South Carolina GOP primary today – Gingrich wins, Romney second

South Carolina Republican primary, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
Newt Gingrich 244,113 40.43% 23
Mitt Romney 168,152 27.85% 2
Rick Santorum 102,482 16.97% 0
Ron Paul 78,362 12.98% 0
Herman Cain 6,338 1.05% 0
Rick Perry 2,534 0.42% 0
Jon Huntsman 1,173 0.19% 0
Michele Bachmann 491 0.08% 0
Gary Johnson 211 0.03% 0
Totals 603,856 100.00% 25

See below for updates. Gingrich has been declared the winner, Romney will take second, Santorum third and Paul fourth once all is said and done.

The third contest of the 2012 nomination process takes place today with South Carolinians heading to the polls. For weeks Mitt Romney had held onto a lead, however, late-breaking polls show Newt Gingrich making a serious insurgency to the top spot meaning this could be a tight race come Saturday evening. Depending on the exit polling, it could be later in the evening until we have a declared winner. I’d be hopeful that by 9pm ET we have an idea of how things might shake out.

Report from Fox News:

Newt Gingrich, on the verge of resurrecting his campaign, is aiming for his first primary win in Saturday’s South Carolina contest as he puts Mitt Romney on the defensive over his tax records and fends off questions about his personal life.

The former House speaker enters the election with rising poll numbers and the publicity from two strong debate performances at his back.

Romney, who had been leading in South Carolina following his decisive win in the New Hampshire primary, acknowledged Friday that the race is now “neck and neck.”

“I’m pretty confident, cautiously optimistic,” Romney said, adding that his campaign will “go the distance.”

But South Carolina, a state with a history of determining political fortunes, could be a turning point. Voters could reaffirm Romney as the race’s frontrunner, putting him in solid position going into Florida, or launch Gingrich into position as his top challenger and tee up a protracted battle for delegates.

Just one week ago, Romney seemed poised to go three-for-three in the first three contests, a historic feat. Then Gingrich’s numbers started to surge following Monday’s debate. Then the Iowa GOP announced that new certified results show Rick Santorum, not Romney, actually came out on top in that state’s caucuses — though the results are incomplete. Then Rick Perry bowed out, endorsing Gingrich.

Romney’s campaign was handed a last-minute gift when ABC News announced it had an interview with Gingrich’s second wife, Marianne, who claimed Gingrich once sought an “open marriage.”

But Gingrich used the debate Thursday to shut the story down. He denied the claim, and to the audience’s delight turned the tables on the moderator for asking him about the allegation.

Truth be told, the opening question in Thursday night’s debate might be the best thing that ever happened to Gingrich if he ends up winning South Carolina.


Newt Gingrich has been declared the winner in South Carolina. Mitt Romney will likely take second and Ron Paul will battle with Rick Santorum over third place.


Looks like it will finish as follows: 1) Gingrich, 2) Romney, 3) Santorum and 4) Paul according to sources. Vote totals will update live above. So much for my above prediction that we might have to wait until 9pm to declare a winner. Clearly Gingrich’s numbers must have been strong enough to call it right at 7pm ET.

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  • Katie

    To buffalo:
    I am a Christian woman who supports Ron Paul. I understand why you are partial to Romney. However, Darryl is right with ho’s points. Hopefully I can explain something else that may sway your vote. Romney’s religion does tell him to be financially sound, and adhere to the constitution, which is the exact reasonably Morman leaders (including the president of big lots) have endorsed Ron Paul who is a master of economics and the constitution. His record on both have been stron for 30 years.
    Also, the problem with running the country like a business is this… The main goal of a business is to make a profit. That’s not how the country runs. You have to think of it more like a non profit organization because the best you can do is balance the budget. Funds have to be allocated somewhere. If you have any left over it should go back to the tax payers to spend money how they choose and support themselves, because it is our money, not the politicians. It’s a cycle. The funds have to be despersed throughout the states, and pay for certain programs, departments, etc. right now we have not enough money and too many departments to take care of so we borrow money from china. Because we don’t cut costs it’s kind of like we took out one of those pay day loans… The kind that if you take out too many of, are impossible to pay back. Many people don’t get this. Ron Paul understands all of that and can explain it much better than I. If you utilize YouTube and search for him explaining how the economy works, I think you may understand my point much more thoroughly. Sorry i I didn’t explain well enough, it’s 2 in the morning. Please don’t be dissuade because of Darryl’s comments, he’s passionate about the cause and as a Ron Paul convert its really hard once you learn exactly how smart he is and you understand, it’s like your rose colored glasses have come off about how our country has been and sould be ran and it creates an anger from being duped for
    So long and a passion to change it.
    And Darryl, your statements are very informative, I already knew what you were speaking about, but you are spreading the message in an informative way and I give you kudos on that. One lil tip if you don’t mind (I swear I’m trying to be helpful not rude)… You could do away with all of the quotes around the words. It Messes up my reading and makes me interject and pause for every word you do it to and it’s frustrating. Lol your responses are so intelligent the quotes almost distract from how, otherwise well written they are. :) thanks for your time guys.

  • Katie

    Oh crap. Between my autocorrect on my iPhone and trying not to fall asleep while I wrote, I look illiterate. Please forgive my typos. I swear I’m well-educated. Just exhausted. I’m only on the forum tonight because I’m up sick.

    • Darryl


      You mentioned “You have to think of it more like a non profit organization because the best you can do is balance the budget” in relation to the Government acting like a non-profit organization balancing it’s budget.

      People really don’t understand the NEGATIVE IMPACT that the Economy would take, if balancing the budget were to be implemented onto the Government as it’s currently being run. A Balanced Budget Amendment would be fine, and it possibly could be implemented years from now, however the ACTUAL SPENDING of the Government must be cut FIRST for the Budget to Balance. It’s the BORROWING which throws the Government’s Balance Sheet completely out-of-whack. If a Politician says they can Balance the Budget, without ACTUAL SPENDING CUTS (not cuts on the proposed rate of growth), they are LYING! Thus, Ron Paul is the ONLY ONE Telling the Truth. If the Government were to implement Balancing the Budget, without cutting actual spending, then $1.3 TRILLION would immediately be “sucked out” of the Economy the second it was implemented. The Debt must first be Liquidated and Borrowing must cease. Government must learn to live within it’s means.

      And People don’t fully understand how this Government Borrowing Mechanism works. The Government doesn’t actually borrow “money” from Foreign Countries, like China. The Government actually borrows money from the Federal Reserve (at Interest) in exchange for Government Bonds (T-Bills) from the Government. These Bonds then go up for Auction with another rate of Interest and a Timeline attached. This is commonly referred to as the Terms. Investors and Foreign Countries then purchase these Bonds looking for a Return on Investment (ROI). And because Investors and Foreign Countries are scaling back their purchases of these Bonds as the Dollar becomes less of a Safe Haven, the FED is now purchasing the Bonds, essentially Monetizing the Debt of the United States.

      So, in order for the Budget to Balance, this process of Borrowing needs to cease. But in order for it to cease, ACTUAL SPENDING CUTS by the Government MUST take place. However, the Millstone that’s currently around the Government’s neck PREVENTING any kind of Budget Balancing is the OVERWHELMING DEBT. The Debt needs to be Paid Down or Liquidated. We see this Process now happening in Greece.

      Bond Holders in Greece are now being pressured to take a “haircut”. It won’t be long before they are “forced” into taking this haircut. We’ve seen this Process happen here in the United States with the Auto Industry Bail-Out. Instead of the Auto Industry going through a “Controlled Bankruptcy” through the Rules established by a Free-Market Capitalist System, they were Bailed-Out in accordance to a Socialist System and the Bond Holders were “forced” to take the Loss. Thus, Fascism replaced Capitalism and the term “Too Big To Fail” was born. Fascism is the merger of State and Corporate Powers. The Taxpayer money used to Bail-Out the Auto Industry then became MORE Debt that was heaped upon the American Taxpayer.

      All in all, the Free Market Capitalist System is Broken. In Europe, the European Economic Crisis of the Socialist system is both systemic and doomed to fail. US Banks are heavily invested in European Sovereign Debt. There are TRILLIONS of Dollars in Derivatives exposed if these European countries Default on their Debt. The Economic Tsunami created by the Default will cross the Atlantic and Collapse our Economy insomuch that will make the Economic Crisis of 2008, look like a walk-in-the-park. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE SYSTEM TO BAIL-OUT THESE COUNTRIES AND THE DERIVATIVES.

      To give you an idea for “what’s coming” to the American Taxpayer, the “Banksters” at Bank of America (BOA) just transferred $74 TRILLION worth of Derivatives to the FDIC, which is insured by the American Taxpayer.

      We should ALL be getting PREPARED – NOW!

  • Ger

    People, what is going on? You have one good and the most optimal candidate Ron Paul to be republican nominee and to be president. He is conservatist, honest, not corupt, wise, well educated, Christian, faithful husband, father of 5 actually adult children, who has aditionally the most optimal proposal for USA: to restore and to protect USA instead of caring about the rest of the world ( this caring about the rest of the world will bring USA and the rest of the world to ruin ). Is is not the only proper and optimal solution for USA? I hope so. And I think that majority of people in USA will understand it too.
    Do you think that these both corrupt, dishonest people: Mr Romney – mormon ( not Christian a some kind of sectarian), prowar and prospeculator, backed by all possible lobby of global speculators and global military lobbysts, killer of jobs. The second one- Gingrich, disgusting, corrupt, dishonest man some kind of satanist – he is mason and masonism is some kind of satanism. He is racist, prowar and prospeculators and aditionally this man supports work of children from poor families, he does not even want education for everybody. Do you think that such people are solution for your country?
    USA is great nation and great nation must have great president and Ron Paul should be the best president ever. Don’t loose this chance.

  • Lily

    I Love Gringich GOD BLESS YOU

  • Chester Gleaton

    GO Newt GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Jones

    I think it is funny how all the Romney supporters only cite Romney’s business success as the reason they want him for president. They don’t talk about his stand on political issues or his plans, because he doesn’t have any worth speaking of.

    Newt supporters don’t actually say anything. Other then “Love Newt” or something against Ron Paul.

    Only the Ron Paul supporters are actully talking about their candidate’s policies and stands on issues.

    Can you image what the business world would look like if businesses could have a military and invade each other? It would be pretty similiar to what the world would look like if Romney became president.

    Newt just says whatever he can to make you vote for him. He made a wonderful speech in Florida about the space program and living on the Moon and reaching Mars in the next decade, strange that he only says that in Florida and has not made any of those claims in states that don’t have a space program. What a dirt bag (I really liked his speech, almost made me want to vote for him, then I realized who it was).

    I won’t even say anything about Ron Paul, look into it yourself if you have not. Once you spend 5 minutes researching this candidate you will hop on the band wagon like everyone else does. Please feel free to debate against his policies if you would like, I would be up for that debate!!

  • I think this gop election is becoming more challenging for the people who are still in the race. Personal i will vote for the republican who defeats obahoma in the presidential election.

  • Pete E

    I am confused about the signifigance of these primaries. I understand that the early primaries have been forced to allocate the “winnings” (ie. delegates) proportionally while most of the later primaries are winner-take-all.

    Please post the number of delegates assigned to each candidate as part of the result.

  • Surfisher

    Valid observation — someone said the more you listen to Newt, the less you like him.

    And since he’s been talking endlessly, he should lose big in FL today. Without Newt in the running, Ron Paul’s message will have to be accorded greater exposure (instead of the Newt-Mitt dog-and-pony show that preempts air-time).

    Floridians — it’s up to you to make a difference today!