Businessman Herman Cain was on Fox News Sunday this weekend with Chris Wallace discussing his “999” tax plan aimed at creating jobs and growing the economy. Wallace strongly questioned Cain on the specifics of his plan and whether the numbers match economic reality. Here is Cain’s entire interview:


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Presidential candidate Herman Cain defended his “999? economic proposal on Fox News Sunday today to Chris Wallace, who asked the candidate to name which economists supported his plan and who he wants the tax burden to be placed on in his plan.

Cain argued that the plan was, truly, not just his, pointing out “I had some of the best economists in the country help me develop this plan.” He explained that they analyzed government revenues collected from income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, etc., and asked how much we would need to reduce in order to balance the budget. Yet despite Cain’s claim that he had noted economists working on the plan with him, Wallace pointed out no one is specifically mentioned on Cain’s website.

After some prodding by Wallace, Cain explained, “I’m not at liberty to mention their names,” adding that he doesn’t want “to compromise their confidentiality.” Wallace wondered if it was such a great plan, why would none of these economists be willing to let Cain mention their names publicly?

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