David Petraeus scandal getting a little out of hand

I don’t know what to make of this one, new information coming out daily and it just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

Report from New York Daily News:

David Petraeus’s tunning downfall took another salacious turn Monday as it was revealed the FBI agent who began investigating the disgraced spy chief allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to the woman who sparked the probe.

The unnamed agent was a friend of Jill Kelley, the raven-haired knockout whom Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell jealously suspected of having the hots for the former CIA director, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Broadwell bombarded Kelley with anonymous, threatening emails accusing her of having a relationship with the spy chief, with whom she had previously had an extramarital affair. In one email, Broadwell “claimed to have watched Ms. Kelley touching ‘him’ provocatively underneath a table,” according to the paper.

The get-away-from-my-man emails so unnerved Kelley that she complained to an FBI pal of hers. But as the investigation gained momentum, the FBI agent who knew Kelley was taken off of the case by superiors who were worried “he might have grown obsessed with the matter,” the paper reported.

And it appeared their concern was justified.

What the heck is going on with this? How does it relate to Benghazi, if at all? Is there a coverup afoot or is this just contained to a lack of moral judgment on the part of Petraeus?

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  • Goethe Behr

    5-Minute Video–Ron Paul Interview:

    He said the worst lobbyists are
    –The Military-Industrial Complex
    –The Banking System/Big Banks

    He said people agree with him on each issue–
    Do you believe in Free Enterprise? YES.
    Do you believe that your privacy should be protected? YES.
    [Government in your bedroom, and people spying on you]
    Do you think we should be policeman of the world? NO.
    –BUT worry that he wants “too much freedom.”

    He used to think that there was a welfare problem with people who won’t work
    BUT he realized the real problem is the “food stamps” that the wealthy get
    –the contracts and the special deals

    He said he didn’t run as an independent because the two parties have a monopoly.
    He said he Libertarians and the Greens don’t have a chance, because the game is rigged.
    So he says the trick is to speak on college campuses and to build coalitions.


  • Daisy


    Rei Ni Hajimari Rei Ni Owaru :-)

  • Goethe – you mentioned (on a different subject comment thread) that i was outdated in my evaluation of the military’s thoughts about BO. I get multiple emails a week concerning military feelings about BO – because this thread is about Petraeus – it is also the cover-up of Benghazi. This is what one E-9 Gunny has to say.


    • Tess Trueheart

      Sam…did you really listen to what Ken Baschke was saying and promoting? Do you know his background? As the wife of a wartime naval officier, I know that the president of the United States is your Commander in Chief and, whether you voted for him or not, whether you like him or not, whether retired or active, he is your commander. Benghazi was a heartbreaking disaster but, at this moment, no one actually has factual proof of who did what or who commanded what. Like many, I have uncomfortable suspions but I am waiting for the truth. Jennifer Griffin, for one, has written articles of personal theories but offer no solid facts, simply saying someone told her so. Second hand gossip is seldom reliable. Does your military articles also refer to President Barack Obama as BO?

      • Tess – I thank you and your husband for your service. I assume you were married when he served actively or in the active reserves. If married, a man does not server alone. I served 30 years, 10 enlisted, 10 as a CWO and 10 as a Limited Duty Officer (6385). Your husband will know what it is. As enlisted, my oath included the POTUS and Officers above me. As an Officer your husband’s and my oath is to the duties of our Office. That is not to stay that the “duty” may be an OPNAVINST for me to report directly to CinC, but far more likely my duties would be directed through many levels of Command. Even now after 20 years of retirement CNavpers could send me PCS orders to report to God knows where. I served on a Can from ’59 to ’63 and on P-2s and S-2s from ’65 to ’69. I then served in the active reserves with various Carriers support of their Ship’s Company. I have never refused to obey an order and never would except to fire on my men or U.S. civilians – but I am 72 and way to old for that crap.

        Tess, all that said — i am probably the only person i know that calls that entity BO. I also called Romney MR. For over 50 years, since ROTC, I have also respected the office of POTUS / CinC. But the entity that controls that office at present, i have no respect for whatsoever. Your Husband will also understand that, I’m sure i’m not the only one that disrespected a fellow Officer entity but not the specific office he or she held.

        Obama the man is a traitor to the American people and has even said he want’s to bring about a revolutionary change to the American way of life.

        Benghazi: Obama is trying to bury his part in the attack and deflect the whole thing away from him – And the MSM is helping him. If he were a republican he would have been impeached and gone by now.
        The reality is he watched the whole thing live and allowed four of his to be murdered. POTUS / CinC knows in less than 5 minutes after something like Benghazi commences.
        We are now on the verge of becoming a Totalitarian nation and will soon change our name to the USSA

        • Tess Trueheart

          Touche, Sam

          • I mean no disrespect Tess – We just have a difference of opinion about Obama. Your husband understands that in order to lead, you must win your subordinates respect. Obama has spent four years setting the pillars to making the US a lesser nation. MY heart of hearts and gut tells me that Obama is bad for the US.

          • Goethe Behr


            I thought it was TOUCAN Sam.
            Better check your cereal box.

            • Tess Trueheart

              Goethe…somehow in my life I missed knowing about Toucan Sam. Had to Google him. Thanks for the cereal box clue. Seriously, I have the highest respect for Sam R’s opinions, I believe he has earned the privilege to say (write) whatever he believes. That is the precious gift we receive as Americans.

            • Goethe Behr

              Tess: Yeah. Sam and I have even agreed a few times. But I get tired of hearing about one political party always being the cat’s pajamas and the other political party always being the root of all evil.

            • Goethe – has nothing to do with a specific party – and if I had to declare a party, it would be libertarian –

              It’s the ideology – liberal is all about big government, un-earned entitlements vs earned benefits, Socialism (as long as you don’t call it Socialism), 1st Amendment (as long as it is the Liberal viewpoint), No 2nd Amendment (so “We the People” can be controlled – not safety), submission to other cultures outside the US (which will in turn be perceived as weakness and ok to denounce and conquer).

              As it turns out this is not necessarily the Democrat Platform – but it is what 95% of Democrats subscribe to.

              As you always disagree, even if factual, of my thoughts – i can also only deduce this is your ideology as well and not libertarian.

              This is alien to who “we the people” started out with and what drove us to our initial American Revolution.

              And liberals don’t support the topics of free market and Big Unions outliving their bullying tactics and have forgotten the real reason for their existence. Fair wage amenable to Employee and Employer.

            • Thank you Tess – Like you didn’t know of the character — But –

              Goethe, you may be right, I sniffed out you

  • Goethe Behr

    Well, thanks a LOT, folks. By making the sillyass furor over Susan Rice, now we’re going to be stuck with John Kerry as the face and voice of the United States in international matters.

    One of the reasons Rice might have had a hard time getting confirmed is that liberals didn’t like that she was so hard-nosed in the United Nations.

    Now, we’ll have the Democratic version of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Thanks a lot, folks.

  • Tess Trueheart

    Sam…as a bleeding heart liberal I can’t refrain from answering. “We the People” of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty, etc is from the preamble,and in itself gave no powers to the government. The First Amendment was honored by 95% of all Americans until the USA Patriot Law was passed by George W Bush and a Republican Congress Oct 26, 2001, and we lost freedom of speech (every word now has to be politically correct), the press audited, and the right of the people to peaceably assemble. Evidently, we didn’t read the same Second Amendment, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. How did you get “submission to other cultures”?

    Liberals do believe in fair trade as long as it’s FAIR. For Nike to produce a pair of Michael Jordan shoes for $6.00 dollars in a foreign country, bring them back to the USA and sell that pair of shoes for $175.00 or more should be criminal. Out sourcing is not fair to the thousands of unemployed American men and women. Of course, Nike has lots of company, Apple, Dell and not one American made TV in stores. Oh, yes, let’s not forget the big unions who helped the working men and women receive a decent hourly wage. This is not to defend their corruption which certainly was not as horrendous as Ken Lay and Enron or AIG and the banking system. Men who commanded $25.00 an hour wage in the nineteen nineties are happy to find a $12.00 position today, while the CEO gets an enormous salary and millions in bonus. And who did away all the regulations that would have helped the above from happening? Well, it wasn’t the democrats or the libertians and certainly not the liberals.

    Beneficiaries of entitlement programs are business corporations, local governments, political parties, nonprofit organizations, social security, medicare, medicaid, veterans’ administration programs, federal employee and military retirement plans, unemployment compensation, and food stamps. I am sure there are many government entitlements that I missed. Oh, yes, Exxon Mobil made $19 billion in profits in 2009. Exxon not only paid no federal income taxes, it actually received a $156 million rebate from the IRS and Boeing, which received a $30 billion contract from the Pentagon to build 179 airborne tankers, got a $124 million refund from the IRS last year. Now, that is what I call entitlements and we worry about giving food stamps to hungry children.

    • Tess – These are your opinions and it is obvious you are in lock step with the MSM – and that is your right as a free American to express those opinions as it is my right to express the opinions I did. There is no way I could convince you that the things i said were valid as i have certainly learned from debates with Goethe, Billy and you.

      So this is my last comment on this website – i’ll continue to read others for awhile, but basically people are using this website to either generate a debate or as a platform of their own that is unmovable.

      That said:

      Bush’s Patriot Act has various Sunset clauses in it and at no time violates any Amendment and has nothing whatsoever to do with the 1st Amendment. However if you are a terrorist or express outloud terrorist / enemy functions or threats – then it will kick your butt. It’s best not to give your Administration anything to worry about, or even close. If you’ll notice i talk a lot about my dislike for this Administration – but no threats of any kind. Study the Patriot Act and even what is still in affect. What is far more dangerous are the E.O.s this and previous Presidents have released. And your Hero Obama has released 119 E.O.s and on track to beat both Clinton and Bush. And the most dangerous one is “The National Defense Resources Preparedness,” an update of Bush / Clinton / Eisenhower – stating a key addition to the language made by Obama is: “that all these industries and means of production can be seized under both emergency and non-emergency conditions.” This applies also to seizure of a person and their property without giving a reason. Now that is screwing with your Amendment Rights.

      2nd Amendment – “A well regulated Militia” – we are downsizing our military personnel and capability considerably, including taking our nuclear capability size down to a very low number. This make idiot countries believe they can aggress on us. Bowing lower than the Muslim Monarch of Egypt is a direct submission of status. Not remaining completely secular and showing preference to Islamic culture and denying any form of Christian culture is a form of submission – Liberals and Democrats are adamant about any reference to Christianity or even God. (i.e. for one, the Democrat’s convention.) Obama has directly stated: The US should be less powerful and the UN should have more control over the US.”

      Employees are getting the same wages for the same jobs, just not getting raises. After i was laid off from my last Technical job – and i pursued employment i was told i was way too qualified and they could hire someone less qualified for less money. that’s not greedy management that is good business sense. I was forced to retire early and go into and almost deplete my IRA – that’s how the ball bounces.

      You need to look at where (the country) a HQ is formed to understand both pricing and taxes. in 2011 Exxon actually paid $15B in taxes to the various countries where they a specific HQ. None here in the US ?? look at thye tax laws here and you’ll know why. If a company makes a product in another country and sells it there no US import / export / US taxes. If made here and sold here heavy duty taxes. It is easy to understand why HQ’s and Manufacturing is done in other countries. the way America can build and sell here against other countries is by charging the incoming countries product a heavy duty import tax.

      There is a major difference between a @#$%^&* entitlement and an earned benefit. I and my employer put 15% of my earnings (before taxes) since 1955 into Social Security and 3% since 1964 into Medicare and I still pay $110/mo for my Medicare. If your beloved Liberals / Democrats would have left it alone and not integrated it into the General Income fund and Budget, on SSA i would be living off of my input to age 93. Where do think about $5T dollars we owe ourselves belongs to??

      I put 30 years into the military (8 active and 22 active reserves) and draw a retirement from DFAS. I also was on a ship where we were “target” for nuclear testing in ’62 and have had 2 cancers now. So i also get a VA subsidy as i know longer can work.

      If your husband is the military war vet, as you say – then ask him if i earned my retirement and subsidy from Navy/VA.

      Big difference between EARNED benefits and entitlements. As well as local, state, and federal retirement programs are outrageous, plus the money “bleeding hearts” want to donate to other countries. Take care of OUR homeless first. Give as many food stamps as you want but make sure it goes to pay for food. Aid to dependent children is fine, but start reducing the amount as children multiply. There are people who make a living off of ADC.

      Tess – as i’ve looked through your comments you are a very smart woman, i have no idea your age – 35 or 65, but like me, you may not look before you leap and actually i don’t think i said anything that you were not already aware of. As you are “bleeding heart Liberal”, i am no other ideology in particular – just want the US to be a successful free nation with the morals, and rights that it took us over 200 years to accomplish. For me that means anti-liberal for all the reasons i stated earlier.

      Merry Christmas and have a good day!! sam

      • Tess Trueheart

        Sam…I know our minds will never meet but I do wish for you health and happiness…a Merry Christmas and may this coming year be the best of your life.

  • Goethe Behr

    I mentioned the convention I went to, in which a speaker talked about the “Platinum Rule.” His point was that it is not enough to treat others as we want to be treated–we need to treat them how THEY want to be treated.

    The same speaker said that anything is possible if we work together. He broke us up into small groups and told us to each come up with a crazy idea. Then, the job of the group was to turn the crazy idea into something that works.

    It was amazing to watch.

    I think my idea was that we should give away a Rolls Royce if someone bought our brand of candy bar. Nobody said, “that’s ridiculous.” Each came up with a way to make it work,such as having a DRAWING for the car, or offering a chance at a free weekend driving the car. I don’t remember all the ideas, but they were good.

    It worked that way with every crazy idea, and it wax exhilarating to find solutions, instead of just judging other people’s ideas.

    The problem is that everyone today has a rigid idea of how things should be, and there’s no effort to validate the other person’s view. So everyone feels disrespected, not just having different points of view. And we are all guilty.