Social Security and Medicare funds for other uses. What will you do to recover these funds and return them to the origional program’s?

  135. Question for all the candidates:

    Is it unconstitutional to go to war under a United Nations Resolution without a formal declaration of war from congress?

  136. Question for Ron Paul:

    Is it unconstitutional to go to war under a United Nations Resolution without a formal declaration of war from congress?

    • The question is dull because Ron Paul is openly and publicly an anti-war person and therefore the answer is predictable. On the other hand, the EEUU is not officially in war with Libia in the same way is not in war with Pakistan or any other country where Al Quaeda operates. To equate these military actions to an unconstitutional level is a misleading blanket that undermines our ability to protect our international interests and our capacity to protect ourselves.

      • Listen you numb skull, I want Ron Paul to get elected. He is the only candidate that follows what the constitution says and it says we should not go to war without the approval of the congress. No other candidate is guided by this principle and I want Ron Paul to stand out for his beliefs. If you had half of an idea of what you’re talking about you would know it is our foreign policy of occupation which has made us a target for these terrorists. I’ll give you some history. The CIA created Al Qaeda under operation cyclone in order to ENTICE a soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The idea was to bleed their economy in what would be known as their “vietnam”.

        Read this:

        Whether or not it was good policy doesn’t matter. Our foreign policy created these terrorists and now we’re going broke trying to fight them. Our national debt undermines our ability to protect ourselves. What’s your plan if China dumps 4 trillion dollars of treasury bonds on the open market? We need to pull our troops back and pay off our national debt before the dollar crashes or our way of life as Americans will be gone forever.

  137. To all Candidates. If elected President how would you spend your free time in the White House? Time that you get to yourself, days off, days that you dont have to work..etc..etc?

  138. With our vast supplies of natural gas, why are we so slow in finding solutions to use it more in our daily lives? We have required oil companies to use a percentage of ethanol in our current fuel; why can we not require them to put in natural gas pumps? Our home runs partially on natural gas – shouldn’t I be able to “fill up at home”?
    T. Boone Pikens has a nice plan on how we can become less dependent on foreign oil – I do not agree with giving corporations that make billions quarterly more tax breaks. Isn’t time to require these companies to move forward using the tax incentives already in place?

    • More domestic use of natural gas is for cooking or heating purposes. Efficient and safe use of natural gas beyond this is limited and for the most part uneconomic as in the case of car engines running on natural gas which are most expensive to maintain and last much less than a standard gasoline engine (the same is no true for public transportion uses though). When compare with other natural energy resources gas is part but not the best solution because of the high cost to find it, produce it, and distribute, and the way this three processes affect the environment. The real approach towards more energy independence nneds to involve a more green living standard from us; there is no other way, but people are naturally inclined against alternatives that “affect” their way of living. Here is where Pikens proposal fails because it does not factors in the lack of adequate infraestructure for consumption, the negative effects of increasing HC source supply, and CO2 emissions.

  139. Being a young doctor I consider myself far from being wealthy. I have over $140,000 in student loan debt and am supporting a family of five in a 2200 square foot home. In light of the proposed tax hikes I’d be subject to and the the fact that medicare reimbursements are scheduled to dramatically decrease at the start of the year, what will the candidates do to ensure Americans will continue to receive top level health care when a lot of quality physicians will be forced to retire as a result of the above mentioned tax hikes and medicare cuts?

    • Not Every Americans are greedy. If Doctors in this country retire, what else can they do for a living that would generate 6 figure income ?
      If you don’t want your job, there are hundreds of thousands of medical students & foreign doctors with quality waiting in line for your job.
      Medicine is not the only career that have large student loan.

    • You may not considered yourself as rich, BUT your income as a doctor is between $150,000 – $200,000 per year on average as a general practitioner. When the folks have no job & are forced to cut back on food, you would seem to be rich. When people are forced to earn minimum wage at $7 per hour, you shouldn’t complain. If running your own practice cost too much, you need to close the practice & go join another practice. When doctors join together in practice, overhead cost can be split evenly & cost will come down. Don’t ask the American taxpayer to finance stupid economic sense. Doctors should really not complain in this depressive economy. Every single American makes sacrifices at their workplace every day. It is time for doctors in this country to share in the burden.

      • First off your average salary is off. I know plenty of primary care doctors not making six figures. And I can tell by the rest of this comment you must not be in the healthcare industry. So if I must shut down my practice, what happens to my patients? Should I just ship them aside after the relationships I’ve established. That’s not right by me. And it’s not complaining, it’s voicing a concern I have. I see people in this country willing to pay $1000.00 for a new T.V. or $400.00 a month for cell phones and cable bills, but my industry gets bashed because it costs someone $500.00 to take out an infected gallbadder that can kill someone. I know there are crooks in every industry, but the majority of people I still be believe are sincere. The healthcare debate isn’t about the doctors, when are people going to realize that. It’s the insurance companies and attorneys that have set this precedent. I had an associate follow all the standards of care during a case, showed no negligent care but he unfortunately had a case that resulted in a young mans death. I’m not downplaying this tragedy but he wound up being sued for $250,000.00 for a known potential complication that the patient acknowledged prior to his procedure. Is that right? Attorneys and Insurance companies are forcing us to practice defensive medicine.

        • If the solo practice is no longer affordable due to overhead cost, then bring in a partner or partnering up with another physician to lower your overhead. This is economic 1101. As an entrepreneur, you must adapt to the economic environment. As a physician working in a solo practice, you are a businessman; so you need to think like one. Your patients can follow you. This country is broke. Every single profession in the industry is taking a hit from job loss to salary & benefits cutback. Why should the healthcare industry not sharing in the burden ? Your patient relationship & Your expensive out-of-control-cost solo practice should not be the reason to maintain the status quo. The bottom line is No Industry is considered recession proof. Neither should the healthcare industry be.

          $400 per month for cell phones & cable bills ? Either that has to be an exaggeration or Only Your Rich Doctor friends would be able to afford. Regular folks have to worry about putting dinner on the table every day. $1000 for new TV may be the only thing that folks could have done for themselves once in a decade. Going to the doctor’s office for runny nose & head ache cost $100 per visit. Now tell me if that is not ridiculous.

          Your surgeon friend worked in a high risk field. So he should pay more for malpractice insurance to cover it. He chose the career knowing that. So it is not a surprise that when things do go wrong, the malpractice insurance is there to cover for it.

        • In terms of general physician salary, which is the lowest of all physicians, the average range is $150,000 – $200,000 per year. The data is out there & Voters can also look it up on google.

          • Well if it’s on google it’s gotta be right! John, you can google whatever you want and get 3,000 different hits. All those numbers are is a random collection surveyed doctor salaries. If you survey New York docs you’ll see they are pulling in way more than say someone in Montana. You can’t generalize, without having all the data, come on man.

            And yes I am a business owner but you make it seem so simple to make major business decisions. First all, not all my patients could follow me if I abandoned my practice, as you put it, and you can thank your insurance companies for that. And hire another partner? Are you serious? Where does that salary come from and costs to cover overhead, do you realize it takes about 3-4 months for an insurance company to pay a claim-after it has denied it 2-3 times? My partner would be dealing with the same issues I’m dealing with, so instead of one struggling practice with one doc lets make one struggling practice with two docs-brilliant. And what will happen to my staff if I leave my practice? You may be able to do that with a clear conscience, but I consider them my family and would try with my last breath to not put them out. My whole question involved the fact that I’d be taxed more and reimbursed less. I don’t care how much someone makes, that would piss anyone off. This country is setting us up for mediocrity. It sends the message to our children, work hard, become successful-then gives us more and more of your rewards. That’s a great lesson to teach. This was once a country that admired success and hard work, now it’s becoming one that scorns it. Our leader is splitting the country apart and putting brother against brother now and why? Because, one has been able to be successful? If you think I should be made to give a lot more because I’ve made more then you are a socialist my friend.

            And you say, buying a $1000.00 T.V. is the only thing a person could have done the last decade? That’s an immature response. People have a responsibility to themselves and if they can’t afford the T.V.-don’t buy it!! Use the money for something more sensible like food, since you’re convinced everyone lives on the streets. Also, you think it’s ridiculous to pay $100 for a doctor visit, but would you say it ridiculous to pay $100 for an oil filter change, oil change and car diagnostic service? Of course not.

    • Other Countries do provide Top Level Care if not better than the US at affordable rates. Doctors in other countries don’t even make as much money, compared to you. Consider yourself fortunate to have 3 kids & be living in a 2200 square foot home as a young doctor. Other young professionals are now out of work, have no stable family, forced to live together with parents to cut cost. Perhaps you should join the Military & offer your service in exchange for student loan forgiveness. Perhaps you should offer your service to Rural Communities in exchange for student loan forgiveness. When you yourself has not made any sacrifices, don’t ask American taxpayers to foot the bill for dumb economic sense. When Medicare is no longer around, you would be happy with $7 per hour salary.

      • John, please don’t pretend to know how my services are offered. I provide monthly services to under served areas with no desire for loan forgiveness. I’m an African American male that put myself through school and take on my own debt that I’ve accrued. You’re statement shows one of the many problems with his country. If I get loan forgiveness, who pays that? That money must come from somewhere if it doesn’t come from me. And I’m very fortunate to be where I am now, but unfortunately EVERY American is affected by the economy. What if I told you I’m supporting my father who had a heart transplant three years ago and is unable to pay for his medications or doctor visits, am I being unreasonable now? And don’t knock the healthcare we are fortunate enough to have here. It’s still the best healthcare in the world.

        • Loan Forgiveness in exchange for your service in Rural Area & through the Military do exist. Voters can look this up on Google & confirm.

          We have the best healthcare in the world, BUT NOT Every single American can afford. What use is that ? I would much prefer to have 2nd best healthcare in the world & be able to afford it. Doctors charging $100 per visit, regardless of complaints is over the roof. There must be a universal healthcare menu, so that patients can shop around without risking being overcharged for a simple visit. The cost to see specialist is even more outrageous in this country.

          I would much rather saved up $5000 to pay for Medical Tourism than paying for ridiculous, skyrocketing cost of medical care in this country.

          • You are truly deluded. I am completely aware that loan forgiveness exits but you’re missing my point. The loan is not actually “forgiven.” You think the bank says, “Ok, he’s working in an under served area, let’s wipe the slate clean.” Absolutely not, so for my services rendered I may not be made to pay the loan back but that money is coming out of someone else’s pocket. You can’t be naive to think that’s not how it works. And like I said, I don’t expect anyone to cover my debts. And you don’t understand the politics behind healthcare. The question of why costs are so high is a loaded question. Like my other post says, physicians practice defensive medicine. So we’re made to order tests and follow protocols in every attempt to avoid being litigated against. At the same time, the insurance companies are trying to tell us what we can and can’t order. So in order for them to not reimburse us, they tell Joe Somebody they are no longer covered. Then when we don’t order a test because insurance doesn’t cover it and something is missed and a patient suffers, then you see all the lawyer commercials begging Americans to sue! John, every American is not in the poor house. Many more are living comfortably than living day to day. And if you’re really interested in helping the domestic economy, why would you even mention medical tourism?

  140. Most registered voters in the United States are Independents. To this Independent voter it seems like both parties are pandering to their extremes. The majority of Americans want common sense solutions. To this end, what one thing would you do as an American president to show the Independent voter that WE are in the majority, not the affiliated party.

    Thank you

    • I am afraid that many voters will stay home next year because they will not like either candidate and see their vote as useless since the politicans never accomplish what they promise.

  141. Greece, Italy, Spain etc. are having severe financial problems that impact our economy. What are you going to do about it?

  142. Why don ,t we develop our nat gas and oil from shale deposits and refi all our long term treasury debt? These two things would go a long way to stimulate the economy.

  143. About 5 yrs ago I left the Republican party because I felt that the party had abandoned principles in favor of politics. While it appears the tide is turning, how can I be sure that any of the candidates won’t just bow to the political winds? Which of you is willing to stand up for 1st principles and the Constitution and hang the political consequences?

  144. To: All Candidates’

    I haven’t heard once about protecting and improving Veterans benefits at all, and why?
    We have many veterans that are homeless, jobless, and the VA claim process are ridiculous slow, is like they don’t want to pay us at all. Tricare was originally free for veterans for life, and now! We pay an annual fee of $480, and which they now wanting to increase the annual payment to $520. Now! They are talking about increasing on co-payment, which I believe we shouldn’t pay at all. What I can’t understand why we should we the veterans should pay any federal tax on our retirement pay. Don’t the veterans deserve better than this, after all the sacrifice we gave to our country?

  145. For Mr. Perry– you are known to endorse the death penalty, and since you’ve been Governor, Texas has executed 234 people. What are your thoughts about the Troy Davis case?

  146. To Gov. Perry:

    What is your justification for adding a fee to single parents receiving child support checks? To some single parents this fee could have a huge effect on their lives that really every penny to survive.

    Why are these fees not charged to the non-custodial parent instead of the parent with custody?

    To the other Canidates:

    Do your states have these same fees?

  147. Since the GOP does not like the President’s job plan, what do you suggest the GOP representatives offer as an alternative in Congress immediately since the unemployed cannot wait until January 2013. Keep in mind the President is not a member of Congress and therefore cannot introduce any legislation.

  148. Debate Question: A nuclear Iran is a big problem. Every effort by the world community to stop it has failed. Short of military intervention it looks like it is inevitable. We had a gift handed to us about a year ago when the Iranian people had their “spring”. We dropped the ball big time by not supporting them. What would you do differently if this opportunity for a possible regime change in Iran presents itself again?

  149. I would like to ask who would support changing our current Federal Budget process away from a “Baseline Budget” system, where we just keep adding to what they got budgeted last time. Let’s move to a zero base budgeting system where each department would justify expense needed for that cycle. We would save billions if not trillions of dollars that are currently being wasted. We currently have many Federal departments that are recieving money ONLY because they recieved it last cycle.

  150. If there is a balanced budget amendment, then what would you do if we were attacked and additional revenue was needed for our defense?

  151. Would you support a significant change in the current welfare system that would provide a financial support system to those who demonstrate personal responsibility by actually working and who need to supplement a low income to support themselves and their families, and,in turn , limit the support to those who do not work at all and have not demonstrated an effort to support themselves? Those who are BOTH physically and mentally unable to work, should be supported fully: however, those who can’t work physically are still able to work mentally, (and vise/versa), should be limited in the amount of taxpayer dollars in a finite period of time. Only when they begin to work at something, and begin to show a level of personal responsibility, would they begin to receive added support to their earning. I believe it is time that we begin to help those people who are not making a lot of money, but are working hard to support themselves and their families. The people who demonstrate personal responsibility are the ones who we should be helping. Do you agree??

    • Rick, you are right on it! This is exactly right. This is a wonderful idea!! We should help those that are willing to help themselves, those who sit around because they are too lazy to do anything else and suck off the rest of us should be cut off!!!

  152. What is your thought on limiting the number of terms a member of congress can run for. This certainly would eliminate much of the special interest and being in the pocket of big business.

  153. For all/any candidates although I would like to see and hear more from Jon Huntsman:
    a) do you support Paul Ryan’s approach to revising the tax code decreasing debt and spending?
    b) if the super committee has placed “everything on the table” does this include ALL federal employee pension plans? Also, will you support the inclusion of all federal retirement/pension plans?

  154. For the GOP Candidates:

    One argument continuously brought forward against taxing people with higher income (more than $250,00/yr) is this would hurt job creation. Corporate tax rates have dropped from 35% in 1995, to current ~22% rates. During the same time unemployment has increased from 3.5% to current 9.3% while poverty has increased in even higher proportions. If you look at the same economic parameters between 2000 and 2008 the picture is even more dramatic. Why GOP candidates continue to oppose to tax adjusments under the basis of an argument that historically is proven wrong? What is the economic argument that makes a better redistribution of the tax burden inviable?

    • You are only looking at part of the picture. Companies moved jobs off-shore for many reasons, chiefly because of higher tax rates, and over regulation.

      Banks failed and foreclosures went up because of the Community Redevelopment Act. People who had no business having a mortgage were given one. Even illegals.

      As to poverty. Two millenea ago, Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” There are government and charitable programs to aid the poor. It is interesting when you look at who is considered “poor”. In California it the poverty line is $33,000. The poor usually have cars, cable tv, cell phones, ect. The poor of other countries would love to have our standard of “poor”.

  155. How would you describe a good leader? It seems our country has been without one for a number of years. It is my belief that the USA is in desperate need of such a person. Who among you candidates can be this leader? Please tell us how and why you feel you are this person we are searching for?

  156. To All Candidates,

    If elected, what would be your primary method of reducing the deficit? Specifically, would you push Congress to cut spending and raise revenue, or would you follow the example of the current Republicans in Congress and focus entirely on cutting spending and not worry about reforming the tax code?

  157. A question for the candidates:
    The presidency of Abraham Lincoln was, and continues to be, one of the most controversial in American History. What is your opinion of the man, his principles, and his handling of the crisis of disunion?

  158. Gov. Perry-You were pictured waving a handgun in the air at a rally. Being a gun advocate, was this the safest thing to do and are you not aware of gun safety? If someone brought a handgun to one of your rallies and waved it in the air would he/she be arrested? I see many photos of the middle east. Protesters there wave their guns in the air frequently. Are you different in some way?

  159. Instead of giving money to banks,and Wall Street firms,why not give the bailout money back to the LEGAL American citizens..The money would be spent to help American families get the things they need,or to help them stay in their homes. Money would flow back into the economy instead of the banks hoarding,or using it to speculate on the market. The American people need a bailout NOT MORE BANKS OR WALL STREET

  160. If everyone is so interested in creating jobs and stopping our American companies from importing goods back to the states, then why don’t we impose a 25% tariff on imported goods? Wouldn’t this offset the people American corporations are paying $3.00 per day in third-world countries?

  161. Good evening my name is Rex Call from Tucson Az.
    My 3 questions to all candidates:
    Some have said, technically we are coming out of our economic problems and better times are on the horizon. And, some say we are headed into the 2nd dip of our recovery, but we can positively effect the recovery from this depression, if we act boldly.
    Which scenario is right? And, if you agree with the 2nd dip, specifically what bold action steps would take to positively effect our recovery?
    If we enter into another depression and a major corporation finds themselves facing bankruptcy, for any reason, will you bail them out with US tax dollars?
    K Rex Call
    [email protected]

  162. When the government raises taxes, isn’t it true that higher taxes take food out of the mouths of children because higher taxes means companies will hire fewer workers, and fewer workers means the unemployed can’t feed their families the quantity of nutritious meals that we all need?

  163. years ago congress destroyed monopolies amongst businesses. Now our gov’t has huge monopolies in retirement, medicare, education and vacines. When are any of you going to give us back our choices, such as our own IRA’s, our own insurance policies geared to our own individual needs and our own choices for our families and children on education, vacines and health????>

  164. Would you be for or opposed to a law that says if the U.S.deficit is over 3 % of the GDP, then congress will not be up for reelection for the next term?

  165. Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have called the actions they have been undertaking “Quantitative Easing”.

    Isn’t Quantitative Easing essentially the same thing as writing hot checks?

  166. My question is to all candidates. I have read that is can literally cost a corporation one billion dollars more to setup a technology manufacturing facility in the USA than it costs in places like Malaysia, China, India, etc. This primarily is due to taxes, regulatory fees, etc.. Surprisingly the cost of labor is NOT the primary factor according the CEO of Intel.

    If nominated, and subsequently elected as POTUS, what exactly will you do to foster an environment that will allow corporations to start bringing these jobs back to the USA?

  167. When making comments such as, “when elected, I will shrink the EPA, or I will reform the tax code and gradually phase out social security,” etc.. (all of which I support of course) how will YOU deal with the inevitable road blocks.
    In other words entrenched liberal ideology is a formidable, though terribly misguided, barrier to establishing real fiscal responsibility. What, SPECIFICALLY, would you do to circumvent the left’s certain and deliberate shuck n’ jive?

  168. To Rick Perry – How do you expect to reduce federal spending when Texas needed $14 billion from the federal government to balance their budget, and Texas faxes a $25 billion deficit in 14 months (2013).

  169. My questions to all the republican candidates – Why do you truly oppose raising the taxes on the rich? You all say that they are the ones creating jobs. If that is true, why are they getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer. Is it really because they are the ones putting money in you campain coffers and special favors (special interest)are owed and all of you get richer. Isn’t that how a majority of you guys became rich.(Kick-Backs) (Republicans and the Dems)Please don’t say it isn’t so or sidestep the question. Do like a few of the school supers and forfeit your salaries if you truly love the U.S.A…Pay Homage to the citizens.

  170. Question for Newt Gingrich.
    Illegal immigration has taken it’s toll on the economy and the nation’s debt in the form of free health care and loss of tax revenue from the illegal work force that does not contribute to the tax rolls. Governor Perry has even offered in state tuition to undocumented aliens. What would you do to protect our boarder? Also, would you put a cap on work visa’s until our unemployment rate goes back down to 5%?

  171. One more question… Why don’t all you Republicans just straight out tell the American people about the balance of powers. President Obama can’t do anything that he promised and because you won’t let him.

    • Just when I think I’ve read enough ignorant commentary, I find your post. Thanks, Jay – good to know you used this as a platform for your anti-Republican sentiments, instead of asking important and relevant questions of our possible future leader.

    • Jay, Jay, Jay, President Obama can’t get anything done because he is in way over his head
      and doesn’t know how to get us out of this mess. At least President Bush surrounded himself with intelligent people and was a smart man himself with common sense. The people around Obama are clueless! Very very sad. Unfortunately Obama and his people are not in touch with normal people. The waste of money in this Presidency is obscene!!!!! Get big government out of our lives and make the politicians accountable for what they do, making them live with the same insurance plans the rest of us have to live with is a good starting place!

  172. Why is the government spending $12 for a muffin and $10 for a cookie. You guys can’t be that stupid, my bad, I guess I am for asking that question……lol

  173. To: Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann

    If possible, can you explain what would would likely result from swift, and deep, cuts (say 30% to 50% within two years) to the EPA, and the Education Dept., plus a 100% stoppage of ALL pork spending?

    Please respond in terms of approximate savings in dollars, and how it might, or might not, affect America; economically, socially, and in terms of our global credibility?

  174. As the 45th president of the United States of America, what CONCRETE 3 actions will you undertake to pull us out a THIRD of the WAY OUT of our close to $15T dollar debt before your 1st term is over that will appeal to Republicans, Democrats & Independents?

  175. In 2012 Texas will have the 3rd largest state budget deficit as a percentage of spending and 2nd largest deficit of any state. Doesn’t this indicate that the budget of the state of Texas is a disaster?

  176. Which of you in good conscience can ask people to contribute more to the government. Politicians as a whole have squandered our money on things including your own lavish pensions and healthcare. When will politicians admit we have sacrificed enough for your sorry money management?

  177. Given that you were successful wiping out the close to $15T debt down to $10T in your first term, what other 2 CONCRETE actions will you undertake to COMPLETELY WIPE out the remainding $10T debt?

  178. To Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich

    How is it that all three branches of our government, which have been empowered, by the “people,” and have sworn to protect and defend those very same “people,” as well as our Constitution, make momentous decisions, dramatically effecting each of our lives for generations, all against our express wishes?

    If Reid and Pellosi decide that it is in America’s best interests to sell Florida and California to China, are we supposed to just go along with it? How are global warming or not exploiting our own fossil fuel reserves any different? In the 70’s we were told to accept a slightly different meteorological phenomena. They called it…you guessed it, Global Cooling. Remember?

    Examples: Obama Care. GM takeover. Bank takeover. Bailouts 1, 2, 3… Solyndra, and on, and on.

    Our government should not speculate, cajole, or play favorites. Nor should they decide which state’s borders they will protect and which they prefer to sue instead.


    OOOPS. Sorry about the length. Feel free to paraphrase as needed. :-0

  179. Today , the House voted down funding the government past Sept 30th .

    Do you think that there should be a mechanism in place that
    government should continue being funded on the same level as
    the previous budget or should the government be shut down?

    If there is a shutdown, do you support that the house and senate
    members and their staff do not get paid or reimbursed for any expenses during the shutdown?

  180. Governor Huntsman,
    This speaks to the FACTUAL creation of American jobs.
    It is often said that the President of the United States wields more power outside the United States than within the country. With your international trade and diplomatic experience, how specifically can you leverage that know-how to create more jobs for Americans as opposed to either the record of the incumbent President or the relative experience of any of your Republican rivals?

  181. If you’re truly so worried about higher taxes causing problems for the ‘Job Creators’, how can you show the American people that this money is being re-invested in the country and doing what you claim it should: producing jobs here on American soil rather than supporting a Millionaire’s dream to become a Billionaire.
    Couldn’t one argue that the revenue from taxes on ‘Job Creators’ might lessen the burden on Middle Class America or at least be fed into the DOT to reinforce our infrastructure of crumbling bridges? That sounds like Job Creation with a revenue stream that can be tracked, measured and verified . . .

  182. Gentleman,
    If the American people, via Congress, differ in opinion on a military action or war from you, personally, would you follow your beliefs or those of the American people (i.e. Congress)?

    Thank you.

  183. Congressman Paul once advocated the use of privateers to fight maritime piracy (and terrorism), which plagues not only American but international shipping. Would you support and advocate a modernized version of privateers to provide escort to commercial shipping vessels?

  184. Social Security funds much more than retirees. If funds social security disability which has been greatly expanded, corrupted and abused. It also funds immigrants entering the United States. What percentage of the social security tax goes to purposes other than retirees?

  185. The “American Dream” rewards hard work, creativity, and determination with wealth. Why do the lazy, unmotivated and illegal get a portion of the wealth earned on the backs of others? Politicians could learn a lot about the mindset of individuals supported by the Federal government by visiting an inner city school or neighborhood grocery store. Most students in the inner city aren’t interested in the American Dream, but in what we “the workers” will give them. Observe food stamp use and what is purchased and you will want to forgo paying your taxes. People who do not work do not deserve the lifestyle and perks that go with working hard all of your life. The Federal government is enabling individuals to live on the dole with no incentive to work. What would you do to correct this?

  186. With the job market in distress at this time, why are we talking free trade agreements with countries such as korea and panama? We all know in the end, big industries will simply move their companies to these countries to take advantage of the cheap labor. In an equal market, yes it would allow the U.S. to sell it’s goods to these countries, but let’s face reality…the cost to make something here vs. their will ultimately leave us with less jobs in the U.S. All…are you in support of this and how do you see it as an advantage at this time?

  187. Governor Rick Perry,
    My aunt said of the Republicans in Texas in reference to driving, “If it’s brown, pull ’em over”. This seems to be the undelying opinion of a lot of latinos in Texas, that the minorities are not taken care of as well as the white upper class. Going up against Obama’s cause to help the minorities, what kind of initiatives do you have to rival that of President Obama?

  188. Bastardization of America: Current Medicaid eligibility rules reward single couples who live together by providing them benefits much more readily than married couples. The latter are penalized for being married and hence receive fewer benefits. Currently, in the United States, forty plus percent of babies are born are born out of wedlock. What’s wrong with this picture?

  189. Who of you would be willing to stop the BASELINE BUGETING so that the American people will know that a buget cut in a cut and buget increase is a increase?

  190. Who of you would be willing to stop this talk about buget reductions over the next ten years, and start taking about reductions over the time period that you and congress actually have control of?

  191. For all of the candidates: I voted for Bush in 2004 and Obama in 2008. I felt strongly about the former, but felt the latter was only chosen as the lesser of two evils. I am excited to see such a strong showing at the Republican debates this year. As someone who identifies herself as a economic Conservative, with a strong interest in the expansion of civil liberties, I would like to know how you are going to continue to advance and uphold the rights of the LGBT community.

  192. For all of the candidates: I voted for Bush in 2004 and Obama in 2008. I felt strongly about the former, but felt the latter was only chosen as the lesser of two evils. I am excited to see such a strong showing at the Republican debates this year. As someone who identifies herself as an economic Conservative, with a strong interest in the expansion of civil liberties, I would like to know how you are going to continue to advance and uphold the rights of the LGBT community.

  193. Who of you would be willing to change the law to elimnate BASELINE BUGETING so that the American people will know that a buget cut is actuallty a cut[ meaning that it’s going to cost us less than last year] and a increase is a increase?

  194. Dear john care. Please go F YOURSELF and get on a democratic debate oh thats right dems don’t like to talk about issues they would rather just lie and demagogue people who are. Do you need the gov./A Nanny to take care of you.

  195. I would like to challenge them to re-establish america:

    1. Economy: Why not fix it by? a. Stopping NAFTA, b. Withdrawing from WTO, c. Institute Import Tariff’s which will make production cost in USA = Foreign cost + Import Tariff

    2. Why not stop talking about Illegal Immigration, and simply STOP ALL IMMIGRATION until we get our present citizens back to work and then limit immigration to needs as do countries like Australia

    3. Would you support and efficiency evaluation that would require our government to have: a. Efficiency (employee numbers) in each area equal to top 100 private corporations, b. Lifetime salary and benifits equal to 75th Percentile of private corporations, c. Absolute priority to American Citizens.

  196. Gay marriage was legalized under Mitt Romney’s watch. My question is: Will Mr. Romney try to have gay marriage legalized in this country?

    Also, since he was only a one-term governor, should we expect more of the same under his administration?

  197. Due to the economic crisis created by Wall Street; Banks; Mortgage funder like Fannie May and Freddie Mac, would you support a roll back of all mortgage interest rates to 4% across the board for all existing and new mortgages.
    It would require all of the institutions to roll rates back with no fees or paperwork. It would require a simple change in the rate in the existing accounts. This would free up thousands of dollars for consumer spending;
    help those who are being impacted by foreclosure; and provide a stimulus much better than exists from Congress.

  198. Why can’t we fix social security by making the federal government repay every penny that they took for other purposes??

  199. The American in Switzerland

    Every great US President has given us a vision, a dream we can believe in, inspiring optimism and a national drive. Something the entire people could unite behind and move forward as one. A Strategic Energy Initiative – The pledge and vision to become 100% energy independent within 10 years and do everything to achieve that goal could alone take care of debth crisis, balancing the budget, the job situation and the economy, while resolving several strategic and national security dilemmas.

    Who amongst the candidates is willing to adopt such a vision and lay out a respective action plan?

  200. My question is for Governor Perry and Governor Romney:

    What is your plan to solve the illegal immigration problem? Specifically, Do you support building a fence? Do you support offering state and federal services to illegals such as welfare? What are we going to do with the illegals already here? What is your plan to end the anchor baby problem? Should businesses be held accountable for hiring illegals? Do you support deporting illegals in our prisons so our tax dollars are not supporting them?

  201. I am tired of softball questions at debates and the “non-answer” answers given by candidates. My question: What are you going to do SPECIFICALLY to solve the immigration problem and the over-taxation/regulation problem. What are the goals for these two issues and how are they going to be measured?

  202. The tax payers currently pay for all of the salaries, benefits & unbelievable retirement incomes for elected representatives & senators. They also have one of the best health plans in the nation. If we have to accept Obama Care, why should the congress have to do the same or if not, then Obama Care should be immediately defunded by Congress.

    Jim Culpepper, 4939 Yarwell Drive, Houston, Texas 77096-4232
    Home: 713-729-4697
    Cell: 832-630-0909

  203. My question is for Mitt Romney,

    Sir, why should we vote for you as President when you do not believe in Conservative values. Such as Global Warming and National Health Care which you voted for in your state. Because, those are not Conservative values, those are liberal vaules.

  204. Governor Romney in a recent town hall meeting kept referring to the Social Security trust fund. I would like him to explain to the voters what he means since there is no real trust fund that exists. All money collected by F.I.C.A. goes into the general fund. Social Security has been funded out of the general fund since the days of Lyndon B Johnson. Does he favor lock box legislation that would establish separate fund from the general fund. 2nd part, does he support Paul Ryan’s budget?

    Rick Faller
    Redding, Ca

  205. I would still like an answer to the question that was asked during the last GOP debate: “How Much Of My Pay Check Should I Be Allowed To Keep?” The CNN commentator rephrased the question into an unrelated question regarding corporate loopholes, so candidates never did get a chance to respond to the initial inquiry.

  206. Everyone is talking about paying their fair share of taxes. I as a middle income person agree with this.
    Do you also agree? If yes, then would you support a flat tax? This would eliminate most of the IRS, save billions in cost to the american people.
    If NO, please explain why I should pay and the other guy shouldn’t and don’t insult my intelligence and tell me they need the money to create jobs, since jobs are not being created today.

  207. My question to the candidates. “Manufacturing has been a vital part of the economic success of the United States yet continues to deteriorate to its current sad state of just 12% of GDP. Part of the reason is our balance of trade deficit. We import by a ratio of 5 to 1 more than we export. The biggest importer is China, a communist country, who is also our largest creditor. If you were president what would you do to increase manufacturing in the United States?”

  208. To Congresswoman Bachmann:

    In 2006, Congresswoman Bachmann claimed “there is a controversy among scientists about whether evolution is a fact… hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel prizes, believe in intelligent design.”

    Can you clarify this outright lie and your stance on the need for rigorous and good science as a way to innovate and create jobs the future?

  209. What are your views on manufacturing tariffs and US trade policy. As you may know, The US stopped being a protectionist nation when in 1986 President Reagan signed the GATT treaty, leveling the US manufacturing tariff down to 2 percent, ushering in the era of so-called free trade with the OK of economist Milton Friedman. For the first time in 210 years US trade policy did not protect our native industries. Bill Clinton tripled down with NAFTA & CAFTA (and a full GATT) and entering the WTO, creating a global economy that has exported millions of American jobs and 50,000 factories since 1990. Since 1986 the American Middle Class has been progressively shrinking. What will you do as president to create Fair Trade – not Free Trade? Will you demand that trade policy be revamped? Will you increase manufacturing import tariffs to that of China and India – anywhere from 20 to 30 percent? If you do this, are you afraid China will sell everything they have in the stock market in retaliation, which will cause a crash and a world-wide depression?

  210. Ever since I came to this country as a cuban refugee in 1963 I knew that for a country to be strong it had to have a strong industrial base, since the middle class is what made this country different. The middle class is what make a country strong. Although I am republican 100% I have seen goverments from both parties gloryfying the globalization they tried to fool us making us believe that if we opened our market to China we would benefit more than they would, since they would buy more of our products, and if we didn’t do so other developed countries would, so far that hasn’t happened. I watched goverments from both parties come and go, and all of them agreed on imposing low tarifs and incentives to the corporations to go overseas. The wealth of this corporations is not what makes this country powerful, it’s our middle class what does. We tend to associate Wall Street to the our strength as a country.
    With the exception of Donald Trump I don’t see any candidates explaining how can he create jobs if the industry that we had years ago is all gone. Just beeing conservative is not enough. Stop selling out our country to the big corporations.

  211. To all: I live in the hanseville shale area.we have bigger reserves than this one in this country what when are you going to do something with all this gas.just putting government vehicles on this large and small type would help with with the technology which could spread across the private sectors how many types of jobs would this create skilled and unskilled technical and white collar too many for everbody to sit on there hands and do nothing.

  212. My question is this: For all presidential candidates, will you as president find a way to pay back the trillions of dollars BORROWED

  213. How can we mandate that hospitals have to take care of those who want medical assistance, yet we can’t mandate people to purchase health insurance?

  214. My question is this: For all presidential candidates, will you as president find a way to pay back the trillions of dollars BORROWED from the social security funds by the Federal Government over the years so the fund can once again be solvent. I’m sure the Chinese will be more than glad to loan us more money.

    • “BORROWED” is putting it kindly; had the Social Security piggy bank been left alone, Social Security would be secure today.

  215. Another question I would like to ask is will those business’ that shut down their US plants to avoid EPA laws, union wage demands and employee benefits packages for the cheaper cost of overseas plants with their lack of EPA requirements, low employee pay and lack of benefits be allowed to compete in our US market without paying tariffs as they are so rewarded at this time?

  216. Will the nonimee, whomever it is, really go after Obama about his associations with shady people, (ie: Rev. Wright, etc.) and exposes him for who he really is or lay down like a puppy like John McCain did?

  217. Question for Perry: As governor of the state with the largest job growth, what suggestions would you might have for the red/conservertive leaning states that are among the top ten poorest states in the country?

    • Why should Obama get credit for Texas job growth when he had nothing to do with it? Texas job growth was in spite of Obama, not because of anything he did.

  218. my question is for michele bachmann specifically. while your concern for an infrigment of individual liberties is valid in regard to the hpv vaccination in texas. why would you then throw in unsubstantiated facts as to health safety when there is no scientific evidence to back up your claim?
    do you know something the scientific community doesn’t or is this the way of the far right, meaning operating from a position of fear?



  221. I would like to know what, if anything, a GOP president – or any president – would do to ensure that the “natural born” requirement be henceforth and forever adhered to? Meaning that the parents MUST have allegiance at the time of birth, as per Law of Nations, which precludes future potential candidates such as Jindal or Rubio. I would also like to know why this issue has not been a topic of debate during the candidacy & subsequent presidency of the current occupant?

  222. 1. When a physician is sued and if he or she looses the case or settles, it is reported to national data bank and state licensing authorities for possible action. It does not seem to happen to attorneys who loose the cases and can the playing field be levelled for fairness sake and to avoid frivolous law suits.
    2. When physicians want to move from one state to another, they have to go through a time consuming beurocratic process of verification again. Is this not unnecessary beurocracy in action which republicans do not like? It sounds more like that than state’s rights to me. What do you think?

  223. Same question to each candidate: Do you consider yourself a true conservative and if so, why? Trying to claim affiliation with the TEA Party groups does not make you a conservative.

  224. My girlfrien in a Democrate and she says if you want her to vote for you answer these:

    Will you make the rick pay more taxes? if so how much more?

    Since no one has define “far share” can you?

    How will you go about getting ride of “OBAMA health care”?

    Since Obama and the staff he brough in when made President spent ONE YEAR developing and “FORCING” their health care plan down on the people, HOW will you spen your FIRST year in office? How will you create jobs (real jobs not minumin wages jobs) and how will you bring back manufacturing to the USA?

    Will you NOT touch SS funds on the current baby boomers who have put into it their whole lives? Same with Medicare?

  225. Are you in favor of Donald Trump’s stance on China? And if you are not, what will you do to get that 300 billion dollars that we pay each year to China back here in our ecnonomy?

  226. There too many things we worry about . It looks as though someone is trying to run this country into the ground .We are tired of all of the lines and lies You can’t go green over night , it takes time ,not everyone has a silver spoon in their mouth or on their table.We think that opening drilling will lower gas prices and start putting more money in our pockets. This money will then be spent for food , clothes,will pay bills ,we can once again travel and so on.It should lower the cost of truck fuel which will lower the price for shipping food and other goods . What do you think and will you open drilling? Some of my family came to America in the 1600’s They fought with Washington, and in the civil war and in WW11 and so on I feel I am an american and I want to cry at what is happening .

  227. I would like to know if any of them feel that if gas prices where lower do you think this would help EVERYONE in the US and help the jobs grow? If so how do you plan to get prices back down to $1.10 per gallon again.

    I aske because I own a garbage business in the way northern part of NYS and can not keep my prices down to a exceptable price because I spend huge amounts of money on gas every day. If prices of Diesle where to be down around a dollar I could higher more employees and grow at a much faster pace.

  228. To all candidates:

    The republican congress passed the agricultural subsidies act,yet drone on about how conservative they are about cutting the deficit. As president,will you continue this socialistic handout?

  229. Question for all the candidates:

    A successful terrorist attack can kill thousands of people. If the dollar crashes, every single American will be affected and our way of life could be gone forever. What do you think is the bigger concern. Fighting terrorism or paying down our national debt?

  230. What are the canidates position on “gun control”? In my opinion, gun control is using both hands, and hitting your target.

  231. According to The Preamble, The Constitution of the United States of America was established “in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”
    Also, according to Article 1, Section 8, “The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.”
    When the Republican Primary Candidates, especially Representatives Bachman and Paul, refer to constitutionally limited government, what section(s) of The Constitution are they referring to?

  232. About the American Dream Act SB131 in the State of California. I believe that this is just not a California issue, but for the entire country. Why are we so concern about the immigrants getting their education when we are struggling to give our own children an education. The current and past tax dollars needs to be utilized for the valid and current americans and not the immigrants. We are forcing class sizes to be larger and cutting programs that are crucial to our education system and our children. I am having to pay for the public school through my taxes while I also pay for the private school so that my child may receive a decent education. I believe that we are only worried about the outsiders then taking care of our own(Fellow Americans and thier families).

  233. Outside the Convention Center where the debate is this evening. Local Law Enforcement has restricted protestors to “Free Speach Zones” which are limited to 200 people. Any overflow will be sent home or arrested. I would love to know how the candidates feel about limiting the Free Speach of Citizens to certain areas and if expressing Free Speach outside that area being subjected to arrest.

  234. I am retired babyboomer who, lives in large retirement area. We expected to earn 5% interest on our retirement fund. We are the population with the ability to be a consumer however no one we know is spending one dime that is not necessary.
    If Republicans win the election, what will the new president do to increase future interest rates on CD’s, bank savings account and secure investments?

  235. Question for the canidates. Why does Ron Paul recieve more donations from the military then all of you combined? Especially if you feel like his foreign policy ideas threaten national security?

  236. Question for Rick Santorum. In a previous debate when discussing The middle east you stated that these nations trample the rights of people. You even said they trample gay rights? However everything I have read about you seems to make me believe you are not for gay rights. So why even say it? It makes you look like a hypocrite.

  237. Question for Rick Perry. I have been following you for a long time. You never spoke out against the FED until it became fashionable. I’m fact your talk of succession was only due to the fact you were up against a tea party canidate and needed to seem as though you supported there views in order to win. Why all the sudden are you doing this and getting credit when Ron Paul has been doing it for 30 years?

  238. For any/all candidates:
    Under what circumstances, if any, would you as President review or direct your Attorney General to review a pending execution in a death penalty case?
    Do you favor a continued states’ rights approach to imposing and implementing the death penalty or do you believe there should be any federal standards relative to such cases?

  239. my question:

    When Romney talk about social security, he mentionthat it was in a trust fund. Didn’t Pres. Johnson in 1966 move it from the trust fund to the common fund? And wasn’t that done so the Gov. could borrow from those funds?

  240. As the global recession has shown us, we have moved into a world where the world’s economies are interconnected. What specific global economic experience do you have that differentiates you from the other candidates?

  241. Two Part question: 1) Since most states are passing laws allowing medical marijuana what would you do to instruct the DEA and Justice Department to do with respect to the Federal Law?

    2) There has been over 750,000 arrest for minor marijuana possession according to the FBI satistics for 2010, since more deaths have occured with aspirn and the war on drugs has been a failure and the Nixon panel has stated that the punishment is worse than the use what is your opnion on legalization of marijuana and taxing same.

  242. U.S. Civil-Military Relations Question for all Presidential Candidates. 

    For nearly 60 years the U.S. Civil-Military relationship between elected officials and predominately military flag officers has not been strong; since the days of General Douglas MacArthur being told by Harry S. Truman to originally unite both N. and S. Korea only for Truman to change his mind in the middle of combat, or multiple flag officers telling LBJ and McNamara not to invade Vietnam, or multiple flag officers and the SEC-STATE Collin Powell advising not to invade Iraq in 2003, and most recently in 2010, all four service Chiefs and 1000 retired flag officers telling congress not to repeal DADT.  When are elected, narcissistic U.S. civil leaders going to stop honoring themselves, and start Honoring the Creator in the Declaration of Independence, like the Founding Fathers did, and Honoring our military flag officers who have repeatedly given sound advice for the good of the country, and the world?

    Thanks, LTC Richard Davenport

    “Duty, Honor, Country; those three hallowed words”  Douglas MacArthur

  243. I’d like to ask the candidates who among them is the most liberal! I’m a centrist as most of America is and don’t WANT someone from the looney left OR the radical right!

  244. This question is for ALL GOP candidates.
    How many of you would consider any of these person on the stage to be your running mate?

  245. Questions for all candidates: How much is the total unfunded obligations (liabilities) of the USA in addition to the more than 14.5 trillion debts? Please tell me and the nation a practical step(s) to be taken to settle the debts before being like Greece? THanks.

  246. I would like to know which one of the Republican candidates for President would agree to eliminate the tax cuts for the wealthy? I would certainly be likely to then vote for that candidate. Thank you

  247. I would like to know which one of the Republican candidates would vote to repeal the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans? I would certainly be willing to vote for whichever candidate would elect to do this. Re. “Entitlements,” would any of the candidates be willing to eliminate or at least reduce many of the perks such as lifetime healthcare benefits, per diems, and first class flights to save the tax payer their hard earned monies?

  248. Would you be in favor of a jobs program that would convert one third of the vehicals in the US to run on natural gas in the first term of your Presidency?

  249. For all candidates…

    Referencing Social Security:

    None of us on Social Security have received a Cost Of Living Increase for the past 2 years, while the price of gas has more than doubled and the cost of food has gone up. Will ANY candidate address this and make it a priority if elected President? And if so, which of you would do so?

  250. Gentlemen,

    Would I stand a chance in a legal battle with the top Lawyers in Washington?

    Would President Obama stand a chance in a game of 1 on 1 with Michael Jordan?

    Would any of you trust an intern to perform open heart surgery on a family member?

    The answer, obviously, is no.

    My question, to the Congress, republican or democratic is simply why don:t you get the right people for the job. The debt ceiling fiasco, our latest mini series, is a perfect example that neither side of the aisle has a clue. It has been swept under the rug since 1962!
    Know we face the same again. A new mini series? Demonstrated capabilities gentlemen…Demonstrated capabilities.

    Get Buffit, Gates, Bloomberg, IaCoca, Trump, Sam Walton , the list is endless of successful businessmen that KNOW how to run a business. Get a real Super Committee together. And finally, keep the lawyers and politicians away from the cash register!

    And How, you say, would I pay for all these top notch CEOs. Well, I:d let them keep their damn tax breaks. What is the current figure…1% of what we owe. It will be a small price to pay to get Our Nation on the straight and narrow again and Standard and Poors out of your hair.

    It seems like such a simple answer. I ran a business. If you couldn:t perform a job, I:d get someone who could. I:m sure I could find something else for you to do.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,

    Charlie Dial

  251. I see someone mention that CNN asked questions at their debate was fair in asking questions equitably.

    Ron Paul is left out and we, the People know why. He has a heart that is pure and honest and he knows more about this great Country and its history than all the other candidates combined.

    Fox! Will you be fair with Dr. Paul? I know he’s not the war monger you’d like him to be.

    But RON PAUL is the man who has turned the light on the ugly truth about world politics and our part in them and he’s the one who will use our military for DEFENSE, not world dominance.

    So, my question to Ron Paul is why DO you suppose you have more public support without the help of the media (especially Fox) and why have the troops donated more money to your campaign than all others combined? Could it be because you are the one man here informed Americans can truly trust?

    Thank you and God Bless America and Ron Paul

  252. Question for any/all candidates

    many of us are very much concerned about our countries debts? please inform the nation how your plan would be able to meet our country’s unfunded obligations – which some estimates to be in more than $50 to $100 trillion when we include all entitlements? Thanks!

  253. excluding the intervening years of 2008 to 2010 in which massive spending occurred, why is it that the 2011 budget and beyond needs to be 3.8T……over 1T abve the 2007 budget of 2.7T when we have had near zero inflation? This 1T could be cut for all budgeting going forward back to the 2007 level and then we would only be looking for about 300B/yr in deficit spending reductions to get to a balanced budget. This could be attained by getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan where we who have any brains know we won’t change their religious, Arab, tribal or drug dealing culture. Please comment on what I have asked and don’t make a campaign speech on an unrelated subject!!!!

  254. For any/all candidates
    Washington leadership seems to have a disconnect with the American people. Most feel America is going in the wrong direction. In your opinion, what is the most important priority for Washington to work on at this time, and please tell us your plan to fix the priority, if you were elected president of the United States.

  255. to Rick Santorum,
    Please lay out your plan for bringing jobs back to this country.

    To the Fox news,
    Give more questions to Rick Santorum.

  256. Question for the candidates: Will you honor the Constitutional requirement for Natural Born Citizenship by having a running mate for VP who is a natural born citizen – i.e., has inherited his US citizenship from two US citizen parents?

    This requirement would eliminate Mario Rubio and Bobby Jinhal, who were born to immigrant parents who were not yet naturalized US citizens.

  257. Ask the candidates to point out that the President and the Democrats who are for taxing the rich are themselves rich. Millionaires don’t pay the same taxes as secretaries, etc, because their accountants are able to use the tax code and all its’ loopholes that don’t apply to secretaries, etc. Plus they have foundations and off shore accounts to shelter in.

  258. Question for Governor Romney: there are recognized economists who thingk that Social Security is a ponzi scheme except that it is legal. current seniors are being paid by a dwindling number of younger generations. With baby boomer generation to be retired over the next 10 years, the number of employees will not be sufficient to suport the retirees. Can’t you see some element of truth in Social security system unless some adjustment is done to it?

  259. For ALL candidates but specifically, Mr. Romney, Mr. Perry & Mr. Cain.

    All of the candidates speak of fixing Social Security.
    First, I want to know if any of you are aware that Social Security recipients have NOT received a cost of living raise since Obama took office; yet the mandatory deduction for Medicare benefits paid by the Social Security recipient has increased from approximately $80.00 to over $120.00 monthly? How much more money do you think is fair to take from me while cutting my benefits AND not giving me a cost of living increase?

    Second, being aware of all the political correctness, I want to know why its ok for all of the candidates to continually denegrate Social Security recipients by referring to them as “entitlements” when in fact any Social Security recipient is simply a person who purchased an insurance policy and now collecting on the benefits that policy offered which they have paid for in advance! Do you honestly believe its ok to continue referring to these policy
    holders as entitelments?

    Thirdly, the average cost of living has increased over 5% since Obama took office, yet only the Social Security recipients have NOT received any cost of living increase. Although federal law dictates if, when, and how much of an increase Retired Military & Social Security recipients may receive. Presently, the US Military sees and is addressing this inequity of its retirees and disabled persons. How will you correct this inequity for Social Security and Disability recipients?

  260. To Rick Santorum : Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is about to be the law of the land. We have been told that this law would bring equality in the armed forces between homosexuals and straight persons. When homosexuals are allowed to have their freedoms,don’t you see this law discriminates against the majority of the US army who want to openly express their views about homosexuality especialyy chaplains who have strong view against homosexual acts because of their religious background?

  261. Don’t question them hard about foreign policy. Obama knew zilch about foreign relations. That is why he ultimately embarrassed this country in the world relations. They get in office, they get good advisors about world relations. Home (USA)importance first.

  262. If tax cuts for the “job creators” work, please explain why America has seen no job growth for the past decade.

    Follow up: If tax cuts for the “job creators” work to benefit America, why have middle class wages remained stagnant for the past 3 decades?

  263. Question for Newt Gingrich. You voted to establish the department of education under Jimmy Carter. You supported the WTO. Under Clinton you supported more excecutive powers and I believe in the forward of a book you even called for World Government. As a libertarian why should I support you?

  264. Yesterday Hamas as said they are at WAR with Israel and in President Obama’s speech he set his foreign policy and adopted George W. Bush policy. Will anyone here Tell the Arabs an attack against Israel is an attack on America. We do not want to set back and allow Israel to stand alone. The contribute so much to the world and Hamas has done nothing but kill and shell them.
    Stop the support for Palistian until the are ready to join the civil world.

  265. ANY GOP candidate– The government’s own E-Verify system used by employers to screen applicants has “flagged” Obama’s Social Security number as being fraudulent. Will you call for an investigation into the matter?
    —Next Question —
    Do you believe Obama is a “natural born citizen” and why?–Next Question—
    Many computer PDF document experts say the Obama birth certificate released April 27th is a complete forgery. Will you call for an investigation?

  266. Question for Rick Perry. Michelle bachman badges you for contributions from merc. I was watching CNN which claimed after looking into it you recieved far more then 5000 before and after your executive order. This leads me to believe you are bought. Are you not? Also I believe you supported the North Ame?rican union at one time. So does that imply you are for a new world order as Bush Sr. Once called for?

  267. I hear many people advocate for a flat tax or vat tax. Usually at 2%.Am I too believe that the Government if this were instituted would never raise it? Because I don’t believe that.

  268. Anyone can answer-

    Obama has admitted publicly and in his book, he was born with DUAL citizenship.

    Do you believe Obama is a Natural Born Citizen as is required by our Constitution to hold the office of president?

  269. We live in an America that has a diverse group of people. Not everyone believes in religion. Not everyone has a certain lifestyle. Wyho are any of you to dictate morality? The constitution does not deal with marraige. Therefore your definition of marraige is garnered by your religious beliefs. Why? The Bible is not the Constitution. You cannot take it to court and use it as law. so what authority gives you the right to determine a choice. Whether it be gay marraige or the use of drugs?

  270. To all candidates;

    Since money corrupts and taxes are the driving engine in poltics be it corporate or individual,where do you stand on the question of FLAT TAX on income for everyone, be it a corporation or personal. It seems to be the most equitable form of taxation with the added bonus of taking away some of the enormous power of politicians

  271. Of all the issues that were at the front of the conversations for the 2008 election, how many major economic issues has President Obama had to deal with and why do you think they all happened just as President Bush was leaving office, and be honest for fact check.

  272. I have noticed more and more cases and videos of police officers abusing people and ignoring there constitutional rights. Especially when they are invoked. It seems as though cops are starting to believe they are not servants of the people. Question is it crazy to think we may possibly see Martial Law eventually?

  273. Dr. Paul. No one on that stage has been as consistent and studied as you when it comes to the Fed and how it affects the economy. You predicted the housing collapse when they all laughed at you. Why should voters believe them over you on the economy?

  274. My question: How will we enforce the distribution of funds for public works programs. Corporations, by definition is all about profit. That being the case, why do assume that cutting corporate tax will affect us with job growth.

  275. Will you cut back on giving raises to Congressmen along with all the perks our politicians have now (such as “above the law” priviledges and receiving Social Security w/o contributing into it) when many of our politicians have proven to be dishonest or immoral? Will you cut back retirement when most Americans will no longer be receiving retirements? Are you in favor of Term Limits? Where will you cut back on govt spending on our politicians salaries and perks?

    Diane McCombs
    DeLand, Florida

  276. Just do an open debate where they speak from the heart…

    I am tired of the host doing nothing but messing up what could be a great debate, with silly questions, and timers.

    IF those in the debate are TRULY conservative, it will come through loud and clear, what has the heart wags the tongue.

    I’m sure Sara Palin wouldn’t have a problem, since she is truly a conservative from the heart.

  277. The bible says, The Jewish Temple will be rebuilt on Mount Zion and Temple Worship will be reestablished before the return of Jesus Christ. How will this fact influence your foregn policy with regards to Palestine?

  278. I believe that Ron Paul has stated he will not accept a government pension after he leaves Congress. He also as I recall gives his own money aside from taxes to the treasury to help pay down the debt. Does anyone else on that stage do that? Or all you all talk when it comes to limited government?

  279. In a recent study it showed that 81% of the new jobs in Texas were given to newly arrived immigrant workers (legal and illegal) with 40% being illegal,” says the report from the Center for Immigration Studies. Shouldn’t those jobs have went to natural born Americans and whose parents were in the US legally and doesn’t this show that your immigration policies advance illegal’s over natural born Americans whether it is jobs or education?

  280. Why does this government consume 25% of our gross domestic product? And why are we still fighting two useless wars.

  281. Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been ousourced and moved overseas by U. S. companies. What will you do to bring those jobs back home?

  282. This is for Michelle Bachman, I would like to know what the difference is between vaccinating your children from Measles,Mumps and Rubella,(I was also vaccinated against Polio and Small Poxs as a child)to being vaccinated against CANCER? a very real disease in this day and time. Did you vaccinate your 28+- children against these almost non existent diseases???
    Salisbury, MD

  283. My question for the candidates is:
    Do the laws passed by Congress apply to everyone equally or does the Executive Branch have the right or authority to selectively enforce, or refuse to enforce the law on certain people or groups? If so does Equality still exist in the U.S.A.? The president nullified immigration law when he directed that non-violent illegal aliens not be deported as the law requires, do you believe he has that authority? As the top law enforcement officer in the country would you as president enforce our laws equally? If anyone is above the law No one is equal.

  284. deficit

    To each candidate:
    The deficit and national debt are all I care about. With that in mind, if you are elected president will you commit yourself to the repeal of the Congressional Budget and Impound Control Act of 1974. That was the law that first started baseline budgeting. As long as baseline budgeting exists it is virtually impossible to ever ever balance the budget.

  285. These three questions are for Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.
    1. Are your Christian beliefs incompatible with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?

    2. Is the earth more than 10,000 years old?

    3. When non-Christians die (those persons who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior), will they burn in hell for all eternity, as the Christian Bible suggests?

  286. I would like to know everyone’s take on the use of the legal code written by Hammurabi, an “eye for an eye” and if you will be willing to implement that legal code in the United States? That being said if you do not feel that law can be justified, do you agree with the death penalty? If so, how can you agree with murder by lethal injection otherwise referred to as the death penalty especially in the recent execution of Troy Davis, which questionable?

  287. Several Republicans have openly stated that their main goal is to make sure that President Obama is not re-elected. Shouldn’t the main goal of a Congress person be to represent their constituents, rather than be negative and spread hatred? (That type of rhetoric only exacerbates the situation and does not solve any problems, like JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. As a result, Congress is stalled and does not do anything.) I am waiting for a Republican to step up to the plate and be positive about helping our country, not being “nattering nabobs of negativity”.
    Thank you for asking my question to the candidates this evening. I will be rather surprised if you do.


  289. When will the republican candidates take off the kid gloves and start calling out the president on his blatant lies and the media on their bias? Americans sees through this all so easily, and I would like to hear the president and media be held accountable for lies, corruption, collusion and misrepresentation.

  290. What happened to all your broken promises my husban is unemployed do to small business closings down. We believed you would help small businesses well where is it Mr. Obama not in my bank or wallet.

  291. I would like to know everyone’s take on the use of the legal code written by Hammurabi, an “eye for an eye” and if you will be willing to implement that legal code in the United States? That being said if you do not feel that law can be justified, do you agree with the death penalty? If so, how can you agree with murder by lethal injection otherwise referred to as the death penalty especially in the recent execution of Troy Davis, which is questionable? Wouldn’t you rather error on the side of human life?

  292. The United States is the only industrialized country using capital punishment today. Why do you still support capital punishment?

  293. For any candidate willing to answer truthfully. We are a divided country right now. How will YOU get both parties to work together, no matter which party is in charge of the house and senate?

  294. A recent topic of discussion has been the so-called “class warfare” relating to taxes on the wealthy. Critics of the “buffett” tax point to statistics that show 10% of Americans pay 70% of the taxes to show the rich already pay the bulk of federal taxes. On the other hand, statistics also show that 10% of Americans hold 80% of the wealth (see for example Prof. Domhoff’s study; an indication that they pay less proportionally to their wealth than the other 90% of Americans). Ron Paul (in the daily paul) has said that this wealth inequality is a problem. What do the other candidates think of wealth inequality in the US and is the wealth inequality indicative of crony capitalism?

  295. No spin, no politics,please. Tell me in common sense and reason why the American taxpayer should continue to hand over 101.1 billion dollars a year to 15-20 million illegal aliens for their free welfare. All this while the government is talking about cutting social security and medicare for legal citizens of this country.

  296. My question is for ANY/ALL Candidates.

    Although President Obama has yet to submit and/or follow a budget since he took office, Will you be following a budget and what can be dont to force President Obama to submit a budget?

  297. For Governer Perry,

    Could you justify why you gave amnesty to poeple whom are not paying their DWI surcharge while poeple whom are paying their surcharge have to continue paying thus surcharge. And can we expect this kind of behavior if you are President?

  298. Fox states they have adopted the moto, “fair and balanced”. Please prove this to the American public by letting us know how many questions have been written for each candidate and at the end of the debate please ask the candidates if they believe the debate was in fact “fair and balanced”. Thank you.

  299. What type of tax system would each candidate support ? e.g. Flat Tax , Consumption Tax, Existing Tax System, or Something Other !

  300. The candidate answers are based on their beliefs being passed by Congress… the 9-9-9 plan, the “reduce capital gains plan, etc etc ad nauseam. This presumes a Republican Congress. Nice scenario. Utopia at its best. What I would like to hear is a response based upon a Congress as it exists… What are you, Mr./Mrs Candidate going to do to rectify our situation if faced with a Congress as it stand today?

    Thank you for your time
    Paul Gallagher
    Sun City, Arizona

  301. My question is for Governor Perry Here is an e-mail mailed out by a school in Texas. How does Governor Perry feel about our children being addressed by the President in schools rather than at home at night when parents can discuss the childrens concerns. Here is the e-mail:

    Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 12:31 PM
    To: Leander Insider
    Subject: Presidential Address to Students

    Dear Parents:

    President Barack Obama will deliver his third address to American students on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011, at 12:30 p.m. CDT on the importance of education in a live Webcast and telecast at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, DC.

    Leander ISD will make the President’s message available for students to watch. Because the speech is not expected to be broadcast on major TV networks and due to the high demands on the White House website, it may or may not be shown live on every campus. Last year the high traffic demands prevented some of our campuses from accessing the streamed broadcast. Regardless, the district will make the speech available for those campuses that need to show it later in the day, or by the end of the week, based on lunch schedules, transition times or predetermined curriculum focuses.

    If you do not want your child to watch the presidential address, please complete the form sent home with your child and return it to the campus no later than Monday, Sept. 26. Additional forms, along with transcripts from the President’s previous back-to-school speeches, are available on the district website Presidential Address page.

    If your child does not have a signed form, he/she will view the presidential address at some point during the instructional day.

    Thank You
    Troy Myer

  302. Hello, I am teenager who will have to clean up from other generations messes, how will you ease my load especially since most people have horrid work ethic?

  303. If you candidates have to choice between yourselves only, who will you choice?
    Choice three candidates and work together!!! Can You? All three in Oval Office. Tree presidents in the same time? Maybe than we will have a chance to survive.

  304. How come nobody asks the question why the Republican/Democrats don’t have to comply with the same system that all Americans do…..Belong to the same Healthcare and Social Security laws…..If so, maybe they would look at things differently…..

  305. How come both Republican/Democrats don’t have to comply with the Health Care Laws and Social Security laws that all Americans do….Maybe they would looks at things differently.

  306. Mr. Cain, For your 9% sales tax portion of your plan, how much of that 9% is available/ allocated for the varied state and local government sale taxes rates? Rob Y. Columbus Oh

  307. Would someone please comment about the seemingly common sense theory that lowering
    The cost of gasoline would boost the economy and create millions of jobs.

  308. With all this talk about a Fair Tax and a Consumption Tax., are you going to renegage on IRA’s Especially ROTH IRA’s. Are you going to tax the earnings on them also with your reform or leave them as they are.
    Also for your Consupmtion Tax,are you going to put a consumption Tax on the Purchaser of a new home?

  309. My question is for any/all candidates.

    Many politicians seem to have the same famous slogan phrased differently. “I’m for the middle class.” Some say, “Let’s help the people most damaged by Obama Care or whatever other policy.” or “The middle class deserves tax breaks.” Well, I don’t want to know who you’re representing, because I’d rather have a candidate who’s for all of America. What I want to know is who understands how a successful economy works. Who understands that when the “rich” receive the tax breaks the whole economy improves? After all, isn’t it the rich that are able invest in the companies that create jobs for middle class and poor Americans, without our tax dollars? Which one of these candidates understands this?

  310. I would like all candidates to speak on the “Fast and Furious” ATF operation plus the executive branch cover uo

  311. There is an Elephant in the room that the President or Republicans don’t want to face. The more they squeeze worker wages the less they buy. Zero interest rates are also destroying buying power. The stores are empty people can’t afford the skyrocketing prices. Lowering Corporation taxes is not going to bring buyers back into the stores it creates even more debt. When large corporations are risking bankruptcy and on there knees and finally realize they can’t run a business with billions going to executives does not create GNP. Hiring and paying billions to workers who then make purchases does help the economy. Its not to much regulation or taxes that are destroying Corporations its there greed. When is government going to realize its the customer they should be concerned with who is dying and without the customers they all go down.

  312. My question for any or all candidates.

    With the housing market crisis many people owe more than what their home is worth. It seems like the only way to get help is if you default on a payment. Question: what would you do if anything for those people who are upside down on their homes but have never been late with payments.

  313. Would all of you promise to rebuild our military and all that they need as the primary responsibility of the government?

  314. What is the solution for the dramatic rise in the cost of grocery?
    Our government is subsidizing corn for ethanol, why? These subsides directly effect the cost of food here in the US.
    Would you end this subsidy?

  315. Congress will get an automatic pay raise soon, unless a member of Congress moves against the autoraise and it’s voted on.

    My question is, who will support a motion to the Congress to forgo the coming raise? If any of you are against doing so, why?

  316. I am 61 Years old and have medical issues.I cannot get any type of medical coverage,for medicines,doctors,specialists.I have been working since I am of the age 14,and cannot afford insurance,ANY IDEAS I think it is unfair,I have to be disabled ,and 62.

  317. I want to know two things: 1) If we are SOO concerned with the Iranians and their Nuclear capabilities, instead of sanctioning them, why don’t we take the handcuffs off of Israel? 2) What other candidates do not participate in the Pension plan of Congress (like Ron Paul)? RON PAUL 2012

    Start asking Ron Paul more questions instead of these other phony politicians!! Please and thank you!!

  318. Will the front runner at the end of the debates that goes up against Obama have the fortitude to challenge Obama’s on his political record? Or will you roll over and play dead like John McCain did?

  319. I’m pretty horrified that Herman Cain was completely broke after being the CEO of Godfathers (which actually made a good pizza before he took over and started skimping on toppings) and only survived cancer because he was on government assistance. If he hadn’t been broke, he would have spent his own money on his healthcare. Also, for what it’s worth, Herman would be owned by someone else if the current crop of GOP candidates – with the exception of Huntsman, who’s obviously a smart. decent human being – were in office. Wouldn’t want to slow business growth. Seriously, have any of you people done an honest day’s work in your lives? (Not so fast, I’m not counting your dad’s work)

  320. I didnt hear anything but fluff or Romney and Perry arguing.. oh yeah and stupid jokes!!
    I saw many many good questions but they werent asked! No mention of Social Security, no mention about stopping aide to Pakistan, etc, etc, etc!! What a waste of my time!!

  321. The question was asked why we are providing a 100,000.00 education discount for illegal immigrants and not to citizens. I would like to ask why we are providing medical care to illegals that we don’t to citizens. I have friends who work full time at Museums and etc. who can’t afford medical care. So they went to a free clinic and were told to fill out a fictitious application as an illegal an received a medical card to receive free medical care. Why does an American citizen have to pretend they are illegal to get medical care?

  322. Do I understand Herman Cain correctly that he wants to go back to excluding Americans with pre existing illness, those working for small businesses that can’t provide medical care and all the people the reform now includes so he can get treated faster?
    Is that why the republicans want it repealed? I don’t believe the bureaucrat excuse for a minute. There are bureaucrats whether it is government or private. In fact, I wish there was better overseeing testing because any of the physicians I have gone to want to do so much testing and prescribe so many drugs with harmful effects I would be dead.

  323. Piss on Mic and Rick please stop focusing on these two dip-snits for neither one of them is worthy of my personal vote. Please pose more questions to the other candidates like Newt, Herman, Rick S, Ron P and Gary.

  324. I have a question to all candidates except Ron Paul. There are mobs of angry protesters in New York concerning the obvious collusion between Corporations and Congress and whitehouse. Do any of you have the belief that private Corporations should have an influence in congressional voting and if the answer is no, please explain why the privately owned Federal Reserve is given power to issue currency and conduct the nations monetary policies when it is clearly stated in the Constitution this responsibility is soley to be conducted by congress?

  325. Do you agree with the statement “Too big to fail is too stupid to continue” and will you make a pledge as the new President that you will allow the free market system to operate unencumbered by bailouts from the federal government?

  326. I have a question with regards to the businesses that are asking for more bailouts. Why are we considering or continue to provide bailouts to companies when they seem to continue to struggle. On top of it all they are paying their CEO’s with bonuses upwards to a million dollars. If I am not mistaken we have spent in some form or fashion around eleven trillion dollars in bailouts for these companies. According to reports we have roughly around three hundred and twelve million people living in the United States. Although my numbers might be off I know they can’t be too far off. With that said why couldn’t we give the bailout money to the American people? If we indeed bailed out companies with elven trillion dollars that money could have been given to the American people to help bail them out instead, which in turn would have helped those companies all the same. The housing market, car industries, and banking companies could have received their money back from the American people or created more jobs because people had money to start businesses. I am sure majority of the American people would have either paid off their loans or put the money back into the US market. If you broke down the eleven trillion to the three-hundred and twelve million people it would have came out to giving the American people a little over $35,000 each! Now I believe the money should only have been given to American Citizens 18 years of age and older. What are you going to do to ensure we stop helping or wasting our money on these companies? Or what are you going to do to ensure the American people see the benefits from these bailouts?

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